13 Apr AIGETOA News

Update on Various Hearings at Hon Courts

DoPT 1:1 case:

Honorable HC Ernkulam heard once again the details of the 1:1 seniority case today. From DR applicants side Sr Advocate fielded the arguments. After hearing all,  Honorable court directed for Final judgement to be pronounced on 23/5/2018.

Due to the continued followup by AIGETOA at all levels,  the long pending decision for 1:1 seniority in JTO cader which is justified right of Direct recruits will see the light of the day.


Judgement on this case will pave the way for promotions for DR executives across different batches . It is due to the consistent follow up of AIGETOA, BSNL was compelled to file MA for early pronouncement of Judgement. Now we can hope for the end of this deadlock.

Our follow up on LDCE and DPC for promotions from JTO to SDE cadre are continued and we assure all DRs that AIGETOA will not rest till all BSNL recruits get their due right.


Let’s us all keep ourselves united and dedicated for the Cadre.


LDCE-15  Early posting Case :

This case is postponed to be heard after holidays. Hon Court will close for holidays from tomorrow and will reopen on 22 May 2018.

Meantime our CHQ team is actively pursuing at Corporate office for early issuance of promotion orders.