01 Apr AIGETOA News

Hon'ble High Court of Kerala allows writ petitions filed by AIGETOA CS Shri Saheer S and Others for exercising options for higher pension contribution without a cutoff date:

AIGETOA Kerala Proudly inform BSNL Recruits that Hon’ble High Court of Kerala allowed all the 3 writ petitions filed and led by AIGETOA team for exercising options for higher pension contribution without a cutoff date.
The long battle was possible only due to the strong support and guidance from AIGETOA CHQ and especially from our GS Sri. Ravisheel Verma. We express our sincere gratitude to our CGMT, GM HR& Admin, PGM ( F) who supported our endaveours to get back the justified pending EPF pension. We express our wishes and acknowledge the support by the BSNL recruits from Kerala irrespective of association affiliation and caders.
Hon'ble High Court Kerala has allowed the writ petition filed by Circle Secretary, Shri Saheer and others. Click here for copy

Hon'ble High court has set aside the EPFO amendment Scheme 2014 brought into force by notification dated 22.08.2014.

Hon'ble court has also set aside all the consequential orders and proceedings issued by PF authorities based on the impunged orders dated 22.08.2014

The various proceedings issued by the EPF authorities declining to grant opportunities to the petitioners to exercise Joint option along with other employees to remit contribution to the employee pension scheme based on actual salaries are also set aside.

The employees shall be entitled to exercise the option stipulated by Paragraph 26 of the EPF scheme without being restricted in doing so by the insistence on a date.

Pensionable salary also reinstated to 12 month average salary.. from 60 month average salary.. that will be huge difference to BR pension..

Thereafter, one SLP filed by EPFO in Hon'ble Supreme Court has also been dismissed today.

Friends, AIGETOA and it's office bearers have been working for the cause of BSNL Recruits selflessly without bothering for the repercussions. AIGETOA is fully committed to save the rights of BSNL Recruits despite of consistent mud slinging against the association by the beneficiaries itself. Remember Friends, this is the same case in which our association and office bearers were accused by the so called recognised association that huge collections are going on by AIGETOA in the name of legal fund. This becomes further sad to us by seeing the fact that BSNL Recruits belonging to other Associations were more vociferous lot than our seniors. In fact seniors have appreciated our efforts by crossing the boundaries of association.

Friends, this is high time to think, ponder and discuss upon each other to get united under the umbrella of AIGETOA by shedding the egos, some small time benefits and lure of transfer postings.

We hope our honest efforts will be appreciated by one and all BRs across the BSNL. All the three cases led and filed by AIGETOA team won at Hon HC, Kerala. Entire relief sought wrt Full pension option and change of average period was allowed. As assured we will be taking further efforts to generalise the benefits to all the BSNL recruits who wish to receive the Full Pension option accordingly.

Long Live BSNL
Long Live Unity
Long Live AIGETOA.