Overview on Superannuation Benefits

Retirement Policies/ Pension are there to support retired social life of employees. Retired Govt employees were given with Statutory Govt Penisions, whereas in PSU’s the same objective achieved by its own Pension policies. In BSNL, Erstwhile Govt- Turned CPSU the employees absorbed into BSNL in 2003-04 were very well protected by rule 37-A, extending Govt Pension, whereas the same rule was to ensure BSNL’s directly recruited employees with its own pension policies. In 2003-2010 eras BSNL was reaping huge profits; still Pension Policies weren’t extended for DR Employees keeping their future in dark violating the pension rule.


In 2nd PRC, which was due on 01-01-2007, the ceiling of Super Annuation Benefits- SAB – for BR’s was fixed not less than 30% of Basic+ DA giving certain parity with those holding Govt Statutory Pensions. In the initial stage the BR’s were extended BSNL’s EPF contribution of only 12% of Basic-6500%, which after our struggles were enhanced to 12% of Basic +DA. 


In effect BSNL employees were given with 12% contribution on Basic +DA, Gratuity-4%, Post-Retirement Medical Benefits-PRMB-2%: towards the costs of medical expenses that may be incurred by an employee if he’s to live after retirement; should BSNL exists and still holds the same medical policies. The same is claimed by retired employees who absorbed from DoT to BSNL. 


Later the gross the injustice to BR’s came into light, when AIGETOA, and members across India mulled over the contribution by different PSUs towards SAB Contribution, found that, BSNL’s contribution fall short of 30% of Basic + DA by 12%. Various campaigns across India were conducted by the association to create awareness about the same among the stake holders.


AIGETOA strongly questioned this injustice and requested for SAB contribution in totality, sister association too raised voice for the same. Later management tried to recalculate the entire contribution and adjudged there was PRMB-3.2% , gratuity-4.8% contribution apart from 12% for EPF, but still it’s an hypothetical figure as there are no separate fund maintained for PRMB or its not contributed separately.


Now after our repeated struggles, 3% of SAB contribution is agreed by management. It’s only effective from 05th May 2016, not from the joining date of BSNL recttd employees, which leads to a loss of 7 to 15years of contribution. It stands such a way that many executives seems lost their legitimate due for so many years. 


With various efforts by AIGETOA on forefront we are going to realize 3% due within 1-2 months and additional 2% within a span of 6months; by this even though on paper the contribution will come to 25% still in short of 5%.


AIGETOA is totally committed to fight till entire justified dues are given for BSNL recttd employees.


With Present set of data available, the scheme works the following ways.


•Fund Management is given with LIC.

•Contribution Flow: Contribution -> Trust (5 meber-Management+2 member Employees ) ->LIC Fund Manager->LIC

•Eligibility-15 years of Service is mandatory (Which is likely to be revised)

•2/3rd of Amount could be commuted; the rest is kept for Pension Portion.

•Employees may have optional contribution.


LHD in Protest to Tower subsidiary company

All members are requested to hold Lunch Hour demonstrations at BSNL CO, Circle and SSA Headquarters on 15.09.2017, in protest against the Government's decision to form Tower Subsidiary company by hiving off tower assets from BSNL. 


Future course of action shall be intimated in due course of time after deliberation with all stake holders.


Creation of Postpaid CUG Plan

AIGETOA circle team met with Sr.GM EB Dr. Sri. Jyothi Sankar ITS to take up the creation of SBI249 postpaid CUG plan. SBI had issued letter calling for proposals from TSPs for providing CUG connectivity to all it's 16500 staff including those of erstwhile SBT on 25/8/17. Vodafone and Idea have already created the plan and started marketing it. BSNL has till date not even created the plan. When the matter came to our notice, we immediately met the Sr.GM and Sir called an urgent meeting of the Circle office EB Team and also contacted IN Trichy. They assured us that the plan will be created today itself...


