26 Apr AIGETOA News

Relay hunger strike updates




All the Executives, irrespective of their membership should join this agitation programme and make it a grand success. JF appeal to all the Executives to make a sacrifice for the cadre which had given everything to us. The number will give a clear picture to the management and DoT, how much the Executives are agitated. It will give further momentum to our agitation and settlement of other HR issues.

Meeting with PS to Hon MOSC:

JF leaders met Sri Nitheswar Kumar, IAS and PS to Hon MOSC and had further discussions on standard pay scale issue. We explained to him that the PO issued by DoT recently is based on the 2009 proposal which was rejected by DoT twice, in 2011 and 2014. After rejection of the proposal, BSNL modified its proposal on 06.06.2016. But DoT didn't acted on this revised proposal.

PS told us that these facts are not known to them and BSNL management didn't briefed the issue to the Ministers office so far. Surprisingly it was also told by the PS to MOSC that when he contacted, DIR(HR) informed that this new PO issued is as per the BSNL proposal. We had given details of the letter written by Dir(HR) to DoT on 03.04.2017 requesting to reconsider the PO issued by DoT. On this PS assured to speak to DIR(HR) again.

Comrades, this shows that so far CMD and DIR(HR) seriously not taken up this burning issue with MOSC or his office. We have to mount tremendous organizational pressure on CMD and DIR(HR) which compel them to seek the intervention of Hon MOSC.

First day of Relay Hunger Strike:

Outstanding response from almost all the Circles. Hundreds of Executives are on Hunger strike in all the Circles even during night hours. Executives taken this issues into their hearts and decided to fight for the cadre till the resolution of the issues. Joining of SNEA, AIGETOA and all other Assns together given momentum to the agitation. Further mobilisation required in HR and UP(West) Circles.

Glimpses of First Day of Hunger Fast throughout the Country. Click here for Photos

Large number of activists of AIBSNLEA also joined the Hunger Strike in various Circles. JAOs of 2010, 2012, 2015 and 2016 batches participated in the hunger strike expressing their concern over the issues. This shows the concern of the Executives towards core HR issues irrespective of Association affiliation.

JF reassure all the Executives participating in this crucial struggle for protecting the dignity and prestige of the cadres and settlement of other important HR issues, that it will not allow any victimization by the management.

Management invited the JF for a discussion today at 12.00 Hrs. However in protest against the management decision not to allow JF to erect tent at BSNLCO, JF decided not to go for discussions. In the evening police again denied permission to continue the Hunger strike after office hours. JF leaders categorically told the police officers that even if permission is not given, we will continue the Hunger strike upto tomorrow morning (24 Hrs) till next batch joins. Then police threatened to arrest all of us on Hunger fast and remove from the premises. We told police to do what they want to do and we are ready for arrest but will not leave the place. All the volunteers for hunger fast of 24 hours were ready to court arrest. This all happened at the instance of the management. However, after our strong stand, the police left without arresting us.

All the Executives should be prepared for a long struggle, without losing their conviction and commitment on the issues. Ultimate success will be ours.