11 Sep AIGETOA News

Promotions to SDE Cadre

Some rumours have been floated by certain gossip mongers that AIGETOA has changed its stand with respect to LDCE and DPC Promotions. It is once again reiterated that AIGETOA is firm on its stand that no CPSU policy can supersede LDCE 2015 posting orders. We have been pursuing this issue and can not leave it in middle. It was our efforts that ensured the declaration of LDCE 2015 results and due to wholehearted and consistent persuasion of AIGETOA only, the proposal to extend promotions was approved at the level of CMD BSNL and was placed before Management Committee despite the current and complex scenario.
AIGETOA has always stood for LDCE & DPC promotions from JTO to SDE and equivalent Cadre , from early stage itself.
We once again reiterate our stand that, we will not allow any encroachment into the promotional aspects and we won't take a backfoot on our declared stand.
The matter has been made clear to our partner in Joint Forum and any deviation from the agreed stand will not be entertained i.e. the due promotions should be executed before introduction of any new policy.
We are committed and striving hard to get the desired results and hopefully it will be materialised soon. We are in consistent discussion with management and submitted various way outs and approaches based on which actions are being taken. Legal option is also being explored in consultation with stake holders.
In the CPSU draft also , vacancy year wise seniority shall be protected..and all the LDCE 2015 qualified candidates shall be placed enblock senior to all JTOs and shall be promoted as Sr SDE after 2 years giving relaxation of 3 years.
We are firm on our stand that promotions should be extended first before implementation of any new policy like CPSU Hierarchy and we are committed to take all actions to protect the interests of our members.