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Calling Volunteers to ERP Core team in the grade of JTOs

Corporate Office called for volunteers to the ERP core team from DR JTOs below 40 years of age on temporary basis for a period of 2 years.


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It is really disappointing to see the U-tern of some of the executive associations who had been justifying years together with BSNL management that experience matters but now their stand is very diplomatic in justifying MT/DGM recruitment. On the justification of experience they have not been given only service weightage in EPP due to which absorbed executives get first time upgradation in 4 years while DR get in 6 years but also got en-block seniority over DR. They have vigorously pursued and achieved for relaxation of qualification in BSNLMSRR on pretext of experience due to which all the absorbed executives even having primary education are eligible for promotion to the post of DE and DGM. Few years back BSNL had rejected the proposal of Petorda committee (formed under direction of Honorable Prime Minister of India) to recruit some professional at the level of GM, CGM and above on the justification that this will disaster for the moral of ITS officers who will not like to work under any external candidates.

BSNL has every power to make recruitment at any level and this association is not at all against any recruitment at any level if it is meant for talent acquisition but not for any other reason. BSNL management is free to higher professionally qualified candidates from institute like IIM and experienced professionals from open market at higher level. This association not only believes but confident that direct recruit professionally qualified JTO and JAO having more than 3 to 12 years experience are best in the country to handle the responsibility of higher post in Telecom Operation and Finance. This is totally wrong justification being given by some executives associations and BSNL management that BSNL need to recruit professionally qualified external candidates in the name of MT/DGM to handle the responsibility of managerial post. BSNL has already recruited best talent of professionally qualified candidates in the name of JTO/JAO, the need is only to formulate contemporary career policy so that these qualified candidates can be groomed and promoted timely to the managerial post.

  • We are not ready to accept such an ill-treatment that one candidates having 12 years of experience in any private company are talented enough to be appointed as DGM in BSNL but more qualified executives of BSNL having more than 12 years of experience in BSNL itself are not talented to handle the responsibility of DGM post.

  • We are not ready accept that one fresh candidate recruited as MT at E3 is talented enough to be groomed to handle the responsibility of managerial post in BSNL but professionally qualified executives of BSNL already working at E3 and above are not talented to be groomed to handle the responsibility of managerial post in BSNL.

  • So for we have worked under non-technical and non-professional employees in the name of experience but now after getting experience in BSNL and having all the professional qualification we are not ready to work under fresh candidates.

  • We are not ready to accept that BSNL is having money to extend pay revision benefits to more than 2.5 lakhs employees of BSNL but not having money to provide same benefits by extending E2 and pay parity to the professionally qualified executives recruited on or after 01-01-2007.

  • We are not ready to accept that BSNL upgraded the pay (pre-revised 6500 to 7450) of JTO working on deputation in BSNL from DOT but degrading the pay (E1A TO E1) of JTO recruited by BSNL itself after pay revision.

  • We are not ready to accept that all the absorbed employees including our board of directors need handsome pensionary benefit for survival of their retired life but direct recruits executives of BSNL are forced to retire without any pensionary benefits. We are also not ready to accept that BSNL is having money to extend perks and allowances to all the 2.5 lakhs absorbed employees and ITS officers working on deputation but not having money to provide superannuation benefit to direct recruit employees of BSNL.

It is a humble appeal of AIGETOA to All the DR executives of BSNL please don’t be lured and wait anymore; no other association will help you out. It is disappointing to see that some direct recruits executives joining other association who are working against our pay, promotion and pension. Government has already directed BSNL to formulate complete and comprehensive HR policy, finalization of standard pay scale and superannuation benefit is in advance stage. This is high time to act together for all the direct recruits. Please send representation as uploaded on front page of this association. This is only way to show our protest in mass. If we all 12000 direct recruit will send this representation this will definitely attract the attention of authorities and give them sufficient base to intervene in policy decision in BSNL on HR issues.

Just remember the great quote “our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter”. “In the end we will remember not the words of our enemies but the silence of our friends”


Long Stay List of SDEs and JTOs

Long stay list of SDEs and JTOs having more than 10 years stay published by Kerala Circle Office.

