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Update on Legal fight for JTORR-14 ,Pay Scale Protection/Upgradation

The rejoinder hearing with JTO RR-14 for Pay Scale Upgradation to E2 , further posted on to 3/1/2019 at Hon CAT, Ernakulam. This association is making efforts for an early detailed hearing before Christmas Holidays. As expected, other Associations, who were eager to implead many cases which were against BSNL Recruit's interests, like seniority, promotion, qualification weightage are not seen here to support the cause, as these are affecting BRs only.!


Update on JTO to SDE promotions

AIGETOA is doing all out efforts/deliberrations to get the promotions executed in DPC Quota for JTO to SDE after Collecting of entire related documents and details which were required for DPC process. We had a couple of meeting with our CMD also and we could appraise him the facts and cleared the misleading information forced from some corners to stall the promotions.

The contempt petition on the issue also may be heard on 30/11/2018, where the submission from BSNL side expected positively for execution of promotions. Today GS AIGETOA Met GM pers with regard to the promotion issue. Management clearly informed that they haven't linked any new aspect to the promotion. They emphasised that BSNL will be submitting its affidavit in the court and thereafter based on the the court Direction, BSNL will initiate the action.

It is learnt that still dark forces are in play to deny the rightful promotions by any means, and this association can't accept it further more. We have waited for long. It's a matter of disappointment that, despite clear directions from Hon Courts, promotions were given only to absorbee JTOs . We are awaiting the developments on or straight after 30/11/18 and if the matter linger more, as per the resolution of recently concluded AGM at Culcatta, the conclusive and decisive action shall be initiated to enforce our delayed and so far denied justice in SDE Promotions. As per prevailing assurances from management side, we are expecting favorable action.


Realisation of GTI in BSNL : Analysis of facts vis-a-vis claims and counter claims

It is noticed that there are many to claim the credit for the introduction of GTI in BSNL and we are not interested in disputing the claim by any section. However we would like to place some basic facts with w.r.t the issue, so that all can make an informed opinion on the issue.

A compensation scheme to the immediate family member of BSNL recruit in the event of his or her unfortunate death while in service was a priority issue for AIGETOA since its inception. Many letters and attempts of persuasion with management can be seen in our archives too. However some points are mentioned below for easy recollection.

AIGETOA was pursuing with management for introduction of Corporate Group Insurance Scheme for BSNL recruits along with 30% SAB since 2011. The stoppage of BSNL GSLIS 2005 w.e.f 30/07/2014 gave further impetus to the move.

Following the unfortunate case of death of some of our own colleagues and seeing the difficulty being faced by their families, we became more vociferous in our demand for the same from 2015.

A letter written by AIGETOA in June 2016 on the subject is available here.

Group Corporate Term Insurance Policy.

http://aigetoachq.org/downloads/GS Letters/3_Letter Term Insurance.doc

A second letter written by AIGETOA in Sep 2016 has suggested two proposals

Death Relief Scheme-Group Corporate Term Insurance.

http://aigetoachq.org/downloads/GS Letters/23_Superannuation Benefits & Other relief Schemes to the deceased BSNL recruited employees.pdf

(i) a contributory death relief scheme for BSNL recruit similar to other PSUs and

(ii) a corporate Group Term Insurance Policy for BSNL recruit for a nominal amount with BSNL paying the premium.

The matter was put up for examination by CA cell after our suggestion and request. The various news item on our website can be referred to. No other association even knew about this term, implementing was a far flung thing for them. So if any body thinks and claims that they are the brains behind this scheme, let them do it. We don't bother as resolution of the issue is more important thing than claiming the credit.

Anyways, coming to the claim that it started with one association coming as majority after referendum, only thing which changed after referendum was that the word Corporate ie contribution by department for GTI was replaced by self financed GTI by executives.

What has changed with the introduction of Membership verification of executives in later half of 2016 is that main stream associations started demanding GTI for all executives on a self contribution basis changing the original demand of Corporate GTI to Self Financed GTI, by even replacing GSLIS. Please note that each change suggested had substantial cost and time overruns. We are confident that with this all have wisdom to decide who has done what for GTI.

