Indefinite Hunger Fast Update

In response to agitation notice by AIGETOA a meeting was held on 31st Jan-2014 under the chairmanship of CMD BSNL wherein management desired some more time of 7 to 15 days to take final call on the issues.

It is also asked by CMD BSNL to submit the points where wrong implementation of 2nd PRC has taken place and other injustice meted out to the direct recruits. He has assured to take corrective action within 7 to 15 days. In response to the outcome of the said meeting and appeal from BSNL management, core committee of AIGETOA CHQ has decided to honor the word of CMD BSNL but at the same time we cannot stop our protest mere on assurance as BSNL management has already breached such commitments and assurances several times in the past. We will carry our protest as follows:

 1. CHQ members and some other volunteers will sit on indefinite day long hunger fast at BSNL Corporate office from 3rd Feb-2014 as symbolic protest to keep reminding management about its commitment. All CHQ office bearers and volunteers are requested to reach BSNL CO.


2. While sitting on protest at BSNL CO we shall try to keep good image of BSNL and even do all the activities in the interest of BSNL like marketing of BSNL products, displaying BSNL banners etc. If yet management does not allow us to observe such positive protest at BSNL CO and forcing us to push out from BSNL premises, we will sit on indefinite hunger fast from the same day either at CMD residence or at MOC.


3. All other members shall perform their duties and give extra hours to the company as our Board of Directors have committed to work hard for resolution of our issues in time bound manner but at the same time members shall wear the badges of protest and meet to SSA and circle heads on daily basis to ensure that their protest is being appraised to CMD BSNL.


4. All members shall keep close watch on developments which will be informed through association website and keep themselves ready to participate in further call of AIGETOA CHQ which will be taken watching the development in resolution of the issues.


5. Members are requested to Please do not believe in any rumors, keep faith on leadership, and just follow the instructions uploaded on website. We are not left with any option but to fight for right. We are moving ahead with best plan and backup with full commitment to achieve our every right, we are ready to take any risk to secure our rights.