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EPF Full Pension Case

Friends, AIGETOA is closely working in the direction of EPFO Full Pension Case (FPS) for entire BSNL Recruited Employees, who is willing to opt the scheme. AIGETOA Kerala Team has already won the case of EPF Full Pension Scheme against EPFO in Hon'ble High Court of Kerala on 25th Feb, 2019 in WP(C) No 39855/2017 in line with other cases won by different applicants in the Hon'ble HC of Kerala in 2015. The order of Full Pension Scheme pronounced by the Hon'ble HC of Kerala was challenged by EPFO through Special Leave Petition (Civil) in the Hon'ble SC vide Diary No 9610/2019. This SLP of the EPFO was dismissed by the Hon'ble Supreme Court on 01.04.2019 stating that the Hon'ble Court didn't find any merit in the SLP and hence dismissed. After dismissal of the SLP, the EPFO moved RP in the Hon'ble Supreme Court, which is pending before the Hon'ble Court.

Recently, it was observed that some urgency is being created by some people through web/social media that EPF Full Pension Scheme is on the verge of end and hence started collection on the name of FPS. We request them to understand the seriousness of the cause and work genuinely to get the final relief as AIGETOA/BRs are working dedicatedly since years on the subject.

It has been informed to us that current SLP to be heard at Hon'ble SC pertains mostly to exempted organizations. Please recall that BSNL is an un-exempted organisation in EPFO and BSNL recruits have full right to get Full Pension benefits. As mentioned, the SLP by EPFO against un-exempted organizations, has been dismissed by the Hon'ble Court and review petition is pending in which the Hon'ble HC, Kerala judgement is challenged. Once the review petition is finalised, the channel will be opened for all of us including those party in the case.

Earlier, we couldn't move to the court at Delhi as we were waiting for the refusal of EPFO Delhi in this regard, which has been received now. So the cause of action has been established and we can move to the Hon'ble Court at Delhi. In this regard, we have consulted advocate and we were advised that the ideal way to reach Hon'ble Apex Court is through writ petitions in Hon'ble High Court, Delhi. We have decided to file Full Pension Scheme Case at Hon'ble High Court, Delhi on the name of AIGETOA to extend the benefits to all BSNL Recruits as the jurisdiction of Hon'ble HC Delhi is all over India and hence it will be applicable to all of us. So, our legal team has started working in this direction to file EPF Full Pension case at Hon'ble HC Delhi. AIGETOA assures one and all that we will be doing this in a most appropriate and legitimate way and confident to ensure benefits to all BSNL Recruits.

We understand the reason of sudden anxieties by some group on EPF-FPS, which may be happening due to approaching notification of Membership Verification. But we appeal to all our colleagues not to get disturbed by these gimmicks. AIGETOA is bound to pursue and will protect the interests of BSNL and BSNL recruits and we shall be doing this continuously. It may be noted that AIGETOA is the pioneer to lit the lights on rights and requirements for BSNL recruits like SAB, EPF full pension, GTI, Group MS etc.


Details of meeting with GM HR & Admin by Kerala AIGETOA team

AIGETOA team led by our CS met GM HR/Admin Sri Satheesh sir. We mentioned about the requirement of inter BA transfer requests of executives in the post VRS scenario. We requested that the request transfer cases may be considered at the earliest so that the necessary arrangements can be done by the executives in the forthcoming academic year . Sir, was very much receptive on our apprehensions and informed us that the cases will be examined on merit/ need basis. All members who require inter BA transfers may give the details to respective DS/DPs of AIGETOA at the earliest for further persuasion at Circle level.


Meeting with Sri C V Vinod ITS, CGMT BSNL Kerala

cgmt meeting 1
cgmt meeting 2

AIGETOA Kerala team met our respected CGMT BSNL Kerala Sri. C V Vinod, ITS and greeted sir with bouquet of flowers. AIGETOA team was represented by Sri Saheer - CS , Sri Maxmilan - CFS , Sri Prasadraj ACS, Sri Vipal Prem, VP. The meeting was very cordial and our beloved CGM interected with us for a long time especially in discussion with regard to technical matters on FTTH , IPTV services, expansion of 4G etc. The situation of BSNL were also pointed by the head of Kerala and we hope that the Vision, commitment and energy of Vinod Sir will increase the glory of Kerala circle further. AIGETOA Kerala expressed our strong support to the new CGMT and management for betterment of BSNL and BSNL employees.


