07 Jan AIGETOA News

Update on JTO to SDE SCF : - A Must Read for all BSNL Recruits

The JTO to SDE SCF DPC and promotion which was all set to be issued on this week has been again extended to some more days as there is no consensus on whether to follow Own merit or On Merit in reservation roster. The matter has been sent earlier to ASG and it was informed to AIGETOA on Thursday that the methodology to be followed has been decided and there will not be any problems in the DPC and the orders can be issued by 4th January 2019. However, the problem could not be sorted out on Friday too and the BSNL Recruits (Who have been treated as orphans in BSNL) have again been left in lurch. BSNL Recruits are the one who have to face all sort of problems when benefits related to BSNL Recruits are at stake while in the case of others, even fear of direct contempt does not come in the way of their promotions. Be it orders for JTOs to SDEs on 15.06.2018, SDE to DE on 29.06.2018, AO to CAO in December or be it inclusion of Supernumerary JTOs defying the Directions of Hon'ble Court Chandigarh. The demarcation is clearly visible.

Friends, as you all are aware, despite the hurdles and odd situations created against this DPC process almost every week,
AIGETOA stood like a rock and ensured that DPC of all BSNL Recruits up to recruitment year 2008, which further spanned to SRD and LICE BR batches, is done. Right from calling eligibility particulars to getting SCR details, we have to fight at each step and we succeeded in overcoming all the obstacles. We are very sure; we will overcome this last obstacle also.

Now it is clear that confusion over policy to be adopted in Reservation is the only reason for delay, contrary to the consistent malaise contents on the website of Proclaimed Ones where every time they projected that Ernakulum case is the reason for delay. Management in its affidavit has clearly stated that they are moving ahead with promotions. The recent website update of the proclaimed ones itself tells ( even though credit mongering ) that they made management agree to comply with hon'ble Court directions. Now all of a sudden they started singing the song of CPSU Hierarchy Again yesterday, which compels us to believe that the presence of their invisible hand is definitely the reason for this new showstopper. Now the support group in their fold should ask to their esteemed leaders, why they projected it just the opposite when the reasons were everything other than the Ernakullam Court Case. The truth is that Ernakulum case is the only lifeline which compelled management to think about promotion of BSNL recruits through SCF mode else preparations for implementation of half cooked half baked, CPSU Hierarchy was complete calling a doomsday on the prospect's of BRs.

The fact is that by their actions, they compelled management to go for promotions, violating the orders of Ernakulum Court case, which ultimately resulted into Hon'ble Court holding BSNL guilty for contempt. Earlier they justified the act of management by stating that applicants have lost and when they failed in their design of stopping the DPC Process for BSNL Recruits, started holding the same court case responsible for the delay.
Now again their poor and ill logics and rhetoric's have been exposed.

Now with the CPSU song again on their website minutes after creation of another roadblock in the name of Own Merit and ON Merit, again refers to some back ground work in play just to delay the things and implement a poorly cooked policy which is definitely going to be put on Stay by the court as soon as it is implemented leaving all executives waiting for promotion in lurch which will mostly be BSNL recruits. Herein we would like to emphasize, we are not against constitutional provisions of reservations but we are airing our voice against the undue delay citing this as a reason, which should not at all be a reason.

Delay and Derail is the simple Mantra being Followed. The fear for the date 15/1/2019, ie the date for the membership changeover may also be one of the reasons for delay.
We leave this for all BSNL recruits to Analyze and Decide. We feel this is high time to get united under one single banner of AIGETOA and pursue for inclusive growth. The message is loud and clear. However, if BSNL Recruits don't understand it, no body can prevent the doomsday.

The proclaimed corners went into deep sleep after issuance of promotions on 15.06.2018. However, when APAR/ VCs collections were completed and preparatory work was over for majority BR JTOs of 2001 to 2008 batches and DPC was set to happen by 3rd week of December, they started claiming credit.
To our utter surprise, when one more showstopper surfaced yesterday, the proclaimed ones forgot their own one week old song of taking credit for forcing the management for DPC, and within minutes, songs of CPSU started. This shows their commitment on the issues of BSNL recruits. The delay gimmicks have been there since from the day one but with strong will and factual deliberations, AIGETOA had convinced management one by one on all matters. We are very firm that the present stalemate will also be cleared very soon.

Further, We really find it ridiculous that they themselves advised management to file review petition and now again they want to implement CPSU policy, which will be a direct violation of the court orders. This is also true that they are aware of this and deliberately they want to bring a situation where promotions of BSNL Recruits will be marred with endless litigations.
In the Review Petition hearing, if admitted, we are determined to clear the confusion pertaining to inclusion of Supernumerary JTOs which they have got included forcefully by misguiding the personnel section.Ernakullam Judgement is clear that list is to be prepared as per Appointment Orders/Promotion Orders and no promotion orders have ever regularized the vacancy year of Supernumerary JTOs (We could not find even one despite insisting on the same for last one month). So the Review Petition will make this aspect also clear paving the way for promotions beyond 2008 RY.