25 May AIGETOA News

Indefinite Relay Hunger Strike and Work According to Rule from 29.05.2017:

The agitation programs deferred till 28.05.2017 will restart on 29.05.2017 as there are not much improvement in DoT on the standard pay scale issues. The DO letter from CMD/BSNL is just processed but still pending with Jt Sec(A)/DoT for more than one week. Officers in DoT is not serious to correct the mistake even though BSNL management has taken a positive stand on E2 and E3 scales.

Similarly for the issues pertaining to BSNL, not much progress has been made except for some movement of files and lining up the action plan on the issues. So we have to resume the agitation programs from where we left.

Unfortunately some Assn is playing very negative role in this regard simply ignoring the larger interest of the cadre. This has exposed them and given everybody the answer to the question why they backed out from the agitation under the banner of JF. Their stand will really help the AS(T) and other officers in DoT who are working overtime to demote the cadres to E1 and E2. Approach each and every Executive and explain the negative campaign by the Assn against E2 and E3. Hurdles are being created in the resolutions of Pay, Promotion and Pension issues by engaging and demoralizing the officers dealing with issues in baseless allegations. All this is being done just with the intent of derailing the settlement of issues. However, ignoring such mindset, let us all concentrate on the program right now and make each executive of BSNL to join the agitation from 29.05.2017. It is our responsibility to convince the members of other Assn, especially thousands of JAOs, AOs etc who are facing demotion and make them to join the agitation.

 Comrades, through very tough agitation only we can reverse the DoT decision and resolve the burning HR issues. Make all preparations by conducting emergency combined general body meeting of the JF at Branch/SSA level in the remaining few days and gear up for the Indefinite Relay Hunger Strike and Work according to Rule from 29.05.2017.Combined Executive Committee meeting at SSA/Circle level also should be convened at the earliest, even during the agitation for making the agitation programmes successful.