22 Dec AIGETOA News

AGM - AIGETOA , Trivandrum Unit

The Annual General Body Meet of Trivandrum unit was conducted at The Trivandrum Hotel on 22/12/17, at 14:00 Hrs, after the lunch session for members. Our CS , CP , CFS and CEC members attended the function. DP TVM delivered elaborate welcome speech. CP & CS stressed on various initiatives from CHQ level, followups and the need of increasing the membership strength.

The sessions were very much interactive and the team explained each and every point status wrt SAB, Std Pay Scale, SDE promotions, CPSU heirarchy etc. There were in depth discussions on various devopmental matters including 4G rollout & FTTH. Opening ceremony of AIGETOA calendar-2018 was also done. All most all the members and senior leaders from Aigetoa trivandrum attended the meeting