25 May AIGETOA News


JF leaders met CMD, BSNL and made strong protest against the various disciplinary actions initiated against JF leaders and wage cuts initiated by management and warned that this will only spoil the cordial relations between the management and the employees and provoke the Executives who are already agitated. Management is adding fuel into the fire by such actions. Instead of disciplinary actions, management should try to stop the agitation by addressing the issues. Every employee is having the right to protest and management is trying to impose ban on such rights through court interventions also. We will take all steps to protect the interest of the employees and their rights. It is the primary responsibility of the management to maintain cordial relation between the employees and the management for the growth of BSNL.

JF leaders further discussed about the BSNL proposal for reviewing the PO issued by DoT and approving E2 and E3 pay scales alone as proposed by BSNL.

CMD informed that he had discussed the matter again with PS to Hon MOSC as MOSC is the final authority to decide the matter. MOSC office is more or less convinced on the matter and PS to MOSC will call the JF for the meeting shortly and DIR(HR) will be directed to coordinate for the meeting. CMD briefed the matter to new Secretary, DoT Smt Aruna Sundararajan (additional charge) also. Initially as usual, Secretary was reluctant to intervene in the matter till regular incumbent joins. However CMD appraised the urgency in the matter and sought her intervention to resolve the issue immediately.