View long stay list

Transfer Requests received at Circle Office published, if any left out cases please inform Circle/SSA office bearers.

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Ask yourself and decide :

  • Whether BSNL is having dearth of professionally qualified executives and need external candidates (MT/DGM) for executing the responsibility of managerial post?

  • When all CPSEs of the country make recruitment of ET/MT at single level (Either E2 OR E3) and promote them to TOP management level then why BSNL is proposing MT recruitment above already recruited professionally qualified candidates?

  • BSNL is giving pay scale upgradation but not giving functional responsibility of the pay scale to professionally qualified internal candidates but making recruitment of external candidates. Do we feel that we the professionally qualified direct recruits are not competent to handle the responsibility?

  • BSNL has made recruitment of DGM from among the candidates working in any private company having engineering degree and 12 year post qualification experience in any domain but person working in BSNL having similar and even more qualification and having 12-20 years experience in BSNL are not even eligible to appear in the DGM recruitment. Do we think that we are the waste of the engineering graduate of the country and BSNL has given us job as we were rejected by all the private company of the world?

  • BSNL has made direct recruitment JTO/JAO (Group-B) at E1A and have been placed en-block junior to under-qualified JTO/JAO (Group-C) in the name of experience but now we are having qualification as well as experience of 3-13 years but we are being placed en-block junior to similarly qualified proposed MT. isn’t it the dual stand of BSNL?

  • Why BSNL has recruited qualified candidates at executive’s cadre in the name of JTO/JAO and not recruited MT just after formation of BSNL in Oct-2000?

  • If BSNL will recruit external MT at E3 pay scale then how BSNL will extend E2 pay scale to JTO and E3 pay scale to E3? Are we ready to accept degradation i.e. E1 for JTO and E2 for SDE just to create the space for MT?

  • If BSNL will recruit external MT at E3 then what will be the career of direct recruit JTO/JAO cadre? Very few individual may qualify the internal MT but what about whole cadre. Will this JTO/JAO cadre become absolute and their career will be mingle with the career path of TTA?

  • All the ITS officers and absorbed employees are enjoying the government pension and even allowances but we the direct recruits are denied of superannuation benefits against the order of DPE/GoI. Do we think that this is not the discrimination and we don’t need social and future security for old age?

  • Last but not least, do we think that only few direct recruits will sacrifice themselves and will be able to achieve all these? In other words don’t you think that we will definitely succeed if all the 10000 direct recruits protest together?

This association is very much sure that when you will ask all such questions to yourself, you will reach to conclusion that some big conspiracy has been done with direct recruit JTO/JAO in past. We have never been treated like officers but treated like non-executives hence always ignored our legitimate dues extended by DPE. This conspiracy was done just to prolong the deputation of ITS officers and to create batter bargaining situation by saying that there are no qualified officers in BSNL who can be substitute/successor of ITS. But now, the fates of ITS officers are decided and they are going to join BSNL after year-2016 taking the benefits of 7th pay commission of central government. Now present authorities of BSNL are not interested in making recruitment of external candidates in the name of MT/DGM but decision taken earlier by the past authorities to recruit external MT/DGM cannot be withdrawn simply. To withdraw such unwarranted decision authorities need strong will power to say that decision taken earlier is having no merit and part of some conspiracy but such will power seems impossible. There is only option of mass protest and unrest among existing qualified executives which can give present authorities a sufficient ground to withdraw such decision.

Don’t think that few direct recruits will be able to resolve all these problems. If you think that you are qualified direct recruits executive and having every talent and competency to handle the managerial responsibility and you deserve at par pay scale and retiral benefits, you must extend your unconditional support and active participation in this fight. This association doesn’t know what will be the end result of this fight hence doesn’t guarantee anything but it is quite sure that sitting ideal is not going to yield any result.

If you are direct recruits executives and convinced with the issues, don’t wait for others, please expend some time and money to send representation to all authorities as mentioned in website irrespective of your belongingness to the association. This will not only show our togetherness for common cause but 10000 representations will surly attract the attention of authorities. It is needless to say that this association is only association fighting for legitimate rights of the direct recruit’s executives since year-2005 with very limited resources and still succeeded in getting resolution of many issues. If all direct recruits will support this association in all dimensions financially, physically and mentally then definitely we can get all the things we deserve.


