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Update on Contempt petition on JTO SCF Promotions without 1:1

The contempt petition on 1:1 Seniority case , was heard in detail at Hon.CAT , Ernkulam today. Hon Court Observed that the directions were not complied by BSNL and reminded that Court has the power to call personal appearance of respondents viz CMD & GM ( Pers). 

Now Hon Court directed BSNL to file the affidavit on the request from Sr Counsel,  from BSNL. Next hearing posted to 10/07/2018



Early expedition of AIEL & VC Particulars

We have represented the matter, for early preparation of Gradation particulars and VC submissions to Corporate office, with CGMT Kerala. The work need to be executed at warfoooting basis, as DPC to SDET is the only promotion aspect, which need to be executed at the earliest for BR JTOs.

Click here for the letter submitted


Deepest condolences...

Smt. Janaki, mother of Shri. Ramachandran, CWC Member & Ex CS passed away at around 12.30AM on 29.6.2018 at their residence, Shornur, (1km from Railway Station)
Cremation at 12:30 pm today at Santhitheeram near Bharathapuzha (Cheruthuruthy Palam).

AIGETOA, Kerala expresses it's deepest condolences and prays to the Almighty to provide him & his family sufficient strength and courage to tide over the crisis and for bearing this irreparable loss. We pray that the eternal soul may rest in peace.


Update on meeting at Sr. GM (FP) :

GS and VP(HQ) met Sr.GM(FP) and discussed about status of JAO to AO promotion and requested to engage Sr. advocate to defend the case before Ernakulam CAT listed on 29/06/2018. Sr.GM(FP) intimated that BSNL is engaging renowned laywer for this purpose. Probably, promotion order may be issued tomorrow, if Stay is not granted by Ernakulam Court. Further we have discussed the issue of DPC from AO to CAO and requested to take necessary action as requested by earlier to promote all AOs promoted till 2015 to CAO by way of upgrading sufficient numbers of post of JAO to CAO before implementation of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy. Madam assured to look into the matter.


CHQ news...

After strong persuasion of AIGETOA, It is learnt that Director HR has directed Personnel Section to call for APAR and VC particulars for JTO to SDE promotions under seniority cum Fitness Quota. Friends, let’s keep faith and patience in our unity. We will definitely succeed in our endeavours.


SCF Quota Promotions 1:1 Case & JTO to SDE Cader

The contempt petition & execution petition MA was heard in detail today. The counsel for Direct Recruits handled arguments against a Sr. Counsel Engaged by BSNL & Sr. Counsel supported by one section. 
Judgement is reserved for contempt petition after hearing. 

The OA & Connected MAs posted on to 29-6-18

AIEL Called for JTOs till 2008 YOR

Atlast efforts by AIGETOA borne some fruits for issuance of AIEL for remaining vacancies. Now after issuance of Promotions orders for Promotee JTOs,  BSNL calls for eligibility particulars of eligible JTOs for promotion from JTO to SDE under SCF quota in line with Hon’ble Ernakulam Highcourt and CAT. 

Click here for the letter.


Circle Executive Committee meeting scheduled at EKM on 24th June 2018.

AIGETOA Kerala circle Executive Committee meeting scheduled on 24th June(Sunday) at Shikshak Sadan, Ernakulam. All CEC members and all District Office bearers(DS/DP/DFS) requested to take part in the meeting.

Click here for the Notice


JTO to SDE Promotions under SCF Quota:

It's learnt that a contempt petition was moved at Hon CAT Ernakulum - for violation of Hon CAT interim directions given on 14/6/18, which was made in line with HC judgement for effecting 1:1 promotions with DRs and Excess quota occupied PRs Or else through an Integrated AIEL with all eligible JTOs. The case has been posted for detailed hearing on 22nd June 2018.

