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CEC AIGETOA Kerala on 9th February

The next Circle Executive Committee meeting of AIGETOA Kerala will be held at Ernakulam on 9/2/2019.


Queries with regard to proposed MT Internal Recruitment received from members & BRs :

Queries with regard to proposed MT Internal Recruitment are being received from various members as well as BSNL recruits belonging to other associations. AIGETOA is very clear in its agenda that MT RR in its current form is envisaged to give birth to the greatest danger, which BSNL Recruited Executives can face in their Career and Pay prospects in the form of this MT Recruitment.

By the way of present MT Recruitment proposal, which is made as a lateral recruitment above JTO/JAO, executives have to face the following implications:

1. The career prospects of BSNL Recruits - will be stalled at SDE/DE level except for those meager MTs who can get recruited and that too only if internal MT is allowed. If current MT RRs prevail, with Internal exam, Year wise External Recruitment exam will also have to be held unless RRs are scrapped. So if any body justifies that only internal exam is being held and that will help career prospects, they are simply being befooled by their guides, nothing else. Later on Internal exam will be marred with litigations that will give a free hand to management for conducting external exams and kill the careers of BSNL recruits who are to go miles and miles in BSNL.

2. Every body should understand that MT is recruitment process and not a promotional mechanism as being projected by some over intelligent groups. This process will give birth to a new cadre, which ultimately will result into the Old DoT Era where none of the executives were able to reach to the STS level till retirement. So ultimately, most of the BSNL recruits will be forced to retire as SDE/DE. Nothing beyond that.

3. Of all the executives who are having more than five years of service left in BSNL, only BSNL recruits and few absorbed executives of later batches (Mostly 94-95 batch onwards) will be sufferers as all others have reached to AGM levels and are very safely placed.

4. MT Recruitment was envisaged to fill up 50 percent posts at STS level, which was later on changed to 25 percent. Remember, this 50 % Quota in STS is for the meritorious executives who are sufficiently qualified to reach the higher strata of their careers. AIGETOA has categorically demanded that MT RR should be scrapped and an Internal Fast Track promotional methodology should be implemented to fill up these vacancies. If MT Recruitment is held, chances for the implementation of this fast track methodology will end up for ever.

5. The long pending plea for JTO with E2 Scale and SDE with E3 scale will also get a set back as MT recruitment is proposed in E3 scale. So our Pay Scale case will also be affected with BSNL taking plea that they don't have any pay bands left to accommodate E2 and E3 for JTOs/JAOS and SDE/AO equivalent.

AIGETOA has always been a front-runner to ensure that Justified promotions are given to executives and recruitments intended to kill the careers of thousands and thousands of executives are made away with. AIGETOA is trying its level best to stop this recruitment and will follow all steps to nullify this recruitment process. Already external exams have been put on to hold due to efforts by this association and we are very sure that we will be able to withhold the internal exams also as they are not acceptable to us in its current form. Our Team is working on a war-footing basis to ensure an early end to this menace. The progress so far is quite encouraging. We are ready with our organizational action plan also which will be intimated within next few days.

In the meanwhile, there is apprehension amongst the executives, whether to apply for the exam or not, we suggest them to take their own call based on their personal choice. As far as stand of AIGETOA is concerned, we once again reiterate that we are dead against this MT recruitment notification and we will go to any extent to scrap this by any means.

Further details with respect to the proposed action plan shall be intimated very soon.


Meeting with GM HR, CO on January 15th 2019

Sri. Saheer CS, Sri. Gireesh CP, Sri. Prasad Raj ACS had a meeting with GM HR, Sri. Robin Podar in the evening of 15th January. 

Pending Transfer- Relieving issues, NOC issues of the members, Improper implementation of transfer procedures on some of our executives were discussed. GM assured he would look into those issues positively and necessary instructions would be given down the line.

The meeting went on to discuss  various other HR issues and recent developments on these. The meeting lasted about 40 minutes.

Click here for the letter submitted


Communication to CGMT wrt Austerity Measures & BSNL MRS to DR-JTOs ( GATE Rect)

AIGETOA Kerala took the matter with regard to austerity measure appeal in Kerala Circle in the form of towel allowance reduction. AIGETOA always welcome the different cost cutting measures with justified matters for the betterment of company.
<Click Here for the letter submitted>


Circle team communicated  with CGMT towards some indifferent attitude , in issuance of BSNL MRS Card,  in some BAs towards DR-JTOs ( GATE Rect ) , whose native place is outside Kerala.The necessary guidlines issued from corporate office along with request for early clearance is putup for early resolution.

< Click Here for the letter submitted >


Updates on Various legal fronts pertaining to BSNL Recruits

MT Recruitment :

The case is posted on 15/1/19 after the interim direction. Followed by this case, external recruitment is presently postponed by BSNL. Contrary to some corners propaganda (they consider themselves as champions in fooling the BSNL Recruits), there can't be an Internal MT alone without scrapping RRs as in the current MTRR; internal and external MT has to be held simultaneously. Therefore, once Internal MT is conducted (Which is highly unlikely), External MT is inevitable. AIGETOA has a firm stand that no lateral recruitment can be given above JTO / JAO and instead an Internal Fast Track Promotion Policy need to be implemented without any delay. The clear road map for this was envisaged and shared by AIGETOA during CPSU CH discussions. We are committed to fight its legally as well as organizationally.

