09 Jan AIGETOA News

CHQ Update 09-01-2019

Beware of the mal-propaganda by the so-called Messiahs of BSNL, just for the sake of retaining membership:

We have come across the web updates of the so-called Messiahs where they have accused the people working for the welfare of BSNL recruits as being divisive in their approach and come with their score card of protecting the welfare of BSNL recruits in BSNL. Since the accusations have indirectly questioned the sincerity of AIGETOA and its leadership. Even though we are not interested to reply but we are giving the reply for the better understanding of all BSNL Recruits.

Yes, We take pride in saying that AIGETOA is working for the welfare of BSNL Recruits and we have never shied away from openly accepting it.Whereas the messiahs who claim to represent all executives in BSNL overtly always exhibited a covert strategy, where they work for one small fractions through lobbying. On a closer scrutiny it can be seen that it is such hypocrisy in working of the messiahs in BSNL that is creating divisions in the executive cadre, which is even detrimental to the BSNL.

On our part we have been always candid in our approach. We believe that BSNL recruits are deprived of their basic rights in BSNL compared with other PSUs, and we believe that this is direct fallout of the self-centered lobbying of the so called messiahs of BSNL with authorities. We have never shied away from fighting this unholy nexus and we will not shy away in future too because we believe this as primary factor affecting the viability of BSNL.

Regarding the allegation that we file multiple court cases, we would like to clarify again that we have filed cases when we were pushed to the wall and all attempts at amicable settlement of the issues failed. Further AIGETOA has been always been transparent about the court cases that we run, whereas other associations run such cases in a covert manner. They use their proxies to file cases and still they run multiple cases even more than AIGETOA, but will never disclose such things in open for reasons best known to themselves! And hypocrisy is that they are preaching AIGETOA about filing of multiple court cases! At least they should check up the history and calculate how many cases, they have filed against LDCE and it is because of their activist's court case only, LDCE exam could not be held for clubbed vacancies and today all the youngsters from 2005 batch to 2012 are deprived of the fast track channel of promotions in the form of LDCE.Had BSNL would have been allowed to conduct single exam for all vacancies, most of the youngsters would have got their first promotion way back in the year 2015 and 2016 itself. How their activists went out of way to derail LDCE 2012 and 2015, is a well known fact and they are preaching others. This is what in English Language is called hypocrisy.

1. The intermediary scales of E1A and E2A in BSNL was a direct fallout of the forbidden lobbying of the messiah. It is no secret that the core member ship of them at the time of absorption was at JTO and SDE cadres and they used BSNL recruits as a bargaining tool and obtained E1A and E2A for themselves in place of E2 and E3 by compromising for pension. It is no secret that in MTNL where there was no Government Pension at the time of absorption has E2 and E3 for JTO and SDE cadre. The so called messiahas created road block during finalization of intermediate pay scale after formation of BSNL. Who stopped them to bargain for E2 and E3 for JTO and SDE equivalent where at the same time MTNL was having E2 and E3? That time the so called "SHOW STOPPER" named "AIGETOA" was not there. History never lies. Kindly go through their website when they were rejoicing like anything when scale of JTOs were further degraded to E1 through JTO RR 2014.

2. Each of the BSNL recruits was initially running from pillar to post to get their EPF payment on actual Basic + DA rather than capping it at 6500. Any BSNL recruit working in BSNL prior to 2007 will have first-hand experience of it and no need for it to be retold. Perhaps the aloofness and insensitivity of the administration and mainstream associations in BSNL over the matters related to EPF was one of the reasons that sawed the seeds for the formation of AIGETOA. For other associations with brutal majority then this was a simple task that can be achieved overnight if they are convinced of its genuineness. But the matter was allowed to be lingered on for years saw than no associations in BSNL took interest in solving it sincerely. Even the EPF during training period materialized due to the court case run by AIGETOA. Those who are claiming resolution of EPF anomalies did not even knew the full form of EPF and called it as Employees Pension Fund just to misguide management that Superannuation Benefit is already implemented in BSNL for BSNL recruits. AIGETOA is the only association which filed a court case for EPF anomalies and higher pension- However, the messiahs refrained from impleading so far.