AIGETOA Meeting with Director (HR), BSNL Board on 24-25th Feb, 2020

A meeting of Team AIGETOA comprising of Sri Ravi Shil Verma AIP, Shri Wasi Ahmad GS, Shri Badri Kumar Mehta VP, Shri Sunil Gautam AGS and Shri Vivek Kumar OS was held with Director (HR) on 24th February, 2020 in his chamber wherein all the pending issues were deliberated in detail. The meeting was also attended by PGM (Pers) and DGM(Pers) and continued for 25th Feb,2020 also. The detailed discussions were held and both side agreed on some conclusive points and concrete steps to be followed to ensure the resolution of the long pending issues. The brief of the discussions held is as detailed below:

JTO to SDE Promotion through DPC: The matter was discussed in detail and the personal section expressed its strong resolve/willingness to wait for the judgment of the Review Petition filed by BSNL along with AIBSNLEA and activists of SNEA in Hon'ble HC, Ernakulum. We clearly explained to Director HR by reading the judgment word by word that the judgment nowhere required any review, as there is sufficient clarity in the judgment. We emphasized that filing Review Petition was a belated thought by Erstwhile Management of BSNL with strong support from other groups when all of their efforts failed to derail the JTO to SDE DPC process. We argued that how long the promotions can be kept on denying on the basis of review petition when there is no stay on the promotion. Finally after long arguments and discussion it was decided to explore some methodology to find the ways of promotion. We categorically informed that BR JTOs from 2001 to 2103-14 are waiting for their first promotion and we don't have the patience to wait any more. So, the JTO to SDE promotion through DPC should be issued immediately as people are working on look after basis since many years. Director (HR) assured that he himself was aggrieved that these young talented people couldn't get first promotion even in a span of 18-19 years and told PGM Pers to work out the promotions, which should remain a win-win situation for Department as well as BSNL Recruits. After the detailed deliberations, a methodology was worked out which was agreeable to both the sides and it was decided that action on the same should be initiated immediately to avoid any further delay in the promotions of JTOs to SDEs through DPC Mode.

JTO to SDE Promotion through LDCE: It was explained that notification of LDCE for JTO to SDE promotion against 33% quota has not been issued till date despite clear cut direction from the Director (HR) to do so in 16th Nov, 2019 meeting. Director (HR) took cognizance of the fact and directed GM (recruitment) to issue notification immediately.

Preparation of SDE Seniority List-9: PGM(Pers) informed that the section has decided to prepare SDE seniority list-9 on the basis of date of joining (DoJ) as per the order of Hon'ble SC in the case of list 6,7 & 8 due to silence of Rota-Quota guidelines in SDE RR 2002. He further informed that the list can be published even today if we agree on the methodology of DoJ. It also came to our notice that the other two major associations have strongly objected for preparation of the list 9 in 2:1 Rota Quota. They have advocated to prepare the SDE seniority list-9 wrt DoJ. We strongly objected on the arguments and produced the relevant facts, documents and Judgments supporting our contentions to prepare the list in 2:1 for intra-se-seniority between DPC and LDCE qualified SDEs. We emphasized that Hon'ble Supreme Court has itself observed that It is settled law that the determination of seniority can be provided by the Executive instructions if the subject matter is not covered by the statutory rules. " Since BSNL RRs are silent on the matter, executive instructions issued by DOP&T on behalf of Government of India will have to be followed which clearly states that Rota Quota is to be followed which has been clarified twice to BSNL by DOP&T though DoT.

The Director HR was receptive to our arguments and directed to seek legal opinion on the submissions of AIGETOA and agreed to get the case re-examined once again in the light of facts submitted by the AIGETOA. Click here for the submissions of AIGETOA in the meeting

Settlement of SDE reversion issue of LDCE-2007 case: The matter was apprised to the Director that no progress has been made even after conclusive discussion on 16th Nov, 2019 and the recent order of the Hon'ble CAT Chennai. Although, PGM (Pers) assured that he has already moved the case to follow the directions of the lower court, as higher court has not granted any stay on the order. This order will ensure that those reverted shall be reinstated back as SDEs by the concerned circles till pendency of the case in Hon'ble High Court. We requested Director HR to close the issue once for all as all such candidates who have been issued notice were fully eligible and it was decided by all Circles at that time to make them eligible in the light of clarifications issued by Corporate Office. We once again put forward all facts and documents in support of their genuineness. We requested to settle these reversion cases of all such candidates who were covered under clause 12(5) of SDE RR as one time measure as the RRs have been amended thereafter to remove all the ambiguities. The Director agreed on our request to resolve the issue in the same line and directed PGM Pers for to process the case on similar lines without any further delay.

AO to CAO Promotion: It was apprised that post VRS, only 70 CAOs are working in the organization against the sanctioned post of 1347. This strength is too meager to meet out the requirement of the department. It was requested to fill up all available vacancies in CAO Cadre from the working AOs by providing the needful relaxation in the eligibility criteria to promote them, which will cover all the working AOs who were recruited in department up to year 2003-04. The Director HR assured to look into the issue positively.

