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Indefinite Relay Hunger Strike and Work According to Rule from 29.05.2017

The agitation programs deferred till 28.05.2017 will restart on 29.05.2017 as there are not much improvement in DoT on the standard pay scale issues. The Officers in DoT is not serious to correct the mistake even though BSNL management has taken a positive stand on E2 and E3 scales.

Similarly for the issues pertaining to BSNL, not much progress has been made except for some movement of files and lining up the action plan on the issues. So we have to resume the agitation programs from where we left with much more vigour and commitment.

Instead of intervening in the matter and resolving the issues, management is busy in taking vindictive actions one by one. Even they want to silence the employees through the intervention of court, charge sheets, dies-non etc etc.

Comrades, through very tough agitation only we can reverse the DoT decision and resolve the burning HR issues. Make all out preparations and gear up for the Indefinite Relay Hunger Strike and Work According to Rule from 29.05.2017.


Shortage of SIMs in Kerala Circle

Kerala team have discussed the acute shortage of SIMs with S&M section at Corporate office. It was informed that no issues are involved in allotment of SIMs. We are hopeful that the issue will be settled in a week


Temporary Transfer Clearance from Corporate office 25-5-17

The clearance of temporary transfer extension of our member was ensured by Kerala Circle team from corporate office. We extend our thankfulness to our GS & CHQ team with regard to same.




JF leaders met CMD, BSNL and made strong protest against the various disciplinary actions initiated against JF leaders and wage cuts initiated by management and warned that this will only spoil the cordial relations between the management and the employees and provoke the Executives who are already agitated. Management is adding fuel into the fire by such actions. Instead of disciplinary actions, management should try to stop the agitation by addressing the issues. Every employee is having the right to protest and management is trying to impose ban on such rights through court interventions also. We will take all steps to protect the interest of the employees and their rights. It is the primary responsibility of the management to maintain cordial relation between the employees and the management for the growth of BSNL.

JF leaders further discussed about the BSNL proposal for reviewing the PO issued by DoT and approving E2 and E3 pay scales alone as proposed by BSNL.

CMD informed that he had discussed the matter again with PS to Hon MOSC as MOSC is the final authority to decide the matter. MOSC office is more or less convinced on the matter and PS to MOSC will call the JF for the meeting shortly and DIR(HR) will be directed to coordinate for the meeting. CMD briefed the matter to new Secretary, DoT Smt Aruna Sundararajan (additional charge) also. Initially as usual, Secretary was reluctant to intervene in the matter till regular incumbent joins. However CMD appraised the urgency in the matter and sought her intervention to resolve the issue immediately.


Indefinite Relay Hunger Strike and Work According to Rule from 29.05.2017:

The agitation programs deferred till 28.05.2017 will restart on 29.05.2017 as there are not much improvement in DoT on the standard pay scale issues. The DO letter from CMD/BSNL is just processed but still pending with Jt Sec(A)/DoT for more than one week. Officers in DoT is not serious to correct the mistake even though BSNL management has taken a positive stand on E2 and E3 scales.

Similarly for the issues pertaining to BSNL, not much progress has been made except for some movement of files and lining up the action plan on the issues. So we have to resume the agitation programs from where we left.

Unfortunately some Assn is playing very negative role in this regard simply ignoring the larger interest of the cadre. This has exposed them and given everybody the answer to the question why they backed out from the agitation under the banner of JF. Their stand will really help the AS(T) and other officers in DoT who are working overtime to demote the cadres to E1 and E2. Approach each and every Executive and explain the negative campaign by the Assn against E2 and E3. Hurdles are being created in the resolutions of Pay, Promotion and Pension issues by engaging and demoralizing the officers dealing with issues in baseless allegations. All this is being done just with the intent of derailing the settlement of issues. However, ignoring such mindset, let us all concentrate on the program right now and make each executive of BSNL to join the agitation from 29.05.2017. It is our responsibility to convince the members of other Assn, especially thousands of JAOs, AOs etc who are facing demotion and make them to join the agitation.

