30 May AIGETOA News

The SAGA of claims and counter claims continue:

In the quest for claiming credit, people go up to which extent is visible on the website of one of our friendly association. They show that they are worried about pending promotions while the fact is that credit is more important than the work for them. While we love to work and deliver results, others make lot of hue and cry and result is nil. If they were so worried, why no body was aware about the Stay from Allahabad High Court as the case was almost two years old.

AIBSNLEA in its update has projected that the case is filed by AIGETOA while the fact is that when GM Pers informed about the Allahabad case, GS AIGETOA immediately enquired about the applicants, got in touch with them and convinced them to file withdrawal petition. This was well communicated to GS AIBSNLEA also along with others but still he preferred to unnecessary bother Director HR for the reasons best known to him. However, his web update also emboldens the fact that it was the efforts of AIGETOA which has made LDCE promotions a reality. Now we will make seniority cum Fitness promotions also a reality as we believe in growth of all without any prejudice and partisan attitude. With this thought in mind only, we tried consensus building amongst stakeholders in Ernakulam case in May 2017 but the same never took off despite our best efforts to end the stalemate.

We have already convinced the applicants in Allahabad case and they have withdrawn the case. Instead of appreciating the same, GS AIBSNLEA tried to falsely implicate AIGETOA name in it.

This credit thing is the main reason for this condition of promotional avenues in BSNL. Still no body wants to learn from it. It's high time for members to understand it now..