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Kind Attention Direct Recruits of BSNL- Your Retired Life is Completely in Danger More than Current Pay & Career :

Direct recruits of BSNL, please get up open your eyes before it gets too late. Earlier committee formed for looking in to the issue of superannuation benefits of direct recruits has completely misguided the BSNL board by presenting wrong data. As per the old committee analysis direct recruits will get handsome pension even more than absorbed executives with 2-3% contribution towards pension scheme. Due to strong reaction of this association, said proposal could not get through in board and handed over to new committee for addressing the concern raised by us. The new committee is analyzing the facts and quantum of pension contribution. This association has been asked to prepare comprehensive analysis of pension for direct recruit’s vis-à-vis absorbed executives to be presented before authority. This association has put long and comprehensive study on the issue, finding of which is very much shocking for all of us. Even BSNL will make full contribution of 12% towards our pension scheme apart from EPF our retired life is not safe. See the below summery and go through the excel sheet attached herewith for detail analysis. Click here for detail analysis

Pension Comparison between Absorbed and direct recruits executives in BSNL

Category of Employee Date of Birth Date Of appointment Pension amount if resign/retire from the service
On March-15 (actual)        Last Drawn Basic + DA= Rs 69684/- On March-22(projected)Last Drawn Basic +DA= Rs. 215360/- On Feb-2036(Projected)Last drawn Basic + DA = Rs. 1189174/-
Direct Recruit (with EPF and without pension scheme) 12th Feb 1976 1st Apr 2002 Rs 4855 up to age of 58 and then Rs 6062 till death (Fixed Amount) Rs 20635 up to age of 58 and then Rs 22492 till death (Fixed Amount) Fix amount of Rs 219545/-till death (Fixed Amount)
Direct Recruit (with EPF and with pension scheme @ 12% of Basic+DA) 12th Feb 1976 1st Apr 2002 Rs 10367/-up to age of 58 and thenRs 11574/-till death (Fixed Amount) Rs 41929 /- up to age of 58 and then Rs 43786 /- till death (Fixed Amount) Rs 422196/-till death (Fixed Amount)
Absorbed Executive (Government Pension) 12th Feb 1976 1st Apr 2002 Rs 34842/-(subjected to increase with DA and pay revision) Rs 107680/-(subjected to increase with DA and pay revision) Rs 594586/-(subjected to increase with DA and pay revision)

All direct recruits are requested to please spare some time and go through the attached analysis. It can make you to wake up in time so that you don’t die before you actually die. This association has been fighting with contribution of limited number of direct recruits and have been able to keep alive the issues so far but final resolution of the issues need support and contribution of each and every direct recruits. Please don’t help this association but help yourself. Every association and fight needs financial, mental and physical support. All DR are requested to please get together on one platform so that our fight for pay, promotion and pension can yield desirable result. If you believe AIGETOA please pay your basic membership and subscription fee as displayed on website which will not only strengthen this association financially but also give us clear picture about our unity and strength.


Circle Executive Committee Meeting on 9th May at EKM

The Circle Executive Committee meeting of AIGETOA Kerala is decided to be conducted on 09-05-2015 Saturday at Shikshak Sadan hall No:120, Ernakulam at 10AM. All CECE Members and SSA Office bearers are requested to attend the meeting on time.




Various queries are being received from members of this association about action plan of the association against MT recruitment. It is to convey to all that this association will fight on both front legal as well as organizational action. Legal front may give us immediate relief but cannot finish this MT ghost forever. AIGETOA has already filed the case on MT recruitment and standard pay scale where we are confident to get relief on both the issues. MT/DGM recruitment from among external candidates are only the vested interest of earlier management on the cost of the company and moral of qualified executives just to justify the deputation of ITS officers beyond rules. This association also hopes that present BSNL management, who seems to be more concern towards survival of BSNL, will understand the game plan behind this MT/DGM recruitment and it’s after effect and renders justice to existing qualified executives. But we must understand the fact that even mother will not feed baby until he cries so we cannot assume that present management will take care of us suo moto. This association will give you all, the platform to cry loudly so that management is forced to take care of us. This association is going to serve agitational notice along with AIBSNLEA against MT recruitment and this time we will go up to the extent where either proposed MT or already recruited qualified engineers/account officers will be in BSNL. We all are ready for do or die. .





