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Update on LDCE Promotions

It is learnt that proposal for promotions have been cleared by MC paving the way from promotions in BSNL.
We convey our heartfelt gratitude to the management including our CMD BSNL, Director HR and other Directors, GM PERS, Jt GM Pers and other officers for taking this step in the right direction.
It will clear the path of LDCE promotions, and also for Seniority Cum Fitness promotions after clearance from Hon'ble Court.


General body meeting Palakkad SSA on 06-05-18

A general body meeting of Palghat SSA held on 06.05.18 at Palakkad town. Our CS Sri. Saheer, CWC Member Sri. Ramachandran , CVP Sri. Anand, DS PGT Sri. Ponpradeep , DP PGT Sri. Niaz, DFS Sri. Unmesh & executive committee members across SSA attended. Meeting and interaction was mainly intended for new DR joinees at Palakkad.


Aigetoa team informed various measures taken by CHQ/ Circle team regarding Standard payscales, pursuance for promotions , efforts on Term insurance, SAB benefits , EPF full pension, status of legal efforts etc in detail. The meeting discussion went with major cader concerns of BSNL recruits. The mutual transfer requests, NoC issues of new joiners also discussed



Today GS and Advisor HQ met GM (Pers) and discussed about SDE-RR amendment notification and preparation of MC note for promotion. GM (Pers) told that prospective SDE-RR amendment will be notified shortly. On MC note for promotions, GM (Pers) informed that MC note is being prepared and it is expected to put up the same for approval of Management Committee in next MC meeting. We requested GM (Pers) that the promotions has been pending for a very long time and henceforth any further delay should be avoided. it should also be ensured that proposal should be put up in such a way that promotion should not face hurdles anymore in BSNL. GM (Pers) assured that management also wants to issue promotion orders expeditiously and all efforts shall be taken to ensure that promotion orders can be issued soon.



Dear all,

Congratulations. The consistent efforts of association has at last given some fruits with respect to notification of SDE RR amendment. It is learnt that CMD BSNL has approved notification of SDE RR amendment from the prospective effect. This is one more step in the direction of promotion orders notification of LDCE promotion orders. For the notification of SDE RR amendment with retrospective effect, The case shall be submitted for consideration of the management committee shortly.

With the notification of SDE RRs, the major hurdle in the direction of promotion shall be over. However the job is still half done. Till promotion orders are not issued, we can not be complacent.

It's been the consistent endeavour of AIGETOA to keep the issues pertaining to BSNL recruits alive. 

Just remember Together We Can..


Update on Various Hearings at Hon Courts

DoPT 1:1 case:

Honorable HC Ernkulam heard once again the details of the 1:1 seniority case today. From DR applicants side Sr Advocate fielded the arguments. After hearing all,  Honorable court directed for Final judgement to be pronounced on 23/5/2018.

Due to the continued followup by AIGETOA at all levels,  the long pending decision for 1:1 seniority in JTO cader which is justified right of Direct recruits will see the light of the day.


Judgement on this case will pave the way for promotions for DR executives across different batches . It is due to the consistent follow up of AIGETOA, BSNL was compelled to file MA for early pronouncement of Judgement. Now we can hope for the end of this deadlock.

Our follow up on LDCE and DPC for promotions from JTO to SDE cadre are continued and we assure all DRs that AIGETOA will not rest till all BSNL recruits get their due right.


Let’s us all keep ourselves united and dedicated for the Cadre.


LDCE-15  Early posting Case :

This case is postponed to be heard after holidays. Hon Court will close for holidays from tomorrow and will reopen on 22 May 2018.

Meantime our CHQ team is actively pursuing at Corporate office for early issuance of promotion orders.



Update on Court cases

DoPT 1:1 Seniority Case:

The seniority in JTO cader 1:1 case, pending for verdict at Honorable HC Ernakulam was taken for clarifications today as per request from BSNL side. It is postponed to tomorrow for want of presence of advocates.

LDCE-2015 early posting case:

The legal Fight for LDCE-2015 will be taken for hearing on tomorrow at Honorable CAT, Ernakulam.



Heartfelt condolences on sad demise of Sri. Manoj John, JTO (Alappuzha BA)

AIGETOA Kerala expresses our heartfelt condolences on sad demise of our dearest friend Shri Manoj John. Entire fraternity is praying to the almighty for emotional strength and support  to the grieving family.



General body meeting Trivandrum SSA on 04-04-18

A general body meeting of  Trivandum SSA held on 04.04.18 at RTTC,  Trivandrum. Our CP Sri. Gireesh, CS Sri. Saheer,   DS TVM Sri. Sekhar,  ACS Sri. Prasad,  Sri. Vipal,  DFS Sri. Sooraj, district executive committee members & various members across SSA attended. 