SDE to AGM Promotion: It was apprised that only 1706 AGMs are remaining in the post VRS scenario causing severe shortage in the field units for day to day works. We apprised Director HR that sufficient number of SDEs are working in E4-grade and they must be promoted against all the available vacancies as on date to meet out the requirement of the department as well as to ensure suitable career progression of the executives. We emphasized that sufficient number of vacancies should be created to ensure smooth career progression of the executives and to avoid stagnation. We clearly stated that any drastic reduction of the posts in the cadre will only result into operational in-convenience and demotivation for executives and the same should be avoided. Director HR appreciated our concern and was of the view we should try to fill up all the available current vacancies. We also welcomed the idea and apprised him that by doing so, stagnation can be avoided and it will open up the path to smooth career progression of all. Director HR directed PGM Pers to explore the possibility of the same at the earliest.

Holding of Membership Verification and opening of window for changeover of membership: It was informed by Director HR that the notification of 2nd Membership Verification will be issued on 13th May, 2020 (probably). He informed that due to current volatile status of post VRS in the field units, the management has decided to shift the MV to settle VRS affects. We informed the Director that if the notification has to be issued in May, 2020 then AIGETOA should also be made at par with the previously elected association. We told Director HR that this delay has deliberately been created to facilitate the two previously elected associations for the reasons/benefits best known to the SR Section and they should answer what kind of benefit BSNL will be deriving out of it. We categorically told that if such facilities are extended to them now, the same should be granted to AIGETOA also and we will not accept any deviation in this regard. We also requested for opening the membership change window immediately. Director HR assured for a positive consideration of the AIGETOA demand in this regard.

As GM SR was out of the station, the matter of opening the membership change window and granting facilities at par to AIGETOA will be discussed again after his joining back. We will wait for GM SR to come back before deciding our action plan on the same. Though Director HR has assured to look into our request but if it is not accepted, we assure all our members that Under No Circumstances; this blatant violation of the rules will be accepted.

Rule-8 issue of JTOs, JAOs and adjustment GATE 2017 JTOs to their home circles: The issue was discussed with the concerned authorities and we have requested to issue a direction to field units to consider the Rule-8 cases and also request for adjustment of GATE 2017 JTOs to their home circles as far as practicable. The matter shall be given due consideration.

The issues of Standard Pay Scales, Pay Loss and SAB shall be discussed Subsequently as the current meeting mostly concentrated on promotional and career issues.

Friends, above outcome are the proof of what we can achieve through our unity. It's high time that we need to unite, forget our differences and work in unison to make the resolution of all our issues a reality. We need to think one as a unit and not as an individual belonging to a class, group or batch. In BSNL 2.0 we should strive to ensure that all the long awaited dues of executives should be achieved without any further delay and for that we need to remain in unison, think in unison and work in unison. All the persons who try to create a divide between us should out rightly be boycotted irrespective of the fact that whether he is a member or an executive or a leader. Let us all chant the Mantra of Unity and Solidarity with each other. CHQ AIGETOA shall keep you updated of the further action plan and developments.


Call Attention notice on 24-02-2020

AIGETOA Kerala submitted the notice for Call Attention program to be observed on 24-02-2020 in line with AIGETOA CHQ call.

Click here for the letter submitted to CGM Kerala Circle.

We demand,

1. Immediate regularisation of salary & other payment to working employees.

2.Mechanism for smooth support to field units in post VRS scenario.

3. Issuance of JTO to SDE promotions , SDE to AGM and in other grades.

4. Settlement of SDE Reversion matter.

5. Settlement of Pay loss of batches recruited in E1A scale.

6. Publishing of list-9 Seniority list in 2:1 ratio.

7.Settlement of SAB pending contributions.

8. Resolution on standard Pay scales of E2 & E3 for JTO / JAO & SDE / AO Cader.

9. Transparent Implementation of Transfer policy.

10. Withdrawal of unethical facilities extended to some associations.


To All VRS Opted Heros of BSNL, those who laid the foundation of BSNL

Wishing you all a very happy, healthy and blessed life ahead.

Thank you to all for your kind support, guidance and encouragement during all these years, Expecting your Kind support and Guidance in future also.

Au revoir

From Team AIGETOA Kerala


Happy Republic Day 2020

Happy Republic Day 2020


AIGETOA congratulates the team behind formulating and launching the policy for streaming television content over BSNL Network.

