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Letter submission to CGMT BSNL Kerala Circle

AIGETOA Kerala expressed its strong Resentment with CGMT , BSNL Kerala Circle Over Non-Adherence to Assurances and Delay in resolving  Executives Legitimate Rights and requested for prioritize the pending concerns with prompt and swift resolutions.

Click here for the letter submitted

AIGETOA  made an impassioned appeal to the Circle management to prioritize the below employee concerns and take action to clear the long pending issues.

  1. Processing of pending Rule-8 requests ( 19 Nos ) who have completed more than 5 years of service in executive cadre in Kerala Circle 
  2. Allotment of various financial allowances admissible to recently recruited LICE JTOs who are transferred in the interest of service from other circle to Kerala 
  3. Corrective action for regularizing and processing of pay fixations of LICE JTOs, who were promoted  within Kerala Circle ( from JE to JTO )  
  4. Issuance of Inter BA OTP request transfers 
  5. Uniformity in allotment / reimbursement for laptops 

This association and the affected executives have shown remarkable patience and professionalism in awaiting the fulfillment of promises made by the management from time to time. This situation not only undermines the trust and confidence of the executives but also negatively impacts their morale and productivity of the organization. We expect that the pending concerns will be addressed and resolved to ensure adherence of commitments made earlier and the Circle   Management will understand the gravity of these concerns and will take the necessary steps to resolve them. 


Circle Executive Committee Meeting

A CEC Meeting is notified to be held at Ernakulam on 23-05-2024

Click Here for Notification Letter


Celebrating Success: The KLI Project, Granting of Honorariums to BSNL Executives

BSNL celebrated the successful execution of the KLI Project, a testament to the dedication and expertise of  BSNL employees. The tireless efforts and unwavering commitment have propelled the successful completion of KLI Project and achieved milestones within the time frame.  In recognition of our employee's exceptional contributions, our respected CMD, BSNL have shared appreciation by granting honorariums as tokens of gratitude. This gesture symbolizes the collaborative spirit that has been instrumental in driving the success of the KLI Project.

AIGETOA extends our warmest congratulations to all the executives / employees involved. Click here for the communication


Vishu wishes from Aigetoa Kerala

Vishu Wishes


Eid Mubarak

Eid Mubarak


Easter wishes from AIGETOA Kerala

Easter 2024


A Major breakthrough in Txmn system configuration

A Major breakthrough in Cpan / Txmn system configuration has been achieved by the young engineers of BSNL Kerala. The team members are Sri Dipu Chandran SDE Cpan , Smt Anila KS SDE CNOC EKM , Sri Binu Jose AGM Proj Coordination , Sri Bijoy R SDE BSS , Sri Arun KG SDE BSS and Sri Bijeesh KP SDE OMCR.

Earlier BAs were facing many issues for rolling out new 4G. One major issue faced then was, the old and outdated transmission equipments at BTS locations as well as exchanges. The BTS locations where the end link was CPE, were major bottlenecks. The Tejas CPEs connected to Huawei MADM had access issue, others had bandwidth issue and lack of ports for connecting 4G etc. Tejas eNodeB had integrated transport card, but we were unable to use them because of fiber shortage and E1 issue. E1 issue had become a concern as E1 was needed to continue our 2G for some more time. Tejas eNodeB had 4E1s but extension of E1 through eNodeB was not possible.

The team member Smt Anila of CNOC Ernakulam came out with an idea of cascading Tejas eNodeBs.

Below is the methodology used

One remote eNodeB site was cascaded to one Tejas eNodeB physically. The remote 2G E1 was wired to the remote eNodeB, and dropped at Exchange eNodeB, then routed to BSC as it was working before. This worked and the remote 2G was now working through eNodeB and this eliminated the need of CPE/Anode at remote location.

Also, the team modified the plan and removed the physical cascading of eNodeBs and made it work through logical cascading.

Similarly, there is possibility of cascading another 3 remote locations of an exchange ( maximum 4) and spare the end link equipment. This gave a big relief to the projected requirement and concerns about adequate number of end links.

Sri Dipu Chandran is Asst Circle Secretary AIGETOA Kerala . AIGETOA is proud to have such wonderful people in its fold and we congratulates all the officers involved in this amazing feat and encourages the every young engineers in BSNL to bring about more such accolades and glory to BSNL.

(Click here for PPT)


AIGETOA Kerala Wishes International Womens Day

International Womens Day 2024


Rule -8 Orders Issued from Kerala Circle

Congratulations!!!  Kerala circle has issued Rule-8 orders for 14 numbers of JTO (Click here.....