While we are constrained that membership fees paid by our own brethren are used by them against the welfare of BSNL recruits, we take pride in doing what is best possible in the available circumstance for BSNL recruits. We are also thankful to all those who has supported us overtly and covertly in our fight for welfare of BSNL recruits. Our next step is to ensure the GTI for BSNL recruited non executives also and we have already started our pursuasion with management for the same.

In the meanwhile, further queries have been raised by some members. Accordingly we have prepared another set of FAQs containing updated queries from members. Click here for the FAQs


FAQ on GTI (Group Term Insurance) to be implemented by BSNL

The options for Group Term insurance are shortly going to be called for. Many queries are being raised by our members across India for clarification on various points. AIGETOA has tried to compile all the queries and has prepared a FAQ list and their possible answers with the help of persons dealing the issue and LIC representatives. It will be pertinent to inform that while others claim credit for the settlement of BR issues and keep uttering big big words on their website, AIGETOA does serious work on ground for the issues. We don't believe in blowing the trumpet only..we believe in doing work.


Update on Meeting of General Secretaries of AUAB

During meeting of General Secretaries of AUAB, the issue of settlement of pending benefits of 2nd PRC raised by AIGETOA was thoroughly discussed. GS AIGETOA apprised the house of the prevailing sentiments of BSNL recruits with regard to the issues of Pending 2nd PRC benefits. Forum highlighted that adhering to deadline of 30th November 2018 is not possible as it has to be approved by DoT and BSNL but they committed that unless resolution of pending issues of 2nd PRC benefits are settled, Forum will not agree to any resolution on other points. Accordingly, It was resolved in the house that unless the settlement of Pending 2nd PRC benefits is reached, no settlement will be agreed upon by AUAB with management/DoT on other issues. AIGETOA thanked Forum leader for the firm assurance and resolution taken in house.

Issue of inclusion of another constituent of Forum of BSNL Recruited Employees ie SNATTA was also discussed. Convener and Chairperson of AUAB shall be issuing a formal letter to SNATTA.


Update of meeting of General Secretary with CMD BSNL on promotion issue of JTO to SDE under SCF quota

GS Ravi Shil Verma along with VP Shri B K Mehta met CMD BSNL and has an elaborate discussion on the issue of extending promotion from JTO to SDE under SCF quota. A detailed discussion took place on the pending case at Hon’ble Ernakullam CAT.
GS emphasised on the reasons and actions taken by Personnel section which resulted into contempt of court. GS also apprised CMD BSNL of discussions which took place with Personnel Section in presence of Kerala Team. GS informed CMD BSNL that a conclusive discussion took place on that day which could have been the best way to resolve the current problem. However thereafter no action has been taken by Personnel section. CMD BSNL was receptive to our submissions and assured for action based on discussion.
We shall be following up the issue next week also. Friends our unity and systemic approach to the issue can only resolve this. We expect a break through on the issue very soon.


Meeting with IIM-A Delegates by AIGETOA

The meeting of our association with delegates from IIM-Ahamdabad was conducted at O/o CGMT, BSNL Kerala, Trivandrum today. The Agenda BSNL Revival plan was discussed in detail. Our association put through various suggestions, details and inputs on HR & Operations front,   keeping a view of employee issue (special emphasis to BSNL Recruits) addressal and business with service motto with improvement on financial viability. Meeting was in a very cordial and interactive atmosphere. Association was represented by CS Sri. Saheer,  CFS Sri. Ansal,  DP TVM Sri. Madhumohan and DS TVM Sri. Sekhar. We express our sincere gratitude to respected CGMT Dr. P T Mathew,  ITS,  Respected Sri. Robin Poddar,  GM ( HR/Admin ), Sri. R Satheesh,  Jt GM Admin - for providing an opportunity to meet the delegates and further interactions.

Click here for the presentation


Contempt Petition with regard to JTO to SDE promotions in SCF Quota

The contempt petition with regard to JTO to SDE promotions in SCF Quota came today at Hon CAT, Ernakulam.

Earlier personal appearance of respondents were ordered by Hon Court with inference of guilty towards action made from respondent side.

Today even though it's not a surprise,  it is learnt that president of one association was present at the Court with senior advocates who were dealing against the promotion aspects of BSNL recruit JTOs. 

