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Call Attention notice on 24-02-2020

AIGETOA Kerala submitted the notice for Call Attention program to be observed on 24-02-2020 in line with AIGETOA CHQ call.

Click here for the letter submitted to CGM Kerala Circle.

We demand,

1. Immediate regularisation of salary & other payment to working employees.

2.Mechanism for smooth support to field units in post VRS scenario.

3. Issuance of JTO to SDE promotions , SDE to AGM and in other grades.

4. Settlement of SDE Reversion matter.

5. Settlement of Pay loss of batches recruited in E1A scale.

6. Publishing of list-9 Seniority list in 2:1 ratio.

7.Settlement of SAB pending contributions.

8. Resolution on standard Pay scales of E2 & E3 for JTO / JAO & SDE / AO Cader.

9. Transparent Implementation of Transfer policy.

10. Withdrawal of unethical facilities extended to some associations.


To All VRS Opted Heros of BSNL, those who laid the foundation of BSNL

Wishing you all a very happy, healthy and blessed life ahead.

Thank you to all for your kind support, guidance and encouragement during all these years, Expecting your Kind support and Guidance in future also.

Au revoir

From Team AIGETOA Kerala


AIGETOA congratulates the team behind formulating and launching the policy for streaming television content over BSNL Network.

AIGETOA congratulates DIR CFA Sri Vivek Banzalji and his team at Corporate office along with CGMT BSNL Kerala Sri Dr. P T Mathew Sir , GM SM CFA Sri P G Nirmal Sir, Retd PGM(F) Sri K K Vel sir, PGM SM CM Sri Rajendran C Sir , GM NWP CFA Sri Sukumaran N K Sir, Smt Prema DGM, Smt Grace Moothedan AGM MKTG , Smt Bindhu K R AGM FTTH, Smt Rosamma Jacob AGM, Smt Heera SDE, Smt Soumya JTO and other technical committee members Sri Krishnakumar JTO NIB EKM, Sri Maxmilan SDE FTTH EKM, Sri Vipal Prem JTO NIB TVM and all other prominent team members.

The technical team at NOC Bangalore comprising Smt Veena SDE , Sri Liju Philip JTO , Sri Sajith JTO and other team members deserve definite applaud.

We congratulate Sri Anoop K Jayan JTO Ernakulam on his leadership in mentoring a franchisee and on demonstrating a working model.

Andhra Pradesh Telecom Circle deserve the appreciation for implementing this business model with a content provider and to start this service for the first time on 28/10/2019.

We hope this initiative will bring the desired boost for FTTH segment and make BSNL to the new heights.

We appeal other circles to take initiative in this direction and tap the vast business opportunities in the segment. Click here for BSNL IPTV Policy 2020


Suggestions on the proposed policy of outsourcing model for LL/ BB maintenance based tenders

AIGETOA Kerala submitted the suggestions to CGMT , BSNL Kerala with regard to Outsourcing policy proposed by Corporate Office on maintenance of LL/BB/Leased circuits in external plant in the post-VRS scenario.

The suggestions were taken from field level executives, for analysis and inclusion in the policy / or tenders which will be floated in Kerala Circle BAs.

The main matter of concerns mentioned are,

  1. Maintenance works in Primary Cable
  2. An alternate guideline to cater unforeseen situations
  3. Clauses for exclusion of zero physical presence lines(CLSNP/DISNLP/SFC/Aseem etc)
  4. Requirement of keeping final closing with BSNL
  5. Stringent conditions for making the tender more effective for BSNL
  6. Immediate requirement of FTTH work provision / maintenance in field units

Click here for the letter submitted


Happy New Year - 2020

Happy New Year 2020
A fresh start, this new year will bring
An opportunity, to do the things better
Perhaps, we have put off our dreams
But now, it is the time to make them materialize
Happy New Year 2020


Meeting with Hon Minister of Communication / Electronics & IT, Shri Ravishankar Prasad


AIGETOA Kerala Chapter met Hon Minister Communication & IT on 31/12/2019 at Hotel Hilton, Trivandrum during minister's visit to Kerala. Team led by our CS Shri Saheer along with ACS Shri Prasadraj, VP Shri Vipal Prem and executive member Shri Sajeev Kumar S. We greeted the minister with bouquet of flowers and conveyed our gratitude for realization of BSNL revival by the government including the budgetary support for VRS which was initially proposed from AIGETOA from association side.

Even in the busy schedule Minister gave time to AIGETOA and acknowledged our efforts and submissions on various aspects with regard to BSNL progression. We wholeheartedly thank our respected minister and assured AIGETOAs full fledged support for the betterment of BSNL to achieve its pristine glory. Minister informed us that government is very much keen to revive BSNL and his foremost concern will be there to take BSNL to profit zone soon.

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Meeting with GM(HR/Admin), Circle Office Kerala

Our Circle team met GM(HR/Admin), Circle Office today in connection with discrepancies observed in the circulated list of stay particulars of JTOs/SDEs recently.

Click here for the letter submitted.

GM informed that the updates will be made inline with our submissions. We appraised the concern of executives and requested to avoid displacement of executives at this juncture.