However we urge the SSA EB Teams  to approach each SBI branch immediately and aggressively push the plan . The teams may initiate action to convert the other operator numbers through the MNP route to BSNL... 


All our members and BSNL recruits are requested to be vigilant to grab / information collection towards various business opportunities which will help our beloved company  to greater heights.


JAC Convention at Trivandum

A  meeting of JAC was held at Trivandrum,  Kerala on 12/9/17. Aigetoa CS Sri. Saheer, Bsnleu GS Sri. Abhimanyu, CS Sri. Mohanan, Snea CS Sri. Santhosh addressed the constituent members.

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EPF Full pension option Call from BSNL Recruits


Our Circle team once again represented the pending request for EPF full pension option submission for BSNL recruits. Click here for the letter submitted today. 


The matter was taken with management by submissions on 28/3/17, 3/4/17 and subsequent discussions with CGMT,  GM HR & PGM F, DGM F and clarifications  ,detailing the matter with Regional EPFO office,  Trivandrum etc . The entire matter was taken with Circle management on 18/7/17, where as many circles already collected the options as directed by corporate office. 


The Full pension option under EPFO may give a small relief to BSNL recruits ( lesser only )  wrt the Govt statutory pension entitled for absorbed executives, through pension contribution by BSNL

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Promotions to SDE Cadre

Some rumours have been floated by certain gossip mongers that AIGETOA has changed its stand with respect to LDCE and DPC Promotions. It is once again reiterated that AIGETOA is firm on its stand that no CPSU policy can supersede LDCE 2015 posting orders. We have been pursuing this issue and can not leave it in middle. It was our efforts that ensured the declaration of LDCE 2015 results and due to wholehearted and consistent persuasion of AIGETOA only, the proposal to extend promotions was approved at the level of CMD BSNL and was placed before Management Committee despite the current and complex scenario.
AIGETOA has always stood for LDCE & DPC promotions from JTO to SDE and equivalent Cadre , from early stage itself.
We once again reiterate our stand that, we will not allow any encroachment into the promotional aspects and we won't take a backfoot on our declared stand.
The matter has been made clear to our partner in Joint Forum and any deviation from the agreed stand will not be entertained i.e. the due promotions should be executed before introduction of any new policy.
We are committed and striving hard to get the desired results and hopefully it will be materialised soon. We are in consistent discussion with management and submitted various way outs and approaches based on which actions are being taken. Legal option is also being explored in consultation with stake holders.
In the CPSU draft also , vacancy year wise seniority shall be protected..and all the LDCE 2015 qualified candidates shall be placed enblock senior to all JTOs and shall be promoted as Sr SDE after 2 years giving relaxation of 3 years.
We are firm on our stand that promotions should be extended first before implementation of any new policy like CPSU Hierarchy and we are committed to take all actions to protect the interests of our members.

Meeting with JTO Trainees at RTTC, Trivandrum on 30/8/17

Aigetoa, Kerala team met the new incumbents to JTO Cader at RTTC Trivandrum. We had an interactive session and invited the new executive fraternity to be the part of our association to get the dues for the larger cause of BRs where AIGETOA wholeheartedly stands for. Our CS , ACS, DS Tvm & Executive committee members shared various matters with the new batch. 

Click here for the photos

We wish the best to all the new executives in their new assignments.


LHD to Protest against vindictive actions by Management

Dear Friends, 


JOINT FORUM of Executives Associations, Kerala Circle has decided to conduct emergency protest lunch hour demonstrations on 28/8/2017 (at 1PM)at SSA & Circle HQ to protest the vindictive action of the BSNL Management & Immediate unconditionally withdraw the chargesheet of GS AIGETOA & SNEA . 


All the District Secretaries, Circle Office Bearers, CWC members & activists of JF are requested to take lead and  hold the  Massive Lunch Hour Demonstrations with show the strength & Unity.


With regards,

Joint Forum

Kerala Circle