After continuous persuasion by AIGETOA Kerala, and as per the update provided earlier, KL circle has issued Rule 8 Transfer orders for 14 number of JTOs. Even though a bit late, we were successful in nullifying the obstacles raised and our routine persuasion yielded results now. Congratulations to those who got their requested Rule-8 transfers.

AIGETOA has once again proved that relentless and continuous persuasion will yield results. We express our sincere gratitude to our respected CGMT BSNL Kerala Sri B Sunilkumar ITS , Sr GM HR Sri Sathesh R and the Circle HR team . We also assure that the balance R-8 cases pending at various stages, will also be taken up for further processing as committed by circle management.

It may also to be noted that it's AIGETOA, the only association which had proved the mettle to pursue the promise despite hurdles, but there can be many credit mongers or false pretenders now! Some corners had shed crocodile tears over various issues in their letters  but they have bitterly failed even for persuasion of the matter.

It is high time that all executives to realise who is really working for them amidst all odds


Meeting with CGMT BSNL Kerala

AIGETOA Circle team attended a meeting chaired by respected CGMT Kerala  on specific agenda points which were submitted earlier. Management  was represented by Respected CGMT Sri B Sunilkumar ITS along with Sri Sathesh R, Sr GM (HR & Admin).Circle Chairman Sri Saheer S, Circle Secretary  Sri.Maxmilan K, Circle Finance Secretary Sri.Pramod KJ , Assistant Circle Secretary Sri.Abdul Basith P K, Sri.Anoop Das , District Secretary CO TVM Sri.Varun V M  and DS TVM BA Sri.Sreejith S V represented AIGETOA side.

# Pending  Rule-8 Transfer cases. AIGETOA reminded about the assurance made by management in this regard earlier. We have appraised about the deep concern of the  Rule-8 awaiting executives and requested for early positive resolution in this regard. After detailed discussion CGMT agreed for Issuance of 14 approved cases soon and processing of balance Rule-8 requests. 

# Pay fixation / increment issue of JTO LICE batch- 

AIGETOA Team gave a detailed presentation on the pay fixation/ increment fixation issue faced by JTO LICE Batch 2022 . After the presentation,   CGMT directed to HR / establishment section to study on the representations received ( from 6 executives). CGMT also advised for representations from remaining executives also individually. It was informed the fixation/ anomaly pointed by the association shall be considered positively. Accordingly all such affected executives from JTO LICE-2022 batch may be submitted at the earliest. 

# Request to fill the vacant SE (Elect) at Kozhikode BA. 

CGMT took note of the request and promised early clearance.

# Pending grievances of various kinds. 

Association clearly pointed some specific grievances in which cynical use of BSNL machinery and biased approach were observed. It was assured that all such matters will be resolved soon and measures will be taken for non occurance of these kind of acts further.

The meeting concluded with an optimist note and with an appeal to all executives to deliver the best efforts for the last quarter of this financial year.

Team AIGETOA Kerala


Notification of Returning Officer & Observer for Election of vacant office bearer posts for AIGETOA Ernakulam

The following executives RO & Observer are nominated for Election of vacant office bearer post of AIGETOA Ernakulam scheduled on 25/01/2024.

Returning Officer

Sri Anil Kani CVP (Mob : 9446039911)

Circle Observer: Sri Anoop Das , ACS (Mob : 9446863000)

Nomination Link

The nominations for ADS (1 Nos) and Excecutive Member (1 Nos) may be given in the

Google Form given from 10/01/2024 to 22/01/2024 from member's of Ernakulam. Finalised nominations will be published on the date of election at the venue.


Clarifications can be taken from RO/Observer if any.


AIGETOA Kerala Wishes a Happy New Year 2024

New Year-2024


AIGETOA Kerala Wishes a Happy Christmas



Meeting with Sr. GM HR/Admin on LICE Executives allowances matter

AIGETOA Kerala team consisting of Circle Secretary Sri. Maxmilan K and Sri Aravind DFS COTVM , met Sr. GM HR/Admin , BSNL Kerala Circle today and appraised about the denial/refusal of various allowances to newly joined LICE JTO executives in Kerala Circle from other circles. We have requested for early intervention in this regard by Circle administration and requested for directions to various BAs where these executives are posted. 

Click here for the Letter Submitted

After elaborate discussions , the association is informed by circle management that necessary directions will be given to BAs for processing of requests from new LICE JTOs. Accordingly all the concerned executives are requested to apply for admissible allowances in their respective BAs and any difficulty in getting the process may be informed to AIGETOA District team / Circle team.


