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AIGETOA KERALA Circle body extends its heartfelt thanks to all members and supporters for the perseverance shown.

Details will be uploaded soon.....


HLC formed by BSNL Management - The Course of action to be followed by all the members

It is to be clarify that the members should not be confused about Higher Level Committee formed by BSNL management. This is just an step taken by BSNL management under pressure but without any commitment and can not be a reason to conclude. Moreover there are some more issues like Uniform Time Bound upgradation, CPSE Hierarchy, EPF Contribution for training period, Separate Recognition to AIGETOA and Enquiry on Mass and random Transfer posting on which there is no resolution so far. So this association has decided to intensify the agitational program.


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Hunger fast ended, Dharna will continue inside Corporate Office....


Dir Hr 4705

 (Director HR Sri. A.N Rai giving lemon juice to our members to end hunger fast)


Ultimately after the intervention of MOC on telephone, BSNL management has agreed to have a discussion on the issues on Monday for final resolution. After his request, all the five members who were sitting on hunger fast since last three days, ended the hunger fast by Director(HR) Shri. A.N Rai. But at the same time association has decided to continue our protest in the form of mass Dharna inside the premise of BSNL Corportate office till the resolution of all our issues, which has been agreed by BSNL Now, we are very near to resolution of our issues  hence all members are requested to reach BSNL CO by early morning of Monday ie. 17.02.2014 without fail.

Nobody shall attend the office till the resolution of our issues. So please keep the momentum going on.



AIGETOA Office bearers met with Kerala Circle & MS administration

AIGETOA, Kerala Office bearers met with Kerala Circle & Mobile Services administration and informed about ongoing strike.

Letter to CGM on 14th Feb     Letter to CGM on 30th Jan      Letter to GM Mobile Services

Circle President, AIGETOA Kerala appeal all our members should take leave and be a part of the ongoing strike / agitation. Kindly remember that, it is for our own genuine and justified cause, volunteered members are in hunger fast at newdelhi for the last 3 days.



Meeting with GM (HR/Admin) Kerala

AIGETOA, Kerala Office bearers met GM(HR/Admin) , Kerala Circle and discussed various issues relating to Kerala Circle in detail including inter SSA transfers.

Click here for the letter submitted Page1 Page2 Request Transfer List

The executives who are yet to give the details with DS/DP may kindly inform at the earliest...


Hunger Fast Continuing...

Dear Friends,


 The hunger fast led by CHQ President Sri. R P Shahu still continuing. All members are requested to be in the part of full fledged organisational action.


Together we have, Together we can, Together we will. DR Unity Zindabad....


AIGETOA Fight for Right

Indefinite Hunger Fast has started today under the leadership of Shri R.P. Shahu at Jantar Mantar New Delhi from 10:00 hrs. The following Direct Recruits are on indefinite Hunger Fast.


1. Sh R P Shahu, President AIGETOA

2. Sh Ajay Kaswan, Punjab

3. Sh Abhishek Jain, AGS , AIGETOA

4. Sh Prashant Gaurav, Bangalore NOC

5. Sh Sanjeev Kumar, Circle Body Member Delhi Circle


Yesterday (11th Feb) GS, President and AGS met CMD BSNL at around 17:30 hrs, Director (HR) and GM (SR) were also present in the meeting. The Meeting  lasted for around 2 hours and was held in a very amicable and logical manner. Mainly, Pay Scale issue of Direct Recruit JTO/JAO and Pay Parity issue of executives recruited after 01.01.2007 was discussed in detail. The association side presented the injustice meted to the Direct recruits in regard to the Pay Scale and Pay Parity with concrete documents and evidences. CMD and Director (HR)  were quite receptive and sympathetic to our convincing arguments on the pay scale issue. Meeting is expected to be continued today also for getting some resolutions.



Revised notice to CMD BSNL regarding ongoing protest from 3rd Feb-2014 against breach of trust and non-resolution of very basic issues in respect of direct recruited executives. President Shri R P Shahu and some CHQ representatives along with other volunteers will sit on hunger fast from 12/02/2014 at Jantar Mantar New Delhi. view letter


A real fact about 30% Superannuation Benefit.

'..Superannuation.? What the heck it is.. I am more concerned about what do I get now.. '
Most of us had been made to think that way by BSNL. BSNL only pays the 18% of Basic + DA as superannuation benefits, instead of DPEs proposed 30%. In the final analysis, the 12% that BSNL doesn't pay makes a huge difference.

                                                                      What we have already Lost

A calculation of the benefits we have lost till 31.12.2013 because of BSNL refusing to give us the 30% Superannuation Benefits, which had been made mandatory for CPSUs according to the Department of Public Enterprises, 2nd Pay Revision Commission.



