04 Oct Kerala Circle News

AIGETOA reacts against Injustice meted out to its member at Kozhikode SSA


Its with great grief that we would like to present this matter to all our members and well wishers. In the month of August 2013 one of our members salary was cut in Kozhikode SSA by Rs.7708/- with out giving any intimation or Explanation. The reason cited for the recovery was excess telephone bill. But on verification by the association it was found that the said recovery was done to compensate for losses incurred by the Kuttiyadi CSC a long time before he had even taken over its charge. 


The Kerala Circle Vice President, District Secretary, District President and other SSA office bearers have strongly intervened in the matter. They met GMT, Kozhikode and intimated this matter. "He expressed his regret in the mistake done by the accounts officer and has assured to take necessary remedial action". AIGETOA Kozhikode SSA office bearers has given the matter in writing to GMT Kozhikode. 


Letter to GMT Kozhikode