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BSNL Employees Joint Forum Agitation

Urgent attention of all SSA Team...

If joint meeting not held so far, convene Joint Forum meeting at SSA level urgently and form Core committees at SSA level to monitor the agitation programs. Start combined campaign at all the levels.

The issues are very complex and through toughest struggle only we can have breakthrough. Almost 80% of the Executives (approx 40,000) are JTO/JAOs or SDE/AOs and the pay scale of these cadres lowered to E1 and E2. The pay scale of more than 40,000 Executives working as JTO/JAO, SDE/AO equivalent lowered to E1 and E2. Other HR issues like promotions, Superannuation benefits, first TB promotions, pay parity, E1A and E2A for Civil/Elect/Arch/TF/PA/ PS etc, scrapping of DGM and MT RRs etc are the need of the hour and a very tough struggle is needed ahead. If we think that the issues will be resolved sitting in the comfort of the offices, then we are simply befooling ourselves. Each one of us shall have to be part of this program with 100% commitment and without any apprehensions in mind. 

Toughest agitational programmes are announced in a short notice. The participation, involvement and the impact of this struggle will decide our destiny. So make all out preparations to face any challenge.
From 25th to 27th 72 hours relay hunger strike (day and night) will be the first programme. List of Executives participating the Hunger strike may be prepared in advance. All the office bearers should apply leave for four days immediately and all the executives should ensure hundred percent participation.
Mass Casual Leave on 28.04.2017 by all the Executives . It requires massive campaign. Make sure that 100% joint forum members and other supporters also are submitting CL applications for 28.04.2017. We should ensure that each and every Executive who cares for the issues should apply leave.
From 1st May onwards, agitation programmes will be intensified. Indefinite Relay Hunger Strike and Work According to Rule will be starting from 01.05.2017.
Join the programs enmasse and make the programs a big success.
Success of this struggle will lead to resolution of the issues. It is going to decide our future. It is going to decide the implementation of Pay, Promotion and Pensionary Benefits for all the BSNL Executives for ever.
Circle level Joint Forum meeting was convened at Trivandrum on 17/4/2017. Circle Secretaries and other leaders of SNEA and AIGETOA participated in the meeting and formulated strategy for the upcoming agitational programmes. Joint Forum is trying its best to request support and participation from all Associations and Unions of BSNL.

Click here for the meeting image
Click here for the Circle Minutes



The Joint Forum of BSNL Executives Associations serves notice to Secretary DoT for the following issues :

1. Approval of BSNL recommendation to replacement of non-standard pay scales of E1A and E2A with standard pay scales of E2 and E3 w.e.f 01.01.2007 as per Union Cabinet decision and DPE orders.

2. Approval of pending HR issues in the BSNL Board (SDE RR, E1+5 increments, diversion of MT quota for promotion to CAO posts etc).

Simultaneously, Forum served notice to CMD BSNL for resolution of the pending HR issues as detailed below:

1. Immediate Issuance of Promotion Orders from JTO (T) to SDE (T) under DPC/LDCE quota and issuance of Promotion Orders in all the cadres, in all the wings under both quotas.

2. Extending 30 percent Superannuation Benefit to the BSNL recruited employees along with revision in date of implementation from the beginning.

3. Extending initial basic of Rs. 22820/- to the Executives recruited post 01.01.2007.

4. Uniform 1st Time Bound Promotion in Four Years for all Executives.

5. Extending E1A and E2A scales notionally to JTO/SDEs of Civil/Electrical/Arch/TF wings and PA/PS cadres w.e.f. 01.10.2000.

6. Scrapping of ongoing DR-DGM recruitment and DR-DGM/MT RRs.

7. Resolution of other long pending HR issues.

The United Forum partner AIBSNLEA has extended its complete support to the agitation program and and has informed that they may join the program in due course of time.

We further would like to emphasise that members should be part of this struggle without any apprehensions and with an open mind. The strength and level of Participation will decide our future and let us all not play with future and come together to make this agitation successful.


Lets Join Hands Together to Achieve THE GOAL.