CS & CP informed various measures taken by CHQ/ Circle team regarding Standard payscales,  pursuance for LDCE orders, CPSU, efforts on Term insurance, SAB benefits, EPF full pension,  forth coming general transfer, status of legal efforts etc in detail. The meeting discussion went with major cader concerns of BSNL recruits.



Massive Dharna on 12th April 2018 by All Unions & Associations of BSNL :

All Unions & Associations of BSNL served notice to CMD for conducting massive Dharna throughout the country on 12th April 2018. Click here for Notice

Memorandum submitted by AUAB (All Unions & Associations of BSNL) to the Secretary DoT on 27-03-2018 regarding rolling back of subsidiary tower company. Click here for Memorandum


Meeting with GM(HR/Admin) , Circle office Kerala on 22-3-18

Our CP Sri. Gireesh,  CS Sri. Saheer and ACS Sri. Prasadraj RV met GM(HR/Admin), Circle office Kerala today. This meeting was in continuation to our meeting held last week with Circle administration regarding HR issues of BSNL recruits.

The pending and left out request transfer cases were submitted and GM assured that necessary instructions will be given towards forwarding of requests especially from Kozhikkode,  Thrissur & Alleppey. The TBP date change issue without any rationale by Kannur, Palghat and Kottayam  BAs also discussed. GM informed that  necessary measures will be taken to instruct concerned sections in those SSAs to clearance of the same.

We thank circle administration to have a fair understanding of the concerns of BRs and accordingly positive results are expected.


General body meeting Malappuram SSA on 20-3-18

A general body meeting of  Malappuram SSA held on 20.3.18 at Manjeri. Our CP Sri. Gireesh, CS Sri. Saheer,   DS MLP Sri. Rajath Sebastian,  CEC Member Sri. Dipu Chandran  and various members across SSA attended. 


CS & CP informed various measures taken by CHQ/ Circle team regarding Standard payscales,  pursuance for LDCE orders, CPSU,  efforts on Term insurance,    SAB benefits, EPF full pension,  forth coming general transfer, status of legal efforts etc in detail. The meeting opined about active role of BR association and it's office bearers / members towards betterment of BRs in BSNL.



General body meeting Kozhikkode SSA

General body meeting of Kozhikode SSA held at Manachira T/E today. Our CS Sri. Saheer, CP Sri. Gireesh, CWC Member Sri. Ramachandran, DS CLT Sri. Sahir, DP CLT Sri. Samel Prasad and various members across SSA attended. CS & CP informed various measures taken by CHQ team and development at Circle level. The efforts on Term insurance, EPF full pension, SAB benefits, Forth coming general transfer, CPSU, MS-RR, status of legal efforts etc discussed in detail.


Meeting with GM ( HR& Admin) , Circle Office on Matters / Concerns regarding HR Front of BSNL Recruit executives

An elaborate and fruitful meeting was held with BSNL Kerala Circle GM(HR/Admin) Sri. Robin Poddar and AIGETOA Kerala on 17-03-2018. The meeting was attended by Our Circle President Sri.Gireesh T, Circle Secretary Sri. Saheer S & team. We took the Matters/Concerns regarding HR Front of BSNL Recruit executives in Kerala.
We submitted the genuine grounds of executives whose requests are pending for favorable consideration. We also requested to consider the BA change for DRJTO-17 trainees & posting to be done with due consideration as many are having language and familiarization issues. GM (HR/Admin) responded with very much positive sign towards the matters and informed that the transfers will be done for cases on merit. He also told us to take up the matter regarding hardships faced by executives in particular for consideration.

We made the reference of Time bound date change of DR executives by some SSAs without any rationale. While most of the SSAs have corrected the same, some are yet to respond. We doubt that the admin/establishment wing of such BAs have made a deliberate attempt to change the TBP eligible date of DR executives without any justification. In addition we requested that the TBP due for DR JTO-2007 batch, who are eligible for E3 from January-2018 onwards, DPC process should be completed at the earliest. Both the cases were taken into accord and GM assured that these things will be cleared accordingly.

Further we took up the matter of issuance of SDE L/A without any valid JTO gradation list and without any proper justification, which is done for appeasement some section. In the LA guidelines issued by BSNL on 2013 it was clearly mentioned that LA should be made from those people whose seniority is derived from an all india seniority list. It is worth mentioning here that there is no valid All India seniority list in the cader of JTOs published by BSNL due to non-inclusion of DR JTOs in 1:1 ratio, as per DoPT guidelines and entire matter is under sub-judice. Vested interest groups playing with the promotional chances of direct recruit executives was detailed with administration. This fact should be known by each direct recruit in BSNL.

