17 Jun AIGETOA News


BSNL issues promotion orders under SCF quota ignoring all eligible DRs - Time for introspection for all BSNL recruits :

In one of the bold moves, BSNL Management went ahead with issuance of Promotion orders of 3139 people despite clear-cut directions from Hon'ble Kerala High Court and interim Direction from Hon'ble CAT Ernakulam to follow 1:1 while promoting. We congratulate all those who got promoted because promotions have been a rare commodity in BSNL and issuance of LDCE posting orders have given a new dimension to the promotion scenario in BSNL. Click here for the order & Annex-1_1,Annex-1_2 & Annex-2

These promotion orders have been done despite the fact that:

1. There was clear judgment from Hon HC, Kerala on 5/6/18 - with regard to preparation of integrated final AIEL.

2. Clear direction & guidelines to keep 1:1 ratio between PRs & DRs by equal distribution of vacancies.

3. Against an interim direction from Hon Court dated 14/6/18.

4. More than sufficient vacancies were available to accommodate most of the eligible JTOs (10000+). The wound is more open, when we are aware that almost all cadres like electrical, civil, CSS, are all completely done till 2016-17 & 2017-18.

We congratulate management especially Personnel section that at last have shown firm will power to execute the promotion orders and we are happy to know that despite sword of contempt of court lingering on the heads, they have decided to move ahead with promotions. We have been waiting to see such type of resolute action for issuance of Promotion orders in the case of LDCE 2015 where there was no stay at all but the same was kept pending for almost two years on the pretext of court cases.

We are also overwhelmed by the message from Personnel Section to all HR heads of circles where they have directed to advise all beneficiaries to submit Joining same day only to avoid complications arising out of further litigation which itself tells the true story that Personnel cell was well aware of the actions which they were taking and were worried that orders have been done in violation of something. We are happy to note that same Personnel section did not issue any direction to circles during LDCE Postings.

We are also overwhelmed by the efficiency of Telangana and AP circle where they endorsed the promotion orders uploaded on Intranet on 16th June 2018 well in advance on 15th June 2018. This lightening fast advance action was invisible during recent LDCE postings when our office bearers have to run pillar to post to get the orders endorsed in circles.

We congratulate Personnel cell for the efforts where they have contributed more than what they could have to ensure the promotions for some while and at the same time, denying the justified rights of BSNL recruited executives by not going for filling up the complete vacancies.

We also congratulate the corners who forced management to go ahead with promotion orders of part list leaving all BSNL recruited executives devoid of promotions despite all of them being eligible to be promoted as SDE and despite court giving a solution to fill up all the vacancies.

Their desperation level was so high to keep DRs away from promotion list that they did not even forced management to fill up the complete SCF quota of Vacancy year 2010-11 and subsequent years as that would have made LDCE Left overs and 2007-08 batch JTOs eligible for Promotion. Their Quest was so high that even statutory reservation guidelines issued by DoP&T recently was not followed.

We are thankful to Personnel cell for doing the formality of calling GS AIGETOA late at night before issuing the orders and not accepting any of the contentions and objections raised by GS AIGETOA during the conversation. GM Pers however assured GS AIGETOA that subsequent vacancies would also be filled up before moving on to CPSU hierarchy on which we will keep our fingers crossed. If Personnel section continues to work with same zeal and enthusiasm, we are very sure that DPC Process of remaining eligible JTOs can be completed within one month so that all eligible ones can enter the policy as SDEs.

AIGETOA has been raising this issue and have been requesting management to fill up the vacancies and now it will be our single point agenda that before implementation of the CPSU hierarchy, all the available vacancies shall have to be filled up and seniority list in each cadre will have to be pronounced so that each executive may know its actual seniority position before moving on to the CPSU hierarchy policy else such type of injustice will keep on occurring with BSNL Recruits.

We cannot allow new Policy to come unless all the available vacancies of SDEs are filled up and Qualification Criteria finds its due weightage in the New Policy. We want all DR JTOs who have sufficient service length as JTOs to enter the CPSU Policy as SDEs so that they can claim their rightful service relaxation for promotion to the next post. We cannot allow this Policy to come unless until management firmly commits that MT recruitment shall be scrapped and Fast Track Policy for youngsters is incorporated. We cannot allow this policy to come into place till the Pay Scale issue of Post 1.1.2007 JTOs is finalized to E2 and a solution is extended to the executives facing pay loss due to disparity in initial basic of Rs. 22820 before implementation of 3rd PRC. We also assure all the rank and file of BSNL recruits that this partisan approach cannot be prolonged far and ultimately truth will prevail and Justice will win.

On the group Term insurance policy also, delay is mainly on account of hike in rates because of inclusion of executives above 55 years of age. Effort of some corners toexclude BR non-executives from GTI policy will also be strongly opposed by AIGETOA as we are of the view that all BRs should be covered by GTI irrespective of the fact whether they are executives or non-executives.

A meeting with Director HR has been scheduled at 12:00 noon on Monday the 18th June to discuss about the promotions issue of BSNL recruits and lets see if something positive is there for management to offer for BSNL recruits. There we will also raise the issue of delay in GTI implementation and inclusion of BSNL Recruited Non executives also in the policy. We sincerely hope that Director HR will extend Justice to the BSNL Recruits. We cannot rest till all BRs get its due rights.

In the meanwhile, its time for introspection for all those BRs who have been watering the plants of such corners and to decide whether they are correct in giving strength to such corners by way of numbers or they should align with the force raising their genuine issues.