Merry Christmas

Merry ChristmasAIGETOA Kerala Wishes A Merry Christmas to all BSNL employees and their families


Circle Stay Particulars in SDE / DE Cader

The list of circle stay particulars in SDE / DE cader are published at Kerala Circle Intranet.

Corrections (if any) may be intimated to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Members may please contact DS/DP or CS/CP in case any follow up is required at the Circle office.


CEC Meeting on 14/12/2019

The CEC Meeting of AIGETOA Kerala was held at Thykkoodom, Ernakulam on 14/12/2019. Detailed discussions on Post VRS scenario proposals took place. Further proceedings on EPF full pension and other legal battles were also elaborately discussed. The meeting decided to reach more BSNL recruits and to make them aware on Pension , Pay & Promotion avenues.


Meeting with Ernakulam BA Administration

AIGETOA Ernakulam team met administration for the issue of transfer of officers from high range area after completion of tenure period. It was informed that PGMT EKM will be on leave till 6/1/2020. We have appraised about the factual situation prevailing in this matter.

Click here for the letter submitted.


Murder of Democracy in BSNL - Hand in glove arrangement of SR section with the proclaimed corners

Recently SR section issued two letters from their section - one seeking feedback of associations wrt freezing the membership window from 15th December 2019 and another conveying decision to freeze the current membership window. In the meanwhile, one of the executive associations was filling its website by RTIs obtained on the membership count. The same association also went to lodge its formal complaint of granting of agenda meeting to AIGETOA on priority and have been running pillar to post to show the membership count of AIGETOA to all parts of BSNL management stating that AIGETOA does not represent the BSNL Recruits and it is in fact they who represent majority of BSNL Recruits. Our simple submission on this was a question that how many times these so called recognised ones have come to you to discuss about the Pay, Pension and Promotion related issues of BSNL Recruits. The question itself made it clear who is the real representative of BSNL Recruits.

It is a well known fact that with end of three years recognition period without resolving any issue of BSNL Recruits, huge migration from these executive associations was anticipated and the ever increasing acceptance of AIGETOA amongst the executives in General and BSNL recruits in particular was adding further to their worry. So again SR cell and GM (SR) in particular came to their rescue through aforesaid letter announcing stoppage of change of membership from one association to other in the pre-designated window of 16th December-15th January. All of the sudden, GM SR realised that this membership change window results in bad blood amongst executives and will result in hampering the works of orgnisation. So taking the shelter of VRS process, he moved a proposal to freeze the membership window so that churning out in Membership of the recognised corners can be avoided. Symbiotic relationship - is a popular term in Biology which means benefit to each other. All these three years, this bad blood was acceptable to GM SR and suddenly after the end of recognition, he realised and accordingly issued a dictat that there will not be any membership change window in the ongoing period which is nothing but assualt on the democratic rights of Executives. So, the change of pre-defined condition before next membership verification is murder of democratic value & complete biasness towards the previous majority and support association which we strongly condemn and demand immediate roll back.

The MV Process was deferred and now even after the period of recognition is over, GM SR has not yet issued any letter for revocation of facilities granted to recognised and support association, thereby increasing their recognition period beyond three years which is illegal, arbitrary and bad in law. We fail to understand this sudden upsurge of love by GM (SR) for the recognised and support association, which prevented him to not issue the very basic letter of withdrawing the recognition of these two associations on completion of their tenure of three years on 12th December, 2019 as notified by SR Section earlier itself vide L. No. BSNL/20-6/SR/2019 on 13th December, 2016.

It's not new that time and again authorities have shown their love for these groups who put all obstacles in the success of BSNL Revival process. AIGETOA has been an avid supporter of the BSNL Revival Process and measures like VRS, rolling back the retirement age to 58 and perhaps it is paying the price for supporting the endeavours of government for BSNL Revival Process. It is now ample clear that people like him want those to flourish in BSNL who have put all the obtacles in the successful implementation of Revival Process.

Anyhow what GM (SR) does considering his prerogative, what management does it as their right, the association will also come up with what it has in their hands i.e. to respond to the situation through organisational means! We have been restraining ourselves keeping in view the cirtical scenario in which our orgnisation is placed in. However, now when it is quite clear that HR managers are least bothered about the prevailing situation and they are in fact provoking executives (BR in particular) by denying them their due rights of promotion, Pay and Pension without any substanatial reasons, it is high time that we also forget the cooperating attitude and launch an all out offensive for realisation of our rights. All the Circle Secretaries and office bearers are requsted to mobilise their cadre and be ready to respond to call of CHQ on the shortest possible time.

We hope that the management will take corrective action and stop patronising those, who have been putting roadblocks to the success of the revival package. We sincerely hope that the management will at least now realise collective strength of 24000 BSNL Recruits amongst the left out 31000 executives Post VRS and resolve their long pending issues of this group who have till now kept itself dedicated to the growth and survival of BSNL and have exercised restraint. We think that management will not provoke its executives to adopt the path of struggle and hence will come up with corrective action.


