26 Apr AIGETOA News

Relay hunger strike Day 2

Convener Joint Forum writes to Shri Nitishwar Kumar, IAS, PS to Hon MOSC, in continuation with the meeting held on 25.04.2017 with a request to immediately rescind presidential order No: 6-2/2016-SU dated 28.03.16 and consider latest proposal of BSNL dated 06.06.2016 to upgrade the scales of E1A and E2A to E2 and E3 against the backdrop of following crucial facts. More than 20,000 JTOs/SDEs and equivalent cadres face reversion because of this retrograde decision.


PS to Hon MOSC. Click here for the letter



Joint Forum writes to GS/BSNLEU, GS/NFTE BSNL and GS/SNATTA seeking their whole hearted support and participation in all the trade union programmes for approval of standard pay scales of E2 and E3 and to protect the prestige and status of the entry level cadres of JTO/JAOs, SDE/AOs.

Letter to GS BSNLEU. Click here

Letter to GS NFTE. Click here

Letter to GS SNATTA. Click here