Notice to Secretary DoT. Click here

Notice to CMD BSNL. Click here


Meeting with Circle administration for Submission of EPFO Option 03-04-2017

Our Circle team met Circle administration and submitted once again the request for calling of EPF Full pension option from BSNL recruited employees. We had taken the matter on 28/03/17 also, by then Circle administration informed us that they want clarification from Corporate office.

BSNL Corporate endorsed the letter by EPFO in an early time through the speedy request by AIGETOA CHQ.
Click here for the endorsement by Corporate office
Click here for the letter submitted


Meeting with Circle administration on 28-3-17

Our Circle team met GM (HR/Admin), DGM(HR), DGM(Admin) on 28/3/2017. Elaborated discussions were made in connection with longstay & request​, temporary transfers, JTO Circle gradation list, EPF full pension options, TBP confirmations of 2005/2008-2010 batches, Rule-8 & LICE passed JTOs allotment etc.
The meeting was in a very cordial atmosphere.
Click here for the letter submitted on HR front
Click here for EPFO option related letter



AIGETOA Kerala writes to CGMT Kerala with regard to posting of Rule-8 Transfers from Karnataka.

AIGETOA Kerala requested administration to have fair and considerate decisions with regard to allotment of SSAs to incoming Rule-8 cases.

Click here for Letter.
It is learnt that some anti DR forces are behind these type of gimmicks.


EPFO guidelines regarding Pension

New guidelines from EPFO regarding Pension benefits based on Full Basic+ DA issued today.
Click here for the letter.
Click here for Hon SC direction



Submission of Form 11 & 2 for EPF Authorities

Circle office asked to submit the forms along with  aadhar details immediately. Those who are pending may submit the details asap. List attached along with letters 

CGM office letter regarding submission of forms by EPF account holders

Forms pending account holders list

Form No.11

Form No.2


Meeting with Kerala Circle Administration on 10/03/17


Our CS & ACS met circle administration with regard to ongoing Rule-8 cases from Karnataka & long stay preparation in the cader of JTOs /SDEs.

We requested that the transfer & posting to be done with a transparent manner and without much hardship to executives. The incoming Rule-8 cases will be dealt accordingly. Further we submitted our suggestions regarding preparation of long stay list ( for general transfers, SDE/ JTOs) inline with BSNL transfer policy guidelines.
Click here for the letter



Results of JTO LICE for Vacancy years 2014-15 results declared


Congratulations to the brave lot of JEs to Executive Cader whose results are declared today as per the speaking order and subsequent efforts. The results / vacancy details are published from Circle office today.

The matter was taken by our circle team with administration ( view assn update on 31/12/16 ) and subsequently at Corporate office. It's a matter of joy for majority of BSNL recruits are once again coming to executive cader and we wholeheartedly welcomes the entire team to executive fraternity. As a continued effort, we have to make sure that all the successful candidates are sent for training at the earliest.

Vacancy release order

Covering letter

Result page1



Appeal to all DRs

Appeal to all DRs to realise , who making the real efforts for completion of issues related to DR executives.

AIGETOA is pursuing the case with management and all stake holders for early settlement

Status on Std Pascale at Hon CAT Chandigarh

At Hon'ble CAT Chandigarh, Respondent plea for review was not granted and posted it to 31/3/17

Status at Hon'ble CAT Ernakulam

The clause (10) of JTO RR-14 is at stay on interim direction from Hon'ble Bench i.e. all JTO batches who are already recruited, cant be downgraded w.r.t "Pay & Status" .Which means, they can't make JTOs on the earlier roll , back to E1 retrospectively.


Inturn with standard Payscale implementation along with protection of Pay & Status, eventually should lead us to E2 scale.