No specific arguments happened today. The personal appearance by respondent side is postponed and petition will come again on 30/11/2018.


The New Mantra of so called Mightiest – BSNL Recruits Should Stay Calm??

Recent update on website suggests BSNL recruits should stay calm……It is as good as they are telling --- Go and Play Flute when the cadre is burning…..

Something, Which they follow for issues related to BSNL Recruits…….

We are in fact astonished by the update on the website of the self proclaimed mighty association with regard to the EPF Full pension case and its attitude towards BSNL recruits Social Security. Right from the days, When we were running pillar to post to get our EPF anomalies resolved, they were in sleeping in a deep slumber. In earlier times also, when we were filing cases and fighting with authorities to deposit EPF Arrears by BSNL, they were busy coercing employees to give undertaking in favour of management just to suit the designs of administration. When our people were fighting in courts for EPF related issues, they were trying to learn the full form of EPF (In their website, you can very easily find it written as “Employees Pension Fund”.. may be with a motive to deny the creation of pension fund for BSNL recruits as envisaged in Rule 37A by justifying that EPF is a Pension Scheme). They have always remain insensitive to the issues pertaining to BSNL recruits.

Now when AIGETOA people and like minds have come forward proactively, they are trying to confuse BSNL recruits. Whether they have gone through the writ petition of NCOA or any other petitions?? If not! Then we suggest them to get the copy from their consultants and read it first. Are they proclaiming that the whole lot of EPF cases (1500+) filed on their behalf?? Big No!!!

If they were honest in approach, then they would have easily realized that the cases of BSNL Recruits are an absolute necessity and they could have urged their members (BRs) also for the same but no because they show themselves to be worried, but they actually are least bothered.

We have already seen what and how logical they are and the type of logic they produce to their members as well as management to justify their silly thought process – to quote one of their thoughts as below:

Nobody is able to understand for what purpose they are fighting in the CAT when High Court rejected all their demands”.

Isn't it ridiculous.. court has established contempt and they are saying High Court Rejected all the demands…this comment can come only from persons of very high thoughts.. who believes in myopic vision as per his whimsical perceptions & fancies and not on actual position on ground. Anyway, we don’t want to comment on their wisdom, We are fully aware about that.

They are propagating that our leaders went into massive fund collection for the EPF case. Instead of stooping to so low, they should have introspected their steps and should have in fact moved immediately for their members..but they prefer to remain on other side, just to satisfy their false ego and stand.

After all what more they want!!! They have already ruined the pay scales, career aspects and social security of entire BSNL recruits, be it executives or non-executives. A brief enumeration may open all eyes about their action/inaction to deny the basic rights of BSNL recruits in almost all aspects:

PAY –Who compromised for Lower Pay Scale in JTO RR 2014 despite objections from us? They agreed for 2nd PRC with interim scales of E1A and E2A without seeking regular scales of E2 and E3They didn’t agree for merger of non functionalSr SDE Scale with SDE Scale; just to satisfy some of their members, whose pay may have been needed to protect ifmerger of these two scales have taken place…..They further created confusion in minds of management w.r.t. 22820/- issue, which ultimately lingered it but AIGETOA can’t leave and determined to resolve.

If they are really so much expert and well wisher, why they don’t come forward and join us in various legal fronts for standard pay scales, pay parity/pay loss and other issues of BSNL Recruits.

Pension: They did not bother for creation of separate pension fund for BSNL recruits as envisaged in rule 37A. On the other hand, they ensured awarding of Govt protected pension, gratuity along with IDA scales and CGEHIS for themselves and settled for EPF(which is a statutory benefit)and Gratuity only for BRs instead of full SAB. They didn’t bother forcreation of Superannuation Fund (SAB) at the time of 2nd PRC implementation, in spite of clear cut direction for the same. SAB came into picture only when AIGETOA got acommitteeconstituted for it. In fact when management showed its willingness for raising it to another 2 percent after making it 5, they were trying to keep it restricted to 6 percentjust for the sake of credit. It was AIGETOA only which has kept the issue alive thorugh common platform of AUAB, legal Platforms and its own Platform. We will ensure further enhancement of the contribution. Till date, these wise men of BSNL haven’t uttered a single word so far for the PRMB (Post Medical RetrialBenefits) fund creation for BSNL Recruits (as like CGEHIS assured) as envisaged in 2nd PRC and BSNL Policy. Further, we have already seen their strike agenda which was only for a particular group and all the issues related with BSNL recruits were dumped.

