30 Jan AIGETOA News


Dear Friends,

AIGETOA is in receipt of the Affidavit filed by Secretary DoT in Hon. CAT Chandigarh wherein it has been stated that E1A scale was not for BSNL recruited Executives and they should have been given E1 scale while the PO issued by DoT in the year 2003 states that the replacement scale of Rs. 6500/- for BSNL recruited JTOs will be as per the presidential orders dated 28.07.2003.

We shall be submitting our reply to the affidavit wherein we shall be presenting the facts before honorable court to counter the arguments put forward by DoT. We would like to clarify that E2 pay scales for the JTO Cadre and E3 Pay Scale for SDE cadre is our right and AIGETOA is fully determined to take this issue to its logical conclusion and we are not going to rest till we achieve our rightful due for the Whole BSNL Recruited Cadre. We have already taken up the matter of making E2 Scale for the JTO in JTO RR case filed by AIGETOA which if won is going to pave the way for introduction of E2 Scale in JTO RRs.

From the Reply of DoT, it is clearly evident that path is very tough and at this juncture, the need is to remain united and extend cooperation to each other if we are really interested in resolving the long pending HR issues of BSNL recruits, we will have to move united and speak in a single voice.

Click here for the Affidavit

Click here for the PO dated 28.07.2003