Urgent attention to resolve Power Plant issue at Ernakulam Transmission Centre

GS-AIGETOA writes about critical situation of power plant and air-conditioning at Ernakulam Transmission Centre and requested for immediate intervention to restore normalcy.

Click here for the letter submitted


AIGETOA extends its good wishes to all employees on the closing time of BSNL VRS Scheme 2019

AIGETOA extends its good wishes to both set of employees; those who will continue their testing journey with BSNL and to those also who opted for VRS Scheme 2019. It is learnt that total 78569 employees have finally opted for VRS. We believe that both set of employees have contributed for upcoming challenges for growth and revival of BSNL. Those opted VRS have served this department and erstwhile DoT in their prime time and now contributing by choosing VRS scheme to give way for much awaited Revival of BSNL. We acknowledge their long journey & contribution to this department and assure that we will always be available for them as BSNL Parivar.

We also appreciate to all those who are going to remain in BSNL to serve this mother organisation in challenging time. We just want to highlight the famous proverb, "When the going gets tough, only the tough gets going". So, let's come together, move together, grow together and grow BSNL together.

We are of the firm opinion that we will turn around the fortune of this company with our honest and dedicated approach. It is further informed that any adventurism with the future of this company anymore should not be accepted and all of us will have to shed away the negativity and focus ourselves on the revival and growth of the BSNL. We request each and every employee to own this company and simultaneously request the management to come out with concrete and sincere plan/recourse to best utilize the one time opportunity offered by the Government of India to revive this strategic asset of the Nation i.e. BSNL. We will also come up with suggestion and submit to the management for consideration as discussed.

At the same time, we will request the respected CMD, Director (HR) and other senior officers of HR wing to resolve the long pending HR issues of the executives to bring peace and tranquility to the company. We all know that peace, harmony and motivation are paramount factors for growth and development of any organisation. The BSNL also needs to work genuinely in this direction to achieve the desired goal of the government to flourish BSNL once again.

Kerala Circle

Office Bearers

Circle President
Sri. Muhammadali M C
SDE, Kannur
Circle Secretary
Sri. Saheer S
SDE, Trivandrum
Circle Finance Secretary
Sri. Maxmilan K
SDE, Ernakulam
Circle Vice President
Sri. Anil Kani
Sri. Vipal Prem
Assistant Circle Secretary
Sri. Ansal Mohammed C H
Sri. Prasadraj R V
Sri. Abdul Basith
Sri. Nikesh V K
Sri. Binoj C B
Sri. Cijo P Joseph
Nominated Members
Sri. Ramachandran V K
Sri. Madhu R V
Sri. Sudeep C
Sri. Mohammed Nafeel
Sri. Melvin Thomas
Sri. Suneer Yousuf
Trivandrum SSA


Sri. Rajesh B
Mob: 9447000092
Sri. Sreejith S.V
SDE Malayinkeezhu
Mob: 9449014055
Finance Secretary
Sri. Aravind
Mob: 9447963221
Kollam SSA


Sri. Anoop Balachandran
Mob: 9449823152
Mob: 9447036555
Finance Secretary
Sri.Sunil Castroe
Mob: 9447572800
Pathanamthitta SSA


Mob: 9447701525
Sri. Manoj.T
Mob: 9446410257
Finance Secretary
Sri. Jenu John
Mob: 9446508555
Kottayam SSA


Smt. Lovely, SDE Kottayam
Sri. George Johns
Finance Secretary
Sri. Krishnakumar P R

Alappuzha SSA


Sri.Sunil Kumar S
Mob: 9447655755
Sri.Subiksh T Surendran
Mob: 9446311311
Finance Secretary
Sri. Shinojkumar K.T
Mob: 9446448480
Ernakulam SSA


Sri.Bijoy R
Mob: 9446549133
Sri. Arun KG

Mob: 9447767780
Finance Secretary
Sri. Mohammed Shaiju
Mob: 9446473706
Thrissur SSA


SDE MS Installation
Mob: 9447055322
Sri. Anand Ramakrishnan
Finance Secretary
Sri. Chandra Kumar
JTO FTTH Thrissur
Palakkad SSA


SDE Wadakkenchery
Mob: 9446161040
Mob: 9446303077
Finance Secretary
Sri. Unmesh.A
Mob: 9446554737
Malappuram SSA


Sri. Faisal Elattuparambil
SDE(External), Wandoor
Mob: 9446055520
Sri. Subair
JTO Mangalam
Mob: 9448053070
Finance Secretary
Sri.Vipindas V.K
Mob: 9448091600
Kozhikode SSA


Sri. Noushad Poylil
Mob: 9497700786
Sri. Samel Prasad
JTO Meppayur
Mob: 9446537537
Finance Secretary
Sri. Anurag
Mob: 9446400440
Kannur SSA


Sri. Sandeep P
SDE(G) Valakai
Mob: 9447755455
Sri. Roopesh Ramakrishnan
JTO Thoovakunnu
Mob: 9400850024
Finance Secretary
Sri. Pramodh K J
SDE CM-Instn
Mob: 9447055422