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Surprising stand of some executives association on MT recruitment

Some associations are advocating for conduction of internal MT as early as possible citing their members are crossing the age of 50 and they claims that they are opposing External MT. following facts need to be analyzed:


ø As per CPSEs norms and company memorandum executives are part of management. BSNL has already made direct recruitment of JTO/JAO in executive cadre i.e. in management cadre. BSNL is going to make another recruitment of fresh candidate in the name of MT which is at the higher position of JTO/JAO and even SDE/AO. These associations must answer whether JTO/JAO & SDE/AO are executives (part of management) or not? If they are executives then how one management trainee can be recruited above than management having executives experience up to 20-25 years?.


ø These associations are showing their concern with the executives reaching the age of 50 and demanding early conduction of internal MT. when young engineering graduate having MTech/MBA degree are totally against these proposed MT due to obvious reason and not ready to go once again through this academic test how the executives reaching 50 and having no engineering degree will study and qualify the MT exam? It is laso learnt that top leadership of these associations are at the verge of 50 years whether they are self centric and assured of getting qualify in MT exam?.


ø If we assume some internal executives at the age of 50 have qualified this MT test then up to what level they will be promoted before their retirement? Certainly not above DGM. But, if proposed MT is not recruited then it is sure that all executives will be promoted up to DGM and some up to GM/CGM/ED and even Director like in other CPSEs of country.


ø Present MT RR is having provision of both i.e. internal as well as external recruitment. How only internal recruitment is possible without scrapping the complete MT RR?.


ø These associations are claiming that they are opposing external MT but in what manner they are opposing external MT if they are not in favor of scrapping MT RR? What steps they have taken to oppose external MT?


ø Few days before they have claimed that due to their effort CMD has constituted the committee to resolve the HR issues including CPSE cadre hierarchy before 15th Aug-2015. Now the same association is writing that till CPSE cadre hierarchy is finalized management must go with internal MT recruitment without scrapping the MT RR. Whether they want to say that MT recruitment will happen before 15th Aug-2015 or they want to say they have lied before the members about resolution of CPSE cadre hierarchy before 15th Aug-2015 or internally they are opposing the implementation of CPSE cadre hierarchy in BSNL which has provision of single level recruitment and then time bound promotion up to certain level and then post based?


ø Last but not least, which CPSE of the country makes two level of fresh recruitment in executive cadre? How one fresh candidates having M.Tech/MBA/CA/ICWA degree is better than the executives having similar degree and vast experience in BSNL itself? how this proposed MT is going to help BSNL revival by crushing the career aspiration of JTO/JAO & SDE/AO who are the backbone of the company?


It is humble appeal to all executives just apply your own mind and react in strong possible manner against proposed MT recruitment (internal or external) without prejudice of their affiliation with different associations. This is not the issue of any particular association but it is the issue of respect, dignity, and talent of every executives of BSNL. MT is not only one recruitment but it is simply to say that JTO/JAO & SDE/AO are not the part of the management and they are recruited to work as bounded laborer forever. Forum of executives association AIGETOA + AIBSNLEA have only taken initiative to oppose such non-sense in BSNL which will not only ruin the career of existing executives but also against the interest of the company but success of this fight will totally depends on timely reaction and participation from all section of executives specially when top leaders of some executives association have mingled their hands with top BSNL management. Direct recruits of BSNL are specially requested to think once again and strengthen the hand of AIGETOA so that we can fight together for critical issues like scrapping of MT RR, implementation of superannuation benefits and finalization of std. pay scale etc.



United Forum of BSNL Executives' Associations (AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA)  serves a notice for resuming the deferred organizational actions to protest against the arbitrary recruitment of Management Trainee and non-settlement of long pending HR issues in BSNL. <<<Click here for the Notice>>>>

The Protest actions and the Schedule of the agitations is as follows-

Ø  Lunch Hour Demonstration on 1st July, 2015 at all SSA/Circle/Corporate Office level.

Ø  Hunger Fast for three days from 10.00 Hrs. to 18.00 Hrs. on 7th, 8th and 9th July, 2015 at    all SSA/Circle/Corporate Office level.

Ø  “Work According to Rule” program with effect from 00.00 Hrs. of 7th July, 2015 till    withdrawal of the MT Recruitment and settlement of the pending HR issues.

