01 Oct AIGETOA News

जागो BR जागो

Some Unions & Associations have served notice for protest program on 1st October 2019 wherein they have put forth their certain demands including opposition to the lowering of retirement age to 58. Since AIGETOA and its membership were against holding any protest program on BSNL Foundation day and further the issues contained opposition to lowering of retirement age is against our line, so AIGETOA has decided not to participate in the program.

However, it is sad to note that most important issue pertaining to BSNL Recruits i.e. extending 30 percent Superannuation Benefit (SAB) to BSNL recruited employees did not find a place in the charter of demands but 3rd PRC included in the demands. Ever since AIGETOA was there in AUAB and its activities, SAB issue always found a main place in charter of demands and during discussions. In fact this was the first issue which came to finality during discussions with AUAB during December 2018.

It will be pertinent to mention that both the so called voices of executives i.e. recognised and support association are signatories of the notice, but still they didn't took up the issue of BSNL Recruits in the agenda points. This should be enough to open the eyes of those BSNL Recruits who are still watering the plants of such associations. Questions should also be raised to the main stream BSNL recruit leaders of these associations that why they failed to impress upon their General Secretary to include the BR agenda points in the demands or discussions of these associations. Hence, it wont be exaggeration to state that only AIGETOA can act against the injustice to BSNL Recruits. Rest all others are for cosmetic follow-ups and write ups claiming credit. जागो BR  जागो

Recent exercise of joining hands of the so called recognised and support association for the matter pertaining to the DGM Promotions, Lowering of Retirement Age, CAO promotions, Pay Fixations etc takes us back to April 2017 when membership and leaders of these associations refused to join hands on the crucial issue of lowering of Pay scales of JTO  and SDE grades stating that their members are not ready to work together while AIGETOA forgot all past and participated aggressively and actively in the agitation action program. In fact GS AIGETOA was charge sheeted for participating in these programs. But the same leaders and members do not hesitate now to join hands for their promotion, for their pay, for their pension but issues of BSNL Recruits does not find a merit for them in joining for a decisive struggle.  जागो BR  जागो

Recent update on the so called proclaimed majority association website where they have again been seen crying on the Ernakullam Court case that due to that court case, DGM promotions are stalled. Laughable...Ridiculous...What happened now, How management is agreeing now when contempt is still in action. This is one more chapter in their never ending series of Jokes and lies. An association who have been boasting the chants of struggles, bravery and fighting to the last drop for all these years, has stooped to such a low now that they are taking shelter of a contempt case in CAT to hide their failures. What happened to the bravery? Why they can't fight...what is the compulsion that they are unable to stand even an inch against the wrongs and blaming everything on court cases by BSNL Recruits. We sincerely hope that this timidness, this submission does not have anything to do with the arbitrary JTO to SDE Promotions and arbitrary Post Upgradations in the cadre of AGMs. जागो BR  जागो