02 Dec AIGETOA News

CHQ NEWS : Meeting of GS and AIP with CMD BSNL on 29.11.2019 at New Delhi

GS Shri Wasi Ahmad along with President Shri Ravi Shil Verma, Vice President Shri Badri Kumar Mehta and AGS Shri Yogendra Kumar met CMD BSNL on 29.11.2019 and had an elaborate discussion over JTO to SDE Promotions, Proposed Road Map of organization Post VRS, Payment of Salary, Preparation of seniority List 9, SDE Reversal Issue and other pending HR issues.

CMD BSNL told that it's a tough time and we all will have to sail together and shown confidence of turn around. He said, post VRS situation will have to be handled by all of us collectively and there may be some inconvenience but it also has to be faced jointly by the management and employees. We have our inputs with regard to the restructuring of organization and HR policy. CMD BSNL patiently listened and discussed to all the suggestions. He said that he want BSNL to be a meritocratic organization where weightage should be given to merit and performance. He said he is not only in favour transparent policy but also transparent implementation of the policy, which we seconded also. He said that he wants to have an elaborate discussion with you people over the issues in next 2-3 weeks and told us to prepare a comprehensive proposal regarding organization working and career progression/placement of executives post VRS as the previous one needs more clarity and solution oriented. We said our team is on Job and we will be presenting the same very soon. We ensure our fullest cooperation in the post VRS scenario and requested CMD BSNL to direct the down line to prepare in time so that in post VRS scenario i.e. 1st February 2020 the services remain smooth and conducive.

With regard to salary, it is informed that there is still shortfall in collections due to mandatory payments and Bank MOU payments and salary is expected to be credited in next 2-3 days. AIGETOA is of the firm view that delay in salary will be not be accepted as the hardship is going beyond tolerance. We are here to work and department may utilize our services as per its requirement but the salary should be credited as per standard norm on the last day of the month. Further, we will not accept any preferential treatment in disbursement of salary to any class and if applied and it will lead to serious unrest. So, it is earnestly requested to ensure salary payment uniformly and timely and the same has been communicated to BSNL management. The association will further raise this issue with different authority also.

With regard to JTO to SDE DPC, he said that he is not averse to it but requested to wait till clarity of VRS figure. With regard to LDCE notifications, association is pursuing with Recruitment cell. We hope for action on both DPC as well as LDCE in the month of December. Our team is on close follow up with all the authorities at all levels. On other HR issues also we have been asked to follow up the same after first week of December 2019. With regards to other issues of BRs, CMD said that once the organization is on right path, he is not averse to resolving any issue which even involves financial implications and asked to exercise faith and patience for some more time. We shall be shortly doing a follow up meeting with CMD and Director (HR) on all issues. Our team is fully alert and trying to ensure that issues of Promotions of JTO to SDE, SDE reversal and circulation of list 9 are resolved before VRS implementation i.e. 31st Jan, 2020.

We also strongly raised the PRBT/VAS issues with CMD BSNL and apprised that the hard earned revenue of the CM Vertical is going out due to default services of PRBT/Vas in many of STVs. We demanded that any such services should be on demand basis and not default basis. It was well acknowledged by him and said that he has reduced it a great extend and will further look into its dynamics. We also handed over our representation to him. Click here for the letter

Later in the evening Shri Wasi Ahmad along with Vice President Shri Badri Kumar Mehta and OS Shri Vivek Kumar met PGM Pers regarding JTO to SDE DPC, List 9 preparation/circulation and SDE Reversal issue. He was positive and assured movement of JTO to SDE DPC process by mid of December after getting over the works of VRS and said the list 9 will be released as assured. He also said that the SDE reversal file be processed once all replies received. In the meantime the current order of Hon'ble CAT Chennai is being processed and he assured to take decision in line with the order.