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CMD's speech at AIGETOA & AIBSNLEA Joint Open Session on 25th August

Shri Anupam Srivastava, CMD, BSNL took part in Joint Open Session of AIGETOA and AIBSNLEA held at Kolkata on 25.08.2015.

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Joint Committee recommendation on CPSE cadre hierarchy and uniform first time bound promotion is finalized on 11-09-2015 and signed by all the associations. As per the recommendations eligibility for all the promotions from one grade to another grade from JTO/JAO onwards will be uniform five years up to DGM on functional basis irrespective of vacancies and after achieving the bench marks and then DGM to SG-JAG time bound upgrdation will be given to those who are not able to get further promotion due to constraints of vacancies. However charge of DGM will be given up to the number of vacancies available in DGM cadre and rest of the executives will be treated DGM in parking lot i.e. they will get the charge of DGM as and when vacancy created without conducting further DPC. To resolve the past anomaly of first time bound upgradtion it is recommended that first promotion will be uniform in 5 years and same will be review notionally without affecting the financial benefits of those who have already got in 4 years. All the association have tried their level best to make eligibility of 4 years for first promotion but Chairman of the committee clearly conveyed that two member of this committee have already given their decent note and CMD has clearly conveyed that on implementation of CPSE cadre hierarchy there should not be any financial implication on company for getting approval from BSNL board. If committee will recommend in 4 years there is high risk that Management Committee itself will drop the recommendations on account of financial implication. This is not the best career policy as per our expectation but still much-much better than existing policy therefore we all should welcome this policy at this point of time and extend heartiest thanks to Chairman of the committee for moving towards resolution of this long pending issue. True copy of recommendations will be uploaded on website after getting signed from two more committee members who have given decent note which is expected on Monday.


Re-classification / Up-gradation of CitiesTown on the basis of census -2011

BSNL Coporate office endorsed the Reclassification of Towns and Cities on the basis of Census 2011 for the purpose of HRA. Kozhikode, Kochi, Thiruvananthapuram, Thrissur, Malappuram, Kannur and Kollam classified as 'Y' type Cities with 20% HRA. 

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Chairman of the Joint Committee circulated the draft recommendation on implementation of CPSE cadre hierarchy in BSNL and seek feedback of the committee members for finalization of recommendation. Click here for draft recommendations

AIGETOA has submitted the feedback for necessary incorporation and modification in draft recommendations. Click here for feedback


CHQ News: Details of meeting at Corporate Office

SR cell of BSNL CO has issued letter fixing time slot for Associations and Unions to have meeting with Director (HR) in every month. Click here for letter

In adherence to the letter issued by SR cell, AIGETOA had submitted the agenda letter to Director (HR) on 02-09-2015 for discussion in the scheduled time slot for AIGETOA on 03-09-3015. Click here for letter

Meeting was held with Director (HR) on 03-09-2015 at schedule time and discussion on the agenda items as submitted above was held. President Sh Ravishil Verma, AGS Sh Amit Roy, CWC member Delhi Sh Vivek, OS Delhi Sh Badri Mehta from Association side and GM (Pers), GM (Estt), GM (SR), DGM (Pers) were present in the meeting. AIGETOA has submitted the detail of the issues with actual demand and justifications on which discussion is held. Click here for detail of the issues

Outcome of the meeting:

30% superannuation Benefit:

Director (HR) proposed 6% of Basic+DA for contribution towards pension scheme as a part of 30% superannuation benefit in respect of direct recruits and she mentioned that as per the earlier committee report date of effect will be from the date of presidential order in this regard. She also mentioned that it has never been appraised to her about the demand of AIGETOA for date of effect from Oct-2000. We strongly conveyed that it is wrong to say that AIGETOA has not appraised about the date of effect from Oct-2000. In our every letter and agitation notice all the facts and details about quantum and date of effect both are mentioned very clearly. In fact, Association has written at least five letters to madam herself on this issues when she was working as ED (Finance) and now Director (HR).