E2/E3 Standard Pay-scale :

The E2 /E3 pay scale implementation case at Hon CAT, Chandigarh is posted on 11th February 2019. BSNL has already submitted its view in DOT as well as court of law that they have recommended E2-E3 for JTO and SDE equivalent scales which can not be ignored by any agency. Added to this, Hon'ble court has already directed for paying arrears. This has happened only because of the constant persuasion of AIGETOA contrary to the shameless stand projected by one of the saviors who do nothing and talk much. A rejoinder to change pay scale of JTOs to E2 in the JTO RR-14 is also expected to be listed at Hon CAT, Ernakulum this month. In addition to this, GS AIGETOA is already taking up the matter on AUAB platform. We are very much sure that our strategically defined moves at multiple fronts will definitely yield a conclusive result soon.

Pay Parity Matter/ 22820:

The pay parity and Pay loss issue of executives who have been recruited in E1A needs to be resolved at the earliest. The demand for the same was stalled by extra demands / citing financial implications etc by 
known corners. Since the deliberations and discussions were not met with an amicable result due to multiple negative forces and an adverse judgment from one court of law which was never challenged in higher court, AIGETOA decided to go for reopening the legal fight at Hon'ble PCAT, DELHI and has succeeded in the same. The case is listed for hearing this month. We are determined to take the issue to its logical and favorable conclusion.

SAB from Date of Joining:

The Superannuation benefits from Date of joining for each BSNL Recruits is listed at Hon CAT Ernakulum on 23/1/2019.

At the same time, the pending dues of SAB to reach the 30%,is expected by March-19 as committed on AUAB Platform. Management has finally agreed to issue the minutes also within next few days. Though Proclaimed corners tried to mislead management by showing them various RTIs wrt percentage and quantum, AIGETOAs view prevailed and BRs are going to get an increase of 3 percent bringing the total quantum to 8% out of total 12%.

JTO to SDE SCF Update:

After promotion of 3100+ promotee executives on 15/6/18 , only due to active persuasion and follow-up from AIGETOA the corresponding list for inclusion of BR JTOs including YOR 2008 was made ready by 3rd week of December 2018. The proclaimed SENA declared on their website that promotion of BSNL Recruits could not be done due to Training Marks issue and they forced management to issue the promotions leaving BSNL recruits (Around 2000 BRs were already available in the list), they even Left ST quota vacancies untouched which would have ensured promotions to ST quota for 2005 and 2007 batch JTOs, but they did just the opposite and in the process not only denied BRs, its rights but also the constitutional provisions wrt reservations were violated. In the process, they misguided the management at all steps with the help of their team at Ernakulam, which ultimately resulted, into contempt of court.

We are surprised how they call themselves saviors. They denounce Struggle, not only by AIGETOA but also do not hesitate in disowning their own office bearers if someone dares to raise a voice. Height is that the proclaimed SENA which earlier has declared that promotions of BSNL Recruits was not possible did not hesitate for a second in claiming the credit, when AIGETOA made it possible to get the promotion issued. If the unnecessary pile up of On/Own Merit issue sponsored by Known corners was not there, promotions would have happened on 31st December-2018 itself. Even SEWA has also alleged the role of the Proclaimed SENA in creating the confusion over own merit and on merit.

Consequent to the vested plan of proclaimed SENA, management had also decided to get the reply from ASG, GoI for clarify the same and in-turn the promotion lingered to delay for 7/1/19,the scheduled date of contempt hearing. When Hon Court, understood that no remedial measures was done by BSNL till date, they directed to frame charge-sheet on respondents. The case is listed to 24/1/19. The execution OA which has been filed for directing BSNL to issue the promotions of BSNL Recruits is also listed on the same date. We are very sure, Hon'ble CAT on 24/01/2019 will direct BSNL to issue the promotion orders of DRs also. The issuance of promotion in 1:1 will not only ensure promotions of most of BRs till RY 2008 are covered but also to maximum of LICE JTOs of 2012 RY.

Further, if management takes a decision for early clearance by execution of promotions, there is a good chance that the matter at Hon'ble Ernakulum Court will also be settled. We sincerely hope that this time authorities will not be misguided by the inconsistent utterings of the proclaimed SENA.


General body meeting Malappuram SSA on 11-1-2019

A general body meeting of  Malappuram SSA held on 11.01.2019 at Manjeri. Our CP Sri.Gireesh &  DS/DP/DFS & various core members across SSA attended. 

CP informed the present status on  SCF DPC Promotions, E2/E3  Standard payscales,   SAB benefits from DoJ etc.The meeting discussion went with major cader concerns of BSNL recruits.

