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Cast your Vote in favour of AIBSNLEA

Dear BSNL Recruited colleagues,

Today given all of us, a chance to change our destiny in BSNL.
AIGETOA Kerala humbly request you to cast your vote for OUR own future existence in BSNL with dignity.

VOTE for AIBSNLEA supported by AIGETOA at No-1

We are here for Our basic rights

Our Rightful Pay

Our Rightful Pension

Our Rightful Promotion

Our Rightful Dignity in this company


Vote for No-1 , so that we get back our rightful dues.

In life, it doesn't matter who are 'Ahead' of us Or who are 'Behind' Us. But it really matter Who are 'WITH' Us.
AIGETOA is WITH you dear colleagues as one among you.

Together We have, Together We will, Together We can.
Cast your Vote in favour of AIBSNLEA supported by AIGETOA.


For Aigetoa Team,
CS, Aigetoa Kerala




*Sometimes it's now or never*....


Sometimes there is no next time, no time-outs, no second chances...
*Sometimes it's now or never*....



We once again request all our members & well wishers to support United Forum of AIBSNLEA, AIGETOA and AITEEA and cast their vote in favour of AIBSNLEA at number 1 position in Ballot Paper.

Together We Have, Together We will, Together We Can



CHQ letter regarding E2/E3 and Post 2007 batch Pay Loss

GS AIGETOA writes to CMD BSNL with a request to delink the proposal of replacement of E1A /E2A with the replacement of subsequent scales. AIGETOA has requested that CMD BSNL to consider replacement of initial two scales immediately. GS AIGETOA also writes to CMD BSNL to consider extending 22820/- as initial basic and that the same should be processed separately instead of linking it with replacement of standard pay scales proposal. 


Click here for letter


An Open and Earnest Appeal to Entire Direct Recruit Executives from AIGETOA Kerala

Opportunities won't come always. This is the opportunity, in our hands. Strengthen AIGETOA by making the strong ally to become with the Majority executive association
AIGETOA is committed to get Pay (Standard pay PSU scales) -Pension ( SAB & DRs rightful pension benefits - Promotion ( Contemporary CPSU hierarchy which will pave way to BR JTO/ JAO to reach the highest level in the organization)
AIGETOA will strive for transparency in policy matters and we together will contribute and make sure that our BSNL / our bread and butter, scales to new height..

AIGETOA Kerala requests all direct recruit Friends & well wishers to understand the sinister moves from some corners. We request all BSNL recruits to vote for AIBSNLEA - AIGETOA alliance.

Vote for Number -1 to take our rightful in the coming term




Rightly Said by one of the mainstream associations, the bargaining power depends on the majority of the recognized Association and that in turn decides the acceleration in settling the issues.

The Management's vision on the ensuing Referendum is quite clear. The reply which they have submitted to AIGETOA states the purpose without any ambiguity. It is stated that Management wants to hold referendum as they want to take the view of the majority association on issues like Restructuring of BSNL, Rationalization of Posts, Recruitment of Management Services, cadres etc. Therefore, prime purpose of the referendum process is to recruit Management Trainees, DGMs in the middle management and curtailment in the number of Posts. Now we can understand the desperation level of those who were asking for referendum to happen. However, now when it is happening, it is duty of each and every executive that the right association should come forward.

As far as the status of AIGETOA is concerned, we have been pursuing for separate representation status for BSNL Recruited Executives. Our case for separate recognition is being heard in Kolkata High Court and Court has stated that the current referendum is subject to outcome of the case. The case is listed for arguments next week. We hope for a positive outcome from the Hon'ble court. We are also thankful to AIBSNLEA for supporting the stand of AIGETOA and conveying to management that separate recognition for association of BSNL recruits should be ensured. Similarly, our circle bodies are pursuing their cases at Different Courts. We sincerely hope that a positive outcome will be there. Those who are saying that AIGETOA will not survive, are simply running into fools paradise, these are their day dreams or atmost some identity crisis syndrome. AIGETOA was, is and will remain as the custodian of the DR's Right and anybody claiming beyond that is a simple prejudice and nothing else. People are smart enough to realize and if anybody thinks that DRs can be forced to follow a cult syndrome, then that is again their day dream.