Interestingly, efforts by some to seek justice for the whole cadre has been highlighted by some as DRs are against promotion of PR Officers. It is informed to one and all that none of the petitioner is interested in seeking stay on already issued promotion orders as all are aware that how difficult, it is to get promotion in BSNL. DRs cannot act in vengeance and hence instead of wasting time in concentrating what others are doing, those corners should concentrate on ensuring promotions to all. We are asking for issuance of promotion orders as per the directions of the court which should have contained the list of DRs also despite the malice agenda of some corners to bar DR from regular promotion list for that we are willing to go to any extent.

It's a fact that recently promoted SCF quota includes almost 3117 PRs and 22 DRs of which around 1700+ PRs, appointed as JTOs from 2001 to 2007 period while interim promotions should have been made to 1:1 as Hon Court judgements which should have contained the name of DRs up to 2007-8 batches. But due to the hasty pacing and quest for not keeping BSNL recruits in the list, they debarred many DRs as well as PRs from promotions despite having vacancies in the tune of thousands. Instead of accepting the fault, now they are trying to malign those who are fighting for DR rights through which even PRs are going to be benefitted.

Instead of working for all who are due for promotions, some corners are still throwing stones against BRs promotions and trying to push them to CPSU to make DRs lose their precious service weightage as well as increments. Yes, AIGETOA is of the firm stand that every DR/BR/PR should get promotions, if he has more than 3 years of eligible service as per SDE RR and if sufficient vacancies are available (more than 7000+ vacancies). We request others to also concentrate on the same instead of maligning others.


Meeting of AIGETOA with Director (HR) on 18th June 2018

As per Schedule, GS AIGETOA Shri Ravi Shil Verma along with VP-III Shri Badri Mehta, VP-IV Shri Vivek Kumar Singh and CHQ Advisor Shri Bashisth Gupta met Director (HR) Smt. Sujata T Ray on 18th June 2018 regarding the seniority cum fitness issue for Direct Recruit JTOs. The meeting was also attended by Shri Keshav Rao-GM (Pers), Shri Manish Kumar - Jt.GM (Pers) and OSD to Director (HR) Shri V K Sinha.

During the meeting, GS AIGETOA categorically stated that the recently issued SCF orders are in complete and blatant violation of Hon'ble Kerala High Court Judgment for following 1:1 ratio between DRs and PRs for executing the promotions during Interim Period. In this regard, GS also showed the certified copy of interim directions dated 14th June 2018 of Hon'ble CAT Ernakulum, wherein they have clearly stated that till the integrated list is finalized, BSNL has to follow 1:1. Click here for the Interim Directions

GS expressed the resentment of DRs for non-inclusion of DRs in the recently issued promotion order on dated 15.06.2018 violating the Hon'ble High Court Ernakulum order which has given opportunity to give promotions to maximum executives which included DRs as well as PRs after a long gap. However, due to undue pressure from some corners and hurried approach, all DRs and many PRs have been left out.

It was stated by GM (Pers) that they have issued the promotion orders for the non-disputed list. GS asked for the basis and documents based on which Personnel Section arrived on this decision that "no extra promotions have been made for the period 1996 to 2000". Even Seniority list was published after the promotion order and the same was uploaded next day. On seeking the number of notified vacancies for the period 1996-2000 in JTO Cadre for DR and PR quota, Personnel section could not tell anything specifically. GS expressed complete discontent on the manner in which Personnel section decided that extra promotions have not been made (in the period 1996-2000) without any concrete documents and vacancy positions and went ahead with issuance of promotion orders of 3139 executives in complete and utter disregard of the Directions of the Hon'ble Courts (Both High court as well as CAT orders).

