30 Nov AIGETOA News

JTO to SDE DPC Contempt Case Update

Hon. CAT EKM heard BSNL side who argued to get exemption on personal appearance clause. BSNL side also pleaded to not to hear applicant side arguments as the contempt case is between Hon’ble court and respondent. Hon’ble Court again clarified their stand and observed that the action made by respondents was intentional which lead to contempt. Accordingly without hearing the applicant, any exemption can not be granted.

The case is adjourned to hear the applicants on 3rd Dec 2018, Monday. In the meanwhile GS AIGETOA met GM Pers and apprised him of the development. GS AIGETOA again emphasised that issuing the promotion orders and executing the Interim order is the only feasible solution and requested to consider the same on priority. Arguments from applicant side will be done on Monday, the 3rd December 2018.