EKM SSA Body met PGM Ernakulam

On 3rd October Newly Elected SSA Body met PGM Ernakulam and discussed various issues.

Seniority fixation in JTO Cadre based on DoPT guidelines

Dear Friends,

Members of our association had filed a case regarding 1:1 fixation with Promotees Vs Direct Recruitees in JTO cadre (which is getting delayed / so far denied justice for our DR community ) as per the DoPT guidelines at Honorable CAT, Ernakulam; .

Honorable CAT ,EKM directed BSNL on 18-04-2013, to go ahead with the process of preparing the Final eligibility list as per the DoPT guidelines & previous court orders and may be submitted to Honorable court for clarifying the procedure.

BSNL authorities were not able to submit the same till date, by taking into consideration of DoPT guidelines. It is learned that members of some other association are deliberately making unwanted rumours/making efforts for continuing wrong procedures in BSNL, which they were doing earlier.

AIGETOA reacts against Injustice meted out to its member at Kozhikode SSA


Its with great grief that we would like to present this matter to all our members and well wishers. In the month of August 2013 one of our members salary was cut in Kozhikode SSA by Rs.7708/- with out giving any intimation or Explanation. The reason cited for the recovery was excess telephone bill. But on verification by the association it was found that the said recovery was done to compensate for losses incurred by the Kuttiyadi CSC a long time before he had even taken over its charge. 


The Kerala Circle Vice President, District Secretary, District President and other SSA office bearers have strongly intervened in the matter. They met GMT, Kozhikode and intimated this matter. "He expressed his regret in the mistake done by the accounts officer and has assured to take necessary remedial action". AIGETOA Kozhikode SSA office bearers has given the matter in writing to GMT Kozhikode. 


Letter to GMT Kozhikode

CBI books Dayanidhi Maran, BSNL officials

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Ernakulam SSA body met PGM EKM Shri. P.T Mathew

Ernakulam SSA AIGETOA Office bearers met PGM Shri P.T Mathew for the first time after the body formation, and shared our ideas for better marketing, Sales techniques, Methods to arrest MNP Port out with PGM.

GS Shri Ravi Shil Verma met bsnl mgmt for follow-up of issues

GS AIGETOA Meeting with Director (HR) : 

GS Shri Ravi Shil Verma along with VP Shri Mantosh Singh met Director (HR) on 27th Sept 2013 and discussed about the resolution of the issues agreed after agitation. Director (HR) informed that the issues are being examined by the concerned nodal cells and meetings of the committees are taking place. GS reminded that already one and half month has passed and still there is no visibility on the issues. Director (HR) told GS that concerned sections are dealing the matter religiously and he has planned to review the progress next week. GS further discussed the next LDCE and its mechanisms and requested Director (HR) to ensure that the LDCE should not get struck up in litigations. Director (HR) informed that he has already instructed the Pers wing to examine the matter and suggest the changes if any. GS also discussed the issue of extending the benefits of 78.2 merger to 2005 batch. Director (HR) told GS to discuss the issue with GM (Establishment). Thereafter GS and VP (CHQ) met director (finance) and discussed the issues. Director (finance) told GS about the developments and asked GS to meet him next week. 


GS AIGETOA Meeting with GM (Establishment): 

GS and VP (CHQ) met GM (Establishment) and discussed the issues at length. GM (Establishment) told GS that committees are on the job and they are committed to bring the issues to finality. GM (Establishment) asked for certain inputs from GS which GS shall be giving him next week. GS requested GM (establishment) to look into the issues with compassion and told that entire future of the Direct recruits of BSNL are dependent on these issues. GS enquired about the 2005 78.2 merger issue. GM (establishment) told GS that their cell is on job and the benefit shall be extended very soon to the 2005 batch. GS discussed the issue of pay protection of JTOs recruited through SRD. GM establishment told GS the same is also being examined and recommendation on all the pay scale related issues shall be submitted at one go. 

BSNL Day wishes to all members

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