So far, we are deprived from various financial benefits including pay scale and social security but recruitment of MT in BSNL above already recruited professionally qualified direct recruits having executive experience up to 12 year in BSNL itself is direct attack and abuse to our dignity, qualification and talent. This association has shown the resentment of direct recruit’s executives in year 2008 against the MT recruitment but seems BSNL has very short memory. There are several flaws in internal MT which will be trapped in litigation and we have several apprehension about recruitment of external MT. any recruitment in CPSEs must be well justified and must not be just to protect or abuse some cadre. There is no justification of MT recruitment above already recruited professionally qualified executives in BSNL but it is just to protect the ITS deputation beyond rule and clear abuse to DR executives.

After having vast discussion on the issue among the representatives and members, this association has decided to protest beyond limit against this unwarranted MT recruitment. All district and circle representatives are requested to start campaigning against this MT recruitment without any ifs and buts. This is the matter of our dignity, respect of our qualification and talent. We are not ready to compromise on this issue and must have zero tolerance. GS has already addressed the direct recruits at Hyderabad on 02-05-2015 and on the way of addressing DR at Chennai and Bangalore on 11 and 12 May respectively. DR from Chennai and Bangalore are requested to participate on schedule date. This association will shortly serve the notice along with our alliance partner AIBSNLEA against this MT recruitment and ensure this dirty play to stop forever.




Forum of AIGETOA and AIBSNLEA writes reminder letter to CMD BSNL for granting formal meeting for settlement of various pending HR issues. we also met to Sr. GM (SR) for granting of meeting where he conformed that feedbacks from various cells have been almost received and meeting will be granted shortly.Click here for reminder letter




Note on the meeting of the forum with Secretary DOT.For Details Click here


Forum was not in the opinion to have discussion on 30% superannuation benefit for direct recruits assuming this issue is not in the domain of DOT. DOT is not only administrative head of BSNL but also having 100% share. It’s true that 30% superannuation benefits falls under domain of BSNL but this benefit is not independent. It is linked with the lower IDA pay scale finalization of BSNL than MTNL which was finalized by DOT to extend the pensionary benefits. Subrule-23 of Rule-37A of CCS pension rule clearly says that BSNL has to devise it’s own pension scheme for its direct recruits employees. AIGETOA was expecting that convener forum will take up this issue with Secretary DOT in detail but when meeting was just about to sum up GS AIGETOA had to raise this issue independently before secretary DOT. As other constituent of forum except AIBSNLEA did not say any words on this issue and it was the last movement of the meeting this issue could not been heard properly.

Knowing well that DOT will not intervene much on this issue GS Sh R P Shahu, President Sh Ravi Shil Verma, AGS Sh Amit Roy and CWC Member Sh Subhendu met the new members of the committee looking for finalization of superannuation benefits and submitted afresh all the justification and also pointed out the flaws in the recommendations of earlier committee. The new committee is quite convinced on the issue said that as per the instruction of CMD BSNL they are looking positively and will address all the concern of association so that issue can be finalized on merit. The committee will come out initially with white paper to take further input of the association before finalization of it’s recommendations. We are quite hopeful that with the effort of this association and support of members and transparency in finalization of the resolution on merit we will be able to achieve this very legitimate benefit.

Apart from this GS Sh R P Shahu, President Sh Ravi Shil Verma, AGS Sh Amit Roy and CWC Member Sh Subhendu have also discussed about finalization of standard pay scale, pending rule-8 request in JTO cadre with our new GM (Establishment) Smt Madhu Arora. She was quite positive on this issue and wants some time and more discussion on these issues so that feasible solution can be achieved in time. This association has also detailed the EPF case for making contribution on training period and fixing the responsibility for loss of company due to penalty. She assured us to go through the case and will act accordingly to make the contribution on training period. Regarding fixing of the responsibility competent authority will take decision. She was also surprised to learn that concern section of BSNL has issued order to restrict the EPS contribution of Rs 6500/- although BSNL has to pay nothing extra on account of it.



LDCE Notified for the vacancy year 2010-2011

Corporate Office issued notification for holding Limited Departmental Competitive Examination for Promotion to the grade of sub-divisional Engineer (Telecom) under 33% Quota to be held on 21.06.2015. View Notification



Ensure 100% Participation in FORUM strike to be held on 21st and 22nd April 2015

AIGETOA is part of united forum for the purpose of proposed strike and also signed the strike notice. All member of this association are requested to fully participate in the forum strike to be held on 21st and 22nd April-2015. SSA representatives must ensure 100% participation



Merger of STP with STR

Southern Telecom Region ( STR) and Southern Telecom Project ( STP) Circles Merged and to come under single CGM(STR&STP).