GS expressed that Pers section has deliberately not included DRs in the recently issued promotion orders in spite of clear cut direction from Hon'ble Ernakulum CAT and Hon'ble High Court just to appease one particular group who have been singing the tunes of parity between LDCE and SCF quota while there is no ban on SCF promotions clubbing the vacancies together. GS told still there is high time to correct the mistake and start the DPC process for remaining DRs and promote quota officers. GS explained Director HR that despite the injustice, AIGETOA is not in favor of blocking the promotional channels for any body and that is the reason, we have not challenged the orders and have instead seeking the promotions for the Left Out DRs. However, if anybody infringes on our rights then we will leave no stone unturned. Therefore, it will be in the best interests of all that remaining seniority cum fitness DPCs should be done before implementation of CPSU policy.

Director HR told that suggestion of AIGETOA for completing the DPC process for all the vacancies till 2017-18 is genuine and directed personal cell to start the DPC process for the remaining vacancies also so that all eligible DR JTOs as well as all eligible promotee quota JTOs can be promoted to SDE post. Madam emphasized that her priority is to promote each and every executive through available vacancies till 2017-18. GS Categorically requested Director HR that the pending DPCs for remaining eligible DRs as well as PRs should be done as per current RR before moving on to CPSU Hierarchy so that they can claim the benefit of being SDE while moving on to CPSU hierarchy i.e. 2 years relaxation in promotion from SDE to Sr. SDE.

Madam, after patiently hearing our grievances, assured GS that pending DPCs will be done before moving onto CPSU policy. She finally directed Pers wing to work out on the promotion through SCF of the remaining vacancies present till i.e. 2017-18. After filling up of all the vacancy through SCF, LDCE quota will also be notified soon for the remaining vacancies. At last Madam assured that CPSU will only take place after issuance of all the promotion order through SCF till 2017-18.

Discussion on footnote 2 relaxation in MSRR and subsequent Judgement from Hon'ble Madras High Court citing weightage and quota for qualification in AGM Cadre also took place. GS requested for weightage of qualification in CPSU policy and also told that qualification bar should be implemented in CPSU also as being done in the case of MS RRs. Madam assured to look in to this issue positively before implementation of CPSU. She asked for input from Personal section in this regard.

Meeting ended on firm and positive note.



BSNL issues promotion orders under SCF quota ignoring all eligible DRs - Time for introspection for all BSNL recruits :

In one of the bold moves, BSNL Management went ahead with issuance of Promotion orders of 3139 people despite clear-cut directions from Hon'ble Kerala High Court and interim Direction from Hon'ble CAT Ernakulam to follow 1:1 while promoting. We congratulate all those who got promoted because promotions have been a rare commodity in BSNL and issuance of LDCE posting orders have given a new dimension to the promotion scenario in BSNL. Click here for the order & Annex-1_1,Annex-1_2 & Annex-2

These promotion orders have been done despite the fact that:

1. There was clear judgment from Hon HC, Kerala on 5/6/18 - with regard to preparation of integrated final AIEL.

2. Clear direction & guidelines to keep 1:1 ratio between PRs & DRs by equal distribution of vacancies.

3. Against an interim direction from Hon Court dated 14/6/18.

4. More than sufficient vacancies were available to accommodate most of the eligible JTOs (10000+). The wound is more open, when we are aware that almost all cadres like electrical, civil, CSS, are all completely done till 2016-17 & 2017-18.

We congratulate management especially Personnel section that at last have shown firm will power to execute the promotion orders and we are happy to know that despite sword of contempt of court lingering on the heads, they have decided to move ahead with promotions. We have been waiting to see such type of resolute action for issuance of Promotion orders in the case of LDCE 2015 where there was no stay at all but the same was kept pending for almost two years on the pretext of court cases.

We are also overwhelmed by the message from Personnel Section to all HR heads of circles where they have directed to advise all beneficiaries to submit Joining same day only to avoid complications arising out of further litigation which itself tells the true story that Personnel cell was well aware of the actions which they were taking and were worried that orders have been done in violation of something. We are happy to note that same Personnel section did not issue any direction to circles during LDCE Postings.

