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AIGETOA Malappuram BA AGM 2023

The Annual General Meeting of AIGETOA Malappuram was conducted at Kootayi Kadavu Resort, Tirur on 18.03.2023. The program started with the welcome address by DS , Faisal E P. Further Shri Bipin , JTO ignited the session by sharing the training experiences at ALTTC Gaziabad and sung a beautiful song. Almost all new JTOs shared their training experiences and work experiences which took the pre-lunch session into a younger & energetic mode.

The post lunch session started with by giving homage to the sad demises of our dearest friends family members. After the speech from DS, the presidential speech delivered by Sri. Ajeeb VI, District President, Malappuram. The gathering was addressed by Sri.Muhammdali M C , Circle President, Sri. Cijo P Joseph, ACS, Sri.Prajeesh P, CVP, AIGETOA, Kerala. The welcome of new members also was there. The discussions on various organizational matters & interactive session handled by Circle team. The beautifully organised event concluded at around 4:15 PM with the Vote of Thanks by Sri. Vivek Janardhanan, DFS, AIGETOA , Malappuram.

meeting meeting
meeting meeting
meetinng final

EPF Full pension option Legal update

The writ petition filed by Sri. S Saheer &Others Vs GOI & EPFO came for hearing at Hon HC , Kerala on 15/3/2023. As informed earlier, the Writ petition sought the clearance for the BSNL employees on the approval pertain to 26(6) and further processing on 11(3)/11(4) as needed for EPF enhanced pension.

The detailed arguments happened for about 30 mins and our advocate argued so as to enable the employees to file online application for higher pension. The Sr. Council from EPFO argued for disposal of our writ petition, but on detailed arguments Hon Bench posted the case to 23/03/2023 with direction to respondents to submit their pleadings. We are hopeful for a positive outcome which will help the eligible employees to submit the options soon.

Team AIGETOA Kerala


Minutes of Agenda Meeting held with Kerala Circle Administration on 27/01/2023

Minutes Published by Kerala Circle Administration on the formal Agenda meeting held on 27/01/2023 under the chairmanship of CGMT Sri.B Sunilkumar Sir with Recognised Representative Majority Executive Association- AIGETOA

Please see the attachment for Agenda points and it's reply from Kerala Circle administration=====>>>>


Organizational Protest at Kannur BA

It's disheartening to see that Kannur BA is getting lowered on operational and revenue matters for the last one year. This association was demanding various measures to boost the confidence of employees and to streamline various Operational segments including Mobile network and Transmission. Unfortunately the in-charge BA head and the DGMs are hell bent on various decisions which directly affects the productivity and the harmony among employees. In protest to the same , AIGETOA Kannur BA served notice for organizational programmes.

A Lunch Hour Dharna was conducted at Kannur BA HQ on 04/03/2023 ,as token protest against BA administration's biased approach on considering genuine transfer requests and postings of executives.Earlier,District OBs has requested BA Administration through meeting with GM and Agenda meeting on 02/03/23,to consider transfer requests while posting new incumbents in the BA and give importance to vital sections in posting orders but all went in vain.


1. Avoid negligence of Kasaragod district on mobile network

2. Stoppage of Misutilisation of manpower:
Strictly follow BSNL Rules & guidelines in posting of executives and review vested interests in postings

3. Execution of pending transfer requests

4. Enquiry on eavesdropping and related incidents

Executives also participated the WhatsApp quit program from various groups.

Lunch Hour Demonstration at BA HQ was inaugurated by Shri Muhammed Ali MC (Circle President, Kerala) and addressed by Shri Pramodh KJ(CFS, Kerala) , Sri. Abdul Basith PK(ACS,Kerala). The program was presided by Shri Firas T Abdulla(DP,Kannur) and welcomed by Shri Riyas K(DS,Kannur), ended on thank you note by Shri Roopesh Ramakrishnan(Ex DS,Kannur).

Glimpses of the Event


Image Images
Image Images
Image Images
Image Images

Hearty Congrats

JTO Posting Congrats Banner 2023


Mission Accomplished

Congratulations and Warm Wishes to All

The Posting Order of JTO Trainees who were under field training is issued today,The posting orders for all have been issued to the requested BAs. Our deep Gratitude and Thanks to Circle administration headed by Respected CGMT Sri.Sunilkumar Sir, Sr.GM HR Sri. Satheesh Sir for an empathetic approach and for upholding the transparency and morale of entire executive fraternity.True to Aigetoa Kerala's commitment to the new JTOs , Every Individual has been posted at the BA of their choice after tremendous efforts by our Team
Together We Can
Together We Have
Together We Will

Team AIGETOA Kerala

Click Here for Posting Order



Publishing of Inter BA OTP Requests

Inline with the discussions with AIGETOA Kerala on multiple occasions and in minuted agenda meeting, Circle Management has published the Inter BA OTP transfer requests. Letter and list attached. We express our gratitude to our respected CGMT and Sr. GM HR/Admin & HR section for clear information.

Changes if any noted may kindly be communicated to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Any information from any executive that need to be taken with Circle management may kindly be informed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or to any Office Bearer of AIGETOA Kerala.