Promotion: Everybody knows what they have done for the promotional avenues of BSNL recruits. Earlier they agreed for Time Bound Financial Up-gradation instead of Time Bound Functional Promotions despite the vociferous objections by AIGETOA and DR team.

Later when company started to formulate CPSU Cadre Hierarchy, which was proposed by AIGETOA in 2008 onwards, they signed on the committee report by compromising the interest of BSNL Recruits and backstabbed AIGETOA original proposal. Further they agreed for inclusion of MT recruitment in MS-RR instead of Internal Fast Track Promotion as proposed by AIGETOA in CPSU(with consideration of qualification weightage). They also tried to derail the promotion of BSNL recruits in recently held promotions by their failed attempt to stop LDCE Promotions. Their activists also delayed the conductions of exam/result/promotion which in turn delaying the rightful increments of the LDCE cleared candidates. They even made the management to award JTO to SDE Promotions (SCF) against the merit of Hon’ble HC verdict without keeping 1:1 intact. Now they are trying to create roadblocks in JTO to SDE Promotions in SCF (As the list constitutes only BSNL Recruits)through their out of the world and absurd logic. Further, they also succeeded in derailing list 8 and list 9 to be considered for further promotions to AGM mainly due to the phobia of BSNL recruits.

Coming back to EPF pension, they are saying that they will wait. Yes they will wait because the issue pertains to BSNL recruits but they don’t wait when the issue is theirs. But AIGETOA can’t, because we know the feel of pain of each and every day passing without social security to BSNL recruit.

As far as our cases are concerned, they should thank us as we work for each and every BR in mind while we pursue the issues and that was the reason our leaders did not hesitate to include members of other associations also. We believe in honest work and interest of BSNL recruits paramount as a whole, not as a member of individual association. That’s the reason, we are insisting for inclusion of BSNL recruited non-executives also in the Group Term Insurance policy. We feel the pain of no social security and what it would mean forfamily of BSNL recruits, if any untoward happens to them.

At the end, we request them to mind their own house which is already in huge disarray and desist from commenting on the leaders and activists of AIGETOA….For the sake of Better sense, we don’t comment on their working…because we feel that how they run their association, is entirely their prerogative,..else we could have also questioned the rationale behind huge collections in the name of AIC…but we don’t want to stoop to that low…hence will prefer to keep silent.

Here we also want to apprise our members that we are closely watching the sudden concern and involvement of one of non executive union with regard to Recruitment of MTs in BSNL and trying to analyze the reasons for this sudden upsurge. Here we would like to clarify each and every mind that entry of MT in BSNL will nothing but a direct attack on the interest of BSNL Recruit Fraternity. Presently we can only say that we are in a process to review our decision to be part of the larger forum Unions and Association of BSNL as we can not coexist with those who go against the basic interests of BSNL recruited Executive. Matter has already been discussed with them and if they don’t take corrective action, we will not hesitate in coming out of all such forums. We may take individual decision keeping in mind the larger interest of the BSNL Recruits and company itself.


Inter BA Transfer Orders Issued

The much awaited transfer orders of our executives have been issued today. Click here for the order A couple of transfer orders are left out, where some corrections may too be required. Nevertheless, we are grateful to our beloved CGMT, GM HR & DGM HR for considering the requests and issuing the transfer orders on its merit.  

The association had a meeting with Circle Management on 8th October and the discussions were lengthy and really fruitful. Our Administration acknowledged the genuine grounds on which the requests were made and had agreed within a weeks time frame the requests would be considered. The administration acted far quickly and ensured the executives got their due. 

