19 Jan AIGETOA News

Delay in payment of Stipend & EPF contributions of DR-JTO-2017


AIGETOA Circle team took the matter concerns of  DR-JTO-2017 viz


Pending training period stipend - Especially those DR-JTO-2017 ,who came from outside RTTCs. Kerala Circle being the Parent recruiting circle for these DR JTOs recruited for Kerala, the responsibility lies with Kerala administration  also to take up the matter  with various RTTCs to speed-up the stipend payment .


Creation of EPF account for newly recruited JTOs and extension of the benefit of EPF coverage for pre-appointment training period

As per corporate office directions,  the EPF need to be deposited by the training centers for the directly recruited employees under pre-appointment training. Hence necessary action  need to be initiated in accordance with the instructions,  with Trivandrum  EPFO & concerned RTTCs  to arrange to deposit the EPF on the stipend paid to the directly recruited employees during pre-appointment training.


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