The publishing of lists is the first step to Transparency and as committed, AIGETOA will strive to make the same in all Transfer and Postings.

The postings of our new set of executives also underway after their field training. Our CS and team already have discussed with respected CGMT and Sr.GM HR/Admin in this regard. We are expecting the results soon.



Posting of Executives in Mobile Services , Kerala

AIGETOA-Kerala submitted letter to CGMT, BSNL Kerala appealing for the transparent norms to be adopted during postings in Mobile Services.

Click Here For Letter


Submission on SDE Reversion

AIGETOA Kerala gave a submission to Circle Management on the leftout DPC of SDE executives who are not promoted in the recent SDE to AGM Promotions. The plight of the executives and their denied justice was detailed. Sr. GM HR/Admin, informed that the matter will be escalated to BSNL Corporate after studying the submission.

Click Here For Letter


Deferment of Protest Program

Inline with the positive assurances from respected CGMT BSNL Kerala, the protest programs called by AIGETOA Kerala stands deferred.
Letter submitted to Circle Administration attached


Meeting with Circle management w.r.t. the ongoing Protest Program of AIGETOA, Kerala

In response to the ongoing protest program and Lunch Hour demonstration held on 13/02/2023 by AIGETOA, Kerala at CO TVM, a series of telephonic discussions had ensued between AIGETOA and Circle Management. In continuation with the same and as directed by our respected CGMT, AIGETOA team attended a meeting at Circle Office, Trivandrum on today ( 16/2/2023) under the chairmanship of CGMT BSNL Kerala Sri B Sunil Kumar, ITS. Sr. GM HR/ Admin Sri Sathesh was also present in the meeting. Association side was represented by Chairman Sri Saheer, CS Sri. Maxmilan, and ACS Sri Dipu Chandran.

The AIGETOA team apprised the CGMT about the anguish in the mind of Trainees who were posted outside their BA. We have detailed about the changes which we vouched for in HR front -particularly the Transparency in the implementation of Transfer and postings, after AIGETOA became the representative executive association.  We have also shared various instances in which the Circle management got misleading information. We also requested our CGMT to consider the retention posting of remaining 10 trainees in their BAs, i.e. at Kozhikode and Malappuram. We also requested to publish all pending OTP inter BA transfer requests and expedite the process of request transfers.

The meeting was concluded in a very positive and cordial atmosphere. After detailed deliberations, the following assurances were given by respected CGMT Sri. B Sunil Kumar ITS:

1) The retention posting of left out Trainees in their BAs can be done during their final posting. Management will make all out efforts to consider the same.

2) Inter BA OTP request list will be published soon and processing of request clearances will start immediately.

Later we had a detailed meeting with Sr. GM HR/Admin at his chamber. In the meeting we discussed about the relieving of Rule-8 transfer cases which were approved already. We also discussed about the further processing of remaining ones. Sr. GM assured us that the orders will be issued soon and assurances given earlier will be followed.

We have also raised the concern of those executives working in SDE cadre but who were left out in the recent SDE to AGM DPC on account of reversion related matter. We submitted a detailed letter in this regard. GM assured us that the matter will be escalated to corporate office after checking the submission.

We wholeheartedly thank our respected CGM and Sr.GM HR /Admin for considering the genuine concerns from employees and for the assurance that transparency will be ensured in all HR matters.

Team AIGETOA Kerala


Lunch Hour Demonstration at Kerala BSNL CIrcle office, Thiruvananthapuram

A Lunch demonstration was conducted at Kerala BSNL Circle office, Thiruvananthapuram on 13/02/2023. The Protest program was done against the biased attitude of Circle management by adopting pick and choose method of posting new JTO executives without any rationale.

Circle President Sri. Mohammad Ali Inaugurated the program. Circle Secretary Sri. Maxmilan K Circle Chairman Sri Saheer S and Assistant Circle Secretaries Sri Anoop Das and Cijo, delivered the speeches.

Glimpses of the Event

LHD Saheer LHD AnoopDas
LHD Cijo LHD Others
LHD Others

Promotions are not Punishments

LHD against wrongful Postings of LICE JTOs


Notice for Organizational Protest Actions against the Biased Postings of New JTOs

AIGETOA Kerala served notice for Organizational Protest Actions  against the Biased Postings of  New JTOs. ( Letter ).  Even though We acknowledge that the BSNL Circle management has to a certain extent relooked in to the issue and on the basis of clear understanding of  our stand has issued modified Orders. But at the It is highly regrettable  state that management have failed to see broader aspect and genuine inputs involved in the postings and the apprehensions involved in the recent field postings of  new JTOs. We stand to oppose the manner in which these remaining 10 new JTOs are placed / disturbed from their Home BA while there are ample vacancies available in their BAs  and We demand the following

Posting of Remaining New JTOs to their Home BAs

Publishing of Inter BA OTP transfer requests & initiate the processing

A   Lunch Hour Demonstration will be conducted at Circle Office, BSNL Trivandrum on 13-02-2023. Further programs will follow if justice is not rendered.