3. The "operation sacrifice" that AIGETOA conducted single-handedly at Delhi with participation of near 5000 members had all demands ranging from ITS repatriation to viability of BSNL and this was the struggle which ultimately initiated the concept of CPSU Hierarchy in BSNL. The CPSU Hierarchy which AIGETOA wanted was based on performance, qualification and service weightage, not like the current khichdi CPSU proposal which only ensures promotion of all except BSNL Recruits.

4. In a PSU functioning in cut throat competitive field, executives writing an exam for their first promotion is suicidal. Having said that AIGETOA have accepted LDCE as a fate accompli in BSNL due to its insensitive management.  The role of the so-called messiahs in stalling the promotion of LDCE 2012 and 2015 is more than sufficient in understanding their sincerity towards LDCE. AIGETOA only got the paper to become objective and got the syllabus changed to contemporary subjects (A fact captured in minutes of committee formed for the purpose). Our planned and pragmatic approach resulted into doing away with all the court cases in 2012 and finally results and promotion orders were issued.

5. 50% of posts at STS level is earmarked for MT in BSNL in all streams as per BSNL MS RR which stipulates basic qualification for these posts. Who is the real beneficiary of the temporary enhancement posts in SDE to DE promotion is best known to everybody. Once the MT recruitment happens, it will be final nail in the coffin of all youngsters in BSNL.  And those who are telling 75% diversion as an achievement, should understand that remaining 50% was earmarked for qualified BSNL recruits, a fact duly endorsed by Hon'ble Madras High Court. Instead these 50 percent posts should be earmarked for Fast Track Promotions but that will never be accepted by messiahs.

6. In spite MT recruitment rule, they did not allow MT so far - The claim by the Messiahs, on which even their own members will laugh at. MT stopped because of AIGETOA Agitation in 2008, AIGETOA court case in 2015 and against the current MT recruitment process also, AIGETOA is the only association which went to court and management finally decided to keep the external recruitment process on hold. We are very sure, we will stop internal MT also. Surprisingly, No impleadment by the Messiahs.  MT recruitment rule exists in BSNL because management cites there is vacuum at middle management level due to stoppage of ITS recruitment. And everybody knows that this vacuum is created by relaxation of educational criteria at STS level in MSRR. AIGETOA is always in favor of fast track promotion policy for the outstanding performer. It will maintain its stand on "no MT no DGM" and will oppose any kind of lateral recruitment above JTO/JAO Cadre while others are always undermining the potential of in house talent and favoring external MT/DGM.

7. SAB got implemented because AIGETOA being the sufferers, accepted the initiation of scheme by 3 percent, which was increased by another 2 percent because of Mass CL Call of AIGETOA and thereafter another 3 percent has been assured at the platform of AUAB, mainly because of active role played by AIGETOA. It is also interesting to note that as soon as management agreed for 3 percent, one association displayed one RTI in their website citing that 8.3 percent has already been achieved just to confuse management. Those who are claiming credit for 5 % left no corner unfilled during MV stating that AIGETOA accepted 3 percent proposal. AIGETOA has filed court case for implementation of 12% SAB from the beginning. Surprisingly, no impleadment from the Messiahs.

8. E2, E3 pay scale got approved by BSNL Board not because of Messiahs but because of joint struggle of AIGETOA and AIBSNLEA. The Messiahs left the battle ground even without firing a single shot. IT is AIGETOA which filed a court case for E2 E3 and payment of Arrears, IT is AIGETOA which filed a court case for E2 scale in JTO RR 2014 - as expected no impleadment in these cases by the so called messiahs as benefits pertained to BSNL Recruits only. Leave aside impleading, the proclaimed corners who write letter for everything did not get any time to even write a letter from SAB from date of Joining and subsequent arrears while there are number of letters for 78.2 percent arrears.

9. CPSU was not allowed to be happened by the pool of Messiahs only.Contemporary CPSU hierarchy was a brain child of AIGETOA but the same could never take shape because of opposition from these corners. When their maximum seniors ensured promotions upto AGMs, they started preaching their own members (mainly list 8 and List 9 and BR JTOs) about the half cooked, litigation prone CPSU hierarchy which they got approved by management after giving tacit concurrence to MT Recruitment in BSNL.

