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AIGETOA Circle team met CGMT Kerala on 19th July

Dear Friends,

Our circle team met CGMT Kerala along with AIBSNLEA(United Forum) . We putforth the following cases mainly.

  1. LDCE passed candidates VC & retention click here for the letter submitted

  2. Relievers to Malappuram executives

  3. Consideration in Rule-8 tranferee postings

CGMT heard our points, and agreed categorically to all the points. During the discussion itself, CGMT directed the concerned section to expedite the VC cases immediately and clear the missing cases. Further CGMT informed that, a letter will be given from Kerala circle seeking retention of LDCE qualified JTOs in Kerala circle itself.

Regarding Malappuram reliever issue, management informed that the cases will dealt according to the available incoming cases with priority.
Regarding Rule-8 transfer & postings also, it was agreed that, the contentions and grounds of the incoming JTOs will be given care to the extent possible.



United Forum CEC meeting held at Ernakulam on 17thJuly

Highly successful Combined CEC meeting of United forum of AIGETOA & AIBSNLEA held at Ernakulam today.  Sri. Lakshmanan AIP AIGETOA, Sri. PrahladRai GS AIBSNLEA, Sri. Rajesh AIGETOA Kerala CP, Sri.Shaji AIBSNLEA Kerala CS, Sri. Bebirani VP AIBSNLEA CHQ was also present. 

 CEC 17


Circle Executive Committee meeting held at Ernakulam on 16th July

AIGETOA CEC meeting of Kerala circle conducted on 16th July at Ernakulam. Our beloved All India President Sri. Laxmanji and General Secretary Sri. RaviShilji graced the meeting with their esteemed presence. Detailed discussions on various matters took place.




Update on Vigilance Clearance for the LDCE qualified candidates

O/o CGMT Kerala issued letter for submitting Vigilance Clearance of LDCE passed JTOs before 15th July for onward transmission to Corporate Office.

Few JTOs are yet to submit IPR statement in ESS portal. All are requested to complete IPR submission immediately. 


ldce page1

Page2  Page3




Rule 8 Inter circle transfer order issued

Transfer and posting order issued for 7 Nos of JTOs transferred from Karnataka  to Kerala circle under Rule-8.

rule8 name 1


View transfer and posting order



Meeting with new CGMT Kerala by AIGETOA circle team


The AIGETOA circle team met CGMT Kerala and discussed the following points 

Posting of Rule 8 case JTOs

Relieving of pending request transfer cases from MLP SSA

Supply of materials for meeting NPC as well as BB

Posting of GMTD in Kannur SSA

Suggestions regarding penetration of FTTH connections in KRL circle.


The meeting was very cordial and we extended our whole hearted support for the development and growth of BSNL Kerala.




Coporate office declared result for LICE held for TTA to JTO(T) under 50% quota. Congratulations to all the selected candidates.


Click here for result


BSNL Corporate office issued letter for submitting Vigilance Clearance and other details of LDCE qualified candidates.

Pers cell has issued instructions to all circles for sending the VC particulars and certificate of correctness of eligibility year along with other particulars in respect of LDCE qualified candidates. AIGETOA CHQ has been consistently following up the issue and after a long persuasion, Pers cell has issued the instructions which will enable the preparatory work to be over by the time of next hearing. We extend our sincere gratitude to Director HR, GM pers and DGM pers for considering the long pending issue. Click here for the letter  


AIGETOA Kerala CEC rescheduled to 16th and 17th July at Ernakulam

Due to some technical reasons CEC of AIGETOA Kerala rescheduled to 16th and 17th of July at Ernakulam. All SSA representatives and circle executive committee members are requested to attend the meeting. Participants are requested to update their details in this list before 11th so that stay arrangements can be done in advance.



AIGETOA Kerala CEC scheduled on 8th July at RTTC TVM

It is proposed to conduct the CEC of AIGETOA Kerala on 8th July at RTTC TVM . All DS, DP, DFS and all circle excutive committee members are requested to attend the meeting in time. Participants are requested to update their details in this list for necessary arrangements.


Agenda points will be circulated later.