Promotions Cannot be marked as tool for Displacement

AIGETOA Kerala placed it's strong protest against the displacements from existing BAs for Field Training of new JTOs. We had a series of meetings with GM HR and CGMT BSNL Kerala in this regard for last few days. Despite clear assurances from the management in the meetings with recognised executive association, the deviation made is not acceptable. It is quite disheartening to see that some self proclaimed corners have supported and advocated for such unrest , by seeing the trainees orientation towards AIGETOA. When management gone against their own commitment, these proclaimed corners stooped into such a low level that only the few cases which was already recommended medical & small kid considerations through RTTC principal need to be done. Their age old tactics of deriving Gains from other's Misfortunes is now out and public.

AIGETOA cannot stop by getting only a few cases , as We need all the newly promoted executives to be posted to their requested BAs. While the Management trying new JTOs to make for filling up deficit BAs, we made it clear that existing transparent policies and guidelines cannot be diluted. AIGETOA stand is clear that deficit manpower BAs may be addressed through long stay after considering OTP Transfer requests ( where list publishing is still awaited) and this can be implemented in forthcoming March. Hence we suggested that all the affected candidates are to be posted in their Home BA / requested BA itself in As Is Where Is basis. Even this is the simple and fool proof method being adopted by BSNL Corporate Office itself in promotion orders issued for SDEs and AGMs.

Pick and Choose method from among the affected candidates which is being offered as an interim measure by Management is clear case of Biased attitude. Today (4th Feb 2023) this Association once again deliberated the same with respected CGMT & Sr. GM HR/Admin BSNL Kerala, wherein AIGETOA has firmly reiterated our stand that no new JTOs can be made as sacrificial lambs for protecting long stay people from displacement.

Later on a direct hearing from Respected CGM Sir and association to break the impasse, Our OBs argued vehemently with the management to not disturb the new aspirants in executive hierarchy. AIGETOA left from the meeting by making its stand clear that AIGETOA shall not concede until the entire affected cases are resolved in total.

We appeal to our other Association, that instead of taking side with management and hoping to reap membership by putting the new JTOs in unwarranted hardships, they may please show the boldness to fight for the affected executives. It is easier to fight in WhatsApp and blow trumpets on somebody else’s efforts. But it requires nerves of steel to fight for Justified cause and protect the eligible new JTOs.

We don’t take any heed of the continuous negative campaigning through social media being undertaken from the opposite camp. Our Struggle is with the Management and will continue until the goal is reached and Justice is rendered

Kerala Circle

Office Bearers

Circle President
Sri. Muhammad Ali M C
Circle Secretary
Sri. Maxmilan K
Circle Finance Secretary
Sri. Pramod K J
Circle Vice President 1
Sri. Anil Kani
Circle Vice President 2
Sri. Prajeesh P
Assistant Circle Secretary 1
Sri. Abdul Basith P K
Assistant Circle Secretary 2
Sri. Dipu Chandran
Assistant Circle Secretary 3
Sri. Vipal Prem
Assistant Circle Secretary 4
Sri. Cijo Joseph P
Assistant Circle Secretary 5
Sri. Anoop Das
Assistant Circle Secretary 6
Sri. Shambhu Chandran
Trivandrum Circle Office

Circle Office

Sri. Dilshad S
Mob: 9446468484
Sri. Dr. Sathyajose S L
Mob: 9447753571
Finance Secretary
Sri. Aravind. M
Mob: 9447963221
Trivandrum SSA


Sri. Praveen Prakash M J
Mob: 9495989699
Sri. Sreejith S V
Mob: 9449014055
Finance Secretary
Smt. Divya C K
Mob: 9446151150
Kollam SSA


Sri. Binu S
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Sri. Anoop B
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Finance Secretary
Sri. Rahul Ramachandran
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Pathanamthitta SSA


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Sri. Manoj T
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Finance Secretary
Sri. Dileepan P Y
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Kottayam SSA


Smt. Lovely Joseph
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Sri. George Johns Parapura
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Finance Secretary
Sri. Ashley P Thomas
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Alappuzha SSA


Sri. Jayaprakash O S
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Sri. Anoop Das
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Finance Secretary
Sri. Ratheesh Ponnappan
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Ernakulam SSA


Smt. Shini K R
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Sri. Nikesh V K
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Finance Secretary
Sri. Tony Thomas
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Thrissur SSA


Sri. Jayadevan C V
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Sri. Chandra Kumar O B
Finance Secretary
Sri. Anand Ramakrishnan
Palakkad SSA


Sri. Niaz S
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Sri. Ponpradeep P M
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Finance Secretary
Sri. Unmesh A
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Malappuram SSA


Sri. Ajeeb V I
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Sri. Faisal Elattuparambil
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Finance Secretary
Sri. Vivek Janardhan
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Kozhikode SSA


Sri. Binoj C B
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Sri. Anurag M
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Finance Secretary
Sri. Praveen Das P
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Kannur SSA


Sri. Firaz T Abdulla
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Sri. Riyas K
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Finance Secretary
Sri. Priyadarsan P
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Sri. Dilip Thomas
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