Restructuring of present  SSA body was an agenda item; and the GB unanimously elected new office bearers details as follows

District President - Sri.Faisal EP
District Secretary -
Sri.Rajath sebastian 
District Finance Secretary - Sri.Vipindas

Asst. DS - Sri.Prajeesh
DVP - Sri.Rakesh Roshan

*Executive Members*
1. Sri.Abbas PM
2. Sri.Vijay K
3. Smt.Sheeba Maideen
4. Sri. Mohammed Nafeel
5. Sri. Amjad Ali
6. Sri.Shafeeque

Further the decision on nomination to Circle Collegium from Malappuram SSA was taken up. After discussions, the collegium representaion from Malappuram also decided. Various concerns on BSNL operative status also discussed. Enrollment of new members from recently joined JTOs done, and the AIGETOAs efforts / actions plans explained with members.


CHQ Update 09-01-2019

Beware of the mal-propaganda by the so-called Messiahs of BSNL, just for the sake of retaining membership:

We have come across the web updates of the so-called Messiahs where they have accused the people working for the welfare of BSNL recruits as being divisive in their approach and come with their score card of protecting the welfare of BSNL recruits in BSNL. Since the accusations have indirectly questioned the sincerity of AIGETOA and its leadership. Even though we are not interested to reply but we are giving the reply for the better understanding of all BSNL Recruits.

Yes, We take pride in saying that AIGETOA is working for the welfare of BSNL Recruits and we have never shied away from openly accepting it.Whereas the messiahs who claim to represent all executives in BSNL overtly always exhibited a covert strategy, where they work for one small fractions through lobbying. On a closer scrutiny it can be seen that it is such hypocrisy in working of the messiahs in BSNL that is creating divisions in the executive cadre, which is even detrimental to the BSNL.

On our part we have been always candid in our approach. We believe that BSNL recruits are deprived of their basic rights in BSNL compared with other PSUs, and we believe that this is direct fallout of the self-centered lobbying of the so called messiahs of BSNL with authorities. We have never shied away from fighting this unholy nexus and we will not shy away in future too because we believe this as primary factor affecting the viability of BSNL.

Regarding the allegation that we file multiple court cases, we would like to clarify again that we have filed cases when we were pushed to the wall and all attempts at amicable settlement of the issues failed. Further AIGETOA has been always been transparent about the court cases that we run, whereas other associations run such cases in a covert manner. They use their proxies to file cases and still they run multiple cases even more than AIGETOA, but will never disclose such things in open for reasons best known to themselves! And hypocrisy is that they are preaching AIGETOA about filing of multiple court cases! At least they should check up the history and calculate how many cases, they have filed against LDCE and it is because of their activist's court case only, LDCE exam could not be held for clubbed vacancies and today all the youngsters from 2005 batch to 2012 are deprived of the fast track channel of promotions in the form of LDCE.Had BSNL would have been allowed to conduct single exam for all vacancies, most of the youngsters would have got their first promotion way back in the year 2015 and 2016 itself. How their activists went out of way to derail LDCE 2012 and 2015, is a well known fact and they are preaching others. This is what in English Language is called hypocrisy.

1. The intermediary scales of E1A and E2A in BSNL was a direct fallout of the forbidden lobbying of the messiah. It is no secret that the core member ship of them at the time of absorption was at JTO and SDE cadres and they used BSNL recruits as a bargaining tool and obtained E1A and E2A for themselves in place of E2 and E3 by compromising for pension. It is no secret that in MTNL where there was no Government Pension at the time of absorption has E2 and E3 for JTO and SDE cadre. The so called messiahas created road block during finalization of intermediate pay scale after formation of BSNL. Who stopped them to bargain for E2 and E3 for JTO and SDE equivalent where at the same time MTNL was having E2 and E3? That time the so called "SHOW STOPPER" named "AIGETOA" was not there. History never lies. Kindly go through their website when they were rejoicing like anything when scale of JTOs were further degraded to E1 through JTO RR 2014.

2. Each of the BSNL recruits was initially running from pillar to post to get their EPF payment on actual Basic + DA rather than capping it at 6500. Any BSNL recruit working in BSNL prior to 2007 will have first-hand experience of it and no need for it to be retold. Perhaps the aloofness and insensitivity of the administration and mainstream associations in BSNL over the matters related to EPF was one of the reasons that sawed the seeds for the formation of AIGETOA. For other associations with brutal majority then this was a simple task that can be achieved overnight if they are convinced of its genuineness. But the matter was allowed to be lingered on for years saw than no associations in BSNL took interest in solving it sincerely. Even the EPF during training period materialized due to the court case run by AIGETOA. Those who are claiming resolution of EPF anomalies did not even knew the full form of EPF and called it as Employees Pension Fund just to misguide management that Superannuation Benefit is already implemented in BSNL for BSNL recruits. AIGETOA is the only association which filed a court case for EPF anomalies and higher pension- However, the messiahs refrained from impleading so far.

3. The "operation sacrifice" that AIGETOA conducted single-handedly at Delhi with participation of near 5000 members had all demands ranging from ITS repatriation to viability of BSNL and this was the struggle which ultimately initiated the concept of CPSU Hierarchy in BSNL. The CPSU Hierarchy which AIGETOA wanted was based on performance, qualification and service weightage, not like the current khichdi CPSU proposal which only ensures promotion of all except BSNL Recruits.

