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Massive Dharna on 12th April 2018 by All Unions & Associations of BSNL :

All Unions & Associations of BSNL served notice to CMD for conducting massive Dharna throughout the country on 12th April 2018. Click here for Notice

Memorandum submitted by AUAB (All Unions & Associations of BSNL) to the Secretary DoT on 27-03-2018 regarding rolling back of subsidiary tower company. Click here for Memorandum


Meeting with GM(HR/Admin) , Circle office Kerala on 22-3-18

Our CP Sri. Gireesh,  CS Sri. Saheer and ACS Sri. Prasadraj RV met GM(HR/Admin), Circle office Kerala today. This meeting was in continuation to our meeting held last week with Circle administration regarding HR issues of BSNL recruits.

The pending and left out request transfer cases were submitted and GM assured that necessary instructions will be given towards forwarding of requests especially from Kozhikkode,  Thrissur & Alleppey. The TBP date change issue without any rationale by Kannur, Palghat and Kottayam  BAs also discussed. GM informed that  necessary measures will be taken to instruct concerned sections in those SSAs to clearance of the same.

We thank circle administration to have a fair understanding of the concerns of BRs and accordingly positive results are expected.


General body meeting Malappuram SSA on 20-3-18

A general body meeting of  Malappuram SSA held on 20.3.18 at Manjeri. Our CP Sri. Gireesh, CS Sri. Saheer,   DS MLP Sri. Rajath Sebastian,  CEC Member Sri. Dipu Chandran  and various members across SSA attended. 


CS & CP informed various measures taken by CHQ/ Circle team regarding Standard payscales,  pursuance for LDCE orders, CPSU,  efforts on Term insurance,    SAB benefits, EPF full pension,  forth coming general transfer, status of legal efforts etc in detail. The meeting opined about active role of BR association and it's office bearers / members towards betterment of BRs in BSNL.



General body meeting Kozhikkode SSA

General body meeting of Kozhikode SSA held at Manachira T/E today. Our CS Sri. Saheer, CP Sri. Gireesh, CWC Member Sri. Ramachandran, DS CLT Sri. Sahir, DP CLT Sri. Samel Prasad and various members across SSA attended. CS & CP informed various measures taken by CHQ team and development at Circle level. The efforts on Term insurance, EPF full pension, SAB benefits, Forth coming general transfer, CPSU, MS-RR, status of legal efforts etc discussed in detail.


Meeting with GM ( HR& Admin) , Circle Office on Matters / Concerns regarding HR Front of BSNL Recruit executives

An elaborate and fruitful meeting was held with BSNL Kerala Circle GM(HR/Admin) Sri. Robin Poddar and AIGETOA Kerala on 17-03-2018. The meeting was attended by Our Circle President Sri.Gireesh T, Circle Secretary Sri. Saheer S & team. We took the Matters/Concerns regarding HR Front of BSNL Recruit executives in Kerala.
We submitted the genuine grounds of executives whose requests are pending for favorable consideration. We also requested to consider the BA change for DRJTO-17 trainees & posting to be done with due consideration as many are having language and familiarization issues. GM (HR/Admin) responded with very much positive sign towards the matters and informed that the transfers will be done for cases on merit. He also told us to take up the matter regarding hardships faced by executives in particular for consideration.

We made the reference of Time bound date change of DR executives by some SSAs without any rationale. While most of the SSAs have corrected the same, some are yet to respond. We doubt that the admin/establishment wing of such BAs have made a deliberate attempt to change the TBP eligible date of DR executives without any justification. In addition we requested that the TBP due for DR JTO-2007 batch, who are eligible for E3 from January-2018 onwards, DPC process should be completed at the earliest. Both the cases were taken into accord and GM assured that these things will be cleared accordingly.

Further we took up the matter of issuance of SDE L/A without any valid JTO gradation list and without any proper justification, which is done for appeasement some section. In the LA guidelines issued by BSNL on 2013 it was clearly mentioned that LA should be made from those people whose seniority is derived from an all india seniority list. It is worth mentioning here that there is no valid All India seniority list in the cader of JTOs published by BSNL due to non-inclusion of DR JTOs in 1:1 ratio, as per DoPT guidelines and entire matter is under sub-judice. Vested interest groups playing with the promotional chances of direct recruit executives was detailed with administration. This fact should be known by each direct recruit in BSNL.