10. Parity was being preached only when some progress on List 8 and List 9 was there. Later on those who asked for promotion parity till 2015, agreed on Promotion Parity upto 2005 leaving all BR JTOs, List 8 and List 9 SDEs in lurch. The notice which was served for promotion parity was never executed. It was served just to stop list 8 from getting executed.

11. AIGETOA Asked for Corporate GTI and Conceptualized the GTI in BSNL where BSNL was to Pay the Premium. It was AIGETOA which demanded implementation of GTI for BSNL Recruited Executives as well as Non Executives. However,  taking advantage of recognized status, they converted Corporate GTI to GTI where executives have to pay the premium.AIGETOAs job is still half done. We have to ensure it for non-executive BRs also.

12. 22820 was derailed because of mindless demand by Messiahs for implementing it for all, knowing fully well that it can be extended to only those who have been recruited in E1A. Their scales can be given as E2 but fitment can be given to only those who have been recruited in E1A. AIGETOA has filed case for 22820 also. Again surprisingly no impleadment from the Messiahs.

13. ALL JTOS including LICE 2012 JTOs can visualize their promotions because of implementation of 1:1 in PR and DR quota which Messiahs has always been opposing. In Fact breaking of the bottleneck by AIGETOA in the form of LDCE postings resulted in to 13500 promotions, mostly of those who got absorbed from DoT. BSNL Recruits and youngsters were left behind in JTO to SDE as well as SDE to DE Promotions even though list was available. This is what has been achieved by Messiahs.

14. Who is doing untiring efforts for JTO to SDE promotions for all is visible from the every time changing updates on their website in which they could not even report correct number of vacancies also till date. Sometimes they write Ernakulum Court Case is problem, some times they write Reservation and some times lack of vacancies and after derailing everything, they start singing the song of half cooked CPSU Hierarchy. In fact with consistent misguiding, the proclaimed ones put management into trouble and also trying to derail the efforts of AIGETOA.

15. 1st Time Bound in 4 years was derailed by the Messiahs only when AIGETOA and NTEA refused to sign in favour of time bound upgradation policy which these messiahs accepted while AIGETOA asked for implementation of time bound functional promotion policy.

16. What the Messiahs do in field is well known to all. Those who do not accept their membership are subjected to every type of problems in field.Thanks to AIGETOA that we take care of them.

17. 2005 batch pay anomaly issue was resolved only because of AIGETOA efforts. This fact was well captured in MC Notes, Board Notes, and even the recent committee minutes on 22820. The messiahs did not bothered at all.

At the end, all the benefits which exclusively pertained to BSNL Recruits were totally ignored by the Messiahs. E1A and E2A was kept provisional because they were in a hurry to get their own pie leaving the DRs in lurch. If E1A and E2A would have settled when BSNL was in profit, even DoT would not have objected to E2 and E3 in place of E1A and E2A. While implementing 2nd PRC benefits, they forgot Superannuation Benefits despite mentioning by DoT in Presidential orders. Had SAB would have implemented when BSNL was in profit, 12 percent would not have been so difficult for BRs and our corpus would have been more than 10 lacs today.

YES AIGETOA has stood for BRs and will be there. But AIGETOA never raised voiced against the genuine issues of their seniors. But Messiahs have always come in way when ever their vested interests start getting affected. Their impleadment in court cases related to Seniority, Qualification and Recognition did not took even a day, at the same time in cases like EPF, SAB, Pay Scales, MT etc which benefit BRs exclusively, we do not find any impleadment.

Yes, struggle is not one day job, it is a continuous process. But honesty and sincerity is a more important virtue that is totally lacking in those preaching this "unity" tag! And We can only pity on their vision- "DO NOTHING, TAKE CREDIT FOR EVERYTHING".

And about the last sentence - that they are fighting with management which is resulting into delay ---  we leave it for all BRs to analyse and decide for themselves. Our court cases are paining the messiahs more than the management.