18 Jun AIGETOA News

Joint Forum Central Executive Committee, Meeting and Resolutions

As per the notification issued by the constituent associations (AIGETOA & SNEA), JF meeting of all CHQ and CS was held at YWCA bhavan, New Delhi on 18th June 2017.

GS and Presidents of both the associations have elaborated the objective of this JF meeting and updated status of main HR issues. Leaders on the dais called for continuation of combined struggle of SNEA and AIGETOA for resolution of HR issues. It was emphasized that CHQ leaders of Both the associations are working in tandem and with excellent mutual trust and discussion on all the HR issues. The leaders have conveyed to carry the same relation and synergy between the leaders of SNEA & AIGETOA at Circle and District levels.
Com. G.L Jogi, Chairman SNEA also addressed the gathering and expressed his happiness over the JF , where two vibrant associations have come together and termed this as historic day for both the associations.
The introductory session of all the CHQ and CS both the associations were held as symbol of unity in JF for resolution of issues.
GS of both the associations have asked views and opinions on future course of action w.r.t ongoing agitation and conduction of combine JF meetings at Circle and SSA levels from the CS of both the association.

The Updates on issues:
1. E2/E3 Std. Scale for JT/SDE : BSNL has sent reply to the queries raised by DOT and now the file is under submission for further process. It was also informed that CMD, Dir HR, and other Directors of BSNL board had a meeting with Hon’ble MOS for communications on 16th June 2017 wherein this issue was also taken up for positive consideration. Hon’ble Minister has responded very positively and toldthat he is well aware of the issue and the same shall be taken care of. JF leaders had also met JS( Admin) at DOT and discussed about further processing of file. The whole process is expected to be completed within next 45 days.
2. 30% SAB : BSNL management has agreed in principle to increase the quantum of SAB and CMD has given clear instructions to complete this process. The exact increase in quantum shall be known only after the final approval of file.
3. LDCE and DPC promotions in all cadres: The main hurdles for promotions are Reservation in promotion issue, SDE RR issue and the DOPT case at Hon’ble Ernakulum High court which are to be taken care while moving ahead with the promotions. With agitation of JF, management has started its action and held discussion with various stake holders including the petitioners of DOPT case at Ernakulum high court. In the reservation in promotion issue where BSNL has to follow DOPT guidelines and has to comply with court judgment on ST/ST Roaster. BSNL management is in the process of filing petition in Ernakulum high court and also working on methodology to deal with Roaster case without affecting any stakeholders to fill all the available vacancies up the maximum possible extent. Eligibility list up the Recruitment year 2005 will be prepared immediately and required data will be called from circles shortly. Action on the extending promotion to all the eligible candidates is underway. All CS are requested to ensure that VCs reaches to BSNLCO. We are expecting a positive breakthrough very soon. With solution to the reservation issue without violating the DoP&T guidelines, promotions from LDCE quota shall also be given. The action plan on the same is ready. The DPCs from JAO to AO, SDE to DE and AO to CAO are also under active consideration. The JAO to AO promotions have reached at conclusive stage.
4. 22820 to Post 2007 JTOs: Management has acknowledged the pay loss for the executives recruited after 2007. JF is actively pursuing the settlement of this issue as it affecting many young executives of BSNL. JF is exploring various methods like E2 Plus some advance increments to achieve this parity.
5. Scrapping of MT and DGM RR: Management has approved the scrapping of DGM RR and MT RRs will also be scrapped by working a methodology of fast track promotions while finalizing policy on implementation of CPSU cadre hierarchy.
6. First Time bound promotions for 4 years: JF is actively pursuing the issue of first time bound promotion in 4 years and moving onto that direction, management has asked data from all the circles for further processing of issue. All the CS are requested to pursue at their circle offices to arrange the required data immediately.
7. Extending E1A and E2A scales notionally to JTO/SDEs of Civil/Electrical/Arch/TF wings and PA/PS cadres w.e.f. 01.10.2000: The matter is being considered by Management Committee and BSNL has agreed to extend E1A and E2A to all such affected executives.

After noting down all the inputs from the house, the following resolutions are adopted.

Resolution 1: It is unanimously resolved that all the vindictive actions shall be strongly opposed. It is resolved that if needed, the agitation on the vindictive actions shall be re-launched if the same are not taken back by management within next few days.
Resolution 2: It is decided to work together on all issues at CHQ/Circle and SSA levels by both SNEA and AIGETOA by forming JF committee at respective levels. All Circes will conduct their combined CECs at Circle level and District level within two months. There will not be any effort of vindictive actions against the members of either side by each other. A feeling of mutual cooperation and cohesiveness shall be developed between both the associations to resolve all the long pending HR issues of BSNL executives. Both the Associations (AIGETOA and SNEA ) will work to progress collectively without harming to one’s respect and with mutual cooperation and trust. The membership grabbing from one side to others will not be encouraged and JF will treat all the members of AIGETOA and SNEA as the members of JF. There will not be any effort of one up man ship.
Resolution 3: As there is movement on all the issues submitted by JF in its notice as stated above and as CMD and Dir HR has assured to review the progress of issue for every 15 days, it is resolved to defer the proposed agitation from 26th June 2017 for 3 months. However if the JF senses of any derail or slowness in progress in resolving issue, it will reconsider its decision to launch its agitation at the earliest possible time. The mode of future agitations will be decided by CHQ keeping in view, the suggestions submitted by various CSs of JF.

After passing the above resolutions, JF leaders met CMD and Dir HR and briefed them about the discussions and resolutions taken as above. CMD and Dir HR appreciated our decision and assured to resolve all the issues within 3 months. They also agreed to review the progress of issues for every 15 days. Accordingly Dir HR instructed Gm SR to arrange the meeting for every 15 days with JF.