We requested for the kind attention of GM(HR/Admin) towards NoC issuance for new DR -2017 executives which was already made vide our submission dated 13/03/2018. It is once again requested that necessary clarification be issued in line with guidelines. Administration discussed the matter in depth and we expect a direction favorable for executives soon.

We also requested for early EPF affidavit submission with regard to our meeting dated 08/03/2018, to submit supportive affidavit for full pension for BR executives. It may be noted that, the full pension for BSNL recruits including for non executives are fought under the leadership of AIGETOA members, legally at Hon HC , Kerala. We requested that necessary directions may be given to legal cell, Circle office to file the affidavit in support to BRs at Hon court immediately in accordance with corporate office instructions.

Click here for the letter submitted.

The meeting lasted around two hours and we are able to submit our views and suggestions/requests with administration. We thanked GM for the positive responses and assured the entire support of AIGETOA for viability of BSNL. We are sure that the efforts and pain by AIGETOA will surely bring favorable results for BSNL recruits in BSNL.

BSNL recruited employees are deprived with Payscales, Super annuation/pensionary benefits, due seniority & promotions violating the guidelines envisaged and, AIGETOA is the only association works to attain the justified due for BSNL recruits. It is for sure that satisfied employees are the strength of the company and HR is the most valuable internal asset of the organization. The qualified and energetic lot needs more encouragement, so that the results will be highly impressive which is need of the hour.

Kerala Circle

Office Bearers

Circle President
Sri. Gireesh T
SDE, Calicut
Circle Secretary
Sri. Saheer S
SDE, Trivandrum
Circle Finance Secretary
Sri. Ansal Mohammed C H
SDE, Kottayam
Assistant Circle Secretary
Sri. Abdul Basith
Sri. Denny S
Sri. Vipal Prem
Sri. Prasad Raj RV
Assistant Circle President
Sri. Hari S
Sri. Maxmilan K
Sri. Ratheesh Ponnappan
Sri. Anand Ramakrishnan
CWC Member
Sri. Ramachandran V K
Exec Member
Sri. Dipu Chandran
Sri. Madhu R V
Sri. Joseph K O
Trivandrum SSA


Mob: 9446553830
Sri.Shekhar S Nair
Mob: 9446311300
Finance Secretary
Sri.Sooraj B S
Mob: 9446444450
Kollam SSA


Sri. Sunil Castroe
Mob: 9447572800
Sri.Firaz M
Mob: 9446473344
Finance Secretary
Sri.Hari R Chandran
Mob: 9446379515
Pathanamthitta SSA


Mob: 9447701525
Sri. Manoj.T
Mob: 9446410257
Finance Secretary
Sri. Sreejith.C.V
SDE BSS Pathanamthitta
Mob: 9446415767
Kottayam SSA


Sri. Arun K G
Sri. George Johns
Finance Secretary
Sri. Krishnakumar P R

Alappuzha SSA


Sri.Sunil Kumar S
Mob: 9447655755
Sri.Subiksh T Surendran
Mob: 9446311311
Finance Secretary
Sri. Shinojkumar K.T
Mob: 9446448480
Ernakulam SSA


Sri.Bijoy R
Mob: 9446549133
Sri. Suneer

Finance Secretary
Sri. Cijo P Joseph
Mob: 9400054345
Thrissur SSA


Mob: 9446036333
Sri. Amruth
JTO AT Thrissur
Finance Secretary
Sri. Chandra Kumar
JTO BB Thrissur
Palakkad SSA


Mob: 9446378789
Finance Secretary
Sri. Unmesh
Mob: 9446554737
Malappuram SSA


Sri. Abbas P.M
SDE(NQM)MS, Manjeri
Mob: 9446089199
Sri.Rejith Sebastin
Mob: 9447111390
Finance Secretary
Mob: 9447181900
Kozhikode SSA


Sri. Samel Prasad
JTO, Meppayur
Mob: 9446537537
Sri.Sahir K
SDE OCB Mananchira
Mob: 9447055401
Finance Secretary
Sri. Binoj C B
JTO Badagara
Mob: 9495667666
Kannur SSA


Sri. Anil Kani
Mob: 9446039911
Sri. Muhammedali M C
SDE, Marketing Kannur
Mob: 9446549066
Finance Secretary
Sri. Sudeep C
Mob: 9446509447