18 Jun AIGETOA News

Meeting of AIGETOA with Director (HR) on 18th June 2018

As per Schedule, GS AIGETOA Shri Ravi Shil Verma along with VP-III Shri Badri Mehta, VP-IV Shri Vivek Kumar Singh and CHQ Advisor Shri Bashisth Gupta met Director (HR) Smt. Sujata T Ray on 18th June 2018 regarding the seniority cum fitness issue for Direct Recruit JTOs. The meeting was also attended by Shri Keshav Rao-GM (Pers), Shri Manish Kumar - Jt.GM (Pers) and OSD to Director (HR) Shri V K Sinha.

During the meeting, GS AIGETOA categorically stated that the recently issued SCF orders are in complete and blatant violation of Hon'ble Kerala High Court Judgment for following 1:1 ratio between DRs and PRs for executing the promotions during Interim Period. In this regard, GS also showed the certified copy of interim directions dated 14th June 2018 of Hon'ble CAT Ernakulum, wherein they have clearly stated that till the integrated list is finalized, BSNL has to follow 1:1. Click here for the Interim Directions

GS expressed the resentment of DRs for non-inclusion of DRs in the recently issued promotion order on dated 15.06.2018 violating the Hon'ble High Court Ernakulum order which has given opportunity to give promotions to maximum executives which included DRs as well as PRs after a long gap. However, due to undue pressure from some corners and hurried approach, all DRs and many PRs have been left out.

It was stated by GM (Pers) that they have issued the promotion orders for the non-disputed list. GS asked for the basis and documents based on which Personnel Section arrived on this decision that "no extra promotions have been made for the period 1996 to 2000". Even Seniority list was published after the promotion order and the same was uploaded next day. On seeking the number of notified vacancies for the period 1996-2000 in JTO Cadre for DR and PR quota, Personnel section could not tell anything specifically. GS expressed complete discontent on the manner in which Personnel section decided that extra promotions have not been made (in the period 1996-2000) without any concrete documents and vacancy positions and went ahead with issuance of promotion orders of 3139 executives in complete and utter disregard of the Directions of the Hon'ble Courts (Both High court as well as CAT orders).

GS expressed that Pers section has deliberately not included DRs in the recently issued promotion orders in spite of clear cut direction from Hon'ble Ernakulum CAT and Hon'ble High Court just to appease one particular group who have been singing the tunes of parity between LDCE and SCF quota while there is no ban on SCF promotions clubbing the vacancies together. GS told still there is high time to correct the mistake and start the DPC process for remaining DRs and promote quota officers. GS explained Director HR that despite the injustice, AIGETOA is not in favor of blocking the promotional channels for any body and that is the reason, we have not challenged the orders and have instead seeking the promotions for the Left Out DRs. However, if anybody infringes on our rights then we will leave no stone unturned. Therefore, it will be in the best interests of all that remaining seniority cum fitness DPCs should be done before implementation of CPSU policy.

Director HR told that suggestion of AIGETOA for completing the DPC process for all the vacancies till 2017-18 is genuine and directed personal cell to start the DPC process for the remaining vacancies also so that all eligible DR JTOs as well as all eligible promotee quota JTOs can be promoted to SDE post. Madam emphasized that her priority is to promote each and every executive through available vacancies till 2017-18. GS Categorically requested Director HR that the pending DPCs for remaining eligible DRs as well as PRs should be done as per current RR before moving on to CPSU Hierarchy so that they can claim the benefit of being SDE while moving on to CPSU hierarchy i.e. 2 years relaxation in promotion from SDE to Sr. SDE.

Madam, after patiently hearing our grievances, assured GS that pending DPCs will be done before moving onto CPSU policy. She finally directed Pers wing to work out on the promotion through SCF of the remaining vacancies present till i.e. 2017-18. After filling up of all the vacancy through SCF, LDCE quota will also be notified soon for the remaining vacancies. At last Madam assured that CPSU will only take place after issuance of all the promotion order through SCF till 2017-18.

Discussion on footnote 2 relaxation in MSRR and subsequent Judgement from Hon'ble Madras High Court citing weightage and quota for qualification in AGM Cadre also took place. GS requested for weightage of qualification in CPSU policy and also told that qualification bar should be implemented in CPSU also as being done in the case of MS RRs. Madam assured to look in to this issue positively before implementation of CPSU. She asked for input from Personal section in this regard.

Meeting ended on firm and positive note.