Ø दिल्लीचलो” [Delhi Chalo] and “Indefinite Dharna” at BSNL Corporate Office, New Delhi with effect from 22nd July, 2015 till withdrawal of the MT Recruitment and settlement of the pending HR issues.

All the CHQ Office Bearers, Circle/Branch Secretaries are requested to take this agitation very seriously and initiate all out efforts for successful implementation by 100% active participation of our members



As per the decision of the competent authority, a committee has been formed to discuss the issue of recruitment of Management Trainee (Telecom Operation/Telecom Finance) from Internal and External candidates in BSNL.The committee meeting was held today at 15.00 Hrs. President AIGETOA, GS AIBSNLEA, GS SNEA (I) and AGS AIBSNLOA attended the meeting.

GM (Pers) initiated the meeting and briefed the requirement of MT Recruitment in BSNL as per BSNL Board decision and explained the efforts to settle the pending HR issues of the Executives. He invited the opinion/ comments of the representatives of the Executives’ Associations. Three Executive Associations (AIGETOA, AIBSNLEA and AIBSNLOA) unanimously demanded for immediate withdrawal of MT Recruitment notification and impressed upon to finalize the CPSU cadre hierarchy. However, one Association (SNEA (I)) was of the view that MT Recruitment process should not be stopped on the pretext that if they wait till  finalization of the CPSU cadre hierarchy  then their members will cross the age of 50 years and they will not be eligible to appear in the MT Recruitment Examination. All the Executive Associations also demanded to fill up the vacant SDEs/DEs/DGMs equivalent posts immediately in a time bound manner. GM (Pers) after hearing the views mentioned that he will like to study the CPSU cadre hierarchy related material and will convene next meeting of the committee during the coming week.

AIGETOA and AIBSNLEA categorically told that holding of committee meeting will be fruitful only when the MT Recruitment notification is withdrawn immediately otherwise the discussions will be of no use, merely a wastage of time and we cannot give a long rope to the Management on this issue. Hence, we will be forced to resume the deferred agitation program immediately.

GS AIBSNLEA and President AIGETOA met CMD, BSNL and Director (HR), BSNL and further requested to withdraw the ongoing MT Recruitment process immediately and for the settlement of pending HR issues. CMD, BSNL and Director (HR) mentioned that let the committee to submit its report thereafter final decision will be taken in this regard. We further explained that GM (Pers) is explaining that he has a mandate to discuss the matter in view of the Board directions communicated by CMD BSNL and seems to continue with the MT Recruitment process. Hence, we are forced to resume the deferred agitation program immediately.

All the Circle office bearers/SSA/Branch Secretaries of AIGETOA and AIBSNLEA are requested to keep ready to fight against the ill motivated and arbitrary recruitment of MT and to block the career prospects of the existing Executives. United forum of AIGETOA and AIBSNLEA has decided to serve the notice for organizational action program on tomorrow i.e. 24.06.2015.


Meeting with CMD on MT issue


Yesterday, meeting held with CMD BSNL on MT issue followed by which CMD direct us to meet GM (Pers.) for detail and official discussion and knowing the views of each other. GM (Rect./Pers) under instruction of CMD BSNL showed his willingness to postpone the date for online form and exam date so that detail discussion with all stake holders on MT issue can take place. Forum of AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA clearly conveys the views and resentment of executives and clearly said that two level recruitment of fresh candidates in executive cadre will not be allowed at any cost… instead of postponing dates BSNL must withdraw the MT notification and have detail discussion with all stake holder of the company for career progression of executives at par with leading CPSEs for which committee is already formed….today official meeting with GM (Rect/Pers.) is schedule at 03:00 pm.. Forum will attend the meeting with single stand no fresh recruitment in any stream at the level above JTO/JAO…if management will show adamancy to set unique example in CPSEs by making recruitment at two level, forum will serve the notice for strike….executives must be ready for this historic agitation...



Regarding MT recruitment withdrawal, CMD informed that matter was discussed in the Board Meeting & the concern of the executives was appraised to the Board and after some informal discussions, Board authorized CMD BSNL to re-look into the matter. He advised us to discuss the matter in person on Monday/Tuesday. Executives must keep patience and hope that proposed MT will be surely withdrawn as it has no justification above JTO/JAO and it is neither in the interest of company nor executives. If anything goes against our expectation we will surely hit back and go for any extent because it is not only matter of our career but also the matter of respect and dignity. We are not at all ready to accept that thousands of qualified and experience officers in BSNL are not at par with management trainee.