AIGETOA appreciated the effort and concern of Director (HR) after her joining for resolution of this very genuine and critical issue but at the same time strongly coveys that 6% contribution against 12% due and date of effect from date of presidential order against Oct-2000 is not a fair deal and justice to the direct recruits. Most of the JTO/JAOs have already completed their half of the service and if pension scheme will be implemented from date of presidential order, it will not only be gross injustice to them but also their retired life will be on dark. AIGETOA will further take up this issue with CMD BSNL and request to take decision purely one merit and render justice to the direct recruits on this issue which is nothing but our life after retirement. We understand the difficulty of the BSNL board to make contribution for past arrear which will come around Rs 300 Cr but we are not demanding this amount as on today. BSNL board must agree principally and arrear amount can be contributed in installments say Rs 50 Cr per year or even less or when company earns profit. Rs 300 Cr from the account of the company having turnover in tune of Rs 30000 Cr is not a big amount especially when it saves the retire life of around about 30000 employees. Most importantly BSNL has already deducted this amount from the salary of direct recruits by extending lower pay scale of E1A instead E2 in the name of pension contribution; there is no question of stopping arrear contribution. This association is very much hopeful that our present CMD, Director (HR) and other board of Directors will understand the criticality, merit and necessity of the issue so that issue can be resolved in totality to end the fight for ever.

DGM recruitment from among outside:

Detail discussion on this issue took place and association has clearly conveyed the resentment of the qualified executives of BSNL that they are not at all going to accept any such recruitment which have no merit, framed to satisfy some vested interest on the cost of internal executives and only abuse/hurt our dignity and talent hence demanded to scrap the ongoing process of DGM recruitment from among outside ignoring more qualified and experience internal talent. Association has also demanded to have investigation behind vested interest in making DGM recruitment from among outside. This association is quite sure that some VYAPAM type of scam will come out if it will be investigated with proper agency. Director (HR) was quit convinced with our concern but conveyed that this decision was taken by the earlier board and She is not in the position to declare it wrong without going into the depth of the issue. She wants some more time to study the background of the issue but assured that no injustice will be done on internal candidates. She instructed GM (Pers) to share all the detail behind DGM recruitment and also the court order based on which eligibility of the internal candidates were denied. She wanted to know that whether court has denied or RR made by BSNL itself has denied the eligibility of the internal candidates. if BSNL has not made eligible to internal candidates by putting some specific conditions in RR, what was justification behind such conditions?

One increment to the SDEs promoted through LDCE:

Association has put all the facts and justification on this issue and after having detail discussion Director (HR) seems convinced and instructed GM (Pers) to share complete detail for delay in conducing LDCE-2012 and court order in this regard based on which BSNL has already extended one increment to 124 SDEs qualified through LDCE-2002 in similar case. Director (HR) assured to take decision on merit without any discrimination and injustice. She also instructed this association to have followed up on this issue for final disposal.


Strike called by Central Trade Unions on 02-09-2015

General Strike called by Central Trade Unions on 02-09-2015 is completely Trade Union Movement. AIGETOA appreciate their demands and extend solidarity but being executives association by birth this association cannot become part and parcel of any trade union movements.



Under direction of the then GM (Establishment) Sh R K Goyal contribution towards pension scheme as a part of superannuation benefits was calculated and arrived at 3%. As per his calculation if 3% contribution is made towards the pension scheme of direct recruits they will get more pension then absorbed employees covered under Government Pension scheme under rule 37-A. On strong objection to his manipulated calculation and consistent persuasion of this association BSNL board has returned the proposal to remuneration committee of BSNL board with remark to have a fresh calculation in consultation with this association. This association along with establishment cell of BSNL CO under direction of new GM (establishment) Smt. Madhu Arora has gone through the detail calculation considering all the possibilities in future. It is established through calculation that if all future pay revision will happen with 30% fitment benefits BSNL has to contribute more than 85% of Basic + DA towards the pension scheme of direct recruits to match the pension benefits of absorbed employees. If all the future pay revision will happen with only DA merger and without any fitment benefits BSNL has to contribute more than 43% of Basic + DA towards the pension scheme of direct recruits to match the pension benefits of absorbed employees. Similarly if there is no any future pay revision in BSNL and even DA is not merged (this situation will never come in any CPSE because before that CPSE will be closed) BSNL has to contribute 6% of Basic + DA towards the pension scheme of direct recruits to match the pension benefits of absorbed employees.

