13 Feb AIGETOA News

Call Attention notice on 24-02-2020

AIGETOA Kerala submitted the notice for Call Attention program to be observed on 24-02-2020 in line with AIGETOA CHQ call.

Click here for the letter submitted to CGM Kerala Circle.

We demand,

1. Immediate regularisation of salary & other payment to working employees.

2.Mechanism for smooth support to field units in post VRS scenario.

3. Issuance of JTO to SDE promotions , SDE to AGM and in other grades.

4. Settlement of SDE Reversion matter.

5. Settlement of Pay loss of batches recruited in E1A scale.

6. Publishing of list-9 Seniority list in 2:1 ratio.

7.Settlement of SAB pending contributions.

8. Resolution on standard Pay scales of E2 & E3 for JTO / JAO & SDE / AO Cader.

9. Transparent Implementation of Transfer policy.

10. Withdrawal of unethical facilities extended to some associations.