We are also overwhelmed by the efficiency of Telangana and AP circle where they endorsed the promotion orders uploaded on Intranet on 16th June 2018 well in advance on 15th June 2018. This lightening fast advance action was invisible during recent LDCE postings when our office bearers have to run pillar to post to get the orders endorsed in circles.

We congratulate Personnel cell for the efforts where they have contributed more than what they could have to ensure the promotions for some while and at the same time, denying the justified rights of BSNL recruited executives by not going for filling up the complete vacancies.

We also congratulate the corners who forced management to go ahead with promotion orders of part list leaving all BSNL recruited executives devoid of promotions despite all of them being eligible to be promoted as SDE and despite court giving a solution to fill up all the vacancies.

Their desperation level was so high to keep DRs away from promotion list that they did not even forced management to fill up the complete SCF quota of Vacancy year 2010-11 and subsequent years as that would have made LDCE Left overs and 2007-08 batch JTOs eligible for Promotion. Their Quest was so high that even statutory reservation guidelines issued by DoP&T recently was not followed.

We are thankful to Personnel cell for doing the formality of calling GS AIGETOA late at night before issuing the orders and not accepting any of the contentions and objections raised by GS AIGETOA during the conversation. GM Pers however assured GS AIGETOA that subsequent vacancies would also be filled up before moving on to CPSU hierarchy on which we will keep our fingers crossed. If Personnel section continues to work with same zeal and enthusiasm, we are very sure that DPC Process of remaining eligible JTOs can be completed within one month so that all eligible ones can enter the policy as SDEs.

AIGETOA has been raising this issue and have been requesting management to fill up the vacancies and now it will be our single point agenda that before implementation of the CPSU hierarchy, all the available vacancies shall have to be filled up and seniority list in each cadre will have to be pronounced so that each executive may know its actual seniority position before moving on to the CPSU hierarchy policy else such type of injustice will keep on occurring with BSNL Recruits.

We cannot allow new Policy to come unless all the available vacancies of SDEs are filled up and Qualification Criteria finds its due weightage in the New Policy. We want all DR JTOs who have sufficient service length as JTOs to enter the CPSU Policy as SDEs so that they can claim their rightful service relaxation for promotion to the next post. We cannot allow this Policy to come unless until management firmly commits that MT recruitment shall be scrapped and Fast Track Policy for youngsters is incorporated. We cannot allow this policy to come into place till the Pay Scale issue of Post 1.1.2007 JTOs is finalized to E2 and a solution is extended to the executives facing pay loss due to disparity in initial basic of Rs. 22820 before implementation of 3rd PRC. We also assure all the rank and file of BSNL recruits that this partisan approach cannot be prolonged far and ultimately truth will prevail and Justice will win.

On the group Term insurance policy also, delay is mainly on account of hike in rates because of inclusion of executives above 55 years of age. Effort of some corners toexclude BR non-executives from GTI policy will also be strongly opposed by AIGETOA as we are of the view that all BRs should be covered by GTI irrespective of the fact whether they are executives or non-executives.

A meeting with Director HR has been scheduled at 12:00 noon on Monday the 18th June to discuss about the promotions issue of BSNL recruits and lets see if something positive is there for management to offer for BSNL recruits. There we will also raise the issue of delay in GTI implementation and inclusion of BSNL Recruited Non executives also in the policy. We sincerely hope that Director HR will extend Justice to the BSNL Recruits. We cannot rest till all BRs get its due rights.

In the meanwhile, its time for introspection for all those BRs who have been watering the plants of such corners and to decide whether they are correct in giving strength to such corners by way of numbers or they should align with the force raising their genuine issues.


CHQ news...

GS writes to Director HR for extending 22820 as initial basic to executives recruited in pre-revised 9850/- Scale (E1A). Click here for the letter

GS letter to DIR (HR) for promotion from JTO (T) TO SDE (T) under SCF quota.   Click here for the letter

GS letter to DIR (HR) for holding JTO (T) LICE under 50% internal quota for the vacancy year 2016-2017 AND 2017-18.   Click here for the letter


Judgement copy of DoPT 1:1 Seniority case on JTO Cadre:

The copy of judgement on the DoPT 1:1 Seniority case on JTO Cadre at Hon HC, Ernakulam Click here for copy


Congratulations to all BSNL Executives !!