AIGETOA AGM Day 3, 19th June 2016:

On third day, the house has started its business by taking up various agenda items/issues for taking vita l resolutions. Many resolutions were adopted after having thorough discussion by the house. The major resolutions like Allowing all Direct recruited employees to become as member of AIGETOA, Strategies on referendum for majority executive association, Legal case for LDCE-2012, Rule-8 Cases, LDCE vacancies & Postings, Welfare fund etc were taken. Detailed resolutions will be conveyed soon. Further, as decided Shri Ajay Kaswan, VP-I tendered his resignation which was accepted by the House. Shri Ajay Kaswan shall be representing as AGS ( Direct Recruits) in AIBSNLEA CHQ. Another Direct Recruit Shri Dinesh Meghwal shall be acting as advisor in new AIBSNLEA CHQ body.

Historical Combined joint session with AIGETOA, AIBSNLEA & SNEA :

As AIGETOA always believes that unity among the executive associations is key to resolve all the HR issues and as one little step towards this unity AIGETOA conducted this joint meeting with TOP leaders of three associations. Hence, On request of AIGETOA, the combined joint session of three major executives association of BSNL (AIGETOA, AIBSLEA & SNEA) held at conference hall, Mysore. Click here for Glimpses

Our CHQ President Shri Laxman Banoth, Shri. Ravi Shil Verma, General Secretary, AIGETOA, Shri Prahlad Rai GS AIBSNLEA, Shri A A Khan, CHQ President SNEA, Shri Panduranga Nayak, JS(South) SNEA, Shri A K Kaushik, GS, TEAM, MTNL, Shri Amit Gupta, Senior Leader AIBSNLEA, Shri B S Venkatesh Murthy, CP, Karnataka Circle, SNEA attended the meeting. All the leaders were invited on to the dais and honored with memento, Shawl and Flower bouquets.

Shri Panduranga Nayak, JS(South) SNEA spoke about unity among the executive associations. He told that the difference of opinion may exists between associations but, the good proposal which is more logical and beneficial to the BSNL executives will only be the final winner.

Shri Venkatesh Murthy, Circle President, SNEA, Karnataka Circle has congratulated AIGETOA for conducting this joint session and expressed that unity among executives will only bring the results.

A A Khan, CHQ President, SNEA expressed his happiness to be the part of today's session. He told that he has attended most of AIGETOA major Meetings, it is because of many of known friends are with AIGETOA. Speaking to the house, he expressed that previously some mistakes were done by SNEA like they failed to sense the issues of DRs and now this is the time to set the things right for better resolutions of HR issues in BSNL. He too argued for unity among the associations and hope that unity between associations will be arrived on common issues and felt that joint struggle will only bring the results. He told that, as executive associations we should demand the things which are realistic and feasible things only. He informed that SNEA's fought for constituting 3rdPRC for PSUs. He told that SNEA is committed to fight for at least 6% SAB.

Shri Amit Gupta, Senior Leader of AIBSNEA told that, unity among the association is must be defeat the management tactics. While speaking he told that, the views of Shri A A Khan, President ,CHQ, SNEA on unity among association should become the view of SNEA and should not remained as his personal views.

Shri A.K. Kaushik, GS, TEAM, MTNL also expressed to have unity among associations.

Shri Ravi Shil Verma GS, AIGETOA told that, the dream of having the leaders of all three association on same platform is fulfilled today. The vision of AIGETOA to bring all executive association under single forum is made this meeting possible. He expressed to have combined joint fight with management on issues which are not having any difference of opinion. He told that he is for the resolution of issues by hook or crook and if somebody calls him crooked for that, he is willing to be called like that but his priority is resolution of burning HR issues than anything else. He expected that all the three associations shall work together for the resolution and the greater by shedding the differences in opinion because it is the most crucial time for executives.

Shri Prahad Rai, GS, CHQ, AIBSNLEA told that, his association is always ready for unconditional unity among executive associations. He recollected the days of formation of AIBSNLEA by combining nearly 10 associations and reaffirmed the stand of AIBSNLEA is always unity. He told that, earlier in the year 2004 an attempt was made to merger SNEA & AIBSNLEA but some how the same could not be materialized. He once again told that AIBSNLEA is open to any kind of unity among executive associations but the same should be coupled with genuine intentions and should not be mere photo ops.