We requested for the kind attention of GM(HR/Admin) towards NoC issuance for new DR -2017 executives which was already made vide our submission dated 13/03/2018. It is once again requested that necessary clarification be issued in line with guidelines. Administration discussed the matter in depth and we expect a direction favorable for executives soon.

We also requested for early EPF affidavit submission with regard to our meeting dated 08/03/2018, to submit supportive affidavit for full pension for BR executives. It may be noted that, the full pension for BSNL recruits including for non executives are fought under the leadership of AIGETOA members, legally at Hon HC , Kerala. We requested that necessary directions may be given to legal cell, Circle office to file the affidavit in support to BRs at Hon court immediately in accordance with corporate office instructions.

Click here for the letter submitted.

The meeting lasted around two hours and we are able to submit our views and suggestions/requests with administration. We thanked GM for the positive responses and assured the entire support of AIGETOA for viability of BSNL. We are sure that the efforts and pain by AIGETOA will surely bring favorable results for BSNL recruits in BSNL.

BSNL recruited employees are deprived with Payscales, Super annuation/pensionary benefits, due seniority & promotions violating the guidelines envisaged and, AIGETOA is the only association works to attain the justified due for BSNL recruits. It is for sure that satisfied employees are the strength of the company and HR is the most valuable internal asset of the organization. The qualified and energetic lot needs more encouragement, so that the results will be highly impressive which is need of the hour.


NOC for applying various exams in Govt Dept / PSUs -reg

Our Circle team took up the matter with regard to NoC issuance for new DR-2017 executives who aspire to apply for other exams. There are specific guidelines & legal direction in the matter of issuance of NoC & transfer of bond in respect of employees of Public Enterprises. We requested that the need to be dealt with available guidelines and humanitarian grounds.

Click here for the letter submitted



Meeting with Circle Office administration on 8/3/2018 & 9/3/2018 with regard to EPF Full Pension for BSNL Recruits

AIGETOA Kerala CS, Sri. Saheer & team met Circle office administration HR, Finance & Legal sections in connection with further action pertaining to EPF full pension for BSNL Recruits. Circle office need to submit supportive affidavit for full pension for BR executives which is to be done inline with corporate office directions. The same was done through pursuance by  AIGETOA CHQ team. Click here for the letter from CO. 


In Kerala it may be noted that, presently there are three cases at Hon HC Kerala filed by the BR executives in Kerala circle seeking full pension ( WPC 39855/ 2017 Saheer S & Ors, WPC  No 41071/2017 Aravind & Ors, WPC No-3001/2018 Sekhar S Nair & Ors). Necessary inputs shared with legal cell towards the submission.


Further  our team met PGMT Finance and appraised Sir about  various EPFOs collection of joint option submitted by employers & employees along with required Form 3A/6A and other material information ( Some references attached are also given ). In the light of the same, it was requested to take up the matter with Trivandrum EPFO for collection of already submitted option forms from Kerala Circle. AIGETOA is continuously working for the betterment of BRs  and pension is one of the main  agenda.

Click here for the letter submitted 


Women's Day wishes...

Women are Beautiful, Courageous, Compassionate and much more the world can say. Aigetoa Kerala wishes International Women's Day.



Appreciation to Circle President Sri. Gireesh from CGMT Kerala for the special effort during Cyclon okhi- 2017

Our Circle President Sri. Gireesh T, SDE CM Installation received a special appreciation and momento from Kerala circle Administration for his extraordinary performance during cyclone OKHI at Lakshadweep islands. He was felicitated by Sri. P T Mathew ITS, CGMT Kerala today on function and meeting held at Circle office.

 Click here for photos

Sri. Gireesh, SDE and  Sri Pradeep JTO were  deputed for 3G integration works at Lakshadweep islands. The duo completed first part during the month of October -17, while the second part was planned for 1st week of December-17. 


The cyclone warning came when Ship was en-route to Agati and other two islands after that. The journey was short closed and ship returned from Agati without even waiting to deliver goods, food supply meant for Agati Island.


Despite the Cyclone weather conditions and consequent damages,  the duo were successful in integrating 3G at Agathi,  Androth and Kalpeni islands. Their extra efforts to service restoration at Minicoy island by re-installing the fallen mast and transmission equipments that too with limited work strength was really appreciable.

The team returned to the main land on 18-12-2017 after the service restoration.


Aigetoa Kerala express it's proud and hearty congrats to our dear President on behalf of all members.



Meeting between Shri Manoj Sinha, Hon'ble Minister of State for Communications and All Unions and Associations of BSNL.