As we are talking in present date where pay revision is implemented with 30% fitment benefits, BSNL has to contribute more than 85% of Basic+ DA towards the pension scheme of direct recruits to match the pension benefits of absorbed employees. Surprisingly the then GM establishment Sh R K Goyal had presented calculation before all association/unions and even BSNL board that with 3% contribution direct recruits will get more pension than absorbed employees.

Now establishment cell of BSNL CO have moved the file with correct calculation including all the option. This file is routed through EF cell of BSNL CO and will finally reach to remuneration committee of board. Remuneration committee will decide the quantum and date of effect of superannuation benefits based on new calculation which will finally be put up to BSNL board. We believe that decision will be taken on merit and we have every justification for pension contribution not less than 12% of Basic + DA and date of effect 01.10.2000.



It seems that some association meeting with some committee members are trying to misguide the executives on CPSE cadre hierarchy. Association known for very fast update but late updation on website on such big issue and achievement clearly shows that they are trying to play something else. First of all the joint committee was not of the unanimous opinion of time bound functional promotion up to Sr SDE and equivalent grades. At least AIGETOA and AIBSNLEA have never accepted such proposal and there is no meaning of accepting such useless proposal. Sr. SDE is not a functional post and as per existing policy one JTO/JAO have scope to reach up to DE/AGM level just in 10 years but with such proposal one JTO/JAO can reach to DE/AGM only after 15 years. Only two members known for negative attitude and stopping the genuine benefits and growth of executives have opposed functional promotion up to DGM just because they don’t want to see internal executives as DGM in BSNL. Chairman of the committee clearly said that when one Engineering Graduate and CA/ICWA from outside can become DGM in BSNL just in 12 years of post qualification experience why can’t our internal executives possessing all the qualification and experience in BSNL itself. We agree that after adopting functional promotion up to DGM number of DGM and DE will increase substantially but this cannot be the reason to deny the genuine promotional avenue of internal qualified executives and making recruitment from outside. Moreover most of the executives in the grade of DE and DGM are going to retire in coming years. Number of executives in each grade can be optimized by regulating the recruitment at feeder level every year. Apart from this increased number of DE and DGM can easily be accommodated in big company like BSNL by work allocation and redefining the work profile. BSNL has no need of Joint GM, Add. GM, Sr.GM and PGM but these posts are created just to ensure the promotional avenue of ITS officers and accommodate in BSNL by work allocation. If this association is so much concern of increased number of DE/DGM then they must accept the qualification bar at the level of DE as of original proposal of BSNL so that only qualified executives can reach to DE and above. This will also solve all the problems of executives as well as company. Executives association must not play with the career of executives just for taking favour of some vested interest in BSNL and making survival of their Netagiri.


Update on DoPT Case on 12-08-2015

On 12-08-2015, the delay game played by respondents, affecting  career progression of thousands of JTOs continued again. Respondents again asked for time to reply DR JTOs arguments which were already made well in advance at Hon High Court, Kerala.

The unjustified backdated year of recruitment, the seniority vacancies taken from DR JTO Quota, discrepancies in present all india eligibility list according to DoPT guidelines  etc may have to be regularized by BSNL.

All executives are requested not to fall into any rumours / vested interests play.


Update on DoPT Case on 05-08-2015

Case is posted to next Wednesday ( ie 12-08-2015)

Today once again, one of the respondent counsel supported by (????), requested for extension of the case (for reasons best known to them): We doubt, some vested interest groups are trying again to de-rail the actual merit of the DoPT case , in the same manner they tried in Hon. CAT, Ernakulam.

The situation / merit is in such a way that, actual following of DoPT guidelines will give the delayed and so far denied justice/ seniority to all Direct Recruit JTOs, meanwhile it will also ensure the correct seniority for actual justified promotee JTOs in BSNL.