Truth Prevails...

Finally DoPT 1:1 Seniority case (JTO Cadre) judgment has seen the light of the day. Even though the judgement copy is yet to be received, We truly hope that both Promotee and Direct Recruit JTOs will get their rightful due through this path breaking judgment by Hon'ble HC Ernakulam.

From the information received, the verdict has come as a Win-Win situation to all who aspire to get the first functional promotion. The thing removed was the gluttonous politics from some corners, which made Direct Recruits to suffer for their promotional avenues. Due to this, the BSNL Recruits lost the promotion chances to SDE cadre from 2005-06 onwards, even though clear guidelines were there from DoPT, DoT & BSNL. Had justice been delivered a few years ago, the Promotees also would have moved up in their career ladder along with Direct Recruits long back.

It's high time to realize that this stalemate blocked the rights of both PRs & DRs just for the sake of playing to the gallery. It's pertinent to mention, even when BSNL proposed to end the stalemate after suffering considerable blows in the argument stages, some people executed the delay games and in the process they played with future and career of both PRs & DRs. Now it's clear that who have made the irreparable loss to those promotees who had to retire from 2011 to till date without achieving their promotions. The adament stand and delay from some corners, denied both DRs & PRs rightful due and in the process they made all the executives to suffer. Still instead of welcoming the judgment, the process of creating confusion has begun. SDE Cadre is having sufficient vacancies for all to be accommodated even if 1:1 is followed, but still the judgment is not being welcomed. With the implementation of this Judgment, all BRs up to 2007-2008 batch can become SDEs as most of the DRs till 2005 batch have been promoted as SDEs. The 50 percent of the remaining vacancies have the potential of accommodating all BRs who are elgible for promotion as per RRs and there is no clash as such between Promotees and DRs. Only thing that is needed is firm resolve to end this stalemate without playing any politics and without dancing to the galleries.

Its again wake-up call to all executive to realize WHO ARE FOR BRs and WHO USES THEM FOR NAMESAKE. It's a universal law that truth will always prevail and justice will be served to those who upholds truth.

Few days back, we mentioned Fact file showing vacancy positions & AIGETOA will strive to make sure that existing vacancies on SDE SCF would be filled by executing promotions to both type of executives SO THAT NO BODY SUFFERS.

Every DR is requested to spare their 10 minutes to read the submissions of AIGETOA which will throw light on how the rights of BSNL recruits are being compromised and there is an urgent need to unite together under single umbrella.



GS writes to Director HR submitting the apprehensions of BSNL recruits. Our submission may give an impression that we are trying to stop the CPSU policy. But this is intended with an effort to make this policy rugged, litigation free and easily implementable.

Since, this policy is to be kept in public domain for 10 days before its implementation; it is very much needed to address the genuine grievances and apprehensions associated with the policy else the new policy will end up in litigations and court cases which ultimately will result into defeating the very purpose of the policy.

AIGETOA has always adopted a pragmatic & considerate approach for ensuring a contemporary CPSU hierarchy for the betterment of career prospects and meeting management's/company's need in this highly competitive environment. We want that the new policy which is going to be a landmark in the history of BSNL should be free from litigations and should be a strong one which cannot be challenged in court of law. All are requested to give 10 minutes of their precious time to read. This representation of AIGETOA is sufficient to prove that AIGETOA Is for all BRs irrespective of caste, creed, group or batch.

Together we will achieve our rights. Need of the hour is to remain together and extend your unqualified support.

Letter to Director HR.Click here for letter

AIGETOA Submission.Click here for AIGETOA submission

Appeal by BSNL- Minutes.Click here for BSNL appeal letter

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