24 Aug AIGETOA News

AGM/ District Conference Cum Election Trivandrum SSA on 24-08-2019

The 5th District Conference Cum Annual General body meeting of  Trivandrum SSA held on 24.08.2019 at  Prasanth Hotel, PMG, Trivandrum. 
The Open Session function was honoured by the graceful presence of Sri. S S Thampi ITS, PGMT TVM, Sri R Satheesh , GM(HR/Admin), BSNL Kerala, Smt Anie Zacharia, DGM(HR/Admin) TVM SSA. Our CP Sri.Maxmilan, CS Sri. Saheer & DS/DP/DFS &  almost all members across SSA attended. Sri Prasadraj RV, ACS Aigetoa Kerala welcomed the dignitaries and members.All the dignitaries addressed the gathering and putforth various concerns and wished for the bright future of BSNL.
CP Kerala Sri.Maxmillan Presided over the function. Vote of Thanks of Open Session expressed by Sri Rajesh DP, TVM. 

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In the afternoon session DS (I/C) Sri. Sathya Jose and DFS Sri. Sooraj BS, presented Term reports of the existing body and accepted by the house. 

Later Returning officer Sri. Maxmilan handled the election proceedings and the AGM unanimously elected new office bearers for the next term.

New office bearers of Aigetoa Trivandrum details as follows

District President - 
Sri. Rajesh B SDE RTTC 
Dist Secretary - 
Sri. Sreejith SV SDE Malayinkeezhu
Dist Treasurer - 
Sri. Aravind SDE , CO

DVP -Sri. Rajesh S  SDE CSR Backend

ADS 1 Sri Anoop R Nath SDE MSC
ADS 2 Sri Sooraj BS - JTO BSS
ADS 3 Sri Sathya Jose SL JTO Udaan CFA

Executive members
Sri Sooraj S - SDE FM Attingal
Sri Vaishak K - JTO Technopark 
Smt Divya CK - JTO CP TVM 
Smt Heera KS - SDE FTTH CO
Smt Malu GS - JTO IT Cell CO
Sri Sajeevkumar - SDE BSS 

Later the session focussed on  discussions on the issues pertains to BSNL and BSNL recruits.
Various concerns on BSNL operative status also discussed. Sri Vipal Prem,  ACS Aigetoa Kerala expressed the conclusion Vote of thanks.