As we are aware that after the ensuing membership verification, there will be only two Associations in the BSNL and the policy matters and HR issues will be discussed and negotiated only with the majority Association. Therefore in the membership contest, it is very important that the number one association comes with a thumping majority so that the second association cannot become a hurdle in policy making. Therefore it becomes the duty of Electoral College to ensure that the scenario post referendum gives a clear mandate to the majority association so that the issues can be carried forward without any hitch and glitches. Accordingly, AIGETOA appeals to all the executives to ensure that votes remains in favor of the association which can carry the issues and aspirations of the whole executive fraternity. Accordingly, it is expected from each and every executive that they should cast their vote in favor of association which can carry their aspirations and issues effectively before management and does not become the tool for carrying forward the agenda of Management. Any vote which is not polled in favor is equivalent to voting against your own issues. So votes should positively be casted by every eligible executive and they should ensure the their vote should not go waste.

Now the question that comes in the mind that whom should the executives vote for. It is expected from each and every executive that he should be aware of his rights and his issues. He should remain aware of what is good for us and what is bad. Who can carry our aspirations and who can kill our future career.

AIGETOA has always stood firm for the rights of the executives especially for the issues pertaining to the BSNL recruits. The burning issues vis-a-vis the stand of AIGETOA is as below:

Pay - We once again emphasize that AIGETOA is for replacement of initial two scales only. All other options can be explored later on when E1A and E2A are replaced by E2 and E3.

We have suggested merging of Sr. SDE scales and SDE scales which would entail the youngsters to reach E4 scale in 10 years of service instead of 15 years. Alternatively we gave a proposal to replace the initial two scales and that everything else can be taken care of later on once the standard pay scales are in place. We are against keeping an executive in E3 scale for 10 years. If any body needs five promotions assured, they may ask management to extend it to E7. This will give a great boost to the careers of the youngsters and assured time bound Promotions upto E7 level will end the stagnation in E6 level for seniors also. We are thankful to AIBSNLEA for carrying for supporting our cause. We are also thankful to them that they have clarified that if management comes with a proposal where initial two scales are replaced, the same will be acceptable to them.

The Promotion is given as per EPP in every five years without keeping an executive in E3 scale for 10 years which can be discussed after the implementation of initial two scales, the same was acceptable to United Forum earlier also and same is acceptable to United Forum now also. Further, the talks of Financial implication of this proposal is also very less.

We are also thankful to AIBSNLEA for agreeing to carry forward the demand of Pay Parity of Executives recruited after 1.1.2007 with those recruited before 1.1.2007 i.e. Rs. 22820/- as initial basic. We are grateful that they have delinked initial basic of Rs. 22820/- with proposal of standard pay scales and are pursuing it as a separate demand so that the younger executives can at least overcome the burden of Pay Loss. AIGETOA is determined for the Resolution of Pay Anomaly though in different way i.e. E2 + 3 increments. However now that AIBSNLEA has agreed to carry forward this demand, AIGETOA will ensure that they don’t deviate from it post referendum. AIGETOA is also determined that mandatory provisions of second PRC recommendations is ensured before extending the third PRC Benefits. We are determined to go to any extent for that including legal means.

The Pre-condition to put the Executives in E3 scale for 10 years was the prime reason for management offering the proposal of upgrading all scales as management was also not convinced on this unreasonable demand. Now this is for people to decide who wanted cascading and who did not.

Promotion - AIGETOA is for securing the careers of thousands and thousands of the BSNL recruited executives. AIGETOA is for a career path where each and every executive who enters the department should have the path to reach the level of CMD. AIGETOA supports a stand where there is no limit of posts at AGM Level, there is no capping on AGM posts. AIGETOA supports a hierarchy where the promotions are not being talked up to the level of Sr. SDE. AIGETOA is in favor of a stand where there is no lateral recruitment above the level of JTO/JAO/Equivalent. AIGETOA wants a promotion mechanism where BSNL is free of words like MT, DGM recruitment. AIGETOA is for a promotional scheme which does not differentiate the selected 150 to reach upper scales and leaving all other executives in lurch. AIGETOA is in favor of implementing Khan Committee report in its true spirit not twisting and tweaking. AIGETOA wants to streamline the Rota amongst the executives in line with the quota from beginning.

AIGETOA wants time bound functional promotion upto E7 becomes a reality for all executives. AIGETOA knows the difference between LDCE and that of LATERAL RECRUITMENT. AIGETOA Knows the difference between creating a new Cadre (MT) and giving promotions through LDCE.

