LDCE-2015 Kerala Circle Orders Issued

Happy news to Kerala LDCE-15 qualified executives came today. The continued efforts of AIGETOA Circle team, especially our CS Sri. Saheer & ACS Sri. Prasad from the very morning, reached its results.
LDCE orders for Kerala Circle issued.

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All the qualified executives should ensure that they are joining in the respective allotted BAs.We have given the assurance that all genuine requests of the new SDEs will be considered and AIGETOA is committed to pursue the same. The leftover orders which was pending for VC clearance will be processed on Monday.
We wholeheartedly thank our respected CGMT, BSNL Kerala who clearly understood the gravity of the situation and given the approval for posting orders today itself.

The support and help extended by GM ( HR/Admin), DGM ( HR/Admin ), AGM and staffs at Circle office was really appreciable. We extend our heartiest gratitude to one and all.

Team AIGETOA Kerala
Association Run By BSNL Recruits and For BSNL Recruits

Congratulations to All LDCE-2015 Qualified Executives...

The efforts and details of the LDCE-2015 from its notification, results declaration and finally posting - under taken by AIGETOA to safe guard the promotional avenue of BRs , is already known to all .

AIGETOA team was burning midnight oil for clearance of various hurdles that had been "levelled" against issuance LDCE posting Orders even after declaration of results in 2016, such as – SDE RR Amendment, Seniority & eligibility related clarifications both organizationally and legally. Hurdles from various corners from time to time including last minute ditching were defended single handedly by AIGETOA – especially by AIGETOA GS Sri. Ravisheel Verma and CHQ Team. Our beloved GS led from the front, throughout the process and spent late hours for many days at Corporate Office, ensuring the rights of BR’s are protected on various scenarios of Pay – Pension – Promotion in BSNL. AIGETOA Kerala whole heartedly thank our GS and CHQ team and all those who supported GS in this crucial struggles.

Now with this Promotions orders,

History has been created in BSNL or erstwhile DoT, where , first time in a competitive Promotion Order, entire Executives were ensured with the same Circle Posting

AIGETOA is highly committed to achieve both SCF and LDCE promotionsin SDE cader to the deserved executives, and we firmly stand for the opinion that existing RRs to be used in filling the existing vacancies available before implementation any new policy

Our Members are fighting legally for justified seniority of BSNL recruits in 1:1 SDE SCF Promotion Case. The judgement is awaited on 30-5-2018 at Hon. HC Ernakulum. If BRs lost avenues are restored , then that would pave way for Promotion of Executives even those joined in the year 2010 positively.

On behalf of entire AIGETOA BSNL recruited executives fraternity we congratulate all executives who qualified the LDCE-2015 exam. The group stood behind AIGETOA with rock belief, and their faith in the Association was a big driving force in achieving such a big feat. We thank each and every one who shown faith in the association when times were tough.

The struggle truly shows, if we are united things can be fought and achieved. AIGETOA appeals to entire BR’s to come under the umbrella and fight together to achieve our rights which were denied to us over the time.

Together We Can..! Together We Will….Together We have !!!

We would like to express our wholehearted gratitude to respected CGMT Kerala Circle , GM (HR/Admin), GM (Vig), DGM (HR/Admin), AGM (HR), and staff at Vigilance /HR wing for timely processing of VC and other required documents for expediting the LDCE Promotions.


Congratulations to one and all. The much awaited posting orders are being issued shortly. We convey our sincere gratitude to CMD BSNL, Director HR, Other Directors of Board, GM PERS, OSD to Director HR, Joint GM Pers, DGM Pers, AGM Pers-II, The Personal Section Team and all those involved in the process. We convey our whole hearted thanks and sincere gratitude for the effort they made to ensure this much awaited promotion to all. We also convey our gratitude to all those who supported us in the cause. Orders are being uploaded shortly.