Save my career in BSNL

Save My Career in BSNL : Fight For Pay, Promotion & Pension

BSNL on the way of degrading the direct recruit JTO cadre to E1 level and creating space for another direct recruitment at E3 level in the name of MT (Management Trainee) - Shall we see our career getting demolished, degradation of pay and denial of retiral benefits by just seating idle ????  Big NO… So Let us all start this fight together and tell BSNL Management that we are qualified executives and ready to perish in the "Fight of Self Respect, Dignity & Justice". Our recruitment is already as MT and we are the successor of BSNL Management. We must be given our dues in terms of Pay, Promotion & Pension. There is no space for another direct recruitment above us. For more details.Click here

Massive Campaigning Program of AIGETOA - Activity to be performed:

In the first step, all the direct recruits’ executives should submit their representation to the authorities mentioned. One copy for each authority must be submitted through proper channel and the advance copy should be sent directly to their address given in the representation through "Speed Post Only". Remember if every direct recruit, irrespective of association will submit this representation, it will definitely force board of directors to re-think on their proposal for MT recruitment, Pay and Pension issue.

The same representation must be filed as grievance to PMO PG portal. Click here for PG portal

Procedure & Instruction for filing grievance in PG Portal. Click here for procedure & instructions for PG Portal

Steps to Submit Individual Representation as Grievance to PMO PG portal :

  1. Type given link of PMO PG Portal : http://pgportal.gov.in/GrievanceNew.aspx

  2. Select an Option as “Public Grievance”

  3. Click on Grievance Pertains to : “Central Government Ministries/Departments”

  4. Select Ministry/Department : “Department of Telecommunications”

  5. Grievance Pertains to : “Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited Corporate Office”

  6. Grievance Category : Select as “ Service Matters”

  7. Grievance description: Please write as “PDF file of representation is attached”

  8. Do you want to upload PDF Attachment: Select “Yes” and attached the PDF File of your representation.

  9. After filling the complete required information, Click on submit.

  10. On submitting you will get “Your Registration Number” which you required to fill on AIGETOA online Form.

Important Note:

  1. Submission/sending of representation must be done before 20th Mar-2015, CHQ and Circle representatives must take the responsibility to contact each and every direct recruit.

  2. One scanned copy of representation must be sent for association on email id:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   for the purpose of record for future need.

  3. After sending the representation and filing on grievance portal, each & every executive need to fill AIGETOA online form "Save My Career in BSNL : Fight For Pay, Promotion & Pension". Click here for online form

  4. In the second step, this association will take a call for mass Dharna at BSNL corporate office and repeat the history of Dec-2008. (In Dec-2008, BSNL board was forced to take back the MT recruitment after notification).

  5. Remember, Present board is completely unaware of this conspiracy against direct recruits executives and carrying forward the decision of old board. If we all the 10000 direct recruit will send their representation we hope there is no need for second step.




Calling Volunteers to ERP Core team in the grade of JTOs

Corporate Office called for volunteers to the ERP core team from DR JTOs below 40 years of age on temporary basis for a period of 2 years.


View Letter




It is really disappointing to see the U-tern of some of the executive associations who had been justifying years together with BSNL management that experience matters but now their stand is very diplomatic in justifying MT/DGM recruitment. On the justification of experience they have not been given only service weightage in EPP due to which absorbed executives get first time upgradation in 4 years while DR get in 6 years but also got en-block seniority over DR. They have vigorously pursued and achieved for relaxation of qualification in BSNLMSRR on pretext of experience due to which all the absorbed executives even having primary education are eligible for promotion to the post of DE and DGM. Few years back BSNL had rejected the proposal of Petorda committee (formed under direction of Honorable Prime Minister of India) to recruit some professional at the level of GM, CGM and above on the justification that this will disaster for the moral of ITS officers who will not like to work under any external candidates.

BSNL has every power to make recruitment at any level and this association is not at all against any recruitment at any level if it is meant for talent acquisition but not for any other reason. BSNL management is free to higher professionally qualified candidates from institute like IIM and experienced professionals from open market at higher level. This association not only believes but confident that direct recruit professionally qualified JTO and JAO having more than 3 to 12 years experience are best in the country to handle the responsibility of higher post in Telecom Operation and Finance. This is totally wrong justification being given by some executives associations and BSNL management that BSNL need to recruit professionally qualified external candidates in the name of MT/DGM to handle the responsibility of managerial post. BSNL has already recruited best talent of professionally qualified candidates in the name of JTO/JAO, the need is only to formulate contemporary career policy so that these qualified candidates can be groomed and promoted timely to the managerial post.

