10 Dec AIGETOA News

Review petition on JTO to SDE promotions

It is learnt that a review petition is filed by BSNL management at Hon HC,  Ernakulam. It is very much surprising that the review is filed on the judgement  after 

1. A partial set of around 3139 promotions were already executed for absorbee executives on 15/6/18 ( many such  people got JTO cadre posting  after joining of BSNL Recruit JTOs) 

2. A contempt petition is on the verge of completion  in the same matter,  where already the respondents were served with Rule-8 proceedings for wilful disobedience of court directions.

While our association is trying it's best possible efforts to get promotions for all the BSNL recruited JTOs , it's a matter of disappointment that some corners are still trying deliberately to delay the promotions with their consistent works and egoistic attitude. Just now we came across a web update where in they mentioned that court cases have been filed by individuals who have already got promoted. Perhaps in their quest for one upmanship again when promotions are almost near finality, they have forgotten that lead applicant who happens to be a 2001 batch BSNL Recruit and others are 2007-8 batch recruits. We can understand, how would they know as they are least bothered about what happens to a BSNL Recruit. We thought that they may have taken some que from the awkward position in which they were placed in recently concluded AIC and will now atleast start working the welfare of BSNL recruits only, but that was our optimistic thought only which is far away from reality. Still they are indulging into negative propaganda and they will never learn either.

The  filing of this review petition is intended to just delay the procedures and nothing positive thoughts can be seen about it. At the same time without a contempt petition by applicants at Hon HC,  under the misguidance of some corners and some officers , management themselves have invited that a contempt be heard at Hon HC also.

This association had been in constant discussions with various stake holders and management,  even without any doubt we are sure that if BSNL want to make the promotions,  the entire vacancies can be filled up  in no time as SCR/APAR works are almost completed with continuous follow up of AIGETOA. But things are being derailed every now and then, just because of over intelligence  of certain officers present in the loop. We have been consistently thwarting their efforts for derailment right from the day when eligibility particulars were called for upto 2008 recruitment year. We had to actually indulge in one to one fight to get that letter issued. At that time also, one very intelligent group called this exercise as mere eyewash for reasons best known to them. Today that step resulted into initiation of DPC process before July 1 which made it possible for us to reach upto this point else half cooked CPSU hierarchy would have been slapped on us.

We would like to affirm once again that we are very close to our goal despite efforts to derail the process from Foes as well as friends ( Beneficiaries). We will make all efforts to ensure that management agrees for issuance of promotion orders without any further delay as they need to file their course of action in Hon’ble CAT Ernakullam also. 
We have kept the pressure on through pursuasions, meetings, follow ups, exploring possibilities, submitting suggestions with actual data and calculations and advising for next course of action to break the impasse. We are keeping a close watch on the developments in Court also. 
Yes, we do agree that we are not indulging in what’s app heroism and pursuasions through telephonic messages as we believe in one to one persuasion. We work for the issue and not for heroism.
We know that our efforts are being further made difficult by some very enthusiastic executives who have been circulating messages to the contrary and confusing management just for the sake of politics over the issue. We are surprised by their actions of hobnobbing with those who are actually responsible for the delay. If we close our eyes for one day, very same day they will make the promotions impossible. We are working to ensure that almost all executives upto RY 2008 gets promoted. We have proposed to include all such executives by making a panel against future vacancies so that none of the executives are left behind.

We once again reaffirm our commitment to get the promotion orders issued without any further delay and we shall be taking all necessary steps to ensure this.