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CHQ news on pay loss issue of executives

AIGETOA has submitted the detailed representation on the pay loss issue of executives recruited in the pre-revised E1A Scale after 01.01.2007 by extending the initial basic as 22820/-. The committee was formed for reviewing the same by the persuasion from AIGETOA. AIGETOA was invited for a detailed discussion with the committee and the inputs from other associations were also taken by the committee. The rules, legal directions, at par principles, and natural justice need to be done on the matter. We have met concerned officials and we are expecting a positive recommendation by the committee to provide justice to one of the most deprived matters of pay loss, which will definitely uphold the morale of the hardworking executives.

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Happy Onam

Dear All,
AIGETOA Kerala wishes you all and your family a happy and propserous Onam. Let us celebrate this traditional festival of Kerala that is synonymous with Flowers, Abundance and Joy with the due precaution and responsibility that a pandemic time demands.
May this Onam brings good fortune and accomplishment and leave moments to cherish!
Happy Onam to all BSNL fraternity

Team AIGETOA Kerala.



To my dear friends, esteemed customers, and colleagues...

The occasion of celebrating the rich cultural traditions of Kerala and through that reconnecting with the past is the uniqueness of ONAM - A celebration of creation, gratefulness to the CREATOR.

This is an opportunity for us to unite with our near and dear, to forgive and forget and spread the message of universal brotherhood.

C V Vinod , CGM BSNL Kerala

Good wishes to you and your family,

CGM BSNL Kerala Circle.


Meeting with the CGMT and GM(HR/Admin), BSNL Kerala

Our Circle team met respected CGMT on 17/8/21 and requested for early clearance of transfer orders of executives from Lakshadweep to Kerala mainland. CGMT assured that the necessary orders will be issued soon. We have met GM (HR/Admin) also and requested for the expedition of JTO/JAOs confirmation orders who have already completed the requisite two-year regular service.

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Update On EPF Full Pension Case

The Hon’ble SC yesterday heard the arguments of EPFO against the decision of Hon HC Kerala judgment and other connected orders which quashed the EPS(amendment)-2014. Hon HC Kerala earlier set aside the EPFO amendment by judgment in 2018 and declared that all the EPF covered employees shall be entitled to exercise the higher pension option without being restricted to a particular date and allowed the 12-month average salary condition instead of 5 years. In April-2019 Hon SC had dismissed the SLP by EPFO against Hon HC Kerala and later in January-2021 a three bench judge recalled the dismissal order in the review petitions filed by EPFO and posted for hearing- which is happening now along with various connected petitions across the country. The final judgment arose on WPC 13120/2015 from Hon’ble HC, Kerala. AIGETOA Kerala Circle Secretary along with 504 BSNL recruits including executives and non Executives are connected with the order on WPC 13120/2015 against which the arguments are happening now.

Click here for a summary document of various Hon Court proceeds and part of order copy

This being the factual information, it is seen that some informational claims started propagation whereas neither that association nor its member (other than those who joined the EPF case along with AIGETOA Kerala) is not even a party to this legal fight. Let’s not forget that this particular association’s negative followers were very much vocal against reaching to Hon Court when our team decided to seek legal remedies for the EPF full Pension option. Anyway, we are happy to see that they have understood the need for a legal fight on this matter. It is also pertinent to mention that they are masters in credit mongering especially when it comes to the benefits of BSNL Recruits without any actual groundwork. The same type of elements had misled the SAB Pension Vs EPF till AIGETOA opened the reality i.e. both are different. If the Rule-37A Clause 23 as envisaged at the time of incorporation of BSNL then SAB would have effected from the date of joining of BSNL recruits, then the story would have been different. From this aspect itself it was known that they were not at all interested in realizing the due rights of BSNL recruits. Let’s hope that the legal fight for EPF Full Pension and the average salary condition to 12 months will be upheld by Hon SC also to help the people who are not protected by the Government statutory Pension. The arguments will continue today.

Happy Independence Day 2021


Disbursement of Salary

AIGETOA Kerala submitted a letter to CGMT Kerala seeking his immediate intervention for payment of due salary of July-2021 and advance salary of August-2021 on various grounds including the ONAM festival. Kerala Circle is one of the highest revenue earning and profit making circle in BSNL and employees cannot be denied on their due rights for the lethargy happened from top management on policy decisions. We also pointed out the selective implementation of GOs when it comes to benefit the workforce in the organization even after BSNL came into operational profit status. We requested CGMT to communicate the matter with BSNL corporate office accordingly.