A meeting is held at the Sanchar Bhawan today the 24.02.2018, between Shri Manoj Sinha, Hon'ble Minister of State for Communications and the All Unions and Associations of BSNL. Together with the Minister, Secretary, DoT, Special Secretary, DoT, Joint Secretary (Admn.), DoT, PS to MoSC and OSD to the Hon'ble Minister, CMD BSNL and Director (HR) BSNL were present. From the All Unions and Associations of BSNL, Com. P. Abhimanyu, GS, Com. Chandeswar Singh, GS, NFTE, Com. K. Sebastin, GS, SNEA, Com. Prahlad Rai, GS, AIBSNLEA, Com. K. Jayaprakash, GS, FNTO, Com. N.D. Ram, GS, SEWA BSNL, Com. Ravi Shil Verma, GS, AIGETOA, Com. Mallikarjuna, President, BSNL MS and Com. S.D. Sharma, GS, BSNL ATM, participated in the discussions. The representatives of the AUAB heartily thanked the Hon'ble Minister for taking out time to meet them. Detailed discussions took place on the memorandum submitted to the Hon'ble Minister, the details of which are as follows:- 

3rd Pay Revision : So far, the DoT has been maintaining that BSNL employees are not eligible for 3rd Pay Revision. In today's meeting the Hon'ble Minister agreed that the issue of 3rd Pay Revision of BSNL employees would be processed and would be taken for the approval of the Cabinet. He directed Secretary to take up the matter personally with Secretary, DPE. This is a great achievement. We have broken the stalemate that prevailed in the Pay Revision issue. At the same time we have to be vigilant, till the final approval is given by the Cabinet.

Formation of Subsidiary Tower Company : The AUAB representatives expressed their apprehension that in the name of formation of the Tower Company, the 66,000 mobile towers of BSNL are being snatched away from BSNL. They also pointed out that the decision of the Cabinet that, the Subsidiary Tower Company would remain under the control of BSNL Management, has been violated, through the appointment of an IAS officer as the CMD of Subsidiary Tower Company. They further pointed out that even BSNL Management was not taken in to confidence in the appointment of an IAS officer as the CMD of the Subsidiary Tower Company, which clearly shows that the Subsidiary Tower Company would not be under the control of BSNL Management. Hon Minister was non committal and the reply given by the Hon'ble Minister in this regard is not satisfactory. The AUAB has to find ways and means to ensure the rolling back of the Subsidiary Tower Company.

Pension Revision : The representatives of AUAB strongly argued that pension revision should be done to the BSNL pensioners. It was pointed out that the BSNL pensioners and the Central Government pensioners are covered by the same rules. They argued that when pension revision is settled for the Central Government pensioners, the same should not be denied to the BSNL pensioners. The Hon'ble Minister assured that needful action would be taken to settle this issue and directed Secretary to take necessary action.

Calculation of Pension Contribution : It was strongly argued that pension contribution in respect of BSNL employees cannot be calculated on the basis of maximum of the pay scale, when the same is calculated on the basis of actual basic pay, in the case of Central Government employees on deputation. It was pointed out that as per the DoP&T order issued in 19.11.2009, pension contribution of the Central Government employees is being deducted on the basis of actual pay only, w.e.f 01.01.2006. The Hon'ble Minister directed the Secretary, DoT, that this issue should be settled as per Government orders.

Allotment of 4G spectrum to BSNL : The AUAB representatives pointed out that it will be extremely difficult for BSNL to compete with the private operators, without providing 4G service. They strongly argued that the proposal of the BSNL Management, for the allotment of 4G spectrum by the Government, should be accepted. The Hon'ble Minister replied in the positive and assured that needful action would be taken and spectrum will be allotted to BSNL.

Reduction of retirement age from 60 to 58 : The AUAB representatives strongly argued that the retirement age of the BSNL employees should not be reduced from 60 to 58, as a measure for the revival of BSNL. The Hon'ble Minister told that the government is not having any proposal to reduce the retirement age from 60 to 58.

Left out issues of the 2nd PRC : The AUAB representatives pointed out that this issue is lingering on very long time and needs to be settled. The Hon'ble Minister stated that this issue would be looked into by the Secretary, DoT.

At the end of the meeting, the Hon'ble Minister stated that the representatives of AUAB could meet him again, as well as the Secretary, DoT, in continuation of today's meeting. The representatives of AUAB heartily thanked the Minister for his positive response to most of the issues. 

