12 Dec AIGETOA News

Propaganda by So called Recognised Association - Facts which any learned person cannot ignore

While not commenting about the competency and Intellectuality of some very Learned Minds who actually projects themselves as the most knowledgeable but the fact is that they are devoid of any logical thinking. They use "Comic Font" in their website and if somebody compiles their contrary web updates for last 6-7 months,it will become a very interesting comic reading.

They have reported that there has not been extra promotions - Any logical and Learned person would ask the these questions -

1. What is the need for then diverting the vacancies from DR quota and Face Contempt in Chandigarh CAT.

2. If Vacancies were available, then why Supernumerary Posts were created.

3. 2012 recruitment year JTOs can be accommodated but only if Management considers the JTOs promoted in 2014 as senior to those JTOs who have been promoted against Supernumerary Posts and have not been allotted any vacancy year. Are they willing to concede to that demand.

4. If there was so much clarity that excess quota promotions have not been made, then why management did not presented these facts in court. Why they let this action to be adjudicated by Hon'ble court as Contempt. We request all to again go through the contempt order. It states, contempt is not against promotions or excess promotions, contempt is against not following the Interim order with the comment that BSNL was in a tearing hurry to execute the promotions within 10 days. Papers do not tell lie. Now when BSNL Management understood the root cause of Contempt and are taking necessary corrective action by following and executing the interim directions as was the contention of the applicants who happen to be AIGETOA members and promotions with Interim orders are in sight, they have started this malign campaign just for retaining their membership base, having failed in damaging the prospects of DR JTOs. In the name of review, they have again misguided management and this may result in Hon'ble Court taking cognizance as contempt because BSNL has followed neither interim nor Final Directions. It is pertinent to mention that case is listed before same Judge who has delivered the earlier Judgment. So this review is intended just to delay and make things complex and nothing else. However, we will ensure that they do not succeed in their plans.

We will ensure, all vacancies are filled up as per the interim direction of the Hon'ble Court and all eligible up to 2008 recruitment year get their promotion. If some are not being accommodated due to lack of vacancies, we have requested management to put them on Panel against future vacancies which will be ad-hoc mechanism and with availability of vacancies, they will be promoted as regular SDE without any further DPC.

They are saying AIGETOA activist should not oppose review petition.The Ernakulum Judgement is very clear in its verbatim that lists of PRs and DRs JTOs are to be prepared as per the prevalent appointment orders and promotion orders. As per appointment order, till date, List has been prepared based on Training Marks. So to search for ambiguity in this order was not at all required. Added to that they did not find any ambiguity in these orders while promoting those under PR quota and had even left 2001 JTOs from OC category, and 2005 Batch JTOs from ST category citing that there was an ambiguity in considering training centre marks. It shows their own dual and pulsating nature.

They are teaching pragmatism. Pragmatic action is called as one which was shown by AIGETOA in May 2017 when we called Applicants from Ernakulum to BSNL CO and arranged a meeting with management to come up to a solution which benefits all.Thereafter, we had a meeting between AIGETOA, SNEA and Applicants and we reached to a signed settlement also on which our GS & office bearers, their office bearers including GS,Lead Applicants were signatories. Just for the quest for implementing an half cooked CPSU proposal, all these things were derailed by the so called pragmatism preachers. Click here for the signed Statement

In the process, they derailed and delayed promotions of all including their own membership, many of whom retired by the time promotion orders were issued next year and that too only when AIGETOA broke the bottleneck of stalemate in promotions.

Now when they have failed in their designs, and their own members are putting questions before them, they are shifting pointers towards other. This appears very Funny - Whatever good that happen, happens because of them and whatever which does not happen, is because AIGETOA does not allow it. On that day also, we advised them that now its high time to concentrate on issues as your elections are over, so propagandas should be put to rest. But perhaps, concentrating on issues is not their cup of tea.

We have also learnt that now they are putting the blame of MT Recruitment on issuance of LDCE promotion orders, so they agree they are not responsible for LDCE postings. It was well known and well captured in black and white form that on MT Recruitment, concurrence of Majority recognised Association is to be obtained before moving ahead with recruitment. Now, they are telling that somebody else gave the concurrence on their behalf. What they were doing all these days. Sleeping and waiting to put the blame of the same on website.

All BSNL executives as well as management, know that it is AIGETOA only who has opposed MT recruitment through all means and now also we will not only oppose it but ensure that MT will not happen not at all. Who has concurred and who has not is visible from various letters written to management by AIGETOA opposing the inclusion of MT RRs in CPSU Hierarchy. Members are advised to read AIGETOA archive in this regard where opposition on record is there from November 2017 to July 2018 with reference to CPSU hierarchy.

We dare them to show one single letter from their side to management after finalisation of the so called CPSU hierarchy Proposal. This single line itself states that what is the trade off by the so called recognised association over the MT with CPSU. We still give them a chance to prove their innocence. They should also come up with a Firm opposition to the MT recruitment notification issued on 11.12.2018.

And Yes at the end, they are misguiding that Internal MT should happen and they are opposed to external recruitment. First and Foremost, Internal MT is not a fast track promotion but creation of separate cadre who will be born in BSNL with silver spoon in their mouth. SO Scrapping of MTRR is only solution and they should oppose the MTRRs firmly instead of misguiding and trying to shift the blame on others.