4. In a PSU functioning in cut throat competitive field, executives writing an exam for their first promotion is suicidal. Having said that AIGETOA have accepted LDCE as a fate accompli in BSNL due to its insensitive management.  The role of the so-called messiahs in stalling the promotion of LDCE 2012 and 2015 is more than sufficient in understanding their sincerity towards LDCE. AIGETOA only got the paper to become objective and got the syllabus changed to contemporary subjects (A fact captured in minutes of committee formed for the purpose). Our planned and pragmatic approach resulted into doing away with all the court cases in 2012 and finally results and promotion orders were issued.

5. 50% of posts at STS level is earmarked for MT in BSNL in all streams as per BSNL MS RR which stipulates basic qualification for these posts. Who is the real beneficiary of the temporary enhancement posts in SDE to DE promotion is best known to everybody. Once the MT recruitment happens, it will be final nail in the coffin of all youngsters in BSNL.  And those who are telling 75% diversion as an achievement, should understand that remaining 50% was earmarked for qualified BSNL recruits, a fact duly endorsed by Hon'ble Madras High Court. Instead these 50 percent posts should be earmarked for Fast Track Promotions but that will never be accepted by messiahs.

6. In spite MT recruitment rule, they did not allow MT so far - The claim by the Messiahs, on which even their own members will laugh at. MT stopped because of AIGETOA Agitation in 2008, AIGETOA court case in 2015 and against the current MT recruitment process also, AIGETOA is the only association which went to court and management finally decided to keep the external recruitment process on hold. We are very sure, we will stop internal MT also. Surprisingly, No impleadment by the Messiahs.  MT recruitment rule exists in BSNL because management cites there is vacuum at middle management level due to stoppage of ITS recruitment. And everybody knows that this vacuum is created by relaxation of educational criteria at STS level in MSRR. AIGETOA is always in favor of fast track promotion policy for the outstanding performer. It will maintain its stand on "no MT no DGM" and will oppose any kind of lateral recruitment above JTO/JAO Cadre while others are always undermining the potential of in house talent and favoring external MT/DGM.

7. SAB got implemented because AIGETOA being the sufferers, accepted the initiation of scheme by 3 percent, which was increased by another 2 percent because of Mass CL Call of AIGETOA and thereafter another 3 percent has been assured at the platform of AUAB, mainly because of active role played by AIGETOA. It is also interesting to note that as soon as management agreed for 3 percent, one association displayed one RTI in their website citing that 8.3 percent has already been achieved just to confuse management. Those who are claiming credit for 5 % left no corner unfilled during MV stating that AIGETOA accepted 3 percent proposal. AIGETOA has filed court case for implementation of 12% SAB from the beginning. Surprisingly, no impleadment from the Messiahs.

8. E2, E3 pay scale got approved by BSNL Board not because of Messiahs but because of joint struggle of AIGETOA and AIBSNLEA. The Messiahs left the battle ground even without firing a single shot. IT is AIGETOA which filed a court case for E2 E3 and payment of Arrears, IT is AIGETOA which filed a court case for E2 scale in JTO RR 2014 - as expected no impleadment in these cases by the so called messiahs as benefits pertained to BSNL Recruits only. Leave aside impleading, the proclaimed corners who write letter for everything did not get any time to even write a letter from SAB from date of Joining and subsequent arrears while there are number of letters for 78.2 percent arrears.

9. CPSU was not allowed to be happened by the pool of Messiahs only.Contemporary CPSU hierarchy was a brain child of AIGETOA but the same could never take shape because of opposition from these corners. When their maximum seniors ensured promotions upto AGMs, they started preaching their own members (mainly list 8 and List 9 and BR JTOs) about the half cooked, litigation prone CPSU hierarchy which they got approved by management after giving tacit concurrence to MT Recruitment in BSNL.

10. Parity was being preached only when some progress on List 8 and List 9 was there. Later on those who asked for promotion parity till 2015, agreed on Promotion Parity upto 2005 leaving all BR JTOs, List 8 and List 9 SDEs in lurch. The notice which was served for promotion parity was never executed. It was served just to stop list 8 from getting executed.

11. AIGETOA Asked for Corporate GTI and Conceptualized the GTI in BSNL where BSNL was to Pay the Premium. It was AIGETOA which demanded implementation of GTI for BSNL Recruited Executives as well as Non Executives. However,  taking advantage of recognized status, they converted Corporate GTI to GTI where executives have to pay the premium.AIGETOAs job is still half done. We have to ensure it for non-executive BRs also.

12. 22820 was derailed because of mindless demand by Messiahs for implementing it for all, knowing fully well that it can be extended to only those who have been recruited in E1A. Their scales can be given as E2 but fitment can be given to only those who have been recruited in E1A. AIGETOA has filed case for 22820 also. Again surprisingly no impleadment from the Messiahs.

13. ALL JTOS including LICE 2012 JTOs can visualize their promotions because of implementation of 1:1 in PR and DR quota which Messiahs has always been opposing. In Fact breaking of the bottleneck by AIGETOA in the form of LDCE postings resulted in to 13500 promotions, mostly of those who got absorbed from DoT. BSNL Recruits and youngsters were left behind in JTO to SDE as well as SDE to DE Promotions even though list was available. This is what has been achieved by Messiahs.