AIGETOA agrees, accepts and states that there is huge talent pool available in BSNL and hence we don't want middle management through Parachute Landing. Dream of AIGETOA is that one amongst us reaches to the esteemed post of CMD BSNL. AIGETOA is against bringing back the DoT legacy in BSNL where the group B officers were forced to retire without reaching STS level. AIGETOA cannot forget the talent of those who rendered services in BSNL for so many years. AIGETOA feels the blood of Executives is Fresh enough to take over the responsibilities of Middle and Higher Management in BSNL.

AIGETOA is thankful to AIBSNLEA for extending its helping hands in carrying forward the agenda of AIGETOA. It was because of AIGETOA’s struggle that MT has not been allowed in department till date. It is AIGETOA which stopped entry of MT in year 2008 and 2009 and together with AIBSNLEA in the year 2015-16. It is because we stopped MT, that so many seniors are now regular DGMs else that replication of old DoT era was not very far when Group B officers were forced to retire as PoTA DE.

AIGETOA is for parity between Executives getting promotion through LDCE and DPC. Hence AIGETOA wants that SDE RRs should be passed at the earliest. AIGETOA wants that executives waiting for their promotions for so many years should be promoted immediately without any further wait. AIGETOA wants that corrected seniority list should be submitted to court immediately so that promotions through DPC may be held smoothly. AIGETOA wants that promotion orders of the LDCE passed candidates be issued immediately and those trying to delay it and linking it through CPSU should be taught a lesson. AIGETOA is extremely thankful to AIBSNLEA for pursuing the agenda of Executives and sincerely hopes that long pending dispute of Rota in Quota shall be applied to executives promoted through all vacancy years.

AIGETOA really appreciates them who went in the meeting with agitation withdrawal letter in their pocket in United Forum Struggle 2012. It was AIGETOA which took a firm stand that a committee should be constituted for examining the CPSU and Pay Scales Proposal else people were willing to withdraw just over a cup of tea with management and now claiming credit for constitution of Khan Committee. It was our vision that now the scales proposal and CPSU proposal is captured in black & white with positive recommendation.

AIGETOA is for extending one increment to all the executives whose promotion orders have been delayed by Management. We are thankful to AIBSNLEA for assuring that one increment shall be extended to all whose promotion orders have been delayed due to administrative reasons.

AIGETOA is for the welfare of DR fraternity and hence welcomes the support of AIBSNLEA as they have carried forward our agenda without any ambiguity and without any preconditions like executives should be forced to stay for 10 years in E3, Middle Management should have parachute landing in BSNL, one assured promotion in CPSU etc. etc. They are firm that executives should not be forced to stay in E3 for 10 years just like us, They are dead against recruitment of MT/DGM just like us, They want promotion channel with a path to reach the apex level just like us. We thank AIBSNLEA for the efforts they took to protect the interests of BSNL recruited Executives.

Pension -AIGETOA is against any Hypocrisy in this most important demand of BSNL recruits which pertains to the social security of them after retirement. AIGETOA wants full 30 percent SAB and any dilution in that is not acceptable. Those who are asking for 30 Percent Superannuation Benefit.. and keeping 6 Percent demand in their manifesto should at least make their calculations correct. AIGETOA is against anybody calling the demand of 12 Percent unrealistic. AIGETOA is against anybody not attending the meeting and saying others surrendered. There was a call for everybody in the meeting... General Secretary AIBSNLEA was also not in the station on that day but their AGS attended the meeting. AGS and President AIGETOA attended the meeting. President NFTE also attended the meeting. Those who did not even bother to send their representative in the meeting for reasons best known are now calling that they would have ensured more. Perhaps they were aware what is going to happen and wanted to wash their hands away from it and hence missed the meeting...That meeting paved the way for creation of Superannuation Trust for BSNL recruits.. That meeting Paved the way for revision of quantum of Superannuation Contribution after actuarial analysis...that meeting paved the way for revision in date of implementation ...and it is that meeting that Management is agreeing for increasing the quantum now. We are against this Hypocrisy of doing nothing when given a chance and then singing the song. We are thankful to AIBSNLEA for helping us towards resolution of the issues. We are thankful to them for actually working and not just singing the songs. ..