Inauguration Ceremony of AIGETOA Calendar and Diary 2024 by our esteemed CGMT BSNL Kerala Sri. B Sunilkumar ITS

We are delighted to announce the inauguration ceremony of the AIGETOA Kerala Circle (All India Graduate Engineers & Telecom Officer's Association) Calendar and Diary for the year 2024. The momentous event held at BSNL Kerala Circle Office , Thiruvananthapuram and graced by the esteemed presence of our Chief General Manager Telecom Sri. B Sunilkumar ITS along with our Circle Secretary Sri.Maxmilan K

This occasion holds great significance for us as it embodies our commitment to progress and collaboration within BSNL organization and its employees. The inauguration program was attended by AIGETOA Circle Office unit DS Secretary Sri.Varun , DFS Sri. Aravind M , DVP Smt Vinitha A , Sri. Ansal J , Sri, Karthik P Nair, Sri. Arun S Jyothi. Our respected CGMT shared enriching conversations and insights that will contribute to our shared pursuit of excellence.

Kerala Circle

Office Bearers

Circle President
Sri. Muhammad Ali M C
Circle Secretary
Sri. Maxmilan K
Circle Finance Secretary
Sri. Pramod K J
Circle Vice President 1
Sri. Anil Kani
Circle Vice President 2
Sri. Prajeesh P
Assistant Circle Secretary 1
Sri. Abdul Basith P K
Assistant Circle Secretary 2
Sri. Dipu Chandran
Assistant Circle Secretary 3
Sri. Vipal Prem
Assistant Circle Secretary 4
Sri. Cijo Joseph P
Assistant Circle Secretary 5
Sri. Anoop Das
Assistant Circle Secretary 6
Sri. Shambhu Chandran
Trivandrum Circle Office

Circle Office

Sri. Dilshad S
Mob: 9446468484
Sri. Dr. Sathyajose S L
Mob: 9447753571
Finance Secretary
Sri. Aravind. M
Mob: 9447963221
Trivandrum SSA


Sri. Praveen Prakash M J
Mob: 9495989699
Sri. Sreejith S V
Mob: 9449014055
Finance Secretary
Smt. Divya C K
Mob: 9446151150
Kollam SSA


Sri. Binu S
Mob: 9446609999
Sri. Anoop B
Mob: 9449823152
Finance Secretary
Sri. Rahul Ramachandran
Mob: 9449122406
Pathanamthitta SSA


Mob: 9447701525
Sri. Manoj T
Mob: 9446410257
Finance Secretary
Sri. Dileepan P Y
Mob: 9496326678
Kottayam SSA


Smt. Lovely Joseph
Mob: 9446578515
Sri. George Johns Parapura
Mob: 94467755440
Finance Secretary
Sri. Ashley P Thomas
Mob: 9400100264
Alappuzha SSA


Sri. Jayaprakash O S
Mob: 9446555455
Sri. Anoop Das
Mob: 9446863000
Finance Secretary
Sri. Ratheesh Ponnappan
Mob: 9447660660
Ernakulam SSA


Smt. Shini K R
Mob: 9447004900
Sri. Nikesh V K
Mob: 9448112505
Finance Secretary
Sri. Tony Thomas
Mob: 9809516686
Thrissur SSA


Sri. Jayadevan C V
Mob: 9447055322
Sri. Chandra Kumar O B
Finance Secretary
Sri. Anand Ramakrishnan
Palakkad SSA


Sri. Niaz S
Mob: 944378789
Sri. Ponpradeep P M
Mob: 9446303077
Finance Secretary
Sri. Unmesh A
Mob: 9446554737
Malappuram SSA


Sri. Ajeeb V I
Mob: 9434737500
Sri. Faisal Elattuparambil
Mob: 9446055520
Finance Secretary
Sri. Vivek Janardhan
Mob: 9483505521
Kozhikode SSA


Sri. Binoj C B
Mob: 945667666
Sri. Anurag M
Mob: 9446400440
Finance Secretary
Sri. Praveen Das P
Mob: 9446551066
Kannur SSA


Sri. Firaz T Abdulla
Mob: 9446090400
Sri. Riyas K
Mob: 9483506602
Finance Secretary
Sri. Priyadarsan P
Mob: 9423885532


Sri. Dilip Thomas
Mob: 9446304588
Sri. Mohammed Shaiju K A
Mob: 9446473706
Finance Secretary
Sri. Abdul Muneer P
Mob: 9746563915
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