14. Who is doing untiring efforts for JTO to SDE promotions for all is visible from the every time changing updates on their website in which they could not even report correct number of vacancies also till date. Sometimes they write Ernakulum Court Case is problem, some times they write Reservation and some times lack of vacancies and after derailing everything, they start singing the song of half cooked CPSU Hierarchy. In fact with consistent misguiding, the proclaimed ones put management into trouble and also trying to derail the efforts of AIGETOA.

15. 1st Time Bound in 4 years was derailed by the Messiahs only when AIGETOA and NTEA refused to sign in favour of time bound upgradation policy which these messiahs accepted while AIGETOA asked for implementation of time bound functional promotion policy.

16. What the Messiahs do in field is well known to all. Those who do not accept their membership are subjected to every type of problems in field.Thanks to AIGETOA that we take care of them.

17. 2005 batch pay anomaly issue was resolved only because of AIGETOA efforts. This fact was well captured in MC Notes, Board Notes, and even the recent committee minutes on 22820. The messiahs did not bothered at all.

At the end, all the benefits which exclusively pertained to BSNL Recruits were totally ignored by the Messiahs. E1A and E2A was kept provisional because they were in a hurry to get their own pie leaving the DRs in lurch. If E1A and E2A would have settled when BSNL was in profit, even DoT would not have objected to E2 and E3 in place of E1A and E2A. While implementing 2nd PRC benefits, they forgot Superannuation Benefits despite mentioning by DoT in Presidential orders. Had SAB would have implemented when BSNL was in profit, 12 percent would not have been so difficult for BRs and our corpus would have been more than 10 lacs today.

YES AIGETOA has stood for BRs and will be there. But AIGETOA never raised voiced against the genuine issues of their seniors. But Messiahs have always come in way when ever their vested interests start getting affected. Their impleadment in court cases related to Seniority, Qualification and Recognition did not took even a day, at the same time in cases like EPF, SAB, Pay Scales, MT etc which benefit BRs exclusively, we do not find any impleadment.

Yes, struggle is not one day job, it is a continuous process. But honesty and sincerity is a more important virtue that is totally lacking in those preaching this "unity" tag! And We can only pity on their vision- "DO NOTHING, TAKE CREDIT FOR EVERYTHING".

And about the last sentence - that they are fighting with management which is resulting into delay ---  we leave it for all BRs to analyse and decide for themselves. Our court cases are paining the messiahs more than the management.


Update on JTO to SDE SCF : - A Must Read for all BSNL Recruits

The JTO to SDE SCF DPC and promotion which was all set to be issued on this week has been again extended to some more days as there is no consensus on whether to follow Own merit or On Merit in reservation roster. The matter has been sent earlier to ASG and it was informed to AIGETOA on Thursday that the methodology to be followed has been decided and there will not be any problems in the DPC and the orders can be issued by 4th January 2019. However, the problem could not be sorted out on Friday too and the BSNL Recruits (Who have been treated as orphans in BSNL) have again been left in lurch. BSNL Recruits are the one who have to face all sort of problems when benefits related to BSNL Recruits are at stake while in the case of others, even fear of direct contempt does not come in the way of their promotions. Be it orders for JTOs to SDEs on 15.06.2018, SDE to DE on 29.06.2018, AO to CAO in December or be it inclusion of Supernumerary JTOs defying the Directions of Hon'ble Court Chandigarh. The demarcation is clearly visible.

Friends, as you all are aware, despite the hurdles and odd situations created against this DPC process almost every week,
AIGETOA stood like a rock and ensured that DPC of all BSNL Recruits up to recruitment year 2008, which further spanned to SRD and LICE BR batches, is done. Right from calling eligibility particulars to getting SCR details, we have to fight at each step and we succeeded in overcoming all the obstacles. We are very sure; we will overcome this last obstacle also.

Now it is clear that confusion over policy to be adopted in Reservation is the only reason for delay, contrary to the consistent malaise contents on the website of Proclaimed Ones where every time they projected that Ernakulum case is the reason for delay. Management in its affidavit has clearly stated that they are moving ahead with promotions. The recent website update of the proclaimed ones itself tells ( even though credit mongering ) that they made management agree to comply with hon'ble Court directions. Now all of a sudden they started singing the song of CPSU Hierarchy Again yesterday, which compels us to believe that the presence of their invisible hand is definitely the reason for this new showstopper. Now the support group in their fold should ask to their esteemed leaders, why they projected it just the opposite when the reasons were everything other than the Ernakullam Court Case. The truth is that Ernakulum case is the only lifeline which compelled management to think about promotion of BSNL recruits through SCF mode else preparations for implementation of half cooked half baked, CPSU Hierarchy was complete calling a doomsday on the prospect's of BRs.

The fact is that by their actions, they compelled management to go for promotions, violating the orders of Ernakulum Court case, which ultimately resulted into Hon'ble Court holding BSNL guilty for contempt. Earlier they justified the act of management by stating that applicants have lost and when they failed in their design of stopping the DPC Process for BSNL Recruits, started holding the same court case responsible for the delay.
Now again their poor and ill logics and rhetoric's have been exposed.

