18 Jul AIGETOA News

Meeting with CGMT , BSNL , Kerala Circle on 18-07-2017

Our Circle team met respected CGMT Dr.P.T.Mathew ITS  in connection with submission of various Agenda points wrt HR / Operational & Marketing Segments. Elaborated suggestions and discussions were made in connection with various issues and points . The  Meeting was in a very cordial atmosphere and  held in positive direction. We are hopeful that efforts taken by us will bear the good chances for ensuring a more competitive and result oriented operational grounds which  complement the quality & revenue growth and profitability of Kerala circle. CGMT assured us that needful actions and follow up will be taken up , on the genuine HR related pending issues of  BSNL recruited executives and motivate the best working force lot for the maximum positive outcome in Kerala.


HR Aspect Segments

  1. Calling of  Full Pension Option from EPF Members (BSNL Recruited employees)  

  2. Biased attitude & Irrational transfer and postings in some SSAs

  3. Implementation of EPF  Coverage for pre-appointment training period of BSNL recruited employees.

  4. Transfer & Posting of  executives  

  5. Time Bound Confirmations

  6. Retention of LDCE-2015 cleared candidates in Kerala Circle while allotment

  7. Early Submission of  First TBP report of executives sought by BSNL CO

  8. Eligibility particulars of JTOs upto Rect Year 2005 & Submission to BSNL CO

  9. ERP Regularisation of Employee data

Click Here for Letter Submitted on HR Matters


Operational & Maintenance Aspect Segments

  1. Enterprise Business

  2. Mobile- WiMaX & Wi-Fi Hotspot

  3. FTTH

  4. NIB / VoIP

  5. Transmission Media

  6. Marketing – Plan / Tariff

  7. Efficient utilization of  BSNL  land and Infra assets


Click here for letter submitted on Operational & Marketing segment