We want that who so ever comes first should carry forward the agenda of resolution of burning issues pertaining to all BSNL recruits. Accordingly we want the one who supports Merger of Sr. SDE and SDE cadres and extending Promotions as Per EPP. This will open the gates of E7 for seniors also. We want that somebody who comes first should defeat the designs of Management to recruit MTs and DGMs in the middle. We want somebody who sincerely and whole heartedly works for Pay Parity of the executives recruited after 01.01.2007. We want somebody who says demand of 12 Percent Superannuation is realistic, somebody who works for getting 30 Percent Superannuation Benefit on ground. We sincerely hope that all the executives will understand what is good for them and request them to be on the side where the resolution of the issue lies. We sincerely hope and believe that AIBSNLEA will come out with a thumping majority from the sample survey taken and we feel that our issues are in safe hands.

With regard to the future of AIGETOA after referendum, our case for granting separate recognition to association for BSNL recruited Executives is under persuasion at Hon'ble Kolkata High Court by AIGETOA CHQ, Hon'ble Allahabad High Court by representatives of UP West and UP East Circle and at Hon’ble High Court at Cuttack by representatives of Odisha Circle. As you are aware that Hon’ble High Court admits the case only when there is merit in the case and accordingly we believe that Hon’ble Court of Law will consider our representation. On that front also, AIBSNLEA has supported us by writing to management for the separate representative status to association for BSNL recruited executives. Therefore, in the event of judgement coming in our favor, it becomes all the way necessary that both the representative association works in synch with each other for resolution of the issues. Further, the name of AIGETOA is associated with the fight for right...Till that fighting spirit is there inside us, any referendum, any recognition, any management can not stop us from fighting for our rights.

We find that AIBSNLEA is in our side on the issues and hence we appeal all the executives to be on AIBSNLEA side in referendum to be held on 7th December 2016 and vote for them.


4th Circle Conference cum AGM @ Ernakulam

The 4th Circle conference of AIGETOA Kerala was held on 4th December 2016 at Hotel Beaumonde The Fern, Ernakulam. Respected GM ( EB and S&M-CM), Sri. S Jyothi Sankar ITS inaugurated the function. Our beloved General Secretary Sri. Ravisheel Verma,  graced the program with his presence  . Sri. M Sridhar Babu ( Joint Secretary -South ) & Sri. Senthil Kumar ( Organising Secretary- South ) were also present from AIGETOA CHQ side. AIBSNLEA Circle Secretary Sri.  Shaji V & Circle President Sri. Shyam kumar attended the program. 

Click here for photos


In the referendum session, the leaders from AIGETOA CHQ interacted with all the member delegates and the clarifications on each and every issue with the stand of AIGETOA was made clear.

AIBSNLEA leaders addressed the issues of BSNL Recruits and urged about the need of UF unity . The full hearted commitment given from AIGETOA CHQ & AIBSNLEA with regard to Standard pay scale issue have long running applause. It was made clear that the united forum comprise of AIGETOA & AIBSNLEA, will make sure that the pay anomaly of post 2007 batch will address before December 2016/ 3rd PRC.
In connection with election of new Circle body , old body was dissolved and started the proceedings. Sri. M Sridhar Babu - CHQ Observer & Sri. R Bijoy - Returning officer, gave the norms & guidelines for election of new Circle executive committee. Further the full house AGM unanimously elected the following office bearers of AIGETOA Kerala for the next term.

Sri. Gireesh T ( Circle President)
 Sri. Saheer S ( Circle Secretary )
Sri.Ansal Mohammed C H (Circle Finance Secretary)
Sri. Abdul basith (ACS)
Sri. Denny S (ACS)
Sri. Vipal Prem(ACS)

Sri. Prasad Raj RV (ACS) 

Sri. Hari S (VP)
Sri. Joseph K O(VP)

Sri. Maxmilan K (VP)

Sri.Ratheesh Ponnappan(VP)
Sri. Ramachandran V K ( CWC Member)
Sri. Krishnakumar ( Exec Member)
Sri. Madhu R V ( Exec member)



Nominations Received for AIGETOA Kerala AGM

Nominations received for AIGETOA Kerala AGM listed here, those who wish to withdraw the nominations may please inform the same to the CHQ observer Sri.M Sridhar Babu before 02.12.2016 10PM.