Now with the CPSU song again on their website minutes after creation of another roadblock in the name of Own Merit and ON Merit, again refers to some back ground work in play just to delay the things and implement a poorly cooked policy which is definitely going to be put on Stay by the court as soon as it is implemented leaving all executives waiting for promotion in lurch which will mostly be BSNL recruits. Herein we would like to emphasize, we are not against constitutional provisions of reservations but we are airing our voice against the undue delay citing this as a reason, which should not at all be a reason.

Delay and Derail is the simple Mantra being Followed. The fear for the date 15/1/2019, ie the date for the membership changeover may also be one of the reasons for delay.
We leave this for all BSNL recruits to Analyze and Decide. We feel this is high time to get united under one single banner of AIGETOA and pursue for inclusive growth. The message is loud and clear. However, if BSNL Recruits don't understand it, no body can prevent the doomsday.

The proclaimed corners went into deep sleep after issuance of promotions on 15.06.2018. However, when APAR/ VCs collections were completed and preparatory work was over for majority BR JTOs of 2001 to 2008 batches and DPC was set to happen by 3rd week of December, they started claiming credit.
To our utter surprise, when one more showstopper surfaced yesterday, the proclaimed ones forgot their own one week old song of taking credit for forcing the management for DPC, and within minutes, songs of CPSU started. This shows their commitment on the issues of BSNL recruits. The delay gimmicks have been there since from the day one but with strong will and factual deliberations, AIGETOA had convinced management one by one on all matters. We are very firm that the present stalemate will also be cleared very soon.

Further, We really find it ridiculous that they themselves advised management to file review petition and now again they want to implement CPSU policy, which will be a direct violation of the court orders. This is also true that they are aware of this and deliberately they want to bring a situation where promotions of BSNL Recruits will be marred with endless litigations.
In the Review Petition hearing, if admitted, we are determined to clear the confusion pertaining to inclusion of Supernumerary JTOs which they have got included forcefully by misguiding the personnel section.Ernakullam Judgement is clear that list is to be prepared as per Appointment Orders/Promotion Orders and no promotion orders have ever regularized the vacancy year of Supernumerary JTOs (We could not find even one despite insisting on the same for last one month). So the Review Petition will make this aspect also clear paving the way for promotions beyond 2008 RY.



All BSNL Recruits

Dear Friends,

First of all On behalf of AIGETOA Keala, We wish you all  a Happy year ahead.

As you all aware that, AIGETOA is the only association which  relentlessly works for the betterment of BSNL Recruits with utmost diligence and sincerity. The success and achievements that we could make only with the active support from each one of you. The cader rights of BSNL recruits and the delayed / denied justice started flowing to BSNL Recruits mainly due to the existence and identity materialised through AIGETOA.

We have made our presence and requirements  and we are growing from stronger to strongest. Tomorrow is for BSNL Recruits and we want to make today  also for BSNL Recruits, as this company should be there as our bread and butter

We wholeheartedly request your active participation and suggestions to make it happen.

This can be achieved by each BSNL Recruits valuable  alignment with AIGETOA. Our actions and efforts / achievements speaks for  BSNL Recruits.

We believe in US rather than you and me

We want each BR to be with # We too

Together We Can
Together We Have
Together We Will 

Now, Let BRs Themselves Decide our own Future in Our Beloved Company ,  BSNL. Please Get United for the Common Causes through the Unique and Genuine Platform of BSNL Recruits.  Heartly Welcome All of You in this Change Over Window (Dec15 - Jan15 ,2019) and Help Ourselves to Become the Heros, that BSNL has been Looking for...

Thank you
Circle Secretary, AIGETOA Kerala


General Body Meeting Calicut SSA on 29-12-2018

Calicut BA general body meeting conducted on 29.12.2018  at Mananchira. Our Circle President Shri Gireesh.T attended the function. CP updated about status and followance of various present matters in detail. DP Sri.Sahir, DS Sri.SamalPrasad  also addressed the meeting and all pointed out the necessity of strengthening the association by adding more members in the membership changeover period. CP stressed on the unity of BSNL recruits and active participation on organisational matters by all BRs.

The nomination and further selection of collegium members from SSA to circle were also done unanimously.  The function and discussions were moderated  by DFS Sri.Binoj  C B .The program concluded with wishes for happy year for BSNL and BSNL Recruits


Update of JTO to SDE SCF

The CHQ meeting on 23.12.2018 expressed serious concern over the delay in DPC of JTO to SDE where so many BSNL Recruits shall be expecting promotions through Seniority cum Fitness first time in the entire career history. Despite best serious efforts by Aigetoa at all fronts , the promotions stood at Cup and Lip. As decided in CHQ meeting some of our CHQ members remained stationed at BSNL CO and had a series of meeting with management on the issue of JTO to SDE promotions today.

The team led by GS AIGETOA and Dy GS AIGETOA met Director HR in the presence of GM SR, GM PERS, OSD to Director HR and DGM PERS. Elaborate discussions took place and confusion created last week by some persons were cleared by AIGETOA team with precise details and documents without giving room for any further ambiguity. The team ensured that all the hurdles in the way of promotions from JTO to SDE are cleared after a series of marathon meetings with management side at various levels.