After the meeting with the Hon'ble Minister, a meeting of the AUAB was held in the FNTO's office. All the General Secretaries expressed their satisfaction with regards to the progress in the issues. They also expressed the view that all these have happened only because of the united struggles and massive mobilisations by the entire Non-Executives and Executives, for which they deserve appreciation. We are extremely thankful to CMD BSNL to impress upon Hon MoSC for arranging the meeting   

It will be pertinent to mention that as against opinion circulated by some groups that "left over issues of second PRC" has been added in the agenda for the name sake only, the fact is that current organisational program has given a new dimension to the left over issues of "standard pay scales of E2 for JTO/JAO/Equivalent and E3 for SDE/AO/Equivalent" which Hon'ble Minister has taken into cognisance and directed to send it to DPE for comments on the PO issued while the left over quantum for the Superannuation Benefit is being placed actively before BSNL management. This is what unity amongst employees can bring.

We sincerely request all the employees and executives to remain united and compliment each other towards the settlement of the pending issues.


BSNL CO calls to present Association's point examine the ambiguity in footnote-2 :

BSNL CO calls AIGETOA to present association's point of concern before the committee constituted to examine the ambiguity in footnote-2 below schedule 1A of MS RR 2009 as per direction of Hon'ble High Court of Madras vide order dated 02-11-2017 in WP no 9300/2011 filed by AIGETOA and others.

Click here for the letter


TBP orders Issued from Circle office

The long pending TBP orders are issued from circle office today. This order was kept pending for almost an year, where almost all beneficiaries were direct recruits. Our association was continuously following the progress from scratch and somehow succeeded in issuance of the same, despite many hurdles.

Click here for the order

We are thankful to CGMT, GM (HR & Admin), GM Vigilance, DGM, AGM and other staff who helped to issue the same.


Brief update on the JTO RR-14 case filed at Ernakulam

It is a well known fact that JTO RR -14 was made with an intention to degrade the JTO cadre with regard to Pay & Status. AIGETOA was the only association which opposed this degradation. While AIGETOA wanted to incorporate E2 for JTOs, all others agreed for E1 and thus officially JTOs scale was degraded to E1A to E1.

Soon after, AIGETOA filed a legal suit at Hon'ble CAT Ernakulam and started fight for pay and status protection of JTO Cadre through legal means also.

We were able to get stay from Hon'ble Ernakulam CAT on Clasue -10 of JTO RR Which states retrospective implementation of Pay & Status of already recruited JTOs can't be made effective.

Thereafter, we filed another rejoinder in the same case for getting the direction of the court for upgrading E-2 Scale for JTOs in JTO RR 2014 also as BSNL has approved E-2 scales for JTO/JAO/Equivalent.

Presently, reply of BSNL is awaited on our rejoinder to get the E2 scale which will be beneficial for entire JTO batches (especially all JTO batches from 2007 onwards including latest LICE JTOs of 2013,14 and DR JTO 2017).

We will continue to fight for the status of the Cadre and ensure that E2 scales becomes a reality for the JTO/JAO/Equivalent.

The cases filed at Hon'ble CAT Chandigarh and Hon'ble Ernakulam CAT are very crucial for obtaining E2 Scale for all JTOs.

The cases may take some time but we are very sure that our contention for E2 Scale for JTO/JAO/Equivalent Cadre and E3 for SDE/AO/Equivalent Cadre has merit and we will come up with flying colours.

We seek the support of all in this endeavour.


Legal Battle for Pending justified SAB Benefits for BSNL Recruits

AIGETOA Members filed a legal suit requesting for the long pending SAB benefits for BSNL recruits at Honourable CAT, Ernakulam.

The grievances are related to the denial of superannuation benefits in BSNL in line with the directions of DPE/DoT - Govt of India i.e. 30 Percent SAB from date of joining and creation of Post Retirement Medical Benefit Fund as defined contribution

The case came up for hearing today and the respondents have been directed to file their reply.

Our association was continuously pointing that, in CCS (Pension) Rules, 1972 Rule 37A - Sub Rule (23) clearly states that BSNL shall devise it own pension scheme and make arrangements for funding and disbursing the pensionary benefits for its directly recruited employees. This was denied till 5/5/2016 and then only a part is allowed (3%) further a mere increase to (2%) from 1/4/2017, due to various organisational efforts from this association, in tandem with others. It is worth mentioning here that the BSNL recruited employees, who are recruited as Public Sector employees, has administrative and service guidelines different from that of DoT absorbees.

