25 Feb AIGETOA News

Status update on JTO to SDE SCF Promotions :

The due 1:1 promotions for BSNL recruits was made a stand still, due to the deliberate plans from some corners including management side. Now it seems a new credit mongering status update group is also born who till date has done nothing except for updating status and showing concerns in social media. As they have failed to make a breakthrough in garnering more membership numbers, they have started a smearing campaign against their own brothers who have put many thing on stake while fighting for the cause. Their main allegation is due to the contempt petition at Hon CAT, EKM the promotions are held up.

Infact Management was not ready to execute promotions for BRs in SCF quota from beginning itself. It was due to deliberations from AIGETOA and the contempt petition filed by some sufferers only, there is a ray of hope for promotions being still on.

Let's go with a fact file.

5th June 2018 - Hon HC, Kerala direction to execute from a finalised AIEL/Promotions in 1:1.

14th June 2018 - Execution OA interim direction also gave clear instructions for the same judgement operative part.

15th June 2018 - BSNL management in gross violation of both Hon Court directions, promoted only absorbed executives with backdated Year of Recruitment under pressure from some groups, even without fill-in up of available vacancies and without executing ST quota list.

22nd June 2018 - BSNL management, directly stated (in black & white) that they had no intention for further promotions in JTO To SDE after 2010-11 vacancies (We are in possession of documents obtained through RTI which clearly states this).

Meanwhile it was AIGETOA, made relentless pursuit to convinced management about the wrong moves and suggested for early compliance of order.

22nd June 2018 - The contempt petition was filed by the applicants, due to gross violation of Court directions.

25th June 2018 - Management started works for BRs promotions covering upto YOR 2008 .

28th - 29th June 2018 - Despite clear directions from higher ups, Personnel section was reluctant to initiate the DPC work. AIGETOA ensured that DPC work is initiated before 30th June with its pursuasion.

AIGETOA and it's Office bearers were in the forefront to complete eligibility particulars/APAR/VC compilation.

24th July 2018 - Contempt adjudged guilty on respondents after hearings.

The DPC works were done by management on war-foot phase and expected orders by December 3rd week itself then the issue of On merit/Own merit, which lingered the matter.

7th Jan 2019 - Since there was no corrective measures made by respondents till then, Hon Court directed to take action as per contempt act.

To complicate matter further, the entire matter is being misguided by some and the Review petition were filed, only to delay the promotions.

It may be noted that the reviews are filed by management, AIBSNLEA and some Members of SNEA.

Entire matter is posted to 25th March 2019 at Hon HC, Kerala - where legal remedy is expected.

In the meanwhile, one group who till date has done nothing except for making updations and big claims on their website, starts smearing campaign against the warriors who came forward and are fighting for it. They have forgotten the fact that because of Ernakullam case only, talks of DPC for 2007/8 batches begun else all were intending to put BSNL Recruits subject to CPSU policy which would not have been made operational because of issues associated with it. That was the only reason we wanted to get all the available vacancies filled up. Further, it is our efforts only that process of identification of Supernumerary JTOs have begun.

So every BR should understand that instead of demeaning the efforts, they should come forward and support AIGETOA endeavours.