Request Transfer Orders issued

Circle team met GM Admin today and discussed various pending issues. First set of request transfer orders issued.

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Circle administration assured that remaining cases will be dealt positively and orders will be issued.


NTT Docomo to exit from Tata Teleservices - Media report

NTT DoCoMo, Japan’s biggest telecom operator by subscribers, has said it will sell its entire 26.5 per cent stake in Tata Teleservices Ltd (TTSL), thus exiting India five years after it entered the market.

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An awareness session by BSNL management on creating a new tower subsidiary company by hiving off the tower business of BSNL

An awareness session was convened by BSNL management on creating a new tower subsidiary company by hiving off the tower business of BSNL. The session was attended by General Secretary Shri Ravi Shil Verma and Vice President Shri Mantosh Kumar. From the presentation, it appeared that the whole exercise is more intended towards engaging a strategic partner as phase-II as a JV Project. We expressed our concern to the management side that if at all the exercise was done for creating a more focused approach on tower business then other revenue earning verticals also require a stronger focus, so how BSNL is going to guarantee that other verticals will not be converted into a similar type of subsidiaries and if it is not an indirect form of disinvestment.

We suggested that instead of creating a subsidiary, better option is to create a separate vertical for the same if BSNL senses a wide business opportunity in this segment.

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Sad demise of Anil George, JTO MS Wayanad


 Our friend Anil George JTO Mobile Services Wayanad met with a tragic accident at Changaramkulam on 22nd, Tuesday evening. He was hospitalized at Thrissur but passed away today at 7:45PM. We share the grief of his family and pray almighty to offer peace to the departed soul.


CEC ON 12042014


DoPT Case Update

The DoPT case ( For 1:1 Promotion in JTO(T) to SDE(T) ) , came for hearing before honorable CAT , EKM  today . After arguments, the case has been posted to 26th May 2014  for detailed argument and further disposal . Details Will be uploaded soon..



BSNL CPSU Policy :

At last BSNL management issues the much awaited CPSU policy after repeated pursuasion of AIGETOA. The policy however was supposed to be meritocratic and should have given weightage to qualification. But all such things appears to be beyond the scope of management for reasons best known to them . Any how still some breakthrough is there and we respect that. We request members to send feedback on the same on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Click here for Policy

Kind Attention All Direct Recruits Executives - Only You Can Help Yourself

AIGETOA is the only platform to raise the voice of direct recruit executives but AIGETOA name alone cannot help you to get your rights. It is only you who can help yourself. We are very thankful that some persons have started raising the voice for the issues related to direct recruits however in view of the history; there is a dire need to brain storm the basic before joining hands with them.

  1. Standard pay scale of E2 to JTO/JAO: Pay scale of JTO/JAO should have been E2 from the inception of BSNL but same was downgraded to E1A to compensate for the pension contribution of absorbed JTO/JAO and the same was agreed by these so called messiahs. There is no hurdle to extend E2 pay scale to direct recruits JTO/JAO but striking for E2 pay scale to all JTO/JAO is nothing but just to create pressure to the management so that management may not extend the E2 pay scale to direct recruits. Professionally qualified direct recruits are entitled for even E3 pay scale from 01.01.2007 in lieu of upgradation of engineering graduate in Government of India and other CPSEs but the same has never been demanded for the reasons best known to them.

  2. 30% superannuation benefit: The recommendation of 30% defined contribution towards superannuation benefit in CPSEs is applicable to those who are not covered under defined benefit of government pension. Some persons are demanding the same for direct recruits through their websites but internally they are forcing the management to compare the CTC on contribution towards retirement benefit of direct recruits and absorbed executives.

  3. CPSE cadre hierarchy/no external MT, DGM: On one side, they are crying for implementation of CPSE cadre hierarchy in BSNL in respect of career progression of executives and other side they are forcing the management to degrade the bench mark and no weightage for qualification which is leading to unnecessary delay. Professionally qualified direct recruits JTO/JAO recruited through All India open competition is already MT who should have been the succession of top management in BSNL but these do not allow them to get their entitlement. They are forcing the management to put us below so that there can be scope for management to make another MT recruitment ignoring already recruited professional qualified JTO/JAO.

Executives cannot demand, in fact there cannot be any negotiation/bargaining in respect of pay, career and retirement benefit as these are finalized by Government of India through DPE. Executives can only force the management to implement the DPE orders/guidelines. All the three issues mentioned above are entitlement of Direct recruits executives in BSNL but it is demand for others. Some persons are trying to insert their individual demands in between our entitlements not to gain anything but just to create hurdles. It is really painful to see that some of the direct recruits are being part of creating hurdle on their own entitlements. This association appeals all the direct recruits to first analyze and then decide.

This association appeals to every direct recruit to please stand together on the platform of AIGETOA for your own cause. Don’t think that some of the direct recruits can enable you to get your entitlements. Don’t think that somebody will come to invite you. Some of the representatives are putting their day and night, blood and sweats. Support them who are fighting for your own cause by extending your hand before they get exhausted.

All DS and Circle Representatives are requested to go through the presentation submitted by AIGETOA to HLC and submit the same to your SSA/Circle head. Try to explain them about the issues raised by AIGETOA by having personal one to one meeting. Click here for submission by AIGETOA to the HLC Various Annexure

AIGETOA has prepared the individual representation format for the LDCE qualified candidates but not getting benefit of one increment. This representation can be submitted by every affected member to keep alive your legal rights. Click here for individual representation

DOPT case update

DOPT case came for hearing today in Hon. CAT Ernakulam and it is posted for hearing on 24th March 2014. Stay continues.