Management side also aired with positive approach and Now we hope management will act upon the promotions as per commitment and will ensure that the orders are issued within this week itself. We have tried to include maximum BSNL recruits in the DPC process and hope that Dawn of New Year 2019 ensures that a new lot of our BR BRETHREN wake up as SDEs. Friends, AIGETOA is the only association who despite of all odds and hurdles, never lost hope and acted with perseverance and patience.

Now We have reached to a point where JTO to SDE promotions are almost a certainty now. We hope and appeal for a better sense and cooperation from others also. Wishing all a merry Christmas.

Together We Can, Together We Have, Together We Will


Propaganda by So called Recognised Association - Facts which any learned person cannot ignore

While not commenting about the competency and Intellectuality of some very Learned Minds who actually projects themselves as the most knowledgeable but the fact is that they are devoid of any logical thinking. They use "Comic Font" in their website and if somebody compiles their contrary web updates for last 6-7 months,it will become a very interesting comic reading.

They have reported that there has not been extra promotions - Any logical and Learned person would ask the these questions -

1. What is the need for then diverting the vacancies from DR quota and Face Contempt in Chandigarh CAT.

2. If Vacancies were available, then why Supernumerary Posts were created.

3. 2012 recruitment year JTOs can be accommodated but only if Management considers the JTOs promoted in 2014 as senior to those JTOs who have been promoted against Supernumerary Posts and have not been allotted any vacancy year. Are they willing to concede to that demand.

4. If there was so much clarity that excess quota promotions have not been made, then why management did not presented these facts in court. Why they let this action to be adjudicated by Hon'ble court as Contempt. We request all to again go through the contempt order. It states, contempt is not against promotions or excess promotions, contempt is against not following the Interim order with the comment that BSNL was in a tearing hurry to execute the promotions within 10 days. Papers do not tell lie. Now when BSNL Management understood the root cause of Contempt and are taking necessary corrective action by following and executing the interim directions as was the contention of the applicants who happen to be AIGETOA members and promotions with Interim orders are in sight, they have started this malign campaign just for retaining their membership base, having failed in damaging the prospects of DR JTOs. In the name of review, they have again misguided management and this may result in Hon'ble Court taking cognizance as contempt because BSNL has followed neither interim nor Final Directions. It is pertinent to mention that case is listed before same Judge who has delivered the earlier Judgment. So this review is intended just to delay and make things complex and nothing else. However, we will ensure that they do not succeed in their plans.

We will ensure, all vacancies are filled up as per the interim direction of the Hon'ble Court and all eligible up to 2008 recruitment year get their promotion. If some are not being accommodated due to lack of vacancies, we have requested management to put them on Panel against future vacancies which will be ad-hoc mechanism and with availability of vacancies, they will be promoted as regular SDE without any further DPC.

They are saying AIGETOA activist should not oppose review petition.The Ernakulum Judgement is very clear in its verbatim that lists of PRs and DRs JTOs are to be prepared as per the prevalent appointment orders and promotion orders. As per appointment order, till date, List has been prepared based on Training Marks. So to search for ambiguity in this order was not at all required. Added to that they did not find any ambiguity in these orders while promoting those under PR quota and had even left 2001 JTOs from OC category, and 2005 Batch JTOs from ST category citing that there was an ambiguity in considering training centre marks. It shows their own dual and pulsating nature.

They are teaching pragmatism. Pragmatic action is called as one which was shown by AIGETOA in May 2017 when we called Applicants from Ernakulum to BSNL CO and arranged a meeting with management to come up to a solution which benefits all.Thereafter, we had a meeting between AIGETOA, SNEA and Applicants and we reached to a signed settlement also on which our GS & office bearers, their office bearers including GS,Lead Applicants were signatories. Just for the quest for implementing an half cooked CPSU proposal, all these things were derailed by the so called pragmatism preachers. Click here for the signed Statement

In the process, they derailed and delayed promotions of all including their own membership, many of whom retired by the time promotion orders were issued next year and that too only when AIGETOA broke the bottleneck of stalemate in promotions.

Now when they have failed in their designs, and their own members are putting questions before them, they are shifting pointers towards other. This appears very Funny - Whatever good that happen, happens because of them and whatever which does not happen, is because AIGETOA does not allow it. On that day also, we advised them that now its high time to concentrate on issues as your elections are over, so propagandas should be put to rest. But perhaps, concentrating on issues is not their cup of tea.

We have also learnt that now they are putting the blame of MT Recruitment on issuance of LDCE promotion orders, so they agree they are not responsible for LDCE postings. It was well known and well captured in black and white form that on MT Recruitment, concurrence of Majority recognised Association is to be obtained before moving ahead with recruitment. Now, they are telling that somebody else gave the concurrence on their behalf. What they were doing all these days. Sleeping and waiting to put the blame of the same on website.