Loss up to


Calculation of Avg Loss in
Retirement (interest rate 8.5%)
(due to loss only up to DEC/2013)


Avg Loss In Retirement
(due to loss only up to
DEC/2013) in Lakhs

 2009 1.5  1.5(1+0.085)33   22
 2007 1.8 1.8(1+0.085)32   24.5
 2005 4.5 4.5(1+0.085)30  52
2002 6.5 6.5(1+0.085)26 54
2001 7 7(1+0.085)26 58


      You should know that according to Govt rules any Company in India should ensure Basic, DA and Superannuation benefits to all employees before giving additional perks like TA etc. But in BSNL a section of the Employees (DoT Absorbees) have been accorded full benefits (Basic, DA, TA, Pension
..etc) while another section's (Direct Recruits) benefits are cut (only 18% superannuation benefits instead of 30%), citing financial burden to BSNL. So we Direct Recruits are supposed to be content with the Rs.3250/- EPF Pension that would be given to us after 30 years of service.


     This means that the Cost to Company for a Direct Recruit in the present condition is much lower than that of his DoT Absorbee counterpart. So we are a kind of second class workers in BSNL, working for much lower wages for the same job as compared to our DoT Absorbee counterparts, because of BSNL not having implemented the DPE 2nd PRC in full. The money we have already lost till NOW would have easily yielded us monthly interest amount of Rs.6500/- by the time of retirement (twice the pension amount we are going to receive after 30 years of service).


     Friends its time to take tough decisions. The time to act is NOW. Nothing can be done about what we have already lost. But if we don't act now then we have no one but ourselves to blame for our fate.


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Indefinite Hunger Fast Update

In response to agitation notice by AIGETOA a meeting was held on 31st Jan-2014 under the chairmanship of CMD BSNL wherein management desired some more time of 7 to 15 days to take final call on the issues.

It is also asked by CMD BSNL to submit the points where wrong implementation of 2nd PRC has taken place and other injustice meted out to the direct recruits. He has assured to take corrective action within 7 to 15 days. In response to the outcome of the said meeting and appeal from BSNL management, core committee of AIGETOA CHQ has decided to honor the word of CMD BSNL but at the same time we cannot stop our protest mere on assurance as BSNL management has already breached such commitments and assurances several times in the past. We will carry our protest as follows:

 1. CHQ members and some other volunteers will sit on indefinite day long hunger fast at BSNL Corporate office from 3rd Feb-2014 as symbolic protest to keep reminding management about its commitment. All CHQ office bearers and volunteers are requested to reach BSNL CO.


2. While sitting on protest at BSNL CO we shall try to keep good image of BSNL and even do all the activities in the interest of BSNL like marketing of BSNL products, displaying BSNL banners etc. If yet management does not allow us to observe such positive protest at BSNL CO and forcing us to push out from BSNL premises, we will sit on indefinite hunger fast from the same day either at CMD residence or at MOC.


3. All other members shall perform their duties and give extra hours to the company as our Board of Directors have committed to work hard for resolution of our issues in time bound manner but at the same time members shall wear the badges of protest and meet to SSA and circle heads on daily basis to ensure that their protest is being appraised to CMD BSNL.


4. All members shall keep close watch on developments which will be informed through association website and keep themselves ready to participate in further call of AIGETOA CHQ which will be taken watching the development in resolution of the issues.


5. Members are requested to Please do not believe in any rumors, keep faith on leadership, and just follow the instructions uploaded on website. We are not left with any option but to fight for right. We are moving ahead with best plan and backup with full commitment to achieve our every right, we are ready to take any risk to secure our rights.



Distribution of posts at DE/AGM level in Telecom Operations

Read corporate office  Order


AIGETOA Kerala Circle Committee Meeting on January 26

AIGETOA Kerala Circle Commettee meeting will be held on 26th January at Sishak Sadan Ernakulam between 10AM to 5PM. All DS DP DFS and circle commettee members are requested to attend the meeting on time.


