24 Nov AIGETOA News

Realisation of GTI in BSNL : Analysis of facts vis-a-vis claims and counter claims

It is noticed that there are many to claim the credit for the introduction of GTI in BSNL and we are not interested in disputing the claim by any section. However we would like to place some basic facts with w.r.t the issue, so that all can make an informed opinion on the issue.

A compensation scheme to the immediate family member of BSNL recruit in the event of his or her unfortunate death while in service was a priority issue for AIGETOA since its inception. Many letters and attempts of persuasion with management can be seen in our archives too. However some points are mentioned below for easy recollection.

AIGETOA was pursuing with management for introduction of Corporate Group Insurance Scheme for BSNL recruits along with 30% SAB since 2011. The stoppage of BSNL GSLIS 2005 w.e.f 30/07/2014 gave further impetus to the move.

Following the unfortunate case of death of some of our own colleagues and seeing the difficulty being faced by their families, we became more vociferous in our demand for the same from 2015.

A letter written by AIGETOA in June 2016 on the subject is available here.

Group Corporate Term Insurance Policy.

http://aigetoachq.org/downloads/GS Letters/3_Letter Term Insurance.doc

A second letter written by AIGETOA in Sep 2016 has suggested two proposals

Death Relief Scheme-Group Corporate Term Insurance.

http://aigetoachq.org/downloads/GS Letters/23_Superannuation Benefits & Other relief Schemes to the deceased BSNL recruited employees.pdf

(i) a contributory death relief scheme for BSNL recruit similar to other PSUs and

(ii) a corporate Group Term Insurance Policy for BSNL recruit for a nominal amount with BSNL paying the premium.

The matter was put up for examination by CA cell after our suggestion and request. The various news item on our website can be referred to. No other association even knew about this term, implementing was a far flung thing for them. So if any body thinks and claims that they are the brains behind this scheme, let them do it. We don't bother as resolution of the issue is more important thing than claiming the credit.

Anyways, coming to the claim that it started with one association coming as majority after referendum, only thing which changed after referendum was that the word Corporate ie contribution by department for GTI was replaced by self financed GTI by executives.

What has changed with the introduction of Membership verification of executives in later half of 2016 is that main stream associations started demanding GTI for all executives on a self contribution basis changing the original demand of Corporate GTI to Self Financed GTI, by even replacing GSLIS. Please note that each change suggested had substantial cost and time overruns. We are confident that with this all have wisdom to decide who has done what for GTI.

While we are constrained that membership fees paid by our own brethren are used by them against the welfare of BSNL recruits, we take pride in doing what is best possible in the available circumstance for BSNL recruits. We are also thankful to all those who has supported us overtly and covertly in our fight for welfare of BSNL recruits. Our next step is to ensure the GTI for BSNL recruited non executives also and we have already started our pursuasion with management for the same.

In the meanwhile, further queries have been raised by some members. Accordingly we have prepared another set of FAQs containing updated queries from members. Click here for the FAQs