 Comrades, through very tough agitation only we can reverse the DoT decision and resolve the burning HR issues. Make all preparations by conducting emergency combined general body meeting of the JF at Branch/SSA level in the remaining few days and gear up for the Indefinite Relay Hunger Strike and Work according to Rule from 29.05.2017.Combined Executive Committee meeting at SSA/Circle level also should be convened at the earliest, even during the agitation for making the agitation programmes successful.



Retention of LDCE-2015 Candidates in Kerala

AIGETOA Kerala Circle team discussed the retention of LDCE-15 cleared candidates from Kerala with Circle administration . Click here for the letter submitted .

We are hopeful that circle administration will do the necessary steps inline with the request.

On visit to Corporate office, the same matter was taken with our beloved GS, Sri. Ravisheel Verma and GS assured CHQs full support in retention of LDCE cleared candidates in Kerala circle itself .

Click here for letter given with CHQ


Request Transfer orders issued

The request transfer of SDEs/ JTOs issued by Circle Office in line with our discussion with Circle management.

Transfer order of JTOs

Transfer order of SDEs




As assured to Joint Forum, Personal Section of BSNL CO has issued letter seeking the details on the number of persons getting first time bound upgradation in 4 years, 4-5 years, 5-6 years, 6 years.

 Click here for letter


Meeting with Member(Fin), Telecom Commission on 12.05.2017 regarding reconsideration of PO dated 28.03.2017 and approval of E2 and E3 pay scales:

JF leaders met Smt Anuradha Mitra, new Member(F) and held discussions on the issue. DDG(F) and Director(F) also present in the meeting. Member(F) invited us for the scheduled meeting. JF explained the background. The replacement scales approved for E1A and E2A are lower pay scales of E1 and E2 and as a result the JTO/JAO and SDE/AO cadres stands demoted. It is not at all the proposal of BSNL. DDG(F) tried to justify the decision as done by AS(T) stating that the pay scales were E1, E2 and E1A/E2A were only applicable for the absorbed Executives for fitment purposes. JF refuted the arguments with the PO issued by DoT in 2003 in which it is clearly written that the Executives recruited by BSNL also will have the same pay scales of E1A and E2A. BSNL recruited Executives in E1A scale. JTO, JAO, SDE, AO etc RRs are approved by the BSNL Board with E1A/E2A scales, in which two Board members are from DoT.

Now BSNL management also not agreed to the PO as the pay scales are not recommended by BSNL. BSNL requested to reconsider the decision. JF categorically rejected E1 and E2 scales approved by DoT and told that replacement scales for E1A and E2A should be E2 and E3 as per the recommendation of BSNL.

Meanwhile the letter from CMD, BSNL is processed by the concerned section.

Comrades, it is very clear that DoT will stick to its decision unless and until we are creating so much organizational pressure through the struggles. So make extensive preparations for the work according to rule and relay hunger strike from 29.05.2017. The impact of the struggle only will change the stand of DoT.

Meeting with PGM(Estt) on Superannuation benefits: In continuation of the meeting held last week, further discussions held on the subject. We demanded that further hike in the contribution to 30% is to be considered in view of the fact that the actuarial analysis of medical benefits are completed. After discussion, PGM(Estt) assured to move the proposal.



During the intervening period of three weeks, grass roots level preparations should be continued for the success of the agitation from 29.05.2017. Local level combined meeting shall be convened to explain the developments to the grass root level activists. This three weeks should be effectively utilized by JF CSs, SSA Secretaries and office bearers at all levels for organizing the meetings by extensive tour. It is the time for organizational preparations.

CHQ will try to continue the dialogue with DoT and BSNL management for which the agitation programmes are temporarily deferred with a hope that DoT and BSNL will seriously involve in resolving the issues.

Unfortunately BSNL management is hell bend to crush the Associations/Unions and silence the voices of trade unions and the workers. This situation we didn't see even in DoT era. We will take it as a challenge and will respond organizationally. Management should understand that issues will be resolved only though discussion and not through suppressive measures.

If things are not moving positively, we have to respond organizationally in the strongest manner from 29.05.2017. Gear up for that from 29.05.2017.