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Meeting with CGMT Kerala at Kozhikkode

AIGETOA Team consisting of CP Shri Gireesh, DS CLT Shri. Sahir, DP CLT Shri Samel and other Calicut office bearers had a short yet fruitful meeting with respected CGMT Shri Dr.PT Mathew,ITS. The recent developments in Calicut SSA were discussed with. CGMT assured us to settle the issues amicably and necessary instructions were given to BA authorities as well. CGMT also suggested to take up the issues at any later stage. We thanked CGMT for the support extended. The meeting lasted about 25 minutes.
Aigetoa always opposed such ill motived transfer orders to justify someones ego. The Transfer order and other related developments were appalling at this crucial juncture when BSNL is not leaving any stone unturned to increase the revenue.
AIGETOA is of the view that hard working executives should be given their due and any injustice to them would strongly be opposed.

VC Clearance for LDCE / DPC –SCF for SDE Promotions

Our Circle team is in active contact and persuasion with Vigilance & HR wings for expediting the VC Clearance for LDCE / DPC –SCF quota promotion to SDE Cader. All SSAs are informed accordingly. It is expected that vigilance clearance work will be submitted at the earliest at Kerala Circle

VC for Promotion :

Furnishing of gradation particulars and VC for promotion to SDE grade under SCF and LDCE.
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General body meeting Kottayam SSA on 11-05-18

A general body meeting of Kottayam SSA held on 11.05.18 at Iswrya Residency, Kottayam. Our CP Sri. Gireesh, CS Sri. Saheer, CFS Sri.Ansal Mohammed, DS KTM Sri.George Jones , DP KTM Sri. Arun K G, DFS Sri. Krishnakumar & executive committee members across SSA attended.
Aigetoa team informed various measures taken by CHQ/ Circle team regarding Standard payscales, pursuance for promotions (LDCE & DPC) , efforts on GTI , SAB benefits , EPF full pension, status of legal efforts etc in detail. The meeting discussion went with major cader concerns of BSNL recruits. Requirements of DR-17 joiners also discussed.
Further the GB unanimously elected Smt. Lovely Joseph as the new District President, AIGETOA Kottayam with regard to Sri. Arun KG leaving the post on transfer.

Update on LDCE Promotions

It is learnt that proposal for promotions have been cleared by MC paving the way from promotions in BSNL.
We convey our heartfelt gratitude to the management including our CMD BSNL, Director HR and other Directors, GM PERS, Jt GM Pers and other officers for taking this step in the right direction.
It will clear the path of LDCE promotions, and also for Seniority Cum Fitness promotions after clearance from Hon'ble Court.

General body meeting Palakkad SSA on 06-05-18

A general body meeting of Palghat SSA held on 06.05.18 at Palakkad town. Our CS Sri. Saheer, CWC Member Sri. Ramachandran , CVP Sri. Anand, DS PGT Sri. Ponpradeep , DP PGT Sri. Niaz, DFS Sri. Unmesh & executive committee members across SSA attended. Meeting and interaction was mainly intended for new DR joinees at Palakkad.


Aigetoa team informed various measures taken by CHQ/ Circle team regarding Standard payscales, pursuance for promotions , efforts on Term insurance, SAB benefits , EPF full pension, status of legal efforts etc in detail. The meeting discussion went with major cader concerns of BSNL recruits. The mutual transfer requests, NoC issues of new joiners also discussed


Today GS and Advisor HQ met GM (Pers) and discussed about SDE-RR amendment notification and preparation of MC note for promotion. GM (Pers) told that prospective SDE-RR amendment will be notified shortly. On MC note for promotions, GM (Pers) informed that MC note is being prepared and it is expected to put up the same for approval of Management Committee in next MC meeting. We requested GM (Pers) that the promotions has been pending for a very long time and henceforth any further delay should be avoided. it should also be ensured that proposal should be put up in such a way that promotion should not face hurdles anymore in BSNL. GM (Pers) assured that management also wants to issue promotion orders expeditiously and all efforts shall be taken to ensure that promotion orders can be issued soon.