Once again appeal all DRs to come under AIGETOA umbrella the platform of BSNL Recruited Employees

For BSNL Recruited Employees

By BSNL Recruited Employees



Meetings with SSA Administrations

Meeting with GMT Kannur SSA

Aigetoa team met SSA administration last week regarding victimization tactics started by some corners to our members. ACS, KNR DS& DP were present with our team. We could convince the factual situation to GM & Administration. Based on the same, revised order was issued. We wholeheartedly welcome the positive gesture shown by Kannur GM on the same. Once again it is requested the so called "backdoor politricks" to stay away from harassing direct recruits


Meeting with PGMT, Kottayam SSA

Our team consists CFS & KTM DS met PGMT kottayam last week and discussed recent HR issues. We submitted the letter regarding the same and emphasized the need of correct staffing at different verticals and especially in Mobile services .


Meeting with GMT Kozhikkode SSA

Our Team with CP, KOZ DS ,DP met GMT Kozhikode on 3/3/17 and interacted about various service related especially in Transmission, LL external issues (Task force related) and about pending transfer issues of direct recruit executives .We got positive assurance from GM to consider our suggestions.


Meeting with PGMT , Trivandrum SSA

AIGETOA team consists CS, ACS & TVM-DS ,DP met TVM PGMT on 4/3/17 and had elaborated discussion on various Service and HR related issues. PGM was very considerate about the issues of DRs and congratulated for hard-working​ nature. PGM categorically told the importance of capturing of leader place in the Telecom market.


Kerala Circle

Office Bearers

Circle President
Sri. Gireesh T
SDE, Calicut
Circle Secretary
Sri. Saheer S
SDE, Trivandrum
Circle Finance Secretary
Sri. Ansal Mohammed C H
SDE, Kottayam
Assistant Circle Secretary
Sri. Abdul Basith
Sri. Denny S
Sri. Vipal Prem
Sri. Prasad Raj RV
Assistant Circle President
Sri. Hari S
Sri. Maxmilan K
Sri. Ratheesh Ponnappan
Sri. Anand Ramakrishnan
CWC Member
Sri. Ramachandran V K
Exec Member
Sri. Dipu Chandran
Sri. Madhu R V
Sri. Joseph K O
Trivandrum SSA


Mob: 9446553830
Sri.Shekhar S Nair
Mob: 9446311300
Finance Secretary
Sri.Sooraj B S
Mob: 9446444450
Kollam SSA


Sri. Sunil Castroe
Mob: 9447572800
Sri.Firaz M
Mob: 9446473344
Finance Secretary
Sri.Hari R Chandran
Mob: 9446379515
Pathanamthitta SSA


Mob: 9447701525
Sri. Manoj.T
Mob: 9446410257
Finance Secretary
Sri. Sreejith.C.V
SDE BSS Pathanamthitta
Mob: 9446415767
Kottayam SSA


Sri. Arun K G
Sri. George Johns
Finance Secretary
Sri. Krishnakumar P R

Alappuzha SSA


Sri.Sunil Kumar S
Mob: 9447655755
Sri.Subiksh T Surendran
Mob: 9446311311
Finance Secretary
Sri. Shinojkumar K.T
Mob: 9446448480
Ernakulam SSA


Sri.Bijoy R
Mob: 9446549133
Sri. Suneer

Finance Secretary
Sri. Cijo P Joseph
Mob: 9400054345
Thrissur SSA


Mob: 9446036333
Sri. Amruth
JTO AT Thrissur
Finance Secretary
Sri. Chandra Kumar
JTO BB Thrissur
Palakkad SSA


Mob: 9446378789
Finance Secretary
Sri. Unmesh
Mob: 9446554737
Malappuram SSA


Sri. Abbas P.M
SDE(NQM)MS, Manjeri
Mob: 9446089199
Sri.Rejith Sebastin
Mob: 9447111390
Finance Secretary
Mob: 9447181900
Kozhikode SSA


Sri. Samel Prasad
JTO, Meppayur
Mob: 9446537537
Sri.Sahir K
SDE OCB Mananchira
Mob: 9447055401
Finance Secretary
Sri. Binoj C B
JTO Badagara
Mob: 9495667666
Kannur SSA


Sri. Anil Kani
Mob: 9446039911
Sri. Muhammedali M C
SDE, Marketing Kannur
Mob: 9446549066
Finance Secretary
Sri. Sudeep C
Mob: 9446509447