  • We are not ready to accept such an ill-treatment that one candidates having 12 years of experience in any private company are talented enough to be appointed as DGM in BSNL but more qualified executives of BSNL having more than 12 years of experience in BSNL itself are not talented to handle the responsibility of DGM post.

  • We are not ready accept that one fresh candidate recruited as MT at E3 is talented enough to be groomed to handle the responsibility of managerial post in BSNL but professionally qualified executives of BSNL already working at E3 and above are not talented to be groomed to handle the responsibility of managerial post in BSNL.

  • So for we have worked under non-technical and non-professional employees in the name of experience but now after getting experience in BSNL and having all the professional qualification we are not ready to work under fresh candidates.

  • We are not ready to accept that BSNL is having money to extend pay revision benefits to more than 2.5 lakhs employees of BSNL but not having money to provide same benefits by extending E2 and pay parity to the professionally qualified executives recruited on or after 01-01-2007.

  • We are not ready to accept that BSNL upgraded the pay (pre-revised 6500 to 7450) of JTO working on deputation in BSNL from DOT but degrading the pay (E1A TO E1) of JTO recruited by BSNL itself after pay revision.

  • We are not ready to accept that all the absorbed employees including our board of directors need handsome pensionary benefit for survival of their retired life but direct recruits executives of BSNL are forced to retire without any pensionary benefits. We are also not ready to accept that BSNL is having money to extend perks and allowances to all the 2.5 lakhs absorbed employees and ITS officers working on deputation but not having money to provide superannuation benefit to direct recruit employees of BSNL.

It is a humble appeal of AIGETOA to All the DR executives of BSNL please don’t be lured and wait anymore; no other association will help you out. It is disappointing to see that some direct recruits executives joining other association who are working against our pay, promotion and pension. Government has already directed BSNL to formulate complete and comprehensive HR policy, finalization of standard pay scale and superannuation benefit is in advance stage. This is high time to act together for all the direct recruits. Please send representation as uploaded on front page of this association. This is only way to show our protest in mass. If we all 12000 direct recruit will send this representation this will definitely attract the attention of authorities and give them sufficient base to intervene in policy decision in BSNL on HR issues.

Just remember the great quote “our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter”. “In the end we will remember not the words of our enemies but the silence of our friends”


Long Stay List of SDEs and JTOs

Long stay list of SDEs and JTOs having more than 10 years stay published by Kerala Circle Office.

View long stay list

Transfer Requests received at Circle Office published, if any left out cases please inform Circle/SSA office bearers.

View transfer request received  

Kerala Circle

Office Bearers

Circle President
Sri. Gireesh T
SDE, Calicut
Circle Secretary
Sri. Saheer S
SDE, Trivandrum
Circle Finance Secretary
Sri. Ansal Mohammed C H
SDE, Kottayam
Assistant Circle Secretary
Sri. Abdul Basith
Sri. Denny S
Sri. Vipal Prem
Sri. Prasad Raj RV
Circle Vice President
Sri. Hari S
Sri. Maxmilan K
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Sri. Ramachandran V K
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Finance Secretary
Sri. Sreejith.C.V
SDE BSS Pathanamthitta
Mob: 9446415767
Kottayam SSA


Smt. Lovely, SDE Kottayam
Sri. George Johns
Finance Secretary
Sri. Krishnakumar P R

Alappuzha SSA


Sri.Sunil Kumar S
Mob: 9447655755
Sri.Subiksh T Surendran
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Finance Secretary
Sri. Shinojkumar K.T
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Ernakulam SSA


Sri.Bijoy R
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Sri. Suneer

Finance Secretary
Sri. Cijo P Joseph
Mob: 9400054345
Thrissur SSA


Sri. Anand Ramakrishnan
Finance Secretary
Sri. Chandra Kumar
JTO BB Thrissur
Palakkad SSA


Mob: 9446378789
Finance Secretary
Sri. Unmesh
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Malappuram SSA


Sri. Abbas P.M
SDE(NQM)MS, Manjeri
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Sri.Rejith Sebastin
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Finance Secretary
Mob: 9447181900
Kozhikode SSA


Sri. Samel Prasad
JTO, Meppayur
Mob: 9446537537
Sri.Sahir K
SDE OCB Mananchira
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Finance Secretary
Sri. Binoj C B
JTO Badagara
Mob: 9495667666
Kannur SSA


Sri. Anil Kani
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Sri. Muhammedali M C
SDE, Marketing Kannur
Mob: 9446549066
Finance Secretary
Sri. Sudeep C
Mob: 9446509447