AIGETOA Kerala once again express our sincere gratitude to Respected CGMT Dr.P.T Mathew ITS, GM(HR/Admn) Shri. Robin Poddar, DGM(HR) Shri. B.Makesh, AGM(HR) Smt. Sudha P Nair, SDE(HR2) Smt. Geetha Devi Suresh and team for quickly taking up the transfer requests and giving much relief to the executives who were eager to get placed at their home SSAs after serving long 08-10 years outside the circle. There is no doubt that the transfer orders would instil a new vigour in these executives and their productivity and enthusiasm would be much higher.


Meeting with Circle Administration on Pending Transfer Requests

Our Circle team led by CS  had marathon discussions and deliberations with Circle administration today on the matter of pending transfer requests. We met GM(HR/ Admin), DGM(HR) and team with various genuine points and justifications. From association side Sri.Dipu Chandran Circle Executive, Sri.Shekhar S Nair DS TVM,  Sri.Madhumohan.H DP TVM,  Sri.Ratheesh Ponnappan CVP,  Sri. Denny S ACS,  Sri. Vipal Prem ACS, Sri. Maxmilan K CVP, Sri.Sunil Kumar S DP ALP,  Sri.Anand Ramakrishnan CVP were present for various discussions. The matter was taken for notice to our respected CGMT also. 

Management was very much considerate to our justified pending transfer cases. It was assured that the requests will be taken care and orders will be issued shortly. We are thankful to our respected CGMT Dr. PT Mathew ITS,   GM( HR/ Admin) Sri. Robin Poddar,  DGM ( HR)  Sri. B Makesh for kind consideration.


Annual General body Meet : Thrissur SSA

Thrissur SSA AGM and election of new SSA body was conducted at Hotel CASINO,  Thrissur today. Circle Secretary Sri. Saheer S,  CFS & CHQ Advisor Sri. Ansal Mohammed, CVP Sri. Maxmilan attended the function. Chief guest PGMT TCR Sri.C Rajendran ITS inaugurated the function in the morning. DGM (Admin) Sri. Mallesh Makani , DGM ( BSS/Mktg) Sri. B.S Patil were also attended the function. Current Scenario of BSNL and BSNL Recruits were taken by various dignitaries while interaction. 
Click here for the photos

The Election proceedings started after   lunch. Sri. Maxmilan,  CVP AIGETOA Kerala - Observer and Presiding officer,  handled the election process.  Thrissur AIGETOA SSA body for the next term was elected unanimously.

Dist President : 
Sri. Jayadevan 
Dist Secretary : 
Sri. Anand Ramakrishnan 
Dist Finance Secretary : Sri. Chandrakumar OB
DVP1- Sri. Shahin
DVP2-Smt. Nisha Padmanabhan
ADS1- Sri. Amrith Aravind
ADS2- Sri. Durgadathan

Executive Members 
1. Sri. Raghavan Baiju
2. Smt.Sumija
3. Sri. Sandeep
4. Sri. Vivek
5. Sri. Bennet John


Details of Meeting with GM (Pers) and Personnel section team

On Monday, 1st October 2018, GS AIGETOA along with Kerala circle team had a meeting with GM (Pers) and Personnel section team. OSD to Director HR was also present in the meeting. The discussion lasted almost half a day. The Current status with respect to promotions and way forward was discussed in detail. We have presented our view points to management along with documents. Management side has presented their view points. Now the status shall be discussed with Director HR. Details shall be apprised in due course.

Friends, AIGETOA team is trying its best and have been working on grounds in close coordination with leaders across various circles. We have been able to complete SCR work almost to 90 Percent despite obstacles all the way and it is expected that remaining data may reach BSNL CO maximum by tomorrow.

AIGETOA once again reaffirms it's commitment that it will not rest till the promotion is extended to all eligible executives.


Meeting with GM-HR and DGM-HR on Pending Transfer Requests

AIGETOA Team comprising CS, Shri Saheer S, ACS, Shri Prasad Raj, DS TVM, Shri Sekhar, DP TVM Shri Madhumohan met GM-HR and DGM-HR in the chamber of GM-HR today the 29th September 2018. The meeting was in continuance of Transfer related issues that the Association had been taking up. We strongly pointed out the biased approach the Administration is having towards genuine transfer requests, where executives who worked more than 10 years at far flung areas like J&K were ignored while those who were transferred on long stay of 25-30 years were given with their requested BA. The team was vociferous in pointing out the injustice towards the deserving executives and requested Administration the rationale behind such one sided, biased transfer orders. Team AIGETOA was of the view that the developments for the last couple of weeks were highly biased and never heard in the history of any previous managements and further explained such pick and choose transfer orders would only demoralize and demotivate the hard working executives who always had a faith in the management.