In view of the very positive discussions held on 04.05.2017 and 05.05.2017 and the assurance from management to continue the discussions on all the HR issues on weekly basis till the issues are resolved, JF Forum of BSNL Executives Associations decided to defer the Relay Hunger Strike from Monday onwards at BSNL HQ and Circle HQs till 28.05.2017. The Work According to Rule, Non cooperation and Relay Hunger strike at SSA HQs also deferred till 28.05.2017.

The DO letter from CMD, BSNL to Secretary DoT to review the PO dated 28.03.2017 is under process in DoT. Management arranged a combined meeting of JF and BSNL management in the Hon Ministers Office next week to explain the issue. Afterwards management is arranging a meeting with Secretary, DoT also in this regard.

On other HR issues, actions will be initiated from Monday onwards and discussions will be continued from Monday. Director HR shall be reviewing the progress every week.

If the standard pay scales of E2 and E3 are not approved by DoT by 28.05.2017 and progress is not there in the HR issues as assured, our agitation programmes will be resumed and intensified w.e.f 29.05.2017 with the following programmes.

29.05.2017 onwards: Indefinite Relay Hunger Strike and Work According to Rule.

If any negative developments happening in between, these agitation programmes will stand preponed accordingly.

To keep the momentum and mobilization at all levels, the following programs will be observed in the intervening period.

08th to 28th May: Executives will perform duty by wearing demand badges.

Every Tuesday (09th, 16th & 23rd May): Executives will work without taking Lunch, in protest.

Every Thursday (11th, 18th and 25th May): Lunch Hour demonstration at CHQ/Circle/SSA level.


AIGETOA Kerala CEC meeting scheduled on 13th May

Circle Executive Committee meeting of AIGETOA Kerala scheduled to be conducted at Kozhikkode on 13-05-2017.

Venue : Telecom Recreation Club , Mananchira T/E  , Kozhikkode.

Time : 10:30 – 16:30 Hrs

All District representatives and CEC members are requested to make it convenient to attend.



Indefinite Day Long Relay Hunger Strike at BSNL HQ and Circle HQs

In the discussions held with JF on 27.04.2017, DoT in principle agreed to review the PO issued on 28.03.2017. As decided in the meeting, BSNL will be sending the letter for review positively on Monday. Management has informed that they are arranging a joint meeting with MoS(C) office shortly. DoT/BSNL has sought some time to process the proposal again and for conclusive resolution of the pending HR issues. The discussions on HR issues will start from Monday onwards. 

However, this is only half work done. We have to go miles ahead for resolution of HR issues in totality and for that a sustained and intensive struggle is required. We have to keep the momentum as it is and continue discussion with management and DoT.

In view of the above developments, JF decided to continue with the indefinite Day long Relay Hunger strike (9.30 am to 5.30 pm) at BSNL HQ and Circle HQs from 01.05.2017.

Other trade union programs of Indefinite Work According to Rule, Non Cooperation and Relay Hunger Strike at SSA HQs are deferred for a period of two weeks from 01.05.2017. The Executives from various SSAs should participate in the Relay Hunger Strike at Circle HQs and keep the momentum on.

Activists at all levels to keep organizational preparations to launch more intensified trade union programs immediately after two weeks.


JF meeting with CMD and DIR(HR)

After the meeting in DoT on 27.04.2017, JF leaders met CMD and DIR(HR) and thanked them for their strong and open support in the meeting held in DoT for E2 and E3 pay scales. Both of them assured that BSNL is committed to get E2 and E3 scales implemented and both are using their good offices for the intervention of Hon MOSC and Secretary. BSNL assured to send the letter to Secretary, DoT on Monday itself with all the additional points and justification for E2 and E3 scales. It is understood that Management already written to Hon MOSC to call JF for discussion as situation is not under their control. CMD met Secretary, DoT on 26.04.2017 and briefed the situation and sought his intervention. Earlier he briefed the situation to Hon MOSC.

Comrades, DoT may take two to three weeks to review the decision if the same organizational pressure is maintained. Meanwhile other HR issues are to be discussed with BSNL. We have to keep the same tempo and organizational pressure and further in an intensified manner after two weeks. As we informed earlier, it will be a tough and prolonged agitation where we have to keep the momentum as it is for a longer period. Make preparations accordingly.

Kerala Circle

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