So called great leaders of some association must understand that Management Trainee (MT) is not designation but it is definition. Executives are the part of the management and candidates directly recruited at the feeder level of executives are called Management Trainee during their pre-appointment training. BSNL has already recruited thousands of professionally qualified candidates through toughest All India Competition and they have already acquired management training and now having experience of more than 13 years at the lower level management. Any fresh candidates recruited in the name of MT cannot be placed above these managers. There is no question of accepting the recruitment of external or internal candidates above JTO/JAO in the name of MT. many CPSEs are recruiting MT/ET at the level of E1 and all the vacancies at middle level and higher level are filled with these officers only through suitable and smooth promotion policy. How one association is justifying that even if time bound promotion policy like in other CPSEs will be implemented in BSNL JTO/JAO cannot go beyond DGM level?

One so called big association is finding the lame excuse to justify the internal MT recruitment but not struggling in any manner against external MT too. The day is not far when leaders of this association will start saying that overwhelming response of taking payment on E1 and E2 pay scale by JTO/JAO & SDE/AO since last seven year, overwhelming response of taking first time bound upgradation in six years, overwhelming response for accepting promotion through DPC and LDCE after 18-20 years, overwhelming response of executives accepting the payment without superannuation benefits etc which clearly indicates that executives of BSNL are satisfied hence there is no need to fight. They must know that applying for proposed MT by internal candidates is not their wish but it is compulsion. They must come out from finding such lame excuse and face the real resentment of executives in field.

All executives of BSNL well understand that only internal recruitment in the name of MT is neither justified nor possible without scrapping present MT RR. The forum of AIGETOA & AIBSNLEA is having firm stand to oppose this proposed MT (Internal or External) and force management to scrap MT RR and device mechanism for smooth career enhance of executives like other leading CPSEs of India where one executive recruited at feeder level reaches up to Board of Directors. Forum is very much confident that all executives of BSNL irrespective of their affiliation to associations are ready to struggle up to any extent. Forum is waiting the outcome of the today’s board meeting with full faith on words of CMD and ready to intensify the struggle if anything goes against our expectation.





Dear friends, the heat of our unity and strength could just siege corporate office and CMD called for discussion. After long discussion he pleaded to permit time till next board meeting on 18th June  to take a final decision favourably. Hence AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA decided to defer agitation program till 18th June.

CONGRATS ONE AND ALL OUR BELOVED MEMBERS for the active participation.



Conspiracy Within…

It is learnt that leaders of one of executives’ associations have met CMD and given it’s consent for the MT recruitment citing it as a need of hour. Said leaders are befooling their members by personally favoring MT recruitment before CMD and publically writing against. Said representatives, instead of raising genuine voice and aspiration of existing executives, are propagating the baseless thought of its Ex-President (who is now happily retired and not having any stake in the issue). Said association is also convincing the representatives of non-executives (who have no stake in HR policy of executives) so as to pressurize the CMD for making recruitment in the cadre of MT.

Dear Friends, the history is full of such type of negative politics of said association, whereby it allowed DGM recruitment to take place from external candidates (having 12 years experience in any field) by ignoring internal candidates and it's own members (having more than 12 years experience in telecom field). BSNL board and DOT is just bothered to fill up the post at middle and senior level either from external or internal candidates, but said association having its vested interest is making easy way for management to go for external recruitment at MT level by ignoring in-house talent.

BSNL management and leaders of such associations must know that there is no substitute of internal talent having all the qualifications and vast telecom experience in executive cadre but somewhere they don’t want to see the career growth of internal executives with the reason best known to them.

Practically, all the existing qualified executives are already in E3 Pay scale, in which MTs are also proposed to be recruited. It is just a matter of extending functional responsibilities without any financial burden. Therefore, the proposed MT recruitment is nothing but a challenge to the qualification, talent, experience and competency of internal executives to handle the higher responsibility.

Friends, it is a need of hour to protect our interests. Irrespective of your affinity and affiliation with any associations, please come on street to smash, expose and defeat this evil conspiracy of leaders of said association and BSNL management. The forum of AIGETOA and AIBSNLEA is fully committed to go to any extent against this MT recruitment, but the success depends on our solidarity, unity and commitment to hit back. We have now absolutely nothing to lose and nothing to fear. Come out fearlessly, courageously to defeat the sinister design of said association and management. Participate enmasse in the proposed two days dharna on 9th and 10th June-2015. We will surly intensify this agitational program if management remain adamant. Justice will surely prevail and conspiracy will be exposed and defeated. Truth alone triumph.