Sl No Name SSA
1 Abbas PM Malappuram
4 Aravind M Trivandrum
5 BINU S Kollam
7 Brijesh Dhamodharan Trivandrum
8 Denni . S Thrissur
9 Gireesh T Kozhikode
10 Hari S Trivandrum
11 Joseph K O Thrissur
12 Joshidas Y S Trivandrum
13 MADHU R V Ernakulam
14 Madhumohan H Trivandrum
15 MAXMILAN K Ernakulam
17 Prasad Raj R V Trivandrum
19 RAJESH C Kannur
20 RAJESH S Trivandrum
22 Ratheesh Ponnappan Alappuzha
23 Saheer S Trivandrum
24 Sekhar S Nair Trivandrum
25 Sooraj B.S Trivandrum
26 SUKUMARAN T K Alappuzha
27 T HARIDASAN Palakkad
28 Vipal Prem Trivandrum

Online Nominations for Aigetoa Kerala CEC Posts

Message from CHQ Observer. 
The nominations called for Aigetoa Circle level posts will end by today mid-night. The nominations received will be published in website tomorrow. Last date for withdrawal of nominations by 02-12-2016 up-to 10:00 PM


Kerala Circle Conference & AGM on 4th December

Open Invitation to All AIGETOA Members & Well wishers




DoPT case update 25Nov2016

DoPT case regarding 1:1 Seniority in JTO Cader is coming for hearing at Hon. HC Kerala today. It is expected management side arguements will be heard today.



Election Procedure for New Circle Body of AIGETOA Kerala Chapter

Dear Members ,
In connection with selection of New Circle executive body of AIGETOA Kerala chapter as per constitution of AIGETOA , in the forth coming AGM to be held on 4th December 2016 at Ernakulam, the following details are updated for information and nominations accordingly .
AIGETOA CHQ decided & nominated

Sri. M Sridhar Babu , JS-South as the CHQ Observer &
Sri. R Bijoy , SDE (NQM ) Ernakulam as the Returning Officer

The nominations are called for all the 11 ( Eleven ) Circle Executive Posts
The nominee must be a paid member of AIGETOA , Kerala.

A Single nomination shall be allowed to contest for any circle executive post.
The Cut off date for online nominations will be mid night of 30th November 2016.
The Final  nomination list will be displayed in Circle website on 1st December 2016 .
The withdrawal of nominations  will be allowed till mid night of 2nd Dec 2016.
The online nomination will be made available soon, till such time members can send their nomination to JS-South on email ID This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. : in cc to GS AIGETOA ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )& AIP AIGETOA ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )


Kerala Circle

Office Bearers

Circle President
Sri. Gireesh T
SDE, Calicut
Circle Secretary
Sri. Saheer S
SDE, Trivandrum
Circle Finance Secretary
Sri. Ansal Mohammed C H
SDE, Kottayam
Trivandrum SSA


Sri.Shekhar S Nair
Finance Secretary
Sri. Prasad Raj
Pathanamthitta SSA


Mob: 9447701525
Sri. Manoj.T
Mob: 9446410257
Finance Secretary
Sri. Sreejith.C.V
SDE BSS Pathanamthitta
Mob: 9446415767
Alappuzha SSA


Sri.Sunil Kumar S
Sri. Ratheesh Ponnappan
Finance Secretary
Sri. Shinojkumar K.T
JTO extl, Cherthala
Ernakulam SSA


Sri. Bijoy R
Sri. Maxmilan K
Finance Secretary
Sri. Cijo Joseph
Thrissur SSA


Sri. Jayadevan C.V
SDE IMPCS Thrissur
Mob: 9447055322
Sri. Amruth
JTO AT Thrissur
Finance Secretary
Sri. Chandra Kumar
JTO BB Thrissur
Palakkad SSA


Sri. Niaz
Sri. AnandRamakrishnan
Mob: 9446567304
Finance Secretary
Sri. Unmesh
Mob: 9446554737
Malappuram SSA


Sri. Abbas P.M
SDE(NQM)MS, Manjeri
Mob: 9446089199
Sri. Vijay.K
SDE(Intl/5ESS), Malappuram
Mob: 9447181900
Finance Secretary
Sri. Naveed Bin Sayeed
SDE(RMC), Nilambur
Mob: 9447000525
Kozhikode SSA


Sri. Sajith B
Mob: 9446554558
Sri. Gireesh T
SDE (BSS) MS Calicut
Mob: 9447734556
Finance Secretary
Sri. Amjad Ali V T
SDE (NSS) MS Calicut
Mob: 9447755402
Kannur SSA


Sri. Anil Kani
Sri. Muhammedali M C
SDE, Marketing Kannur
Mob: 9446549066
Finance Secretary
Sri. Sudeep C