29 Jan AIGETOA News

Draconian MT Rule is out to destroy your career and growth in BSNL

A time to question your leaderships, wherever you are associated:


It is a matter of great concern for all right minded people that the MT Ghost is again out to destroy your already shrinking opportunities in BSNL. On one side, promotions for BSNL Recruits are not being given and on the other side, BRs are being pushed in DoT era again by the BSNL Management in connivance with the so-called recognized association to bulldoze your aspiration and motivation in this company. If you will go through the flashback, just recall how none of the JTOs/SDEs were even reaching to the post of Adhoc DET while people joining at ADT (today's MT) were reaching to apex of their career in DoT era. The current MT recruitment process is similar to that and is nothing but old wine in a new bottle. It is going to stop all your future avenues by snatching your right of promotion and giving it to the handful of external people looking to rule over you again by proxy setting.


We all know that this MT (Internal) can't be executed in standalone mode while MT (External) is the other part of same MT RR 2013.Management will definitely start recruiting MT (External) citing legal hurdles and non-availability of the candidates from the internal mode. The MSRR 2009 clearly directs preparation of STS Inter-se-seniority list in 1:1 format from gradation list of SCF DE (promoted from SDE/AO) and MT (External & Internal) for the purpose of DGM promotion i.e. 50 percent of the DGMs posts are to be kept reserved for MT quota. It is expected that a stage will soon reach when only DEs promoted from MT quota will occupy all top slots as was being done earlier in DoT Era. Once higher positions will be occupied by the MTs, it will force all the SCF DEs getting promoted from SDE/AO to stagnate at DET and rest at SDE level and superannuate from the very same post except for few lucky chaps. Are you happy with this development? Definitely No !!!


If you dig deeper into this, then the sinister design of the proclaimed corners will be more clearly visible. The first MT, if recruited this year, is going to become DGM either at the end of year 2026 or at the beginning of year 2027. So till 2027, all the DGMs post will be there in platter for the proclaimed ones (Only Senior Batches - Rest all will stagnate) with no takers from Fast Track quota. By that time, all the so called well wishers of the young blood will leave department and the one, who is going to remain in department, will be the BSNL Recruits and executives of later year batches of DOT.


So, Friends, this MT recruitment exercise is a process intended to kill the careers of all BSNL Recruit JTOs and all the SDEs belonging to List 8, List 9 and future lists. This is what, the so-called recognized representatives are doing to the executive fraternity and we all need to oppose it full throttle.


If BSNL Recruits and other executives want to come out of this never ending waiting list to be promoted beyond DE level, then only way is to ask for their "Rightful Internal Fast Track Promotion consisting of 50 percent of DE Level posts reserved for qualified , meritorious and performing candidates" (Earlier 2730 posts and now after 4200 more posts have been created, so ideally internal fast track quota should be of 4830 Posts and since 4200 posts have gone to SCF quota, therefore Internal Fast Track quota at STS should be 6930 (4200 plus 2730). Remember, MT is not a fast track promotion methodology but a new recruitment exercise, which envisages creation of a new cadre just like previous DoT era and will push the careers of all executives towards doomsday. We all will have to understand that without scrapping of MT RRs and MT Recruitment; internal fast track promotion methodology can never come. We all have to appreciate that at least 6930 Posts are to be made available to the meritorious, qualified and performingexecutives as per the provisions of MS RR in DE Level through Internal Fast Track mode and in the same ratio, DGMs and GMs post should be increased).


So, every executive must ask their leadership about the Possible factors and trade off for which their dreams and careers have been compromised and why the leaders have kept a tacit silence on this burning issue. Some have even gone to the extent of openly supporting management in this and are doing rounds to keep management informed about the new cases filed on MT and suggestions with regard to handling of the cases and completing the MT Recruitment process in a lightening speed.


AIGETOA has been fighting this MT menace since 2008 and successfully defended and will continue to do so but the others are weakening our fight to protect your right. However, we are firm on our vision, we will not allow this MT at any cost.