06 Nov AIGETOA News

AIGETOA Stand on proposed CPSU Cadre Hierarchy & the Comparative analysis with regard to loss & benefit associated with it

It is learnt that management committee of BSNL board has approved the draft for the Proposed CPSU hierarchy implementation in BSNL. With the inception of this policy, functional promotions in executive cadre will be time bound up to the level of AGM/DE/CAO.

The concept of the cluster based CPSU hierarchy was mooted by AIGETOA since beginning and now after a time gap of 17 years since formation of BSNL, management as well as other stake holders realized the importance and significance of a time bound functional promotion policy. AIGETOA wanted a contemporary CPSU hierarchy policy based on performance, qualification weightage and service weightage. The current policy is lagging in all these importance parameters and hence it fulfils only some part of our aspiration and there is a lot to achieveHowever, this is one step in right direction similar to management step of making SAB contribution from 3 percent to 5 percent. We have to go a long way and that can be achieved through unity, faith and patience.     

The intent of the new policy is apparently to introduce a rugged and strong mechanism for promotions, but still we feel that still there is a lot to include. The aspirations of the Direct Recruits have not been taken care of fully. Incorporation of clauses like 12 years residency period from SDE/AO to AGM/DE and doing away with qualification requirement for promotion to DE/AGM posts, not giving enough weightage to performance is not in line with the considerate stand of AIGETOA.

Further, AIGETOA has time and again categorically stated that pending promotions should be executed first and then BSNL should move on to the CPSU hierarchy proposal. Now with approval of the proposal in Management Committee and the same is now to be discussed and approved by full Board of BSNLWe demand that this intervening period should be used for executing the pending promotions and to be more specific for declaring the posting orders of LDCE passed executives and DPC orders of JTO to SDE failing which we will be constrained to take the matters in court of law as we don't want any policy which remains marred with litigations and cases. Decision to take the proposal to board instead of management committee is also a right step as moving on to time bound functional promotion is big change from the current scenario and implementation of any such big policy without the concurrence of board is not going to stand in the court of law and the sanctity of such policy will always remain in question.

Through various stages of deliberations, we have ensured that the interest of Direct Recruits remains protected in the new proposal. Conditions like extending deemed SDE to LDCE 2015 passed candidates and their DPC counter partskeeping the seniority of the LDCE 2015 passed candidates intactproviding similar weightage to them as would have been given to them if posted as SDE,getting one year service weightage for themconsidering their transfer applications while posting them as SDEsgetting service weightage for JTOsensuring vacancy year quota for LDCE vis-a'-vis DPC candidates and vice versa for promotion to AGMs and maintaining the seniority list for promotion to next scale based on vacancy year of SDEsremoving minimum service clause of 10 years as SDE/AO – now the promotions to AGM post shall be extended to DRs in 7 to 10 years for SDE to DE ( except LDCE passed SDEs of 2007 who will get in 11 years), and 7.5 years for AO to AGMremoving the capping of number of posts at AGM level and making AGM posts independent of number of posts,  continuance of Time Bound Financial upgradation along with this CPSU Hierarchy etc.  Had these protection clauses not been there, the promotions to AGMs would have been delayed further and interests of DRs (both Telecom as well as Finance) would have been badly compromised. With the existing policy, our first DR would have been promoted as AGM (LDCE passed SDEs of 2008) somewhere in 2027. This is big gain but not big enough to fulfil our aspirations and long pending dues of BSNL recruited executives.

Our efforts, deliberations, inputs since inception of AIGETOA had at last succeeded and made others including management to realise that CPSU hierarchy is the only solution for overcoming the complexities involved with the current HR scenario of BSNL. We have discussed the things and scenarios with our Joint Forum counterparts in a healthy and conducive atmosphere and with a right perspective of securing the interest of DRs. It is further to highlight that still the policy is not fully according to the expectations of AIGETOA/BSNL Recruited executives but is definitely better than what we are getting now. Click here for a comparative analysis

From the analysis, no doubt, executives, who joined earlier, are at loss vis-a'-vis if the CPSU would have been implemented from day one but still it is far better than the current scenario and anything which can make present better cannot be blindly opposed. The time which has gone cannot be reverted but at least present and future can be made better.  For youngsters and late entrants, this policy is almost at par if the CPSU would have been implemented from the day one.

Saying above does not mean that we have agreed whatever has been offered by management as of now. We feel and demand that ongoing promotions should be extended first before implementation of CPSU hierarchy and during the intervening period, we will leave no stone unturned to achieve that.We feel that residency period of 12 years is too high as even in normal channel of the proposed policy, the residency period is 5+5 i.e. 10 years, so anything above that cannot be accepted at all as already one more level of Sr SDE has been incorporated in between. We feel that qualification clause has been compromised in the CPSU policy and we will make all efforts to get weightage for Professional degree and diplomas in the policy. Any CPSU policy without discussion on fast track methodology in place of MT will not be complete and it will be our effort to ensure that when the policy is discussed in board, new proposal for fast track policy should also be in the proposal. We cannot allow any going back from the stand that there should not be any MT cadre in BSNL above the level of JTO/JAO and hence we cannot postpone discussion on fast track methodology. BSNL management has to implement the CPSU policy taking into account the fast track promotion methodology and AIGETOA will ensure its implementation along with proposed CPSU policy. 

Some apprehensions are being raised with regard to the scenario with respect to the pending approval of replacement scales of E1A and E2A by E2 and E3. The functional designations will be extrapolated over the new scales once approval from DoT is received. The scales have nothing to do with the name of the posts. The new scales will be adopted in the proposed policy. The same has already been conveyed by management side. Executives need not be confused over this. E2 in place of E1A and E3 in place of E2A is our considerate stand and we cannot and will not allow any compromise on that.

Comparative analysis with regard to loss & benefit associated with itClick here