DoPT case update

DoPT Case at Highcourt postponed to 7th April.



Strike notice served by BSNL Unions and Associations

Forum of BSNL Associations and Unions have Served revised notice for two day strike on 21st and 22nd April-2015. In the revised notice 30% superannuation benefits for direct recruits has been included as promised by convener. Now this association is an official constituent of the forum for this proposed strike. All the representatives are requested to please act accordingly. Click here for strike notice


DoPT Case update on 5th Mar

DoPT Case in Hon. High court postponed to 9th March 2015.





  Sri. Anil George JTO NQM, Wayanad, Kerala belonging to 2005 batch DRJTO  met with a tragic accident and lost his life on 23rd April 2014. He is survived by his parents, wife and 3  yr old only son.
  In order to share the grief, AIGETOA Kerala decided to offer a helping hand to the aggrieved family.This initiative was wholeheartedly supported by all employees of BSNL irrespective of cadre and unions. Due to this support we were able to collect Rs 8.09 Lakhs and the same was deposited in Union Bank of India Main Branch Calicut in the name of his son.
  The Relief fund documents was handed over to Mrs. Anil george on 21/02/2015 by Sri.N.K Sukumaran GMTD CALICUT in a small gathering arranged at Telephone Bhavan, Kalpetta. Sri. Natarajan DGM(NWO)Kalpetta, Sri. Sukumaran Nair AGM(OP) Calicut, staff/officers of BSNL, Parents and ,Family members of Late Sri. Anil George were also present.
 We sincerely thank all the employees who contributed to this noble cause.

EPF Account Transfer regarding

Dear Members, 

New EPF account has been created for few members due to restructuring of Mobile wing. As per law they need to transfer the money in their old account to new account by giving application in form 13. Transfer procedure with example is detailed here. While filling data please confirm the date of entry, date of leaving etc from concerned A.O. There will not be any interest paid if the old a/c is not transferred to new EPF a/c within 6months.  


View EPF A/C Transfer procedure with example



DoPT Case update

Due to unavailability of time, the case has been postponed to 5th March.


Preparation of Circle Gradation List in Kerala Circle

Communication from Circle office to SSAs regarding preparation of Circle Gradation List afresh 

    At last circle administration started  the work for the preparation of JTO circle gradation list in kerala circle ( after our continuous requests / followup   for the last two years ) . Click here for the letter

    We are thankful to CGMT , GM(HR/admin )  for  discarding the hurdles raised by some vested interests , even for starting the work of  preparation  of JTO gradation list . All JTOs should aware that there is no valid circle gradation list , in Kerala circle still now after quashing the provisional JTO Gradation list  dated 17/12/2007 by Hon. High court Eranakulam . ( the same can be verified by our-self )

    For the DR- JTOs 2005 onwards , we were not even covered in a provisional list for the last  8 years. Reasons best known to those , who are trying , not to extend 1:1 ratio  in the list and at the same time they are  trying to award backdated YOR without any shyness.

    All the JTOs  in Kerala are in total blank , that where they stand in a seniority list : circle wise /All India wise??? But some section were happy that their  names continuously coming  in  some provisional AIEL  ( without any circle seniority / all india seniority )

     Anyway we are hopeful that the Circle gradation list  that is going to be prepared will follow the DoPT guidelines , by the BSNL  management  with deserved / correct YOR to all JTOs. 


DoPT case update on 26 Feb

DoPT case came up for hearing today and is posted to 2nd March 2015.



DoPT Case update as on 24/02/2015

The third party application filed by DR JTO's of various batches from 2001 to 2008 admitted by Hon. High Court of Ernakulam today and case is posted for further hearing on 26/02/2015.


A detailed article published in the leading malayalam  weekly (MATHRUBHUMI - 2015 Feb 22nd edition) regarding the current developments in and around BSNL.


Read the article



All India Eligibility List of JTOs published

Corporate Office published final JTO All India Eligibility List, which clearly violated the DoPT guidelines for seniority fixation.


View AIEL Letter   Page1   Page2   Page3


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