Organizational actions to protest against the arbitrary recruitment of Management Trainees and Non-settlement of long pending HR issues :

Signature Campaign and bearing black badge : 18th May 2015 to 25th May 2015

  • Format for Mass Signature campaigning. Click here

  • Demand Card along with black badges. Click here

It is appeal to all the executives of the BSNL irrespective of affiliation, please come forward and join your hands against the unwarranted move of BSNL management and bulldozing another recruitment of fresh candidates in the name of Management Trainee over already recruited and absorbed professionally qualified executives having all the qualification, talent, training and vast experience in telecom operation and finance. We know that this management trainee recruitment is not at all the requirement of the company but being forced to hide something wrongdoing of earlier board and DOT who have given false affidavit in the court of law in the case of ITS repatriation that they cannot repatriate ITS officers because BSNL don’t have qualified executives to replace them. Now this is time to expose their wrong deeds on the cost of our career. We know that together we can do it very easily.

All representatives of this association are requested to please approach each and every executives of BSNL and mobilize them for this historic protest against MT recruitment and resolution of other various pending HR issues. Please start signature campaigning from 18th May-2015 and wear the demand card with black badges as uploaded above.




AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA under the banner of United Forum of BSNL Executives' Association served a notice for organizational actions to protest against the arbitrary recruitment of Management Trainees and non-settlement of long pending HR issues. Click here for Notice   &  Click here for copy of the UF letter dated 03.09.2014


  1. Immediate withdrawal of the MT recruitment notification dated 1st May 2015, scrapping the MT RR altogether and implementation of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy in BSNL. No lateral entry of fresher’s at any level above JTO/JAO/Equivalent.

  1. Resolution of various other pending HR issues like finalization of standard pay scales (E2 for JTO/Equivalent and E3 for SDE /Equivalent), Holding of CPCs to fill up vacant JAG/STS/Group B etc. The issues have already been submitted by this forum as enumerated in Annexure-II of this letter.

Protest activity and schedule is as follows:

  • 18-05-2015 to 25-05-2015 – Signature Campaign and bearing black badges.

  • 25-05-2015 - Lunch hour demonstration at SSA/Circle/BSNL CO Level.

  • 09.06.2015 and 10.06.2015 - Two days Dharna at SSA/Circle/BSNL CO Level.

CPSEs have been recommended to make a recruitment of fresh professionally qualified candidates (Called ET or MT as per the work profile of the company) at the feeder level (E1 TO E3) of executives for the management succession plan. BSNL has already made recruitment of professionally qualified candidates at E1A (equivalent to E2) there is no question of making another recruitment at E3. There is no precedence in CPSEs to have two level of lateral recruitment in executive’s cadre. Fresh candidates recruited from any institute of the world cannot be better than existing qualified executives already selected among lakhs of candidates through toughest All India Competition and acquired vast experience in telecom operation and Finance. Proposed MT recruitment in BSNL is not at all required and this is not only unique in CPSEs but it is also highly abusing, demoralizing and complete undermining of existing executives.

Proposed recruitment is nothing but just the vested interest of dirty minds whihc BSNL management is trying to justify as a replacement of ITS recruitment being done in DOT era. They have perhaps forgotten that BSNL is CPSE and JTO/JAO recruited after formation of BSNL is professionally qualified executives not the group-C employees. If the proposed MT will termed as replacement of ITS then career of professionally qualified executives (JTO/JAO) recruited through toughest all India competition in executive’s cadre will be like erstwhile JE (non-executive) where most of us will retire with the tag of Adhoc or POTA DE. So for professionally qualified executives have worked under less qualified executives in the name of age and experience but now not at all ready to accept the reverse formula after gaining age and experience and not ready to work under similarly qualified executives having zero experience and younger in age. Friends proposed MT recruitment is nothing but downgrading the status of already recruited JTO/JAO.

All the CHQ Office Bearers/Circle Secretaries/Branch Secretaries/activists are requested to mobilize and make this organizational action programme a grand success against the arbitrary and indifferent attitude of BSNL Management. Approach all the executives irrespective of their affiliation, explain vested interest of management in making recruitment of MT, its impact on our career and status, its impact on our moral and productivity of the company, its impact of industrial peace and discipline etc and make them the part of this historic agitation.



