27 Apr AIGETOA News

RHS Day3 : Meeting with DoT and CMD

DoT invited Jt Forum for discussion on the charter of demands. In addition to Jt Forum leaders, CMD/BSNL, DIR(HR), PGM(Estt) and GM(SR) also present in the discussions. DoT represented by Addl Secretary(T), Jt Secretary(A) and other officers.

At the outset we told Addl Sec that DoT is destabilising BSNL by creating industrial unrest in the company. If that is the intention of DoT, it is better to dismantle BSNL Board, BSNL can be run by DoT and all the employees can be taken to DoT. Otherwise DoT should allow BSNL Board to run the company.

On pay scale issue, we categorically told DoT that JF rejects the PO approved by DoT and will not accept demotion of the cadres. The pay scales of E2 and E3 approved by BSNL has to be approved as it is. AS(T) and other officers justified their action. Again we told them that DoT don’t have any power to lower the scales unilaterally and as per the Union Cabinet decision, pay scales are to be decided by Administrative ministry on the recommendations of the Board only and administrative ministry does not have any power to devise its own proposal.

On pay scale issue CMD/BSNL made its stand very clear by telling DoT that BSNL want to get E2 and E3 pay scales approved replacing E1A and E2A and DOT decision has to be reconsidered.

Finally DoT told BSNL to send a formal letter to Secretary, DoT for reconsideration of the issue and the same will be examined.

On other HR issues pending in the Board like SDE RR, E1+5 increments, MT quota diversion for CAO promotion etc, AS(T) made a comment that Board approval is not required when all other decisions are taken by MC. Then we demanded to record it as minutes of the board instead of making a verbal statement, on which he was non committal.

Comrades, AS(T) will not change the stand by his own. It requires tremendous organizational pressure and the intervention of the Hon Minister. So further organizational pressure is to be mounted. Though pressure created so far is having its effect but more pressure is required to break the ice in DOT and resolve the burning HR issues.

By evening all our CSs and SSA Secretaries should ensure that 100% of our Executives have submitted their Leave applications for tomorrow. All Executives should remain on leave and they need not come to office.