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Show the courage to share open stand in SDE seniority: Without Hide-and-seek

It is seen that some proclaimed associations started to sing the false propaganda on seniority. Many times we have seen these people, who always change colors by seeing who will be the beneficiary for promotions. Their heartburn stooped to such a low level on actual Rota Quota following and they pretend to be masters by twisting the facts to cheat their own BSNL recruit members. It is already known to one and all in BSNL that in the DoPT case (JTO cader) dispute was on 1:1  inter se seniority with Rota Quota which merit was equally beneficial for BSNL direct recruit & BSNL recruit LICE JTO batches. By wrong awarding backdated YOR there were thousands of employees who were made into JTO cader by taking DR JTOs quota in excess of their stipulated PR quota and this was the injustice questioned in the DoPT JTO cader case. Earlier the same people argued that the Rota Quota was broken in JTO seniority and the Hon’ble court denied such arguments and gave a clear verdict that Rota Quota 1:1 needs to be followed in JTO cader and based on that the promotions were held. Their other allegation was about contempt case pending and that was also faded away when the recent DPC promotions happened where the contempt petition is still on. Since most of the backdated year of recruitment absorbed employees are retired, the practical change of this order is not much visible. Thus the issues created by these legacy associations with respect to JTO seniority were cleared up by the efforts of AIGETOA. On similar lines, the Rota Quota needs to be followed in SDE seniority also ie 2:1 with Rota Quota. For which AIGETOA is trying its level best to protect the seniority as envisaged in DoPT and SDE RR-2002 along with executive instructions. We cannot change the stand and rules cannot be disregarded on convenience by checking who is beneficiary.

Now the masters of false propagandas should come up and openly tell whether they are ready to follow Rota Quota in SDE cader with 2:1 for Vacancy years 2006-07 onwards? Are they not knowing DoPT / DoT directions in this regard? Do they have the courage to share their stand openly whether they support the recent absurd speaking order issued in SDE seniority? Let their colors be known to all LDCE-2012 qualified executives. What they have done for the promotion of LDCE-2007 qualified executives?  Why they are seeking only for left-out List 6 & 7 AGM promotions? In fact, their hue and cry of CPSU stopped on 29-06-2018 when huge AGM promotions through matching saving but at the same time, their member made legal hurdles that further List 8 LDCE-2007 promotions stopped by catch up rule litigation. They agreed to CPSU proposal with 12-year residency to DE/ AGM, with E1 Scale in JTO/JAO, without any plan for reservation which would have made for further litigation on implementation. What plan do they have to avoid stagnation in JTO/SDE caders? What’s their stand on Internal Fast track promotion coined by AIGETOA? AIGETOA, in the year 2009 proposed contemporary CPSU which was not having any such issues and it was easy for implementation at that time. Even by now why they are advocating for vacancy years to exclude BSNL recruits?

Anyway past is past and we have one piece of advice to them – don’t fool the LDCE qualified executives and stop play with proxy association letters. Be clear on your stand on SDE Seniority and tell the same with your LDCE-2007 / 2012 passed executives. We request these legacy associations not to keep heartburn and shed off the responsibility to support in the execution of promotions and fast track methods which will be the motivating force for career progression and work together for protection for cader rights and executive welfare. AIGETOA will pave the way with conviction and propose the strategies.


Submission to AIGETOA CHQ

AIGETOA Kerala submitted a letter to AIGETOA CHQ Governing Body regarding pending matters that need immediate attention and early resolution.

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Organisational Protest Deferment

Based on the positive assurances from management, the present agitation program is deferred by the association.

Click here for the letter Circle/BA Administration.

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CHQ News : Deferment of ongoing Agitation on the Appeal of Director HR

Dear All,

BSNL Management has issued one more appeal to defer the ongoing call of the AIGETOA in line with the discussion held with the Director HR on 22.07.2021. Although few major points have been left in the record of discussion issued and these have been raised to the Sr GM SR as per the discussion held, she has assured to bring to the knowledge of Director HR BSNL. In the meantime, the restructuring meeting is also scheduled to start with AIGETOA on its submissions from 28.07.2021.

CHQ governing body in the meeting held yesterday night unanimously decided to consider the request of the Director (HR) to enable the discussion in an amicable environment and defer the ongoing agitation program with a belief that resolution of issues will happen in 2-3 months time as assured in the letter. Further, we believe that the management will seize the opportunity and consider our request to ensure the sufficient number of promotional posts in restructuring as submitted by AIGETOA and one promotion to all eligible executives before the implementation of restructuring.

