17 Aug AIGETOA News

A wolf in sheep's clothing - Acting as Voice Box of BR Adversaries

During our childhood days, we came across a story in which a wolf got in to the guise of Sheep Skin and started eating the sheeps on a daily basis. The same is the story of some self proclaimed leader of SENA of BSNL who puts the blame for whatever is happening on others forgetting their own deeds under the sheep skin activities. They are projecting them selves as saviors and in fact are eating our rights on a daily basis. They are trying to bury the fact that they are in power as Majority Association and now time is coming fast to answer their misdeeds of three years and hence they are trying to distract public from their failure with new story on each passing day.

They have virtually become a voice box of distorted thoughts. They don't want to do anything themselves and blame others for non-happenings. However, if something happens, they will be first to claim the credit with large scale boastings of their "might" which remains no where in picture when things are not happeningbecause at that time others became mighty.

Recently, they have once again posted some nasty updates on their website with regard to delay in JTO to SDE DPC. After, writing this, their duty is over. However, to cut short the story, we will put whole sequence of events for your ready reference:

1. The case was filed way back and all these years there was no stay on promotions - The only requirement from court was that BSNL should publish a correct JTO seniority list and execute the promotions - But the proclaimed SENA misguided their own members that there is stay from court while in fact they never allowed management to correct the list as it would have benefited BSNL Recruits.

2. Thereafter final hearing was held in February 2017 and Judgment was kept reserved. One combined meeting of applicants, SNEA CHQ and AIGETOA CHQ was held, some decisions were taken to break stalemate, but the Proclaimed SENA deviated from their own stand by back stabbing the whole process.

3. LDCE 2015 promotions were held in MAY 2018 with active persuasion of AIGETOA, despite stiff opposition from the proclaimed SENA. Once the Bottleneck of promotions was broken by AIGETOA,the uneasiness and virtual revolt occurred in proclaimed SENA forcing their Chief Executives to think about SCF promotions.

4. Judgment that was kept reserved since March 2017 was suddenly pronounced on 5th June 2018, paving the way for SCF promotions.

5. A mischievous campaign started by proclaimed SENA that there is ambiguity in training marks seniority of BSNL Recruits and only partial list should be executed.

6. Sensing what proclaimed SENA is going to do, a notice was served by applicants as well as AIGETOA for promotions as per directions of Hon'ble High Court, Kerala. However, due to malicious designs of the proclaimed SENA and their Cronies presence in the scheme of things, the then management was not in a mood to include BSNL Recruits in the list.

7. Sensing the malicious design, AIGETOA members approached Hon'ble CAT Ernakullam for execution of High Court Judgment in letter and spirit. Hon'ble CAT Directed BSNL for issuance of promotions in 1:1 ratio between DRs & PRs on 14.06.2018.

8. On 15.06.2018, BSNL issued promotion orders with list containing PR quota executives only and without publishing the eligibility list and promoted more than three thousands of PR quota officers in utter disregard of the Hon'ble Kerala High Court as well as Hon'ble Kerala CAT directions.

9. Despite rigorous persuasions, management did not relented as the chief executive of Proclaimed SENA along with his chief Commander from Ernakullam misguided management to the extreme and virtually made them commit the offence of contempt of court. Management was utterly misguided by legal team of Kerala Circle office that there is no such direction from court. AIGETOA CHQ still continued their persuasions.

10. Seeing no relief, the applicants reached Hon'ble CAT Ernakullam for execution of their orders.

11. In the meanwhile, the proclaimed SENA, just to fulfill their ill will of stopping BRs from getting promoted, started a campaign where a decision by management was taken that JTO to SDE promotions will not be considered beyond vacancy year 2010-11. They also abolished 5500 posts of SDEs making promotions of JTOs almost impossible. However, GS AIGETOA and his team was on job consistently.

12. Since, it came to the notice of AIGETOA that with the help of their cronies, proclaimed SENA has become almost successful in convincing management that there is no need for any further promotions and all future promotions should be done only after implementation of CPSU hierarchy ( which in itself was an uncertain policy because of opposition from various groups and even some part of management), AIGETOA CHQ team held a series of meetings with CMD, Director, GM (Pers), GM (Estt), CGM (Legal) etc and after a huge argument in personal section in the presence of around 70-80 BRs of BSNL CO, the letter calling eligibility particulars was issued before 30th June 2018. AIGETOA was asked to ensure eligibility particulars within one month. AIGETOA CHQ and its team at all levels pursued to achieve the impossible and finally the impossible were achieved also with eligibility particulars were compiled before last week of July 2018. There was categorical assurance from management that they will fill up all available vacancies, so the damage incurred by proclaimed SENA by way of surrendering 5500 posts was also nullified with inclusion of current year vacancies which paved the way for inclusion of 2008 RY also in the list. Thereafter, Screening committee Report and ACRs rating were also called for completion of DPC process, which was completed, in third week of December 2019.

In the meanwhile, Proclaimed SENA kept their campaign on with their cronies and sympathizers in Personnel section and did not leave any opportunity to misguide management sometimes in the guise of Ernakulum Directions, Some times in the name of Chandigarh directions - all this time their only motive was to not to let any BR get promotion. Even in promoted quota, they did not wanted BR JTOs who have occupied the PR slots as they got promoted from JEs. Their only aim was to include the JTOs absorbed from DoT to get promotions and to regularize the Supernumerary JTOs and get them all promoted before BRs (Both DR as well as PR quota).These statements can be verified from their website which virtually became a comic book with all the ingredients - Fiction, Passion to tell lies, ever changing stands, comical rhetoric of their leaders etc.

December Last week - Extensive discussion of AIGETOA took place with management and by this time management also realized that only way out to end all this impasse is by way of executing promotions and filling up the required vacancies before next date of hearing i.e. 7th January 2019.

4th January 2019- File for starting the DPC was processed and put up for approval of Director (HR).

However, on the same day, the chief executive of Proclaimed SENA held an unreported meeting on website with higher ups of BSNL at various levels and thereafter by evening, one new issue cropped up in the case of JTO to SDE promotions - that was Own Merit & On Merit.

7th January 2019 - Hon'ble Court held BSNL guilty of contempt, as they have not complied with the directions of Hon'ble Court. Only Two Questions were asked from applicant's council - Whether BSNL has been informed and whether promotions have been extended. The observation of Hon'ble Court on the affidavit was that they are not interested in the welfare activities of BSNL and are concerned about whether BSNL has followed the directions or not.

The much fancied review petitions, which are being cited by proclaimed SENA, have been filed only when it was clear to the management as well as proclaimed SENA that now there is no let up and BSNL will have to execute promotions. To complicate and delay the matter, these review petitions have been filed. The WOLF in the SHEEP SKIN is also visible from the fact that activists of proclaimed SENA have also filed the review petitions along with management.We request their BR members to seek clarity, why proclaimed SENA has filed review petition, what benefit they are going to achieve. From, the day one, AIGETOA has maintained that these review petitions will not stand in the court of law and finally they will be rejected.The same has happened but it has resulted in delay of another eight months. Instead of taking actions to force management to make promotions, proclaimed SENA are acting as voice box of management and doing nothing. Its high time to remind these voice boxes and black sheep's that as the story of that wolf ended in its finish, in the same way those who act contrary to the interests of BSNL will be finished one day, sooner or later.

We assure our members that we will not sit idle and you should also be in ready mode. If our issues are not addressed soon, we will not hesitate to come out strongly and decisively against the injustice and endless wait for settlement of our pay, pension & promotions issues.