We Direct recruits are not against anybody at the same time we should be aware of our justified rights . We will fight to the maximum to ensure that rights which were snatched away from us , by the backdoor dirty works by some so called saviors are returned back.



Updates on DoPT case at Hon. High Court, Ernakulam

After detailed arguments, case posted to wednesday (05.08.2015), as the councel from respondent's side requested time for further hearing.

Association is trying to get benefits to all DR JTOs irrespective of their present affinity. We are hopeful that justice will be rendered to all DR JTOs in 2001, 2002, 2005, 2007 and 2008 batches.


Update on DoPT case

Before starting final argument, one counsel from respondent, tried for non-hearing of new set of applicants from all DR batches (2001 to 2009) quoting some technical grounds, which they had not raised so far. Honorable court adjourned the hearing to wednsday.



Eid Mubarak...

Wishing you and your loved ones a blessed Eid...




In today's meeting, the committee has finally decided to extend E2 and E3 in place of E1A and E2A w.e.f 01.01.2007. Though management side wanted to recommend that Arrears may be given after company comes into profit but due to strong objection from the association side, it was decided that committee will submit its recommendations by incorporating the views of all the members in the report and let the final decision on the arrears payment will be taken by board . Cascading effect was not in the purview of the committee and hence decision on the same was not given . Next meeting is scheduled on 27th July 2015 to discuss the CPSU cadre hierarchy.

Friends, the battle is only half won. We will go all out to ensure that arrears are not dropped at any cost. For the delay on the part of the management, we can not let the executives suffer.



Three days nationwide hunger fast called by the united forum of AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA was observed successfully all over India on first day. Executives from the nook and corner of the country participated actively and shown overwhelming support to make the programs a grand success.

Realizing the gravity and strength of the agitation, four rounds of talks were held with Senior GM (SR), GM (Pers), Director (HR) and CMD BSNL with the representatives of AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA. Considering our demands and acknowledging the genuineness of the issues raised and the subsequent resentment and unrest amongst the executives, BSNL management informed us that they have deferred the internal and external MT exam for six months. We insisted that since the discussion on CPSU hierarchy is going on in the committee headed by ED (NB), any discussion on the requirement of any fast track mechanism within internal candidates should be held thereafter and MT in any form is not acceptable to us. We also pleaded with management to inform the timeline for resolution and progress on other pending HR issues discussed with Director (HR). Director (HR) appreciated our concern and directed Senior GM (SR) to issue a letter in line with the discussions.

Thereafter, CMD BSNL assured that he has been personally monitoring the developments and he is aware of the commitment given by HR wing. He further reaffirmed his commitment for resolution of the NO MT issue raised by the forum and resolution of other HR issues in a time bound manner. He also assured us that an agenda meeting with United Forum shall be held on Monday, the 13th July 2015 for his review of the HR issues. CMD BSNL emphasized on the need for exercising restraint and patience in view of the formalities associated with the matter. He also asked us to concentrate on the viability of the BSNL and making the recently launched schemes popular i.e. free night calling and free roaming and to provide quality services to the customers. We assured our fullest cooperation in his endeavor to turn around BSNL and to achieve its pristine glory.

President, AGS AIGETOA along with Com GS, President AIBSNLEA attended all the meetings with the management and also addressed the meeting during hunger fast at BSNL CO, New Delhi.

In response to the positive gesture shown by the BSNL management particularly CMD BSNL, forum of AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA has decided to defer the ongoing agitation program for six months. Though, some break through has been achieved but final outcome is awaited. We sincerely hope that management will honor its commitment for implementation of CPSU cadre hierarchy and resolution of pending HR issues in a time bound manner failing which we all should keep ourselves ready for resuming the deferred agitation program. At this juncture, we request all the members of AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA and other executives who supported the program, to resume their duties immediately and to concentrate for the growth of BSNL. We extend our sincere gratitude and heartfelt thanks to all the office bearers, esteemed members and well-wishers for their overwhelming support to the agitation program.

Letter for deferment by United Forum.Click here

Appeal of SR Cell of BSNL Corporate Office-Letter-1. Click here

Appeal of SR Cell of BSNL Corporate Office-letter-2. Click here

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