All BSNL executives as well as management, know that it is AIGETOA only who has opposed MT recruitment through all means and now also we will not only oppose it but ensure that MT will not happen not at all. Who has concurred and who has not is visible from various letters written to management by AIGETOA opposing the inclusion of MT RRs in CPSU Hierarchy. Members are advised to read AIGETOA archive in this regard where opposition on record is there from November 2017 to July 2018 with reference to CPSU hierarchy.

We dare them to show one single letter from their side to management after finalisation of the so called CPSU hierarchy Proposal. This single line itself states that what is the trade off by the so called recognised association over the MT with CPSU. We still give them a chance to prove their innocence. They should also come up with a Firm opposition to the MT recruitment notification issued on 11.12.2018.

And Yes at the end, they are misguiding that Internal MT should happen and they are opposed to external recruitment. First and Foremost, Internal MT is not a fast track promotion but creation of separate cadre who will be born in BSNL with silver spoon in their mouth. SO Scrapping of MTRR is only solution and they should oppose the MTRRs firmly instead of misguiding and trying to shift the blame on others.


GS letter to CMD for MT withdrawal

GS AIGETOA Writes to CMD BSNL regarding MT Recruitment notification issued vide notification No. 74-1 (1)/2018Rectt dated 11.12.2018 and No. 74-1 (2)/2018-Rectt dated 11.12.2018 - an exercise to virtually kill the career aspirations of thousands and thousands of BSNL Executives, One Side Rights with respect to Promotions, Pension and Pay are being denied to BSNL recruits on the pretext of Financial Viability and on the other side BSNL is recruiting Management Trainees above them by ignoring the huge in house Talent.

Letter to CMD BSNL.Click here letter


Review petition on JTO to SDE promotions

It is learnt that a review petition is filed by BSNL management at Hon HC,  Ernakulam. It is very much surprising that the review is filed on the judgement  after 

1. A partial set of around 3139 promotions were already executed for absorbee executives on 15/6/18 ( many such  people got JTO cadre posting  after joining of BSNL Recruit JTOs) 

2. A contempt petition is on the verge of completion  in the same matter,  where already the respondents were served with Rule-8 proceedings for wilful disobedience of court directions.

While our association is trying it's best possible efforts to get promotions for all the BSNL recruited JTOs , it's a matter of disappointment that some corners are still trying deliberately to delay the promotions with their consistent works and egoistic attitude. Just now we came across a web update where in they mentioned that court cases have been filed by individuals who have already got promoted. Perhaps in their quest for one upmanship again when promotions are almost near finality, they have forgotten that lead applicant who happens to be a 2001 batch BSNL Recruit and others are 2007-8 batch recruits. We can understand, how would they know as they are least bothered about what happens to a BSNL Recruit. We thought that they may have taken some que from the awkward position in which they were placed in recently concluded AIC and will now atleast start working the welfare of BSNL recruits only, but that was our optimistic thought only which is far away from reality. Still they are indulging into negative propaganda and they will never learn either.

The  filing of this review petition is intended to just delay the procedures and nothing positive thoughts can be seen about it. At the same time without a contempt petition by applicants at Hon HC,  under the misguidance of some corners and some officers , management themselves have invited that a contempt be heard at Hon HC also.

This association had been in constant discussions with various stake holders and management,  even without any doubt we are sure that if BSNL want to make the promotions,  the entire vacancies can be filled up  in no time as SCR/APAR works are almost completed with continuous follow up of AIGETOA. But things are being derailed every now and then, just because of over intelligence  of certain officers present in the loop. We have been consistently thwarting their efforts for derailment right from the day when eligibility particulars were called for upto 2008 recruitment year. We had to actually indulge in one to one fight to get that letter issued. At that time also, one very intelligent group called this exercise as mere eyewash for reasons best known to them. Today that step resulted into initiation of DPC process before July 1 which made it possible for us to reach upto this point else half cooked CPSU hierarchy would have been slapped on us.

We would like to affirm once again that we are very close to our goal despite efforts to derail the process from Foes as well as friends ( Beneficiaries). We will make all efforts to ensure that management agrees for issuance of promotion orders without any further delay as they need to file their course of action in Hon’ble CAT Ernakullam also. 
We have kept the pressure on through pursuasions, meetings, follow ups, exploring possibilities, submitting suggestions with actual data and calculations and advising for next course of action to break the impasse. We are keeping a close watch on the developments in Court also. 
Yes, we do agree that we are not indulging in what’s app heroism and pursuasions through telephonic messages as we believe in one to one persuasion. We work for the issue and not for heroism.
We know that our efforts are being further made difficult by some very enthusiastic executives who have been circulating messages to the contrary and confusing management just for the sake of politics over the issue. We are surprised by their actions of hobnobbing with those who are actually responsible for the delay. If we close our eyes for one day, very same day they will make the promotions impossible. We are working to ensure that almost all executives upto RY 2008 gets promoted. We have proposed to include all such executives by making a panel against future vacancies so that none of the executives are left behind.

We once again reaffirm our commitment to get the promotion orders issued without any further delay and we shall be taking all necessary steps to ensure this.

Kerala Circle

Office Bearers

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SDE, Kannur
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Sri. Saheer S
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Sri. Binoj C B
JTO Badagara
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