AIGETOA congratulates DIR CFA Sri Vivek Banzalji and his team at Corporate office along with CGMT BSNL Kerala Sri Dr. P T Mathew Sir , GM SM CFA Sri P G Nirmal Sir, Retd PGM(F) Sri K K Vel sir, PGM SM CM Sri Rajendran C Sir , GM NWP CFA Sri Sukumaran N K Sir, Smt Prema DGM, Smt Grace Moothedan AGM MKTG , Smt Bindhu K R AGM FTTH, Smt Rosamma Jacob AGM, Smt Heera SDE, Smt Soumya JTO and other technical committee members Sri Krishnakumar JTO NIB EKM, Sri Maxmilan SDE FTTH EKM, Sri Vipal Prem JTO NIB TVM and all other prominent team members.

The technical team at NOC Bangalore comprising Smt Veena SDE , Sri Liju Philip JTO , Sri Sajith JTO and other team members deserve definite applaud.

We congratulate Sri Anoop K Jayan JTO Ernakulam on his leadership in mentoring a franchisee and on demonstrating a working model.

Andhra Pradesh Telecom Circle deserve the appreciation for implementing this business model with a content provider and to start this service for the first time on 28/10/2019.

We hope this initiative will bring the desired boost for FTTH segment and make BSNL to the new heights.

We appeal other circles to take initiative in this direction and tap the vast business opportunities in the segment. Click here for BSNL IPTV Policy 2020


Suggestions on the proposed policy of outsourcing model for LL/ BB maintenance based tenders

AIGETOA Kerala submitted the suggestions to CGMT , BSNL Kerala with regard to Outsourcing policy proposed by Corporate Office on maintenance of LL/BB/Leased circuits in external plant in the post-VRS scenario.

The suggestions were taken from field level executives, for analysis and inclusion in the policy / or tenders which will be floated in Kerala Circle BAs.

The main matter of concerns mentioned are,

  1. Maintenance works in Primary Cable
  2. An alternate guideline to cater unforeseen situations
  3. Clauses for exclusion of zero physical presence lines(CLSNP/DISNLP/SFC/Aseem etc)
  4. Requirement of keeping final closing with BSNL
  5. Stringent conditions for making the tender more effective for BSNL
  6. Immediate requirement of FTTH work provision / maintenance in field units

Click here for the letter submitted


Happy New Year - 2020

Happy New Year 2020
A fresh start, this new year will bring
An opportunity, to do the things better
Perhaps, we have put off our dreams
But now, it is the time to make them materialize
Happy New Year 2020


Meeting with Hon Minister of Communication / Electronics & IT, Shri Ravishankar Prasad


AIGETOA Kerala Chapter met Hon Minister Communication & IT on 31/12/2019 at Hotel Hilton, Trivandrum during minister's visit to Kerala. Team led by our CS Shri Saheer along with ACS Shri Prasadraj, VP Shri Vipal Prem and executive member Shri Sajeev Kumar S. We greeted the minister with bouquet of flowers and conveyed our gratitude for realization of BSNL revival by the government including the budgetary support for VRS which was initially proposed from AIGETOA from association side.

Even in the busy schedule Minister gave time to AIGETOA and acknowledged our efforts and submissions on various aspects with regard to BSNL progression. We wholeheartedly thank our respected minister and assured AIGETOAs full fledged support for the betterment of BSNL to achieve its pristine glory. Minister informed us that government is very much keen to revive BSNL and his foremost concern will be there to take BSNL to profit zone soon.

more pictures


Meeting with GM(HR/Admin), Circle Office Kerala

Our Circle team met GM(HR/Admin), Circle Office today in connection with discrepancies observed in the circulated list of stay particulars of JTOs/SDEs recently.

Click here for the letter submitted.

GM informed that the updates will be made inline with our submissions. We appraised the concern of executives and requested to avoid displacement of executives at this juncture.


Merry Christmas

Merry ChristmasAIGETOA Kerala Wishes A Merry Christmas to all BSNL employees and their families


Circle Stay Particulars in SDE / DE Cader

The list of circle stay particulars in SDE / DE cader are published at Kerala Circle Intranet.

Corrections (if any) may be intimated to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Members may please contact DS/DP or CS/CP in case any follow up is required at the Circle office.


CEC Meeting on 14/12/2019

The CEC Meeting of AIGETOA Kerala was held at Thykkoodom, Ernakulam on 14/12/2019. Detailed discussions on Post VRS scenario proposals took place. Further proceedings on EPF full pension and other legal battles were also elaborately discussed. The meeting decided to reach more BSNL recruits and to make them aware on Pension , Pay & Promotion avenues.

Kerala Circle

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SDE MS Installation
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SDE Wadakkenchery
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Sri. Faisal Elattuparambil
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Sri. Subair
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Sri.Vipindas V.K
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Sri. Noushad Poylil
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