Shri Laxman Banoth, CHQ President has expressed his happiness to see all three associations on this single stage. He further appealed all the executive association to revival of original UF with all three executive associations as its members. He also told that, if the united association under single forum fights for any issues, that particular issue will definitely solved within single day BSNL management. Finally he conveyed vote of thanks to all the leaders of SNEA, AIBSNLEA, TEAM-MTNL for making this meeting a great successful.

The total house were entirely happy to see the leaders of all three association on same stage and slogans like “Executive Unity Zindabad”, “BSNL Zibdabad” took place for 5 minutes. All the leaders shown their unity by holding their hands with each other.

Thereafter, the session of the house continued and many things were discussed. The details will be updated shortly. The house resolved for nominating a following subcommittee for smooth functioning of AIGETOA with details mentioned against their name:

Chief Patron of AIGETOA : Shri R P Shahu

Organizing Secretary (CHQ) : Shri Vivek Kumar Singh, JTO, BSNL CO, New Delhi.

Organizing Secretary (Central) : Shri Mantosh Kumar, JTO, UP East.

Organizing Secretary (North): Shri N.P.S. Chauhan, SDE, HP.

Organizing Secretary (South): Shri Senthil Kumar, SDE, Chennai TD.

Organizing Secretary (East ): Shri Mukesh Sinha, SDE, Bihar Circle.

Organizing Secretary (West) : Shri Kamlesh Deo, Pune, Maharashtra.

Organizing Secretary (North East): Shri Ravi Prkash Vishwakarma, NE-II Circle

Advisor-I: Shri Shailash Yadav, SDE, Haryana Circle

Advisor-II : Shri Prashant Gaurav, JTO, Bihar Circle,

Legal advisor : Shri Vaibhav Goyal, SDE,UP East Circle

Legal advisor : Shri Abhishek Chaudhary, SDE, Rajasthan Circle

Spokesperson : Shri Manjunath, SDE, Karnataka Circle.

The oath by new CHQ body was conducted by senior leader Shri Prashant Jain, CS, West Bengal.




AIGETOA AGM Day 2, 18th June 2016

In the FIRST SESSION, the joint session of AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA was held. The delegates present in the meeting brainstormed on various aspects of referendum process. It was agreed that two Direct Recruits nominated by AIGETOA shall become the part of AIBSNLEA CHQ. Further, it was also agreed that if AIBSNLEA has made any direct recruit its member after the signing of MoU, they shall be asked to join AIGETOA immediately without fail as there is need for synergy between the two associations and member poaching in any direct or indirect way should not be entertained. It was also decided that one co-ordination committee consisting of five members from each side will be formed which will deliberate on the need for the future course and the way forward. Suggestions by some members from both side to merge both the association was politely turned down.

SECOND SESSION of the second day of AIC started thereafter. AGS AIGETOA presented the Anuual report of the Association and the activities done since last one year. All the circle secretaries presented their Annual CS reports.

House thereafter honored circle's and individual leaders who contributed their best towards AIGETOA.

a) Andhra Pradesh Circle for Highest paid members,

b) Karnataka for Rule -8 Transfers,

c) UP East for increase in paid members.

d) Shri Sailash Yadav & Shri Ajay Kaswan for outstanding contribution towards Society activities.

e) Shri Badri Mehta for contribution towards 30% SAB issue persuasion at BSNL CO.

f) To our beloved leader Shri R P Shahuji for his visionary views on issues like std pay scales, 30% SAB and CPSU hierarchy to the limelight of all the associations and BSNL management.

Shri Ravi Shil Verma, All India President, CHQ briefed about the latest status of Pay standard scale, 30% SAB, CPSU cadre hierarchy and other HR issues. He also took note of some issues in Coordination between AIBSNLEA & AIGETOA with few circles like Chennai, Punjab, UP East. He assured to take this matter with GS AIBSNEA for smooth cooperation between two associations. He warned that, we will have to ensure the winning of our team as to finish the MT and DGM ghosts forever. He also informed that resolution of the MT issue depends on which group wins the referendum.

Shri Amit Roy, AGS, HQ presented his key note address and Annual Report to the house. In his address he explained about PPP (Pay Pension & Promotion) issues and their importance to the employee. He told that it is AIGETOA who brought these PPP issue to the lime light of BSNL management through our long struggle since 2009. The House has unanimously passed General Secretary�s annual report for his tenure.

