06 Jun AIGETOA News

Congratulations to all BSNL Executives !!

Truth Prevails...

Finally DoPT 1:1 Seniority case (JTO Cadre) judgment has seen the light of the day. Even though the judgement copy is yet to be received, We truly hope that both Promotee and Direct Recruit JTOs will get their rightful due through this path breaking judgment by Hon'ble HC Ernakulam.

From the information received, the verdict has come as a Win-Win situation to all who aspire to get the first functional promotion. The thing removed was the gluttonous politics from some corners, which made Direct Recruits to suffer for their promotional avenues. Due to this, the BSNL Recruits lost the promotion chances to SDE cadre from 2005-06 onwards, even though clear guidelines were there from DoPT, DoT & BSNL. Had justice been delivered a few years ago, the Promotees also would have moved up in their career ladder along with Direct Recruits long back.

It's high time to realize that this stalemate blocked the rights of both PRs & DRs just for the sake of playing to the gallery. It's pertinent to mention, even when BSNL proposed to end the stalemate after suffering considerable blows in the argument stages, some people executed the delay games and in the process they played with future and career of both PRs & DRs. Now it's clear that who have made the irreparable loss to those promotees who had to retire from 2011 to till date without achieving their promotions. The adament stand and delay from some corners, denied both DRs & PRs rightful due and in the process they made all the executives to suffer. Still instead of welcoming the judgment, the process of creating confusion has begun. SDE Cadre is having sufficient vacancies for all to be accommodated even if 1:1 is followed, but still the judgment is not being welcomed. With the implementation of this Judgment, all BRs up to 2007-2008 batch can become SDEs as most of the DRs till 2005 batch have been promoted as SDEs. The 50 percent of the remaining vacancies have the potential of accommodating all BRs who are elgible for promotion as per RRs and there is no clash as such between Promotees and DRs. Only thing that is needed is firm resolve to end this stalemate without playing any politics and without dancing to the galleries.

Its again wake-up call to all executive to realize WHO ARE FOR BRs and WHO USES THEM FOR NAMESAKE. It's a universal law that truth will always prevail and justice will be served to those who upholds truth.

Few days back, we mentioned Fact file showing vacancy positions & AIGETOA will strive to make sure that existing vacancies on SDE SCF would be filled by executing promotions to both type of executives SO THAT NO BODY SUFFERS.

Every DR is requested to spare their 10 minutes to read the submissions of AIGETOA which will throw light on how the rights of BSNL recruits are being compromised and there is an urgent need to unite together under single umbrella.