Team AIGETOA was categorical in putting the message across with regard to non-neutral transfer policies, and demanded equal consideration to all sections of employees. GM-HR, after hearing the disturbing questions raised by AIGETOA explained that, he would look into the issues and will have a discussion with the CGMT, who will join on 8th October. We expect a positive decision in the proposed meeting as promised by GM-HR. In the meantime, all our CEC Members/DS/DP have to gear-up for a full-fledged protest against such cornering actions of the management against our members.


All DS/DP/DFS/CEC Team should be prepared to reach at Circle office on 8th October 2018 to make sure Management takes a non-biased approach towards deserving transfer requests. The details of the office bearers, and their mode of journey, expected time of arrival may be shared in CEC platform.

Kerala Circle

Office Bearers

Circle President
Sri. Muhammadali M C
SDE, Kannur
Circle Secretary
Sri. Saheer S
SDE, Trivandrum
Circle Finance Secretary
Sri. Maxmilan K
SDE, Ernakulam
Circle Vice President
Sri. Anil Kani
Sri. Vipal Prem
Assistant Circle Secretary
Sri. Ansal Mohammed C H
Sri. Prasadraj R V
Sri. Abdul Basith
Sri. Nikesh V K
Sri. Binoj C B
Sri. Cijo P Joseph
Nominated Members
Sri. Ramachandran V K
Sri. Madhu R V
Sri. Sudeep C
Sri. Mohammed Nafeel
Sri. Melvin Thomas
Sri. Suneer Yousuf
Trivandrum SSA


Sri. Rajesh B
Mob: 9447000092
Sri. Sreejith S.V
SDE Malayinkeezhu
Mob: 9449014055
Finance Secretary
Sri. Aravind
Mob: 9447963221
Kollam SSA


Sri. Anoop Balachandran
Mob: 9449823152
Mob: 9447036555
Finance Secretary
Sri.Sunil Castroe
Mob: 9447572800
Pathanamthitta SSA


Mob: 9447701525
Sri. Manoj.T
Mob: 9446410257
Finance Secretary
Sri. Jenu John
Mob: 9446508555
Kottayam SSA


Smt. Lovely, SDE Kottayam
Sri. George Johns
Finance Secretary
Sri. Krishnakumar P R

Alappuzha SSA


Sri.Sunil Kumar S
Mob: 9447655755
Sri.Subiksh T Surendran
Mob: 9446311311
Finance Secretary
Sri. Shinojkumar K.T
Mob: 9446448480
Ernakulam SSA


Sri.Bijoy R
Mob: 9446549133
Sri. Arun KG

Mob: 9447767780
Finance Secretary
Sri. Mohammed Shaiju
Mob: 9446473706
Thrissur SSA


SDE MS Installation
Mob: 9447055322
Sri. Anand Ramakrishnan
Finance Secretary
Sri. Chandra Kumar
JTO FTTH Thrissur
Palakkad SSA


SDE Wadakkenchery
Mob: 9446161040
Mob: 9446303077
Finance Secretary
Sri. Unmesh.A
Mob: 9446554737
Malappuram SSA


Sri. Faisal Elattuparambil
SDE(External), Wandoor
Mob: 9446055520
Sri. Subair
JTO Mangalam
Mob: 9448053070
Finance Secretary
Sri.Vipindas V.K
Mob: 9448091600
Kozhikode SSA


Sri. Noushad Poylil
Mob: 9497700786
Sri. Samel Prasad
JTO Meppayur
Mob: 9446537537
Finance Secretary
Sri. Anurag
Mob: 9446400440
Kannur SSA


Sri. Sandeep P
SDE(G) Valakai
Mob: 9447755455
Sri. Roopesh Ramakrishnan
JTO Thoovakunnu
Mob: 9400850024
Finance Secretary
Sri. Pramodh K J
SDE CM-Instn
Mob: 9447055422