Shri Y Jharwal, CHQ, Finance Secretary Submitted his Audited Annual Finance Report up the year 2015-16 and this was unanimously passed by house. Many circle secretaries submitted original copies of their Circle External Audit report to the FS,CHQ.

Finally the Closing remarks from outgoing CHQ body was given by Shri Ravi Shil verma and appealed the house to elect good CHQ team to carry ahead the Pending major HR issues. Thereafter the existing CHQ was dissolved.

Election of New CHQ body:

The total election of new CHQ office bearers of AIGETOA was done as per the constitution of AIGETOA for which Shri Chandran Thomas and Shri Srinvias, ACS, Karanakata Circle acted as Returning officers. Elections were done after following the due process stipulated as per AIGETOA Constitution.

All the posts of office bearers elected unanimously by the collegium except for the post of AGS-II Shri Laxman Banoth, AP Circle, Shri Ravi Shil Verma, New Delhi and Shri Yogendra Jharwal, Jaipur were unanimously elected as All India President, General Secretary and Finance secretary respectively. The total newly elected CHQ body is as given below:

1.President: Shri Laxman Banoth, SDE, AP Circle.

2.Vice President: Shri Ajay Kaswan, SDE, Punjab Circle

3. Vice President: Shri Hari Sankar Tiwari, JTO, HP Circle

4. Vice President : Shri Badri Kumar Mehta, JTO, BSNL CO, New Delhi

5. Vice President: Shri  G. Veerbhadra Rao, SDE, ITPC-Dev, Hyderabad

6. General Secretary: Shri Ravi Shil Verma, SDE, BSNL, New Delhi

7. Asst. General Secretary: Md. Wasi Ahmed, SDE, Bihar Circle

8. Asst. General Secretary: Shri D. K. Sahoo, SDE, CTD

9. Asst. General Secretary: Shri Pavan Akhand, SDE, MP Circle

10 Asst. General Secretary: Shri Abhishek Jain, JTO, Rajasthan Circle

11. Finance Secretary: Shri Yogendra Jharwal, SDE, Rajasthan Circle

12. Joint Secretary (East): Shri Ashok Acharya , SDE, Odisha Circle

13. Joint Secretary (West): Shri Praveen Kureel, SDE, MP Circle

14. Joint Secretary (South): Shri Shridhar Babu, SDE, ITPC-DC, Hyderabad.

15. Joint Secretary (North): Shri Amit Roy, SDE, BSNL, New Delhi

Glimpses of Newly Elected CHQ Body.Click here




Updates on All India Conference of AIGETOA at Mysore from 17th June 2016 to 19th June 2016

Joint Open Session of AIGETOA & AIBSNLEA held at Mysore, 17thJune 2016:

As scheduled, the joint open session of AIGETOA and AIBSNLEA was held on 17th June 2016. Prior to the Joint Open session, a procession from MarutiMandir to Senate Bhavan, University of Mysore was held wherein CMD BSNL Shri Anupam Srivastava, Shri N.K. Gupta, Director (CFA) and Shri Nagaraju, CGM (Karnataka) along with Shri Ravi ShilVerma, All India President AIGETOA, Shri. Prahlad Rai, General Secretary, AIBSNLEA and Shri. P Venugopal, President were taken in a chariot showcasing the services offered by BSNL. More than 1000 delegates participated in the procession with BSNL banners and display of products and promotions of BSNL services. CMD and Director CFA were very much happy to be the part of procession and appreciated the efforts. Click here for Glimpses

Open Session and Seminar on "Role of BSNL in the Telecom Sectorof India" commenced with Ganesh Vandana, beautiful dances Pushpanjali, BhoShambho Shiv Shambhu Savyambho, NrityaGiri and Veer Bhadra dance by the students of University of Mysuru.