Transfer policy and Tenure area revised by corporate office

The tenure of the 'Soft Tenure Areas' stand enhanced from the existing two years to three Years. Read order Page1 Page2 Page3 Page4 Page5


BSNL customer service changing for the better | media report

"One of my friend had the story of how his WiFi modem had suddenly stopped working. He took it to the nearest BSNL customer care. He said the modem was set right and returned within minutes". This was unthinkable a decade ago. What had changed in the ten years? Read media report


Calicut SSA General Body Meeting

The first GB Meeting of AIGETOA-CLT with its newly elected bearers was held on TRC Hall, BSNL Bhavan, Vellayil at 3pm. More than 25 members were present at the function. Shri Anoop delivered welcome speech. DP, Shri Sajith presided over the function. He welcomed the new entrants from 2009 batches, and explained inclusive participation is the only way to achieve the DR's goals.DS Shri Gireesh, Circle VP, Shri Ramachandran, Circle FS Shri Sumesh addressed the gathering. Post agitation scenario was discussed, various hindrances we had to face from internal elements and management was explained in detail.
Developments such as all union meeting on superannuation benefits, BSNL Executives Association membership verification rules etc were discussed. It was decided to strengthen our efforts in Transfer related issues, and Circle Office bearers to be put in the loop to ensure inter SSA transfers happen seamlessly. It was also decided to take steps to defeat the wrong practices of 'unframed laws of 5 year term' service before transfers to happen for fresh executives.
This followed open discussion on various issues. The discussion was enthusiastic and fruitful as everyone talked regarding various issues they faced at SSA. Following this, the GB unanimously elected Shri Bijeesh K P as SSA Org Secretary and Shri Cijo P Joseph as SSA Executive Member.

The meeting ended by 5.45pm, with Vote of thanks by Shri Amjed Ali, DFS.

Kerala Circle

Office Bearers

Circle President
Sri. Muhammad Ali M C
Circle Secretary
Sri. Maxmilan K
Circle Finance Secretary
Sri. Pramod K J
Circle Vice President 1
Sri. Anil Kani
Circle Vice President 2
Sri. Prajeesh P
Assistant Circle Secretary 1
Sri. Abdul Basith P K
Assistant Circle Secretary 2
Sri. Dipu Chandran
Assistant Circle Secretary 3
Sri. Vipal Prem
Assistant Circle Secretary 4
Sri. Cijo Joseph P
Assistant Circle Secretary 5
Sri. Anoop Das
Assistant Circle Secretary 6
Sri. Shambhu Chandran
Trivandrum Circle Office

Circle Office

Sri. Dilshad S
Mob: 9446468484
Sri. Dr. Sathyajose S L
Mob: 9447753571
Finance Secretary
Sri. Aravind. M
Mob: 9447963221
Trivandrum SSA


Sri. Praveen Prakash M J
Mob: 9495989699
Sri. Sreejith S V
Mob: 9449014055
Finance Secretary
Smt. Divya C K
Mob: 9446151150
Kollam SSA


Sri. Binu S
Mob: 9446609999
Sri. Anoop B
Mob: 9449823152
Finance Secretary
Sri. Rahul Ramachandran
Mob: 9449122406
Pathanamthitta SSA


Mob: 9447701525
Sri. Manoj T
Mob: 9446410257
Finance Secretary
Sri. Dileepan P Y
Mob: 9496326678
Kottayam SSA


Smt. Lovely Joseph
Mob: 9446578515
Sri. George Johns Parapura
Mob: 94467755440
Finance Secretary
Sri. Ashley P Thomas
Mob: 9400100264
Alappuzha SSA


Sri. Jayaprakash O S
Mob: 9446555455
Sri. Anoop Das
Mob: 9446863000
Finance Secretary
Sri. Ratheesh Ponnappan
Mob: 9447660660
Ernakulam SSA


Smt. Shini K R
Mob: 9447004900
Sri. Nikesh V K
Mob: 9448112505
Finance Secretary
Sri. Tony Thomas
Mob: 9809516686
Thrissur SSA


Sri. Jayadevan C V
Mob: 9447055322
Sri. Chandra Kumar O B
Finance Secretary
Sri. Anand Ramakrishnan
Palakkad SSA


Sri. Niaz S
Mob: 944378789
Sri. Ponpradeep P M
Mob: 9446303077
Finance Secretary
Sri. Unmesh A
Mob: 9446554737
Malappuram SSA


Sri. Ajeeb V I
Mob: 9434737500
Sri. Faisal Elattuparambil
Mob: 9446055520
Finance Secretary
Sri. Vivek Janardhan
Mob: 9483505521
Kozhikode SSA


Sri. Binoj C B
Mob: 945667666
Sri. Anurag M
Mob: 9446400440
Finance Secretary
Sri. Praveen Das P
Mob: 9446551066
Kannur SSA


Sri. Firaz T Abdulla
Mob: 9446090400
Sri. Riyas K
Mob: 9483506602
Finance Secretary
Sri. Priyadarsan P
Mob: 9423885532


Sri. Dilip Thomas
Mob: 9446304588
Sri. Mohammed Shaiju K A
Mob: 9446473706
Finance Secretary
Sri. Abdul Muneer P
Mob: 9746563915
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