14 Jan AIGETOA News

Updates on Various legal fronts pertaining to BSNL Recruits

MT Recruitment :

The case is posted on 15/1/19 after the interim direction. Followed by this case, external recruitment is presently postponed by BSNL. Contrary to some corners propaganda (they consider themselves as champions in fooling the BSNL Recruits), there can't be an Internal MT alone without scrapping RRs as in the current MTRR; internal and external MT has to be held simultaneously. Therefore, once Internal MT is conducted (Which is highly unlikely), External MT is inevitable. AIGETOA has a firm stand that no lateral recruitment can be given above JTO / JAO and instead an Internal Fast Track Promotion Policy need to be implemented without any delay. The clear road map for this was envisaged and shared by AIGETOA during CPSU CH discussions. We are committed to fight its legally as well as organizationally.

E2/E3 Standard Pay-scale :

The E2 /E3 pay scale implementation case at Hon CAT, Chandigarh is posted on 11th February 2019. BSNL has already submitted its view in DOT as well as court of law that they have recommended E2-E3 for JTO and SDE equivalent scales which can not be ignored by any agency. Added to this, Hon'ble court has already directed for paying arrears. This has happened only because of the constant persuasion of AIGETOA contrary to the shameless stand projected by one of the saviors who do nothing and talk much. A rejoinder to change pay scale of JTOs to E2 in the JTO RR-14 is also expected to be listed at Hon CAT, Ernakulum this month. In addition to this, GS AIGETOA is already taking up the matter on AUAB platform. We are very much sure that our strategically defined moves at multiple fronts will definitely yield a conclusive result soon.

Pay Parity Matter/ 22820:

The pay parity and Pay loss issue of executives who have been recruited in E1A needs to be resolved at the earliest. The demand for the same was stalled by extra demands / citing financial implications etc by 
known corners. Since the deliberations and discussions were not met with an amicable result due to multiple negative forces and an adverse judgment from one court of law which was never challenged in higher court, AIGETOA decided to go for reopening the legal fight at Hon'ble PCAT, DELHI and has succeeded in the same. The case is listed for hearing this month. We are determined to take the issue to its logical and favorable conclusion.

SAB from Date of Joining:

The Superannuation benefits from Date of joining for each BSNL Recruits is listed at Hon CAT Ernakulum on 23/1/2019.

At the same time, the pending dues of SAB to reach the 30%,is expected by March-19 as committed on AUAB Platform. Management has finally agreed to issue the minutes also within next few days. Though Proclaimed corners tried to mislead management by showing them various RTIs wrt percentage and quantum, AIGETOAs view prevailed and BRs are going to get an increase of 3 percent bringing the total quantum to 8% out of total 12%.

JTO to SDE SCF Update:

After promotion of 3100+ promotee executives on 15/6/18 , only due to active persuasion and follow-up from AIGETOA the corresponding list for inclusion of BR JTOs including YOR 2008 was made ready by 3rd week of December 2018. The proclaimed SENA declared on their website that promotion of BSNL Recruits could not be done due to Training Marks issue and they forced management to issue the promotions leaving BSNL recruits (Around 2000 BRs were already available in the list), they even Left ST quota vacancies untouched which would have ensured promotions to ST quota for 2005 and 2007 batch JTOs, but they did just the opposite and in the process not only denied BRs, its rights but also the constitutional provisions wrt reservations were violated. In the process, they misguided the management at all steps with the help of their team at Ernakulam, which ultimately resulted, into contempt of court.

We are surprised how they call themselves saviors. They denounce Struggle, not only by AIGETOA but also do not hesitate in disowning their own office bearers if someone dares to raise a voice. Height is that the proclaimed SENA which earlier has declared that promotions of BSNL Recruits was not possible did not hesitate for a second in claiming the credit, when AIGETOA made it possible to get the promotion issued. If the unnecessary pile up of On/Own Merit issue sponsored by Known corners was not there, promotions would have happened on 31st December-2018 itself. Even SEWA has also alleged the role of the Proclaimed SENA in creating the confusion over own merit and on merit.

Consequent to the vested plan of proclaimed SENA, management had also decided to get the reply from ASG, GoI for clarify the same and in-turn the promotion lingered to delay for 7/1/19,the scheduled date of contempt hearing. When Hon Court, understood that no remedial measures was done by BSNL till date, they directed to frame charge-sheet on respondents. The case is listed to 24/1/19. The execution OA which has been filed for directing BSNL to issue the promotions of BSNL Recruits is also listed on the same date. We are very sure, Hon'ble CAT on 24/01/2019 will direct BSNL to issue the promotion orders of DRs also. The issuance of promotion in 1:1 will not only ensure promotions of most of BRs till RY 2008 are covered but also to maximum of LICE JTOs of 2012 RY.

Further, if management takes a decision for early clearance by execution of promotions, there is a good chance that the matter at Hon'ble Ernakulum Court will also be settled. We sincerely hope that this time authorities will not be misguided by the inconsistent utterings of the proclaimed SENA.