Kind Attention Direct Recruits of BSNL- Your Retired Life is Completely in Danger More than Current Pay & Career :

Direct recruits of BSNL, please get up open your eyes before it gets too late. Earlier committee formed for looking in to the issue of superannuation benefits of direct recruits has completely misguided the BSNL board by presenting wrong data. As per the old committee analysis direct recruits will get handsome pension even more than absorbed executives with 2-3% contribution towards pension scheme. Due to strong reaction of this association, said proposal could not get through in board and handed over to new committee for addressing the concern raised by us. The new committee is analyzing the facts and quantum of pension contribution. This association has been asked to prepare comprehensive analysis of pension for direct recruit’s vis-à-vis absorbed executives to be presented before authority. This association has put long and comprehensive study on the issue, finding of which is very much shocking for all of us. Even BSNL will make full contribution of 12% towards our pension scheme apart from EPF our retired life is not safe. See the below summery and go through the excel sheet attached herewith for detail analysis. Click here for detail analysis

Pension Comparison between Absorbed and direct recruits executives in BSNL

Category of Employee Date of Birth Date Of appointment Pension amount if resign/retire from the service
On March-15 (actual)        Last Drawn Basic + DA= Rs 69684/- On March-22(projected)Last Drawn Basic +DA= Rs. 215360/- On Feb-2036(Projected)Last drawn Basic + DA = Rs. 1189174/-
Direct Recruit (with EPF and without pension scheme) 12th Feb 1976 1st Apr 2002 Rs 4855 up to age of 58 and then Rs 6062 till death (Fixed Amount) Rs 20635 up to age of 58 and then Rs 22492 till death (Fixed Amount) Fix amount of Rs 219545/-till death (Fixed Amount)
Direct Recruit (with EPF and with pension scheme @ 12% of Basic+DA) 12th Feb 1976 1st Apr 2002 Rs 10367/-up to age of 58 and thenRs 11574/-till death (Fixed Amount) Rs 41929 /- up to age of 58 and then Rs 43786 /- till death (Fixed Amount) Rs 422196/-till death (Fixed Amount)
Absorbed Executive (Government Pension) 12th Feb 1976 1st Apr 2002 Rs 34842/-(subjected to increase with DA and pay revision) Rs 107680/-(subjected to increase with DA and pay revision) Rs 594586/-(subjected to increase with DA and pay revision)

All direct recruits are requested to please spare some time and go through the attached analysis. It can make you to wake up in time so that you don’t die before you actually die. This association has been fighting with contribution of limited number of direct recruits and have been able to keep alive the issues so far but final resolution of the issues need support and contribution of each and every direct recruits. Please don’t help this association but help yourself. Every association and fight needs financial, mental and physical support. All DR are requested to please get together on one platform so that our fight for pay, promotion and pension can yield desirable result. If you believe AIGETOA please pay your basic membership and subscription fee as displayed on website which will not only strengthen this association financially but also give us clear picture about our unity and strength.


Circle Executive Committee Meeting on 9th May at EKM

The Circle Executive Committee meeting of AIGETOA Kerala is decided to be conducted on 09-05-2015 Saturday at Shikshak Sadan hall No:120, Ernakulam at 10AM. All CECE Members and SSA Office bearers are requested to attend the meeting on time.




Various queries are being received from members of this association about action plan of the association against MT recruitment. It is to convey to all that this association will fight on both front legal as well as organizational action. Legal front may give us immediate relief but cannot finish this MT ghost forever. AIGETOA has already filed the case on MT recruitment and standard pay scale where we are confident to get relief on both the issues. MT/DGM recruitment from among external candidates are only the vested interest of earlier management on the cost of the company and moral of qualified executives just to justify the deputation of ITS officers beyond rules. This association also hopes that present BSNL management, who seems to be more concern towards survival of BSNL, will understand the game plan behind this MT/DGM recruitment and it’s after effect and renders justice to existing qualified executives. But we must understand the fact that even mother will not feed baby until he cries so we cannot assume that present management will take care of us suo moto. This association will give you all, the platform to cry loudly so that management is forced to take care of us. This association is going to serve agitational notice along with AIBSNLEA against MT recruitment and this time we will go up to the extent where either proposed MT or already recruited qualified engineers/account officers will be in BSNL. We all are ready for do or die. .



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