Hon�ble Chief Guest Shri Anupam Shrivastava, CMD, BSNL, Guests of Honour Shri N. K. Gupta, Director (CFA), BSNL Board, New Delhi along with Special Guests Shri P. Nagaraju, CGMT, Karnataka Circle, Bengaluru, Shri K. L. Jairam, Principal General Manager, Mysuru Telecom District, Prof. Shri K.S. Rangappa, Vice-Chancellor, University of Mysore, Shri A. M. Gupta, GM (SR), BSNL C.O., New Delhi our CHQ President Shri P. Venugopal, Shri Prahlad Rai, General Secretary, Shri Ravi ShilVerma, President, AIGETOA, Shri Amit Roy, AGS, AIGETOA along with other eminent leaders of trade unions and sister Associations namely Shri P. Abhimanyu, General Secretary, BSNLEU, Shri C. Singh, General Secretary, NFTE-BSNL, Shri V. Subbraman, General Secretary, TEPU, Shri K. Sebastin, General Secretary, SNEA (I),Shri A.K. Kaushik, General Secretary, TEAM, MTNL, Shri Kishan Singh, General Secretary, AIRBSNLEWA,Shri S.S. Nanda, General Secretary, RTOWA (MTNL) were present on dais.

Open Session & Seminar on "Role of BSNL in the Telecom Sector of India" formally inaugurated by the Hon�ble Chief Guest and the Guests of Honor by lighting the lamp.

Shri H Y Andeli, C.S. Karnataka AIBSNLEA welcomed Shri Anupam Srivastava, CMD, BSNL and Shri N. K. Gupta, Director (CFA), Guest of Honours, VVIPs and all other dignitaries, Senior Officers, General Secretaries of other Unions/Associations, CHQ office bearers, Circle Secretaries, Circle Presidents, CWC members, delegates, press and media representatives. He mentioned that the gathering will discuss the role of BSNL in the Telecom. Sector of India during the seminar and during the AIC.

Felicitation of Chief Guest Shri Anupam Shrivastava, CMD, BSNL, Guests of Honour Shri N.K. Gupta, Director (CFA), BSNL Board, New Delhi, Prof. Shri K.S. Rangappa, Vice-Chancellor, University of Mysore, Shri P. Nagaraju, CGMT, Karnataka Circle, Bengaluru, Shri K. L. Jairam, Principal General Manager, Mysuru Telecom District, Shri A. M. Gupta, GM (SR), BSNL C.O., New Delhi and other celebrities on dais by presenting Mysuru turban, shawl, garland and memento.

The Senate Bhawan hall was jam packed with even hundreds of the guests who could not got seat in the meeting hall are viewing the program on LEDs provided outside the hall.

AIGETOA Kerala Bank Account
Acc No 40052200009518
IFSC Code SYNB0004005
Bank Syndicate Bank
Branch Fort branch, Trivandrum
Circle Office

Office Bearers

Circle President
Sri. Rajesh C
SDE, Marketing Kannur
Circle Secretary
Sri. Ramachandran
SDE NSS Kozhikode
Circle Treasurer
Sri. Haridasan
SDE, Palakkad
Trivandrum SSA


Sri. Prasad Raj R V
Mob: 9447407407
Sri. Hari S
Mob: 9447807888
Sri. Arun S Jyothi
Mob: 9447960444
Pathanamthitta SSA


Mob: 9447701525
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Mob: 9447745151
Ernakulam SSA


Sri. Maxmilan K
Sri. Azeez K A
Mob: 9447718177
Sri. Vinod Sivaram
SDE Wimax
Thrissur SSA


Sri. Jayadevan C.V
SDE IMPCS Thrissur
Mob: 9447055322
Sri. Sandeep.P.S
JTO OF Transm. Thrissur
Sri. Chandra Kumar
JTO BB Thrissur
Palakkad SSA


Sri. Remon.U
Mob: 9447022323
Sri. AnandRamakrishnan
Mob: 9446567304
Sri. Unmesh
Mob: 9446554737
Malappuram SSA


Sri. Abbas P.M
SDE(NQM)MS, Manjeri
Mob: 9446089199
Sri. Vijay.K
SDE(Intl/5ESS), Malappuram
Mob: 9447181900
Sri. Naveed Bin Sayeed
SDE(RMC), Nilambur
Mob: 9447000525
Kozhikode SSA


Sri. Sajith B
Mob: 9446554558
Sri. Gireesh T
SDE (BSS) MS Calicut
Mob: 9447734556
Sri. Amjad Ali V T
SDE (NSS) MS Calicut
Mob: 9447755402
Kannur SSA


Sri. Firaz T Abdulla
SDE, (BSS) Payyannur
Mob: 9446090400
Sri. Muhammedali M C
SDE, Marketing Kannur
Mob: 9446549066
Sri. Anurag M
JTO, (NIB) Kannur
Mob: 9446400440