25 Jul AIGETOA News

Meeting with GM(HR/Admin), Kerala Circle

Our Circle team led by CS  today informed about AIGETOA Circle Conference scheduled on 12/10/2019 to our CGMT and GM (HR/Admin) BSNL Kerala and took the concurrence.

Further we discussed some important issues related with our members with GM (HR/Admin). The matter of highrange tenure transfer of Idukki was discussed in detail and requested for the tenure calculation strictly in accordance with BSNL transfer policy. GM also agreed for the same as per rules. The stay particulars need to be accounted in executive total career span and nowhere it's mentioned about specific tenure of JTO, SDE etc. The executives who are working at Idukki for even more than 3 years, now happened to be at severe resentment due to the scenario. Our association will try to get the clearance of hurdles created by some corners. GM(HR/Admin) mentioned about the moratorium existing till 14/9/19 and further told that Ernkulam BA is free to make arrangements within EKM/ Idukki with administrative feasibility and with prevailing guidelines. 

The next matter of discussion was the regularisation of date of joining of LDCE 13/15 cleared SDEs in line with BSNL corporate office main office order. Click here for the letter. Earlier in the similar lines, the date of joining of DETs were regularised to 29/6/19 from 30/6/19 in Kerala Circle. We demanded for a non partisan approach on the matter with LDCE cleared SDEs also.