The second PRC streamlined the Super annuation Benefits as defined contribution to 30% of Basic + DA and salary package implementation in a stage wise manner where retiral benefits stand above Perks & allowance realisation. In BSNL the defined Contribution towards SAB was confined to 16.8% - i.e.12% towards EPF and 4.8% towards gratuity initially and has been enhanced now with 5% as Pension scheme called Superannuation Fund - which should be effectively from date of joining. Astonishingly, rest 8.2% is still in darkness. The matter was, therefore, being taken up continuously by AIGETOA alone from the Day-1 and collectively further, still we have miles to go to get the things in true spirit. In between, many of BR brotheren met untimely death, without the rightful due realisation which is very much painful to each one of us.

We are sure that the legal battle along with organisational support from each of BSNL recruits and our well wishers will lead us to the accomplishment of genuine rights which has been delayed badly.

The PRMB envisaged in line with SAB, should be a defined contribution scheme - which BSNL is yet to create.The defined contribution scheme is the way to ensure the delinking from company status/health wrt to employee retiral life.

The fight is to provide for 30% of the basic pay + Dearness Allowance towards the superannuation benefits head viz EPF, Gratuity, PRMB and Pension scheme as defined contribution with effect from the date of joining of the respective for BSNL recruits; We Appeal all BSNL recruits to be a part of this unified battle in the respective fronts.

Kerala Circle

Office Bearers

Circle President
Sri. Gireesh T
SDE, Calicut
Circle Secretary
Sri. Saheer S
SDE, Trivandrum
Circle Finance Secretary
Sri. Ansal Mohammed C H
SDE, Kottayam
Assistant Circle Secretary
Sri. Abdul Basith
Sri. Denny S
Sri. Vipal Prem
Sri. Prasad Raj RV
Circle Vice President
Sri. Hari S
Sri. Maxmilan K
Sri. Ratheesh Ponnappan
Sri. Nikesh
CWC Member
Sri. Ramachandran V K
Exec Member
Sri. Dipu Chandran
Sri. Madhu R V
Sri. Joseph K O
Trivandrum SSA


Sri.Rajesh S
Mob: 9401840100
Sri.Shekhar S Nair
Mob: 9446311300
Finance Secretary
Sri.Sooraj B S
Mob: 9446444450
Kollam SSA


Sri. Anoop Balachandran
Mob: 9449823152
Mob: 9447036555
Finance Secretary
Sri.Sunil Castroe
Mob: 9447572800
Pathanamthitta SSA


Mob: 9447701525
Sri. Manoj.T
Mob: 9446410257
Finance Secretary
Sri. Sreejith.C.V
SDE BSS Pathanamthitta
Mob: 9446415767
Kottayam SSA


Smt. Lovely, SDE Kottayam
Sri. George Johns
Finance Secretary
Sri. Krishnakumar P R

Alappuzha SSA


Sri.Sunil Kumar S
Mob: 9447655755
Sri.Subiksh T Surendran
Mob: 9446311311
Finance Secretary
Sri. Shinojkumar K.T
Mob: 9446448480
Ernakulam SSA


Sri.Bijoy R
Mob: 9446549133
Sri. Arun KG

Mob: 9447767780
Finance Secretary
Sri. Cijo P Joseph
Mob: 9400054345
Thrissur SSA


Sri. Anand Ramakrishnan
Finance Secretary
Sri. Chandra Kumar
JTO BB Thrissur
Palakkad SSA


Mob: 9446378789
Finance Secretary
Sri. Unmesh
Mob: 9446554737
Malappuram SSA


Sri. Faisal Elattuparambil
SDE(External), Wandoor
Mob: 9446055520
Sri.Rejith Sebastin
Mob: 9447111390
Finance Secretary
Sri.Vipindas V.K
Mob: 9448091600
Kozhikode SSA


Sri. Samel Prasad
JTO, Meppayur
Mob: 9446537537
Sri.Sahir K
SDE OCB Mananchira
Mob: 9447055401
Finance Secretary
Sri. Binoj C B
JTO Badagara
Mob: 9495667666
Kannur SSA


Sri. Anil Kani
Mob: 9446039911
Sri. Muhammedali M C
SDE, Marketing Kannur
Mob: 9446549066
Finance Secretary
Sri. Sudeep C
Mob: 9446509447