The decision to defer the appeal has been taken in view of the discussions held on 22.07.2021 wherein Director HR categorically told that management is considerate on all the issues and they shall be taking positive action on all the genuine issues related to executives. Director HR also told that management has already shown its positive intent by moving forward on JTO to SDE DPC despite many criticalities. He reaffirmed his commitment to taking care of left-out JTOs and promotions in other streams and grades. With respect to Restructuring issues, he said that management is considerate on the subject of promotional avenues, stagnation, and the number of posts, and discussion on these aspects should be given a chance before moving on to extreme steps. Director HR also told that within the next 2-3 months, things will be visible on the ground, and results of the efforts will definitely be seen. The Association side also expressed that while we also believe that amicable resolution should be given a priority, but time and again, changing stand by management on issues forces us to do so. However, as per the request of management, AIGETOA can consider deferring the program but any change in the stand of management may force us to resume the action programs and that too with more vigor.

Accordingly, we have decided to defer the programs as of now. However, this deferment is subject to be launched immediately in case we feel that there is a deviation from the assured path. Despite the deferment, the whole rank and file of AIGETOA should be ready to react immediately in case things do not settle as per discussion and satisfaction of AIGETOA especially with respect to covering the left out Candidates for JTO to SDE DPC and ensuring a sufficient number of posts in various streams and grades.

We extend our heartiest thanks to our esteemed members and supporters to make the organisational call successful by quitting WhatsApp groups to lodge their strong resentment by around Ten Thousand Executives. Now we request all of them to resume the previous position on account of deferment of the call and devote themselves to improve the position of BSNL despite all challenges to bring back our beloved organisation to the path of growth.

Strike Notice No 1 July 2021

Eid Mubarak


CHQ News : Representation to Hon’ble Prime Minister of India on CURRENT STATUS of the BSNL and APPEAL for the INTERVENTION

Dear Friends,

BSNL is passing through a tough time and revival package approved by the Govt of India in Oct-2019 and VRS of more than 78000 employees, reducing the wage bill from 1200 Cr to 560 Cr, have not ended the misery and even the basic right of timely salary and medical needs are absent for the employees. No significant growth in the revenue by BSNL, Non-rollout of 4G, No land monetization, and ever-increasing liabilities of debt are pushing the organisation into a seriously vicious cycle. AIGETOA has always raised its voice for the sustainability of organisation at all platforms as we understand the serious fallout on the employees recruited by BSNL on account of any mishap in the fortune of the company. In absence of any proper social security measures, the employees recruited by BSNL are very concerned along with other employees for their future due to the current state of the company. So, AIGETOA has decided to raise the voice once again for bringing the organisation on the right track by draw the attention of the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India and senior dignitaries of the government for the national strategically important asset BSNL.

In this regard, AIGETOA will be running a campaign through a memorandum as part of its organisation program. The memorandum will be submitted by the General Secretary, Circle Secretary District Secretary of the association to the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India and other senior functionaries of the government from 22nd July 2021. Our OBs will reach all employees of BSNL and appeal to them to support the movement by submitting the memorandum. We will also be reaching out to the Hon’ble Members of Parliament and the esteemed citizens of the country to support the cause. Every CHQ/CS/DS OBs will try to meet Hon’ble Member of Parliament of their constituency and appraise the prevailing condition of the national asset BSNL and plead for the support by forwarding the memorandum to the Hon’ble Prime Minister.

Click here for the format of the Memorandum to be submitted by GS/CS/DS

Click here for the annexure of the Memorandum


22nd to 26th July 2021: Mass representation by all employees to Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, Hon’ble Home Minister of India cum Chairman of GoM, Hon’ble Minister of Communications and filing of grievance on PGRMS portal to request for fixing of the reasons/accountability for the failure of BSNL Revival Program and wastage of around Rs 69000 Cr of public money of Govt Exchequer.

22nd July 2021: Quitting of all official WhatsApp Groups on protest.

28th July onwards: Start of Non-Cooperation Movement.

4th-5th August 2021: Applying of Two Days Leave as a Protest.

4th-5th August 2021: Two Days Dharna by CHQ, CS & CP OBs at Delhi CO.


EPF Full Pension Case is listed at Hon SC on 20/07/2021

The hearing on EPF pension based on the contribution / allowing full pension is listed at Hon SC today. The effect and operation of the judgment delivered by Hon Kerala HC on 12/10/2018 in r/o WPC 13120 of 2015 and connected matters (more than 500) have stayed earlier.

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